How do you find out which toys kids are going to go absolutely ga-ga over?  You gather a bunch of children in a room with a bunch of toys – that’s how.

And that’s what Kmart just did, inviting Mum Central to a special event that combines three of our very favourite things – Kmart, toys and kids! What’s not to love?!

Earlier this month, Kmart invited children from around Australia to come to Melbourne for the day and put its new toy range through its paces. From wooden toys to cuddly softies, from craft kits to building blocks, no toy was left untouched. Or unplayed with.

Putting the fun into play

We at Mum Central are already suckers for the Kmart toy range.  In fact, we recently hand-picked our own faves from the Kmart toy aisles to show you. The toys are educational, affordable and durable – win win win!

My six-year-old son, Alex, feels pretty much the same way about Kmart’s toy collection.  So you can imagine his excitement to be one of the lucky kiddies invited to the toy test party.

We were both grinning ear to ear when we arrived at Chadstone Shopping Centre to discover table upon table of toys. They had every aisle covered -modelling dough, colouring in, craft kits, puppets, soft toys, toy kitchens, dolls houses, wooden toy sets and dress up costumes.

PLUS, they gave all the kids official “toy tester” lab coats, which Alex thought was the coolest thing ever. He’s officially changed his career occupation of choice from a police officer to a Kmart toy tester.

It’s Kmart toy testing time!

So which toys made the grade, according to my son?

For Alex, it was all about the wooden toys collection. He’s the king of imaginative play, and it didn’t take long before he nestled into the toy cash register ($19) and shop set.

I have to say I love that Alex is a fan of wooden toys. I was too, and still am. They are great for setting their imagination on fire and of course, building and improving on their dexterity. Plus, you can’t really get past that whole nostalgic element attached to them.

Pretty soon we were whisked away to play shopkeepers. I am not too sure about Alex’s suggested $1 million price tag for the wooden school bus ($15) though?! Alex clearly didn’t want to let it go for cheap. In fact, he didn’t want to let it go at all.

Luckily he didn’t have to. Alex was invited to choose his favourite toy to take home and, of course, he chose the wooden school bus. (Top pick, Alex!) It comes with its own wooden crew, but Alex tells us his Spiderman and Batman toys aren’t shy about hitching a ride.

Going above and beyond, in the name of toys

Toys aside, the best thing about the whole experience was watching the team at Kmart interact with the kids. It showed they truly care about what children want and what toys our little ones want to see on the shelves (and in their toy boxes at home).

After getting this behind-the-toy-shelf experience, it makes perfect sense why Kmart is an industry leader in the toy category and why they continue to surprise up with their innovative toy range.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next! And I’m sure our kids can’t either. Want more Kmart love? Then don’t miss our article about brilliant Kmart hacks to make mum life easier.



To celebrate all things toys, toys, toys, we’ve got a $100 Kmart Gift Card up for grabs to one of our lucky readers!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments what toys your kids would have played with most to be in the running!


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  1. My kids would have been putting on a puppet show, they love to entertain and make up stories!

    • Debbie white Reply

      My grangson is nearly 5
      He would love to help out with all the toys

      • Mine love the cash register and pretend to hold a supermarket. Everything is 50$ in her shop . She s 2 and half years old

    • Corinne Pepper Reply

      My son would of loved anything that had wheels or any sort of “experiment” toys.

    • The school bus would be my grandsons favorite as he always loves to see it in store and loves buses.

    • The puppets! My boys have active imaginations and can entertain all of us for hours on end with their creative play. Which is absolutely fantastic except for bed time when you actually want them to go to sleep!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      My twin girls would have been getting messy with the arts and crafts etc. They love to write, draw and make things

      • My boys would love the craft packs too! Nothing better than creating.

    • WOW would be the word of the day – Just to be different my son would try out all the girls toys and my daughter would head straight to the boys toys.

    • Julika Maritz Reply

      my son loves anything dress up like or lego and science stuff.

    • Debbie Kinmonth Reply

      Definitely the toy cash register as they always loved playing shops.

    • My darling girl would have loved the toy cash register, she loves to play shopkeeper.

    • Kylie Mackay Reply

      My son would have loved the wooden bus and anything crafty!!

    • For my boys it would be the dress ups. The three year old would be Spider-Man and my six year old would be the blue pj mask character. My girls would be using the cash register for my boys to pay for them lol

  2. My youngest son would love the wooden school bus, he is obsessed with buses

  3. Tanya Elston Reply

    My kids would love the kitchen. They love making food and cooking in the oven.

  4. Karen scott Reply

    My little man would of loved the bus and puppets
    He actually would of walked in and thought oh my where to 1st lol i think he loves kmart more than me sometimes

  5. My kids would love the wooden toys. The school bus would be a favourite my daughter loves pushing cars and buses around and the wooden one is sturdy enough to handle a very active 1 year old

  6. Melissa Grazules Reply

    My boys would love the school bus especially my 2 year old he’d be singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ all day long while playing with it and stopping to pick up and drop off passengers

  7. Jiana Sumner Reply

    My little would love the wooden toys especially the bus and cash register

  8. Definitely the school boy loves school and yep thats all he asked for when shown.

  9. Kristen. W Reply

    My kids would go nuts with the dino and unicorn dress up! They love creating their own little worlds, and theyre one of the few Kmart toys we dont have.

  10. The fish/turtle catching game for sure! My daughter LOVES these kind of games.

  11. Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    definitely the school bus! My kids have never caught the bus to school and when they see it driving around it fascinates them to the point they ask me to send them on it!

  12. My kids would’ve played with everything!
    Looking at the toys particularly the toys that make noise and can be seen clearly in their packaging is their reward for behaving evertime we go to kmart which if often!

  13. Olli would have spent most of his time playing with the wooden kitchen – he LOVES helping me cook at home 🙂

  14. Kristina T Reply

    My little girl would love to have tested the wooden kitchen! She loves to try different foods and enjoys watching myself and her dad cook so, without a doubt, she would have loved having her very own kitchen like mummy and daddy ☺

  15. Stephanie Veljanovski Reply

    Puppets , my kids are so into imaginative play at the moment and constantly want me to make funny voices and act silly with soft toys that we own. They would absolutely love some puppets to join in the fun.

  16. Kim Turner Reply

    My 4 year old one and only loves imiganitive play andnwould LOVE the hand puppet dolls.. i really likethem.also as they remind me of my childhood toy a rigadoom doll.

  17. My 6 year old son would loved to have tested the puppets and art section. He loves pretend and imaginative play and jokes!

    For my 3 year old son I believe he would have tested the kitchen and play dough! He loves cooking and when combined play dough and kitchen, it’s a couple of hours play for sure!

  18. brittany quinn Reply

    my son would love the school bus and daughter would love the kitchen 🙂

  19. Johanne Stone Reply

    So hard to choose – My daughter would absolutely love playing with play Dough – she would probably make some “cookies” and bung them in the wooden kitchen oven.
    Get the picnic blanket out because after those “cookies are cooked”, it will be munch and crunch time.!
    What an amazing day this would be….

