Kids Winter Fashion – What’s On Trend?

If you’re like me, coming across stylish looking children is a stop and stare moment. With winter around the corner, this is the perfect time to bring some cute yet versatile trends into your child’s wardrobe.

Firstly, let’s look at girl’s leggings. They are the most adaptable clothing item out there, as they can be worn as pants on their own with an oversized jumper or as tights beneath skirts and dresses. The advantage of leggings is that they come in all sorts of patterns and colours so they can be worn with neutrals that you may already have in the wardrobe. They’re usually cheap too, so they can be a great choice to brighten up outfits without costing a fortune.

Boys don’t have the advantage of slipping on a pair of leggings but there is a pant style which is just as comfortable. Loose fitting tracksuit pant bottoms with a tapered ankle is one comfortable alternative. Some companies also produce them in denim which can be good for more formal situations.

My next favourite winter item for girls is the pinafore. Classic, cute and an item that can deal with layering upon layering. Coloured leggings can be used in this outfit along with long sleeve shirts underneath or even a thicker jumper for warmth. The pinafores are great because they can be worn on their own once summer hits.

The pinafore suits a range of footwear as well. The Georgia from Spend-less Shoes is one of the options which would suit this winter style. The Georgia has detailed cutouts on the top of the shoe and wraps around with a buckle. Again, this can look great with coloured leggings or with frilly socks with jeans. Depending on the school dress code, they may even cross over into acceptable classroom footwear, which makes them extra versatile. If you really want to hit that winter look another option for footwear is the slouchy boot. Spend-less have the Swing boot in tan and black which has that relaxed fit and some side studded buckles for extra detail.


With a boy’s wardrobe mostly made up t-shirts and jumpers, a vest or parka jacket can be a nice new addition. Kids can sure work up a sweat so vests can be a good way to give your child flexibility while also keeping the middle part of their body warm. They can be fitted over the top of a long sleeve shirt or jumper depending on the weather. Some vests also feature small fluffy hoods which are great if you get caught in a storm. Parka jackets are getting brighter each year with bright mustards and quirky patterns filling the racks.

When it comes to boys footwear, I particularly like the Iggy Youth converse-style shoe and the high top Dunk sneaker from Spend-less Shoes. If your kid loves Peter Parker, there is even The Parker shoe which features graphics of the Spiderman character.

Finally to accessories that work across both genders. I particularly like oversized beanies and snoods because they come in so many colours and provide that extra warmth. Snoods are super practical because you don’t have to worry about them unravelling and falling into the dirt.

So there you have it, some winter trends to brighten up the dullest of days. If in doubt, just head down to Spend-less Shoes to grab a pair of gumboots. It’s the cheapest fun you could have with your child all winter!

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