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5 Stars for Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats! You’ll Want to Buy Some Just to Touch and Smell

The votes are in and Kinetic Sand is an absolute winner according to our panel of parents and kid testers. In fact, Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats received a 5-star rating with EVERY SINGLE PARENT AND CHILD.

That’s right!

  • 100% of parents and kids would recommend Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats
  • 100% said it makes a GREAT gift
  • 100% said they would purchase this product

We’ve got your inside scoop on what makes this tasty kit such a hit as well as an adorable unboxing, review and role-playing, featuring our Kinetic Sand kids. These adorable little reviewers were selected from the hundreds of applicants to vie for the title of King or Queen of Kinetic Sand!

THE TASK: Bring Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats to life in your own pretend-play scene and review it on video! They really did showcase their star quality too by creating their very own ice cream shops! Keep on scrolling to watch the fun unfold!

But firstly, meet our finalists!

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  • Ava, 6, dished up a selection of yummy sweets for her sister
  • Annabeth, 6, with the help of sister Olivia, spent hours and hours in perfecting her sweets for her ice cream shop
  • Gemma and Chloe, 7, set up their ice cream parlour outside and served sweets to friends and neighbours
  • Stanley, 5, targeted the old-time ice cream parlour with his divine set-up
  • Ariana, 5, created a gorgeous ice cream stand to serve her two customers, Rapunzel and Anna.

Keep scrolling to read the full review and see who took home the Kinetic Sand Crown. But first, let’s meet the stars of the show as they take us through the excitement of Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats.

Kinetic Sand ice cream treats
Annabeth set to dish up some yummy snacks with Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats. Source: Supplied

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How cute are they? And how fun does Kinetic Sand Ice Cream look? Yummy too!

I scream, you scream for Kinetic Sand Ice Cream

If you’ve never experienced the joy that is Kinetic Sand, you’re in for a treat! This stuff is amazing for sensory play and perfect for kids 3+. The sand is extra soft, sticks to itself, and moulds together so you can make different creations. No messy cleanup, and for that alone we think it’s a winner!

It’s also a great sensory toy so as you’ll see from the review video above, they all commented about how soft it felt and how lovely it was to hold in your hands.

Kinetic Sand ice cream review
Ariana had a blast serving her excited customers. Source: Supplied

What’s especially great about the Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats is that it comes with heaps of accessories to make different treats. The kit comes with an ice cream tray, waffle maker, ice cream cone, sundae dish, plus tons of toppers too!

Oh, and did we mention the sand comes in three different flavours that actually smells like ice cream? Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, oh my! This was a massive highlight for our kid testers. But all of them also loved all the accessories, the different colours and the texture.

10/10! Or, as Stanley tells us, “1 Billion out of 10″.

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Stanley was in his element! Source: Supplied

Kinetic Sand review: What the parents had to say

[Ava and her sister] loved every minute of playing with the Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats. Five stars and I would give more stars if could!” – Sarah G, mum to Ava, 6

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Ava loved playing ice cream games with her sister. Source: Supplied

It’s become a favourite part of playtime in the toy kitchen. Once she gets started with the Kinetic Sand ice cream she will go on for hours carefully making pretend food treats to serve us.” – Rebekah B, mum to Annabeth, 6 (and Olivia)

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Annabeth and Olivia at their Ice Cream Shop. Source: Supplied

Amazing. Awesome. So..MUCH..FUN!! Once opened, they played quietly for HOURS. Literally HOURS. The things that they liked the most were that you could “smell the colour” and loved how it falls apart, feels so soft, feels so good, but then all just stay together. They found it easy and so much fun to mould, play with, and experiment with different things with it.

With Chloe being very sensitive, she found it especially calming and comforting to play with. As a parent I would totally also recommend it for children with sensory issues. It really is amazing for them.” – Fiona M, mum to Chloe and Gemma, 7

Kinetic sand ice cream review
Gemma and Chloe serving sandy treats. Source: Supplied

Loved it! She spent a long time just smelling and squeezing the sand, and asking other family members to smell and touch it it.” – Bianca, mum to Ariana, 5

Ice cream Kinetic Sand
Arian set up her own ice cream parlour complete with bunting and price list. Source: Supplied

Great kit, love the accessories. [Stanley] was super into it and we got many hours of play,” Richard, dad to Stanley, 5

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Stanley loved adding Kinetic Sand ice cream to his ice cream parlour. Source: Supplied

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Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats

9.9 Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats


  • Great smell
  • Hours of play
  • Lots of accessories
  • Super soft
  • Great gift idea
Sensory Fun
Value for Money

mum centralGet yours today! 

These ice cream playsets are available now at Kmart, Big W, Target and Independent retailers At just $29, it makes a great gift too! 

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But wait, there’s more! SO MUCH MORE!

Meet our Kinetic Sand King – STANLEY!

The votes are in and we are pleased to introduce you to the first Mum Central Kinetic Sand King – Stanley!

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Meet the Kinetic Sand Ice Cream King of 2021, Stanley! Source: Supplied

Stanley takes home the $500 MEGA TOY PACK prize pack, jam-packed with some of the hottest toys including Kinetic Sand, Orbeez, Paw Patrol and Jumanji, to name a few. He also gets to take home the title of Kinetic Sand King.

Congrats Stanley – You’re an Ice Cream Making Master!

Announcing our runner up prize winners

A big shout-out to our two runner-up reviewers who both receive a Kinetic Sand Prize Pack, valued at $69 each. Our first runner-ups are Chloe and Gemma.

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Chloe and Gemma put on a great show and were brilliant reviewers. Thanks girls! Source: Supplied

Our second-runner up was 6-year-old Annabeth with her gorgeous store and ‘helper’ sister Olivia.

Congrats girls! 

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We hope our Kinetic Sand Ice Cream contenders inspire your own little ice cream masters to delve into the world of Kinetic Sand and whip up their own treats. So much fun for them, and you too!

This is a sponsored review for Kinetic Sand. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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