  20. My daughter would have played with the playdough as she loves creating all kinds of monsters, animals and colourful towers.

  21. My daughter loves the wooden toys especially the kitchen. They are the best toys I have seen out in a long time that promotes learning and play

  22. My children love the craft kits and the playdough. It brings out their imagination and creativity skills. It amazes me and them what they come up with.

  23. My daughter is all about cooking currently and the cash register and shop set would be right down her alley! She loves her purse full of money (business cards!).

  24. Richard Harrison Reply

    My son Stanley would be all over the wooden school bus. Cars are his life, he’ll happily stare out the window at cars for ages

  25. Sarah brownlee Reply

    Our 14 month old son would love to try out the wooden toy bus as he loves anything that he push around

  26. My little girl loves the wooden toys. We have such a great time together. I build them up, she knocks them down and then giggles her little head off. It’s the best!!!!

  27. melinda roche Reply

    Little +Luigi (14m) would love to have tested the wooden toy bus. His friend has one and he loves playing with it when he goes to Lucas’ place.

  28. My twin boys would love the kitchen or the puppet show as they playing together.

  29. The cash register , I know would be the favorite to play shops with and play with money – . hopefully learn about money and spending while playing!

  30. Terri Arthurs Reply

    The wooden toy bus, it’s strong sturdy and would hold up to every day play by my toddler

  31. My daughter would love the kitchen, she is always ‘making’ me lunches when I’m working at home ❤️

  32. Christine Butler Reply

    Definitely the Play Doh. She loves creating things and modelling, and she’s loved Play Doh for years.

  33. Jade Philp Reply

    We have just bought the deluxe wooden kitchen for Christmas so my 3 year old would die over all of the wooden food accessories!

  34. Fiona Charlton Reply

    The fish catching game for sure for my little fisherman!

  35. Jamie Crowe Reply

    My boys would LOVE the fishing game, the play kitchen and the school bus!! Oh and of course the play dough!! 🙂

  36. Michelle Budge Reply

    I would definitely be the Wooden school bus. Having a boy and a girl, they can both play with this toy. The detail looks great.

  37. Joanna Lau Reply

    Definitely the wooden bus… it’s entertaining plus he can put his favorite characters on it! 🙂

  38. My children love wooden toys. The bus and cash register would be very well used & loved!

  39. Leah Taylor Reply

    My son would love the kitchen/ cash register , he loves playing resturaunts

  40. Janine McNaughton Reply

    My girls would love the play dough with the cool kitchen accessories. At least they won’t make a mess unlike conventional cooking and it’s great for gross motor skills!

  41. Vanessa Brown Reply

    Wow! That experience sounds incredible! Your son made brilliant choices! My twins would likely have gone straight for the cash register too. There is one at the playgroup they sometimes go to and they love to play with it and also have tea parties with teddies

  42. Nadien Lavell Reply

    Little Gray would be ALL OVER the kitchen play. He thinks he’s the next Heston Blumenthal. He even has the black glasses.

  43. Jodie Dorricott Reply

    Mr 5 year old with the biggest imagination, would not have known where to start with all those awesome toys. He would be a ball of excitement going from one table to another, playing, imagining and I’m sure wishing so hard he could have them all. The wooden toy bus would be a huge hit as he would be able to let his amazing little mind run wild with all that he could do with it.

  44. My children would have loved it all! My daughter would have especially loved the play dough, kitchen and the threading animals. My son would have loved anything with wheels, so the bus would be a winner for him!!

  45. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The cash register, he has loved to play with my old expired plastic cards from my wallet and foreign coins, pretending to play shop.

  46. My daughter would love the kitchen to prepare giant feasts for us !!

  47. My son would love the school bus and would spend hours pushing the children around the house in the bus

  48. Kylie Reid Reply

    My boys would love the school bus so much!! They love buses and would have so much fun playing together 🙂

  49. Sarah Spalding Reply

    All of my three youngest girls would love to try out the school bus! Not only can their imagination be used for conversations with the little wooden crew, and there are plenty of characters so they can play together, what do they talk about? where is the school and what class are they in? But also I have fallen into the gender stereotype as a mum (which is ridiculous when you think about it!) and we don’t have any car toys in the house! Something I need to work on. ASAP!

  50. The toy kitchen my little chef loves whipping up yummy slices & scrumptious desserts
    Its a great toy for imaginative play

  51. The kitchen set & the cash register. My 3yo lives pretnding to play shop & my 14mo loves to make cups of tea.

  52. My little guy would love to play with the bus. He is only just off enough to start picking up things to look at but he would then get years and years out of it

  53. definitely dough – anything to get messy, the more mess the more fun 🙂

  54. My son would love the playdough, the kitchen and the cash register he loves to make “food” for mum and dad to eat

  55. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    My two would love to wooden bus my boy loves any vehicles he plays with them for hours

  56. My LO would love the wooden school bus he has a plastic one ATM but the wooden range from Kmart is amazing and so durable

  57. My kids love cash registers and the kitchen set as they are into playing restaurants at the moment

  58. Oh that little fishing set is so cute, looks like it would make a great travel toy

  59. Michelle fay Reply

    The modelling doh would’ve been a winner for my kids but the costume dressing up would’ve been a close tie as they love both equally

  60. Shannon Ryan Reply

    My 4 year old son would have loved the kitchen, he loves to pretend to cook me things!

  61. My son would love the wooden bus. He has the wooden pirate ship from Kmart and adores it, so would love to add it to the collection!!!

  62. My son would love cash register. He loves numbers at the moment.
    There’s something so special and tacile about wooden toys.

  63. My 3 girls would love the wooden toys expecially the cash register they love using there imagination and play shops together all the time!

  64. Tracy Campbell Reply

    The hand puppets – great for kids to imagine with and also great fro mum and dad to use if teaching a life story about stranger danger etc.

  65. Sarah-Joe Williams Reply

    My son loves interactive toys that are bright or makes noises

  66. Emma Flanagan Reply

    My daughters first birthday is comming up and this would really help to get her some really cool gifts!

  67. Nicole Strachan Reply

    My 3yo son would love the wooden bus as he is obsessed with all vehicles.

  68. My kids would’ve loved playing with the kitchen. They really into pretending to do the things Mum does.

  69. sammy minshull Reply

    My girls have friends next door and they play House or Shops all the time. They would love the kitchen & the cash register also. this would give them hours of play, let their imaginations run wild while not being on any screens. WIN = WIN!

  70. My kids would definitely play with the toys which allow them to replicate real life situations. Playing school, playing shops anything that allows role play using their tiny little imaginations. Cutest thing ever to watch!

  71. My kids would’ve loved to check out the puppets! They’re always making puppets & props to put on little shows for us at home.

