Like Popping Pimples? Then This Toy is For You

There is something strangely satisfying about popping pimples.

Or watching videos of strangers popping other people’s pimples.

If you happen to enjoy the odd pimple popping experience, then have we found the perfect pleasure popper to bring this addiction with you, everywhere you go.

Poppin’ good fun

Meet the Pimple Popper. Part squeeze toy, part stress ball, part sensory trinket, this pillow-like device lets you pop to your heart’s content.

Pop on the couch. Pop in bed. Hell, you can even bring it to the park with you and pop while the kids play on the swings. Of course you’ll probably look like a massive weirdo, but whatever. Haters gonna hate. Pimple poppers gonna pop.

Why colour-in when you can pop pimples?

Marketed as an anti-stress toy, ideal for those with anxiety and ADHD, the set comes with your pimple pillow and pus refill formula that you can use over and over again. How lovely.

The Pimple Popper toy is made out of silicone and, bonus, shaped kind of like a fake boob too. You fill it with special zit juice and they are ready to pop.

Once you pop, you can’t stop 

Like plenty of strange products on the market, such as this very graphic sex ed book for kids, the Pimple Popper toy is sold at none other than Kmart. And for the bargain price of just $10.

kmart pimple popping zits

Add to your pimple experience with these assorted stick-on zits, also sold at Kmart. Stick them on, squeeze them, and zen out. If just the idea doesn’t gross you out, here’s how they work.

YouTube video

These days there are heaps of ways to de-stress. Some of us colour-in. Or go for a run. Others write in a journal. Or consume our body weight in chocolate and/or wine.

Well, now you can add pimple popping to the list. Preferably while eating chocolate. And drinking wine.

Sounds like a perfect Friday night to us.

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