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10 Times Kids Did The Darnedest Things

Ahhhhh kids’ – they’re crazy cats, are they not? Let us remind you how FUNNY kids can be!

Often you’ll look at your little angels and be baffled by how smart and clever they are, surely they’re close to child-genius status. And then they go and do something that defies all logic. Ahhh, good times and funny kids.

Drum roll please, here are 10 funny things kids do – can you relate?

1. They form an attachment to things VERY easily

toddler befriends skeleton
Source: Instagram

And not always cute, fluffy things. Let’s remember this tot and his BFF skeleton.

2. Invincibility level 100

kid logic
Source: Imgur/dreadpirateciv

Bon Jovi sang it best when he crooned “Lay me down in a bed of…” Lego? This kid is surely invincible.

3. No pillow, no worries

kid logic
Source: Reddit/mpbishop

When you’re just THAT tired, a chalk pillow will do just fine.

4. You’ve got a friend in me…

kid logic
Source: Reddit/cassper1

To be fair, mannequins can often look like they could use a hug.

5. When fashion faux-pas are just too much

kid logic
Source: Twitter/@ruffinscoplay

Matching gloves? I’m not having it – to the icy cold concrete, we go. Cue tantrum.

6. The traffic light costume request

kid logic
Source: Reddit/oimky

Folks, I just have five words for this. Remember this for Book Week. #yourewelcome

7. It’s the small things

kid logic
Source: Reddit/oim3

Forget video games and iPhones – a ream of paper is the BEST present Christmas had to offer. Winning!

8. We’ll go out for a nice family dinner

mum central
Source: Reddit/thegreatbarcia

Why do kids always do this when eating out? Elbows off the table. AND FEET.

9. When mum’s dress is a fort for kids

kid logic
Source: Reddit/nikkicolerose

A dress is a fort, no? Trying on clothes with your kid in tow will never be the same again. But you send the pic to your BFF asking if it looks good anyway.

10. Awwww. What?

kid logic
Source: Twitter / @thatlukeperson

Cherish the years that kids make your cards at school but also protect your feelings, because, #ouch. Kids’ levels of honesty are brutal.

Parenting, I think we can all agree – is not for the faint of heart. And damn, those funny kids give us a good chuckle!

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