  72. The School Bus set – wooden toys are the best and so kid proof!

  73. Michelle s Reply

    With Christmas and my sons birthday coming up the kids have a list as long as my arm! Of course new bikes are on the list and everything that goes with it!!

  74. Holly Crossin Reply

    My daughter would love the dressing up and the kitchen best

  75. My two imaginative pretend players would have loved the boy and girl hand puppets. They play for hours creating their own world.

  76. We absolutely love the wooden toy range at Kmart. It takes me back to my childhood and gets me excited to watch my son grow and have similar toys to what we grew up with. They’re fun, innovative and bright which is fantastic for my sons developement.

  77. Mary Preston Reply

    The kitchen for sure. Little Miss is always cooking up something.

  78. Alan Parratt Reply

    Puppets talk so funny,
    Especially to mummy,
    We love the puppet king,
    That’s Dad, he also has a puppet thing.

  79. Definitely the kitchen,, everyone can get involved in cooking games

  80. We have the cash register so I know that’s a winner! Also anything kitchen-related she would absolutely go to town with (and maybe I would too ). We LOVE Kmart!!

  81. The kitchen, my son is really getting into imaginative play lately.

  82. Her buses are lined up from biggest to smallest. Biggest is the mum bus which has 3 babies.. I think she would love a yellow dad bus to transport her zoo around.

  83. Lee kennedy Reply

    That wooden school bus would be a hit for both my kids! The 3yo would definitely boss the 1yo around!!!

  84. Asenath Lynch Reply

    My daughter would love everything and probably woupdnt know where to start haha but would probably spend the most time with the playdough and the kitchen, possibly combining the 2.

  85. Laura Power Reply

    Both my boys love anything with wheels so the yellow bus would be their first pick

  86. My kids would love the cash register! They love playing shops.

  87. Donna Leysley Reply

    Playdoh, wooden school bus, wooden kitchen, soft/fluffy toys – ALL OF THEM! Honestly Miss 6 would love all of them.

  88. Ruth Hanham Reply

    My daughter loves all the wooden toys but now also just adores anything to dress up. Basically anything at Kmart is a winner!

  89. My daughter would have loved the dress ups! It’s something we don’t have much of at home, so they are always a hit when she gets to play with some.

  90. I am not sure whether my son’s head would explode…the very thought of getting to spend $100 in Kmart on toys would test that theory. He would most studiously walk the whole toys section scrutinising all before him. This process would take about 3 hours before he would choose his bounty. I would most definitely need a coffee afterwards…..

  91. Maria Gillies Reply

    Definitely the wooden toys!! The school bus, the cash register, anything wooden, they promote imaginative play which is very important for a child’s development. They are very robust, don’t need a constant supply of batteries and usually don’t fall apart! I have a new Great Nephew, Charlie and he will be receiving wooden toys for his Birthdays and Xmas’s just like my Son did too!

  92. My daughter is a wiz with her hands and loves keeping them busy so I’d have to say the craft kits but then I’d have to say Our Generation Dolls are her favourite due to all the amazing accessories available.

  93. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    My daughter would have loved to test the toy kitchen, she’s always forever pretending to cook a feast

  94. The cash register so he can be like Daddy at work (hubby owns a shop with a register).

  95. Kylie Baker Reply

    My youngest boy would love the play-doh sets didn’t see anything for my older boy on video but remote control cars etc would be his go to.

  96. My teething 5 month old would love anything he can fit in his mouth! 🙂

  97. To be honest she would much prefer the packaging the toys came in. However im all for the wooden toys. I love the durability of them and you can not go wrong with wooden toys they are great for the imagination.

  98. We are a Family of cooks and bakers so I know that all the kids in our Clan would love and appreciate the kitchen.

  99. I have Kmart toy bbq etc at home so 100% My boys would have been with the table top kitchen, all the kitchen appliances and food ! They love helping me , whenever I pick them up from daycare they are cooking/ feeding others in the wooden kitchen ! This would help me with completeing their home kitchen #kmartmum

  100. C.McCarthy Reply

    I think I spotted a little wooden kitchen in the video… daughter would absolutely love playing with that. It even had little salt and pepper shakers – CUTE!!!!

  101. the play doh, my little boys has just been introduced to this at kinder. He must really want to play with it badly as we found it all in his bag to take home from kinder lol

  102. Melissa Turner Reply

    My little munchkin would have set up house with all those adorable wooden kitchenware toys!

  103. Donna Cadogan Reply

    My son (5) probably would have LOVED the playdoh sets, me not so much. lol
    He loves to create and get his hands dirty but i have nightmares about playdoh mushed into the carpet.

  104. Jade O'Shea Reply

    The dinosaur and unicorn dress up are perfect for school holiday fun!

  105. Well my almost 2 yo daughter would love the wooden bus she’s obsessed with wheels on the bus but my son would love the kitchen he loves playing with his cousins

  106. All of them – but the Play Dough would have to be favourite for both my kids

  107. Louise Baida Reply

    My son, and daughter, would love the school bus set. My son is obsessed with buses and trucks and my daughter keeps telling me she is going to take the school bus to school next year.

  108. My son’s love Art craft, my 3 boys love sitting down painting n drawing and to be able to hang up when completed.

  109. Kimberley Borg Reply

    My 2 babes would head straight for the wooden toy collection and dress ups. They too love imaginative play and would without a doubt cook me up storm and then charge me a fortune for it 🙂

  110. Bronwyn Evans Reply

    My daughters are always playing together and making up characters and games so i think they would love the puppets the most. With their imaginations the possibilities are endless.

  111. Our kids love play dough, dolls, prams, accessories and anything kitchen (role play/ imagination based) related.

  112. Vicka Sugandhi Reply

    My son would definetely love the wooden school bus!!! He would enjoy imagining he’s driving the bus and would observe for its tyres and exhaust.

  113. My daughter would love dressing up as a Unicorn and putting on a puppet show anything she can use her imagination

  114. Tyla Fitch Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with Mr maker so the art and craft supplies would be a massive hit in our house

  115. Veronica Christensen Reply

    Definitely the play doh they love squishing it through their fingers

  116. Definitely the craft kits and play dough… my girls love to create things, they’re always sneaking into my art supplies so they can make things.

  117. My son would love the wooden school bus, he’s obsessed with vehicles at the moment!

  118. Isabeau jane Reply

    My kids still love wooden toys just like their Mum! They never go out of trend and cover a broad spectrums of ages from 0 to 100. I love that Kmart stock affordable, fun wooden toys!

  119. Aimee Slattery Reply

    My little girl would adore the wooden kitchen set- she just loves playing house with all our real kitchen equipment so both her and I would love some of her own!!

  120. My boys would love the play doh to use in the kitchen. They love playing MasterChef.

  121. My 23 month old son would love the lego tape for his increasing pile of lego! I’d love it as well – keeps it all in one secure spot!

