Last year it was the Kmart beach trolley. This year, it’s all about the nursery! And one item in particular is winning the hearts of mums-to-be around Australia.

The $20 Kmart Nursery Wardrobe is a simple, affordable and elegant solution to one of the most common problems new mums have – how do you store all those adorable baby clothes?

Like a lot of Kmart items we love, the brilliance of the baby wardrobe comes down to its simplicity. Essentially, all the wardrobe consists of is some timber and shelving but it’s what you can do with it that makes it so wonderful.

Welcome to Kmart nursery wardrobe heaven

So just what are mums doing with their latest Kmart find? In addition to adding itty bitty baby clothes, mums are pimping out the area with stuffed animals on swings and fluffy mats.

Kmart Nursery Wardrobe Hack
Images via Kmart Mums Australia
Kmart Nursery Wardrobe Hack
Image via Kmart Mums Australia

The space below  the hangers makes for a great storage area for pillows placed in a baby cot or storage basket. And we love the idea of adding a holder for headbands over the top! Some clever Kmart mums are even transforming the standard $20 item into a designer dress-up storage centre.

Kmart nursery rack hacks

And the Kmart Nursery Hanger works equally as well for in a space for little boys as it does for the girls, as this delightfully boyish nursery from Kmart loving mum-of-two Mirella shows.

Same same, but different 

Last year Love Ellie released a similar model to the Kmart version for $79 as did Kenay Home, both of which many mums hacked into itty bitty wardrobe wonders. Although the model is slightly different, you can still easily get the look.

Here’s a few of our favourite hacks to give you some ideas:

Image via Love Ellie
Image via Kenay Home
Image via Monika Hibbs
Image via Love Ellie
Image via Love Ellie
Kmart Nursery Wardrobe Hack
Image via Pinterest
Image via Instagram

This isn’t the first Kmart wardrobe item to hit a high note with organised parents. Check out the Kmart towel rack ($25) which also doubles as a mini wardrobe for your wee one’s whimsical attire.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Get hackin!

Of course, you can pick this must-have item up at your local Kmart. Or get in line and wait. Because, as most must-have Kmart items do, this one is selling out fast!

Looking for more reasons to go to Kmart? Have a look at these amazing Kmart cubby house hacks as well as these Kmart school storage organisation stations.



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