If I was a teacher, my favourite thing to do would be grading kids’ homework assignments. Seeing what these young creative minds come up with when armed with a pen and paper.

Now, imagine you are a teacher and come across ANY of the hilarious papers below. All submitted by cheeky kids who are way too literal for their own good.

We’re pretty sure these children WILL be the leaders of tomorrow. And, honestly, I’m pretty happy about that!

Get ready to giggle as we delve into the wonderful world of kids’ homework done right`!


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You gotta give him some credit for knowing his limits, right?!

The concrete thinker

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Clever and creative. A+ in my books!

Move it move it

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King Julien would be so proud.

Geometry done right

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Literal thinking at its best.

Find X

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Nerd alert

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You’d have to give him marks for at least understanding the concept of cause and effect.

Walrus statement

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This kid is going places. We should just give her a key to the White House now.

Do not disturb

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Mate. Same.


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TBH, I’d probably have done the same thing.

History 101

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He’s not wrong.

No worries

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Clearly, Disney is shaping the next-gen too.

Giraffe gaff

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What kind of giraffe parent lets their child starve to death??

There’s a bear on my homework

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These hilarious homework replies restore my faith in the next generation of youth! I mean, anyone who can draw a walrus – and an awesome one at that – in their maths homework as a stance on global warming has my vote!

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