  122. Jessie Chibber Reply

    The wooden toys, they love the wooden trains and the wooden buses. A classic toy that lasts generations.

  123. Wooden school bus ‘wood’ be a hit, as the kids normally get dropped by car (being in a rural ‘out of the way’ area), and they could sing the song all day!

  124. Jessica Morris Reply

    My daughter would love the toy cash register and shop set…. she is always asking us to “come to her shop”

  125. My kids would love playing with anything new that wasn’t theirs! But my 3yo would especially have loved the cash register as he is obsessed with shopping at the moment!!

  126. Both my boys would have been making things in the wooden kitchen and then using the wooden cash register to sell us the stuff haha

  127. Michelle Black Reply

    The school bus would be a hit in our household. My son loves toys with wheels!

  128. Anything to do with the kitchen my 2yr old son loves cooking up a storm

  129. Ra Jakobasch Reply

    My Kids would be so happy with any of these amazing toys – All the wooden toys look awesome.

  130. The play kitchen would have been a big hit as we’ve never had one of those!

  131. Alexandram Reply

    My daughter would have loved to have tested the table top kitchen. We are always having cups of tea and she always pretends to cook cakes and biscuits

  132. My nearly 3 year old son would love the wooden school bus and kitchen toys to test he already loves to try out the toys in kmart.

  133. My girls would love to test out the wooden kitchen set ..We do need a new one in our home soon .Hopefully santa brings one at Christmas

  134. My 3 boys love Kmart toys 🙂 my kids love all interactive toys and my middle child has quite an imagination so he would love puppets . The others cars, buses you name it

  135. Lindsey Ritchie Reply

    I have a 12 and 2 year old girls. Even though the age difference they love playing kitchen, tea parties and restaurants. We have a wooden kitchen bought 10yrs ago from Kmart. They love playing with it and the wooden food. My 2yr old absolutely loves the wooden food you can cut! Brilliant idea Kmart and sooo reasonably priced! At the moment my eldest also loves playing with the stuffed food from Kmart, we have a donut, ice cream and French fries! My son (9) still loves playing with anything with wheels. The bus would of been a hit. He also loves all the science kits that Kmart has brought out. The Skylab is already on his Santa list! The $100 would definitely help for Christmas.

    • Kelso Simone Reply

      My kids love toys for all ages! Even though they are older they will still happily play with kitchens and blocks. I love the Kmart wooden toys and I have started collecting them for child number 3- due any day now. My children and I would definitely love to get involved any time Kmart wants kids testers

  136. Heidi O'Day Reply

    PuPpeTs are amazing, My nephew would love to try these and put on a show for everyone. Actually, I would love to.

  137. Lisa Jane Eskinazi Reply

    The puppets. They inspire creativity and fun! Something to distract them from the iPad

  138. The cash register is on the Christmas list it’s so cute and looks like great fun and the dough mine are crazy for play dough they would love this

  139. My youngest son loves anything role play, so a dolls house or any other miniature version of real life

  140. Sharee Ussher Reply

    Our boys would love the kitchen as they have great young imaginations & would help them unite & play nicely together.

  141. Definitely the wooden school bus! Anything that goes vroom vroom! There’s so much to choose from at Target!

  142. Congratulations Alex, what a GREAT job. I’ll bet he had the BEST time. Such a great opportunity. My son would love to play with the fishing set because his dad is a budding fisherman … but like Alex he would especially love the school bus because he is soooo obsessed with buses and trucks. $15? Bargain! Going to buy one today.

  143. My daughter would love the cash register because she’s currently learning to how to count money so she would love to buy her soft toys and use her coins along with the cash register.

  144. Bek Dominy Reply

    My daughter would definitely love the cash register. She’d definitely try and swindle some money out of us for her shop!

  145. Tegan vlahos Reply

    First it was the magnetic fishing set , but then it was the play doh kits, both my boys can play with dough for hours!

  146. Jenandnick Reply

    Totally love the wooden toys! My daughter loves imaginative play and currently has the Kmart kitchen with plastic toys which aren’t the best as they break easy! These wooden toys would last forever, possibly even for her children, my grandchildren, to play with!

  147. Jaime Garland Reply

    My boys would love the cash register. They love playing with money and pretending to be rich. My youngest loves to pretend to buy a Porsche. He wants to be a mechanic and own lots of awesome cars. Lol.

  148. Justeen Fisher Reply

    My youngest son loves using the cooking toys and dinosaurs and my other 2 boys love their cars and lego.

  149. Out of everything in the video my 6yr old would play with the kitchen.

  150. Definitely the toy cash register. My kids love doing pretend shopping play!

  151. Danielle Marie Reply

    This would be amazing for our toddler to give her a very special Xmas this year!

  152. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    My 3 girls would love playing with the cash register and kitchen set or play dough hey love pretending and making up games they have great imaginations

  153. My daughter loves playing shops; she and her friends would spend hours with that cash register.

  154. My kids would definitely love the wooden cash register and play food. They are obsessed with playing shops together .

  155. Tashana purkis Reply

    My kids would play with everything lol but I think the bigges item they would run straight for were the puppets (secretly I would too lol)

  156. Oscar would have fun with the cash register as he loves counting the money.

  157. My 6 year old daughter would love the puppets so she could put on shows and use her imagination

  158. My little guy would love the fishing game so that he can be just like Daddy!

  159. My sons eould have loved the cash register they are loving anything to do with money ( tickets in their words). And the bus boys and their transport!

  160. Paige Yang Reply

    My kids would love to try the fishing set, which looks so much fun.

  161. My son loves the kmart brand lego and would love the wooden trucks/buses

  162. my daughter is obsessed about frozen / my little pony and unicorns

  163. My son would have been in toy heaven with LEGO Kmart have the best range and price on LEGO in case you didn’t know!

  164. Amanda Bayley Reply

    My kids would love the puppets, they love immersing themselves into other peoples lives and role playing, my daughter is fabulous at different accents, they would have hours of fun.

  165. The playdough. It’s always so much fun. For kids and adults too!!

  166. Tania Pyers Reply

    I have a two day old and 4 year old. Would be great to win.

  167. Definitely the play-doh! My kids love it and I swear it’s the only time they play together nicely without fighting 😛

  168. Amy Camilleri Reply

    My kids would have played with the kitchen and register and run around the shop with the costumes on for sure.

    • …only after they’ve played with the box it came in for hours, would they move on to the fishing game or till.

  169. Amanda Evans Reply

    My girls would have loved to have played with the wooden kitchen! My eldest is autistic and loves food/kitchen play as this was the first toys she played with when she started therapy

  170. My 20 month old boy is all about the “broooms”. Anything with wheels that moves is an instant winner! The Kmart wooden toy range is fantastic! He loves what he’s got so far.

  171. Julia Pearse Reply

    The magnetic tiles are an absolute hit in our house. Our 2.5 yr old loves the colours and shapes.

