9 Clever Kmart Baby Hacks to Store All Your Baby’s Stuff

Buy ALL the baby things!!!

And store them in a super tidy and efficient way thanks to these cool Kmart baby hacks!

From nappies, clothing, dummies, bottles and breast pumps to books, headbands, keepsakes, shoes and food, here’s how you can hack your favourite Kmart products to hold all your baby’s stuff.

1. Breastfeeding and changing supplies

One of the newer products on the Kmart shelves these days is the Three-tier Trolley which allows you to create a portable bar that can follow you from room to room, holding all your favourite spirits.

Except, of course, if you’re breastfeeding and drinking cocktails is off the table.

This clever mumma transformed the popular $29 Kmart drinks trolley into a portable breastfeeding station, complete with breast pump, bottles, nappies and even the television remote.

kmart baby hacks breast pump

2. Bottles and teats 

Another major conundrum mums have is where to store all of those baby bottles, especially after they’ve been washed or sterilised.

If bench space is an issue, then here’s a handy idea: use the Kmart rectangular rack (found in the bathroom section for $5 each) in the kitchen to make a drying rack for all your baby’s feeding needs.

kmart baby hacks bottles

3. Even more bottles, teats and dummies (oh my)

Last year we discovered this impressive Kmart shower hack which is another option for storing baby bottles using a shower caddy.

Add some hooks and you’ve got the perfect solution for those dummies too!

kmart baby hack

4. Baby food

From bottles to baby food, we’re loving this mum’s idea on using stackable bamboo tidy drawers (found in the kitchen section) to hold all your baby food pouches, jars, bickies, etcetera.

Simply grab what you need and off you go! Best of all, they stack so you can easily store them in the pantry without taking up heaps of space.

Kmart baby hacks baby food

5. Itty bitty baby shoes

Moving away from the kitchen and into the nursery, check out this adorable way to store all of those shoes. Most of us have a similar collection of baby shoes which bub probably hardly ever wears. But they are SOOOO cute so how can you resist them?

Enter the popular round wall shelf (found in the homewares section) which displays those baby shoes beautifully. You can also get the blocks at Kmart in the nursery section.

kmart baby hacks shoes

6. Books 

Baby books are a popular gift item for new mums. As your baby grows, you will probably notice your collection of books grows too. Prepare for your little one’s library with this cute idea.

Transform the Kmart timber planter bed into a book holder. This is an excellent option for larger and hard cover books. LOVE! Keep it natural timber or paint it, you choose.

kmart baby hacks books

7. Oh so many cute clothes! 

In addition to books galore, you probably have your fair share of baby clothes. If you don’t have a wardrobe or closet, then the wooden nursery wardrobe is a delightful addition to your bubba’s room.

We’ve got a whole heap of different ways you can style this popular item – head over to our wardrobe hacks to see.

Kmart nursery rack hacks

8. ALL the hair accessories 

If you have a little girl then you probably know the struggle of storing headbands and hair elastics all too well. If you’re got a spare few minutes you can make your own headband holder using a cheap Kmart frame, hooks and ribbon.

Don’t forget to pick up some pastel pink spray paint too. Bravo mumma! Looks great!

Kmart baby hacks headbands

9. Baby keepsakes 

Kmart shadow boxes are all the rage for holding your child’s keepsakes. I use ours to showcase my children’s ribbons they’ve won.

But here’s an even better idea – make a memory keepsake box to add to the nursery wall complete with a onesie, hospital bracelet or tag, announcement card, dummy and anything else you kept from those hazy first days.

Kmart baby hacks keepsake boxes

Love Kmart hacks? So do we! In fact, we love them so much, we have quite the collection of them. Browse through our very favourite Kmart hacks to see what products you can add to your shopping list.

Kmart baby hacks photos used with permission from Kmart Mums Australia .

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