  172. My 4yo daughter loves checking out all the toys when we visit Kmart. She is always telling me all about what they do and what cool features they have. I just know she’d have a ball trying and testing them all given half a chance.

  173. Rowan Barber Reply

    Paw Patrol. Are there any other toys anymore apart from Paw Patrol? I just don’t know anymore. 🙂

  174. kathy clark Reply

    Lego is always at the top of all of our presents when we go the kids

  175. Kasey Evans Reply

    My kids would have definitely loved playing with the play doh set as they love creating a goey mess with the crap….I mean play doh!

  176. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    my daughter would combine the play dough with the kitchen as she loves to create and cook. Why use just when when high are so great.

  177. The school bus, as my kids will enjoy hours of fun rolling this bus around in and out of the sun!

  178. Catherine Whyte Reply

    My kids would love the school bus as its creative and good to push around. Plus they haven’t got any toys like it!

  179. Nicole Woods Reply

    The modelling dough for sure! They love creating colourful and fantastical creatures and such.

  180. Definetly the playdough! My son has a huge collction of playdough for his sensory needs.

  181. My girl would love the puppets she is constantly putting on puppet shows for us!!
    The best thing about Kmart is the affordability the quality is brilliant from homewares to toys to clothing. It’s out number one shop

  182. My son loves play with lego, monsters truck and all sort of car racing.

  183. My son would love the wooden school bus; he’s crazy about anything with wheels…cars, trucks, buses.

  184. Maree Gray Reply

    The wooden kitchen for sure. The kids just love their wooden toys.

  185. Kelley Durie Reply

    All the wooden toys are amazing but definietly love the kitchen set ❤️

  186. My daughter would love the toy kitchen. Her favourite thing is to cook.

  187. Happy_Jack Reply

    The wooden toys….trying to get back to nature given the tech world we live in

  188. leanne mills Reply

    My granddaughter loves her wooden food play sets from Kmart and has pointed out the cash register on shopping visits.

  189. Rebecca Figgins Reply

    My child is currently playing with her umbilical cord but a $100 Kmart voucher will allow us to buy plenty of toys to keep her occupied once she no longer has that.
    Bath toys, pretty dangly things to go over a play mat, the car seat, the pram and bassinet, toys that make fun noises, things to chew on come teething time and something soft and snuggly that she will be able to treasure well into her adult years

  190. My daughter loves the wooden kitchen and foods. She would spend hours playing with it. Her current toy kitchen is second hand so i would love to get her a now one

  191. My almost 3 year old would play with the toy cash register and the play kitchen set. He just loves all role play toys. These toys are so good for their imagination and provide hours of fun.

  192. My children love the lego, and any board games it great to see such a variety of toys that always keep them entertained.

  193. Hands down Play Doh and all the accessories
    The wooden Cash register
    The kitchen

  194. The kitchen would have been a huge hit for our household, as both our kids love a home corner. The fact that it is wooden is an added bonus!

  195. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    Definitely the play doh! It’s always great to refresh to lot with new ones.

  196. Everything
    But definitely the puppet show, she loves making up plays and performing for us over the couch


    My 6 & 7 year old granddaughters would have loved the dolls and puppets and my 3 & 5 year old grandsons would have loved the DINOSAURS. They all would love to get their hands on the PLAY DOH 🙂

  198. My daughter is into cooking so she would have loved playing with the kitchen when she was younger.

  199. My little girl is only 3 weeks old but I know my Prep/Grade 1 students would love to play with the puppets. I love watching their imaginations run wild!

  200. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Wooden Toys are my favorite Kmart toys collection because they have vibrant of color and the finest quality stimulating kids motivation. I am sure that most kids would live to play these beautiful wooden toys.

  201. My 3yr old would love the wooden toys as he uses my wooden spoon and hammers his block into his plane puzzle all day.

  202. stephen elsworthy Reply

    My kids love making a mess in my kitchen so to have their own would be great for them and…ME!

  203. gail davies Reply

    My gorgeous granddaughter would love the kitchen ,,, she loves to help her Mum prepare dinner

  204. Definitely the puppets. They’s be used as props in their creative world of improvisation of weird little nursery rhyme themes that would become timeless classic in our home forever!

  205. My daughter, who will be 2 Christmas Eve, loves All the Kmart toys, but her favourites are the big rubber duck and any baby doll.

  206. The wooden kitchen, as my girls love to use their imagination in the kitchen and pretend the are on Masterchef!

  207. Cash register cause really what girl doesn’t like shopping. Especially using someone elses money. lol But all the toys would be a hit.

  208. Lauren Hunt Reply

    The school bus as it’s yellow and bright. See my son talks about buses from morning to night. He loves to sing “the wheels on the bus go round and round”. This wooden version is even perfect for me as it has no sound.

  209. Lego is what’s hot right now. Anything ball related for my eldest.

  210. Sallystavrou Reply

    The kitchen— my kids love making scones with jam and cream, a small weak latte with one sugar and ham and cheese toasties for us daily!!

  211. tracy wedding Reply

    My grand kids would love the blocks the puppets and the school bus but honestly they would love them all

  212. My daughter would’ve loved the toy cash register and shop set.. Although I wouldn’t get any change ever! Lol

  213. My daughter would play with everything that’s in Kmart!! In fact we just been to a Kmart yesterday and spent our lunch time exploring every toys there is.

  214. Michelle Burger Reply

    My 2yo son would love the wooden fishing game, he loves games that challenge his hand/eye co-ordination. My 4yo son’s favourite would be the playdoh because he’s really into all things messy and loves to make and create things

  215. Love the school bus with passengers but my kid would be all about the hand puppets, as that’s what he is really into these days.

  216. My daughters would have both loved the dress up costumes (and probably everything else as well!!)

  217. Kim Campbell Reply

    The Puppets once on their hands it would have been a challenge to get them off, soft cuddly toys that they can tell stories with.

  218. Angela McCully Reply

    My youngest would have absolutely loved to play with that wooden bus. I think Santa may actually now have to bring one for Christmas

  219. Adriana Miller Reply

    Both my son 4 years old and my daugther almost 3 would have played with the Woden cash register and all the kitchen toys. They love playing together that they cook and they make a picnic they are so sweet when they play together!!

  220. Wendy Paulsen Reply

    Cars, cars, cars!
    Big cars, little cars, remote controls cars, model cars, monster trucks, Lego cars, cars, cars, cars!

  221. My daughters would have been straight into the wooden kitchenette and the assorted wooden food/kitchen items. They would have loved to have tested it, probably would have had to drag them away. They are right into their imaginative role play and mimicking adult behaviours. To be able to create their own ‘pretend’ meals would be right up their alley!!

  222. Jason Kimpton Reply

    My youngest daughter would love that yellow school bus and those soft dolls

  223. Jason Kimpton Reply

    My youngest would love that yellow school bus and those soft dolls

  224. Tamara Juliet Reply

    My 5 year old and 2 year old daughters would love this, they’d be found playing with anything craft or DIY, like the kids science experiments, clay modelling, absolutely anything D. I. Y

  225. My son would love the school bus set. Anything to do with vehicles he loves

  226. Sameera Zahid Reply

    wow… What a wonderful experience for your kid… 🙂 My kids would like to play with the wooden kitchenette…. and for my 7 months old any soft toy will be great as he likes to snuggle up with them 🙂

  227. Alison Hunble Reply

    School Bus. My toddler is obsessed with Wheels on the Bus and sings it allll the time

  228. Hanne Brunes Reply

    My 2 year old son, Thomas, would absolutely loooooove to play with the wooden cash register ans the pretend play veggie patch. Thomas love pushing bottoms on cause and effect toys, and he love to play pretend play going shopping. So many great toys at kmart.

  229. My 5 year old son would love to play with the cash register
    he loves selling things and thinking of ways to make money!
    My 2 year old son would love the school bus,
    he loves anything on wheels!
    I love Kmarts wooden toys, they are so sturdy and timeless.
    Always shop at kmart for toys, they are such value and great quality!

  230. She would just adore those puppets! There is nothing she likes more than preparing a performance for the family and those things are just too cute!

  231. She would just adore those puppets! There is nothing she likes more than preparing a performance for the family and those things are just too cute!

  232. My son would love the wooden yellow bus. He is 2, and the first song that he can sing is ‘The wheels on the bus’

  233. I think my children would find the magnetic fishing game irresistible. Fish it out, put it back; fish it our, put it back. Great ongoing play.

  234. My sons would love to have tested the toy kitchen and cash register. They both love to cook and play “shops” 🙂

  235. My boys would have loved the wooden toys too, especially the cash register. We often play shops but don’t actually have a cash register so that would have caught their eye for sure.

  236. The fishing game would be so cool to play,
    I might just have to head to k-Mart again today!

  237. My kids would have loved testing the wooden kitchen and cooking up breakfast and cups of teas for everyone, it would occupy them for hours.

  238. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My daughter would have loved to have tested the Kmart Unicorn Costume as she and her friends currently love dressing up.

  239. Beth Streten Reply

    My daughter would love the wooden fishing game! What a wonderful toy!

    My so would be obsessed with the wooden school bus! He’d be driving it everywhere!

    I’m similarly glad my children share my love of wooden toys.

  240. My son would love to try “wooden school bus ” because he loves to sing “the wheels on the bus go round and round” and loves to play with cars.

  241. The kitchen set. My nephew likes nothing more than to cook up an imaginary storm. The dividends will come when can operate a real stove.

  242. The Playdoh and Art sets my daughter would be interested in the most.

  243. Adele Smith Reply

    My grandson would love the Wooden School Bus as it combines his favourite things, a moving vehicle and character figures. He is always play acting with his favourite character figures from PJ Mask and with his cars and construction vehicles so I’m sure his PJ Mask characters will go for a ride on the school bus plus its a great learning tool, teaching him without him knowing that school is going to be a fun place to be.

  244. My 4 year old son loves to play bakeries so he would love the cash register. Also the wooden bus for all his little people!

  245. Our four love art and building things. They love dolls and board games. They just love to play.

  246. Viny Vabriany Reply

    The craft kit because my kids love being creative with art making

  247. As a grandmother of many, this prize would allow great Christmas presents.

  248. Nicola James Reply

    My grandkids would love the craft kits, they so enjoy creating – especially a mess!

  249. james pizzey Reply

    My grand children love to make me a cup of tea and cakes a kitchen set

  250. Michelle D Reply

    The wooden school bus would have been the favourite with my kids. They’ve just started school so anything to do with going to school is still very exciting for them.

  251. My daughters would have loved to test the play dough. This is one toy that has held their interest for years. They always come back to it.1

  252. My 6 yr old daughter is also a major fan of wooden toys like Alex in the story and knowing her she would have gravitated to the cash register straight away (despite her already owning 3 cash registers). And again like Alex in the story, my daughter loves to put extraordinary price tags on items she ‘sells’. I can just imagine her saying “thats 5 million dollars and twenty cents please” ……

  253. He would have loved ANYTHING wooden – its funny but lately he cannot get enough wooden toys!

  254. Jamie angus Reply

    the puppets my daughter is obsessed with puppets they help with every situation from being sick to just playing she loves them that would be the coolest toy to test

  255. My little boy would have loved the fire truck that makes noises, as he goes straight to it whenever we go to K-Mart

  256. Kim Kilgour Reply

    My children would have loved to play with all of the toys, but the kitchen & the school bus would have been the favourites I think

  257. Rebecca Zierach Reply

    My son would love the wooden school bus. He loves driving vehicles around the floor. He’d love placing all the little wooden people in the bus.

  258. Maryam Naeem Reply

    Wooden school bus for my son . But he would live anything from Kmart because thats his favorite place to shop for toys.

  259. Girlie Eyre Reply

    My son loves all the musical toys. Also loves the woden block toys

  260. My kids would have loved the puppets – they already make all their socks into puppets!

  261. My eldest would have loved the colourings, my younger 2 would have played with everything else, especially the playdoh and the puppets.

  262. The kids would love all of this most of all the kitchen and puppets as they love using there imagination and creating fun role play activities .

  263. She would love to play with the WWE toys! She adores Becky Lynch so I can definitely picture my daughter playing with a Becky figurine!!!

  264. Our girls love the wooden dramatic play props. The wooden rainbow and wooden food sets such as the sushi are favourite at the moment.

  265. Tricia Horwood Reply

    all things dolls and animals, she would love all of them all if she ha chance that is lol.

  266. Amber Baines Reply

    Definitely the wooden toys! They are so different from most available today!

  267. My son would love the wooden toy bus because it goes Brrrm Brrrm and the Dalmatian plush as he has such a soft spot for dogs and my daughter would love the kitchen to cook the family breakfast with!

  268. My son would love the wooden yellow bus he has autism and loves to organise his characters the added interaction of the opening door and stop sign make it a fantastic toy and one you dont see around these days

  269. All of the soft toys are amazing! Big fan of the classic plush toys so they would make an amazing addition to our ever growing collection!

  270. Michelle Ward Reply

    I eat a lot of wooden cakes and empty cups of tea so I know my kids would love experimenting with the play kitchen.

  271. My daughter would love the kitchen set. She loves pretending to cook and serve food and being just like mummy.

  272. Karen Power Reply

    My little people would love the fishing game and the puppets they are always putting on shows.

  273. Juliette Gibb Reply

    My girls would have played with the modelling dough or any of the crafty type of things.

  274. Chelsea Hurring Reply

    My son, Jaron would love to try the electric scooter and my son Charlie would love to try the scout talking puppy

  275. Sarah Blockley Reply

    My daughter would have loved everything lol! I loved the look of the wooden play food and I know that my daughter just loves imaginative play in the kitchen, but I think she also would have adored the puppets too.

  276. Sarah Turnbull Reply

    My kids would love the bus and the kitchen. They h
    Ave awesome imaginations.

  277. As a mum of 4 (10yr, 5yr, and 3yr twins) we are into alot of different things. Its hard to try and select one item to test hahaha . We would love to test it al hahah.

  278. My girls would love the playdough toys. They love being able to create things and use their imagination

  279. My daughter loves any kind of art and craft items that she can be creative and imaginative in making things. She would have had a ball doing what your son did. How lucky was he!!

  280. Paula Lawrence Reply

    My boys would love the wooden toys. Especially the kitchen stuff.

  281. Leanne Moran Reply

    Our youngest two kids would love the cash register. Always playing shopping or restaurant/cooking games.

  282. My kids love to role play with puppets all those puppets look amazing and will be loved by both my girls

  283. Any of the wooden toys look fabulou but my kids would love the wooden cssh register as they are into playing shops and pretending to be the shop keeper or the shopper. This would definitely be their favourite!

  284. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    Hands down the play dough. My 2 kids (10 and 5 years) love Play Dough. K Mart offer 2 different brands of Play Dough, the original and the best Play Doh brand and when i was in my local K Mart store last month i noticed a significantly cheaper brand of play dough. Great! Or so i thought. Because of it’s ridiculously cheaper price i bought a tub of each colour. Big mistake. As soon as my children got their hands on it and tried to roll, pat, mould and squish this ‘other brand’ play dough, their faces were full of disappointment. It was dry and just crumbled away. They may not be very old and may not know very much yet but what they do know is their Play Dough. Heck, they are play dough connoisseurs. They were not impressed.

  285. Our 5 yr old would like the arts and crafts, wooden toys and the dress-ups.

  286. My girls would die for the playdough and beautiful wooden kitchen. I prefer to give my kids toys they need to use their imagination for. What a fun day that looked like! ❤️

  287. Both my 5 yr old and my 2yr old boys would probably go for the arts and craft. They both love being their own kind of artist and y eldest loves creating, inventing and building new things. My youngest would probably also go for the wooden toys (kitchen and cash register) he loves playing cafe and cooking me things.

  288. My daughter loves playing shops every time we go to the park so she would live the wooden cash register I’m sure

  289. Cat helbig Reply

    The cash register would of been his first choice but would of moved to the kitchen pretty damn quickly he just loves cooking and mixing and making all sorts of things

  290. My kids would love the kitchen and the play doh they have great imagination and they love using the play doh and cooking up inventions in The kitchen

  291. anna mitchell Reply

    My 4 year old would love all the shop and food toys, she would have been making up stories and playing for hours 🙂

  292. Both my daughter’s would be there playing with the toy kitchen (even though we have the exact same one at home!) And cash register to make sure they charge their Mum for all the ‘coffee’s’ she drinks 🙂

  293. My daughter would love the cash register. She’s decided she wants to run her own art gallery with ice cream shop attached when she grows up so has been using a cardboard box with numbers drawn on it as the register (when we buy cardboard cone/ cotton-wool ice creams from her.)

  294. My daughter would absolutely have a ball trying toys. She always wants to be in the toy isle to see what’s new

  295. The kitchen set, puppets, wooden bus and any wooden toys. They love playing make belief and it’s great to see their use of imagination with improvisation.

  296. My daughter would have loved the puppets as she loves to entertain us at the moment!

  297. I love the school bus, perfect for my youngest granddaughter to play with when her older sister goes off to school on the bus

  298. My kids are a little too old for those toys but Kmart has hreat toys for the older ones too

  299. My son would have played with everything! He loves wooden toys, cash register and the puppets. He recently made up his own puppet show and presented to the class.

  300. My kids would love the puppets , they remind me of rigodoons from when I was a kid .

  301. My daughter loves cash registers- keeps her busy for hours in her shop!

  302. My eldest daughter (5) loves play dough,
    Lets her creativity show,
    It can make so much mess,
    But I love squishing and rolling it too I confess.
    My youngest daughter (2) loves puppet shows,
    Mesmerised by the moving mouth and nose.

  303. My God daughter would have loved the puppets, she would have hours of imaginative play with her brother and these gorgeous puppets.

  304. My girls would have loved the play dough, just have to keep them from eating it

  305. The puppets. My girls love their imaginative play. A puppet show by them would be great to watch!

  306. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    The puppets – I can see many a puppet show performance if we had those

  307. Cash register – she loves playing shops. But to tell you the truth it would’ve been all of them- she simply loves to use her imagination and play.

  308. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Playdoh is always a winner in our house (even with our big 16 year old boy) as it’s so creative; one minute we have Star Wars characters, the next Mr Potato-head stringy hair! And the mess factor seems to be fun too. 😉

  309. Christina E Reply

    My kids would love the plush toys because there entertainable and kids would be creative and imagineable with them. Making up their own stories and games

  310. Lisa Brooker Reply

    My son would love the toy kitchen. I think he might be a chef with how much he loves to pretend to make food for everyone. And helping me in the real kitchen too 😉

  311. Sally Forrest Reply

    The wheels on the bus, hop aboard, ready for school, Kaching $, attention Kmart shoppers, four year old Maisy is in charge of the wooden bus and cash register today. This is the noise in our play room from a happy Kmart Toy Lover!

  312. Rachel Faint Reply

    My daughter would love the cashe register she’s all about saving which for an 8year old is great and my little man play doh is his favourite he’s always making me food mmm .

  313. Julia Todd Reply

    My boys would love the puppets and would put on a great puppet show every day!

  314. My eldest 2 daughters would love the great playdoh set and the beautiful hand puppets. My youngest daughter would love the kitchen playset.

  315. The puppets, because my kids are really creative and love using their ‘acting voices’ on when we get the puppets out!

  316. My children would love the playdough they are very creative with what they make. They would love the puppets too.

  317. andie harrie Reply

    wooden toys would suit them best
    especially when they said try to break the toys, what a test
    I can see them running into other wooden cars and walls
    Having fun to see if anything breaks or falls

  318. Nicole Williams Reply

    Wooden bus set would be a huge hit in my house. Love the puppets too.

  319. Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    The puppets playdoh and the kitchen but they would just be trying absolutely everything whilst carrying the cushions as well my daughter has a kmart donut pillow and it goes on so many adventures!

  320. When my daughter was younger she would have headed straight to the craft stuff. My little nieces all ask for craft stuff every Christmas too.

  321. FRANKIE MS Reply

    All of them! She’d size up the room and make her way through the ones that haveth least amount of kiddies playing with them. She has all types of toys, wooden, little kitchens, and boys toys. We love doing the craft kits with her. She loves the fairy house kits.

  322. My son would be been all over the craft kit,
    Anything creative with him is a great fit!

  323. Samantha broadrick Reply

    My daughter would of loved to test the school bus as she loves bus as her poppy used to drive them.

  324. My twin girls are learning to play
    So dont let anything get in their way
    The wooden ones are their fave
    So lots of cash i need to save
    They need to explore and dream
    But always making sure their room is clean,

  325. My son would love the wooden bus as he loves anything with wheels and all 3 kids would love the art and craft things as they love to be creative and messy.

  326. Valerie Wee Reply

    Fishing Set is the best game ever for the kids. Interactive and fun!

  327. The school bus, kitchenette and playdough would be favourites for my daughters! Plus my youngest is obsessed with dolls and babies, so that ragdoll would be coming home with us for sure!!


    The wooden toys – takes away technology and back to basics

  329. Margot Farquharson Reply

    My 8yr old daughter would love to play with the wooden kitchen and bits and pieces. Imaginative play is her thing. Barbie and various soft toys have a great time having all sorts of adventures thanks to her wild imagination.

  330. Amanda Traval Reply

    Mr 6 would go for the playdough or building blocks…, lego, lego obsessed he is 🙂

  331. Michelle Scully Reply

    My kids would love the wooden play kitchen, they love making pretend meals and cups of tea!

  332. Emma Pitchford Reply

    My 4 boys would have loved all of this. Mr 4 loves playing “shopping” and any role play, so the shopping toys and cash register etc as well as the toy cooking things. Mr 6 loves drawing so any stationary, as well as anything super-hero/wrestler related. Mr 7 loves anything outdoors. Mr 11 loves anything lego/building related. They all love science-type toys too, and water guns etc.

  333. Adeline Liew Reply

    Wooden school bus, to the tunes of ‘The Wheels of the Bus’

  334. Kayla Sibley Reply

    We have a little newborn bub so she probably wouldn’t necessarily play with the toys featured but she would love soft toys made for newborns that you can also get from Kmart!

  335. My 7yr old son would love the kitchen. He loves cooking and he has an amazing imagination. It is the toy he goes to at friends houses if they have one. My 6mth old would love the puppet. I think she would absolutely crack up with us making them talk to her.

  336. Kimberley P Reply

    My little terror would love the toy kitchen as he loves to help (or hinder) his daddy while he is cooking. Already great at mixing and banging everything together. We already have the bus…which he is obsessed with!

  337. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    I have a 4 year old that would love the cash register, as she loves shopping and loves to pretend that everything in her bedroom is for sale.

  338. Tacey White Reply

    I adore the wooden toys, my favourite is the little kitchen, my son packs it up and takes it everywhere! I know he’d looove the bus!

  339. Rachel Morrissey Reply

    My children love puppets and imaginary play. They would have loved the kitchen and puppets.

  340. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    The bus as the wheels on the bus do go round and round. He’d love it.

  341. Lou Street Reply

    My kids would have loved the wooden toys especially my nearly 3yo. Would have been great to see her try some out so we knew what to choose for her for christmas!

  342. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    My daughter would love the Play Doh for sure! She loves to get in and make a huge mess with it and quite enjoys watching poor mum have to clean it up!

  343. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    My young lady would love the wooden bus. She goes to school by car and has a huge desire to go by bus. Younger brother would enjoy the arts and craft.

  344. Amy Swalwell Reply

    My 4 year old is obsessed with kmart. He loves all the toys there

  345. Bobbie Stewart Reply

    The Playdough table would have drawn my children like Poohbear to the honey jar. Playdough is timeless, ageless and limitless in it’s ability to provide fun and entertainment. Mummy would have run to the puppets 🙂 They looked like something we could all get our silly on with. It was definitely a hard choice!

  346. Christie Majorek Reply

    I just loved seeing the wonder in the kids faces! I also love the change towards wooden toys as opposed to plastic toys- so much better for kids and the environment!!
    Kmart has such a wide range of toys, it really is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything!

  347. Ellen Robbins Reply

    I adore the wooden kitchen – my son is obsessed with watching me cook already and I think that would allow him lots of imaginative role-play (with the hope he grows up with a love of preparing his own healthy meals).

  348. Justine Drake Reply

    My daughter loves imaginative play and would love the cash register to sell me all her toys!

  349. As Kmart wants input from all children and toys for all children, l would LOVE to see you open this up for Autistic children who play differently and often harder on toys. My 9 yo with autism would have loved the fishing game and Playdoh especially due to sensory issues…pleaseeeee help all mums even those of us with special kids! Thank you so much

  350. We would love the bench top kitchen set. We don’t have space for a full kitchen so it’s perfect for us.

  351. Holly Sansalone Reply

    My daughter just loves playing shops, so the cash register would have been a hit with her. She loves collceting the groceries, counting out the money and bagging all the items, I do wonder where she gets the astronomical price tags though!! 🙂

  352. My daughter would love playing with the wooden toys, especially the cash register as she loves helping mum with the grocery shopping.
    She would really love playing with all the toys though as she has a wild imagination!!

  353. The school bus looks brilliant! My sons favourite song is Wheels in the bus so he would just love to watch this drive about as we sing together ❤️

  354. Lego, Pokemon, board games and any superhero characters. He loves all of them!!

  355. The Play Doh as my kids love being creative and making up pieces to show us all.

  356. The wooden kitchen playset as my girls love playing cooking and preparing each other fancy meals to devour.

  357. My daughter loves a soft toy. She would give it a cuddle, a stroke and more cuddles to see if it passes the softness test!

  358. My son would have loved to have tested the gorgeous wooden bus, he just loves cars!

  359. My girls would have loved to have tested the puppets!
    They can spend hours together planing puppet shows, setting up seating and creating tickets for everyone.

  360. Kylie Marks Reply

    My 3 year old daughter would loves to play with the wooden toys as she loves to include her 8month old sister and she always says that the wooden ones are safe enough for her to play with them too.

  361. Sarah Jeffs Reply

    I’ve got three very different boys one likes trains and horses the other is imaginative and crafty and the other one loves mess

  362. My two year old would love the toy cash register she is always pretend playing that she’s going to the “chops” 🙂

  363. Bethany Allen Reply

    The kitchen set! My girls set up their own little kitchen set with stove burners drawn on paper and little paper knives in the living room and copy what I do when I cook dinner every night, they’d feel so special having all the right equipment!

  364. My 7 year old is a budding entrepreneur. Last Christmas he started a business ‘manufacturing’ and selling his own “high quality, hand made” Christmas decorations. He wrote out a business plan, made prototypes, even tested his market and ultimately made enough profit to buy Christmas presents for all his family and friends!

    Throughout this year, he’s been experimenting with new products for this Christmas, so I’m quite sure that if he were lucky enough to be a K Mart toy tester, he’d be making a beeline for the fantastic arts and crafts section to continue his ‘research’ with a much better variety of choices than he has at home!

  365. Harry Cornish Reply

    My grandson would love the school bus to play with and mimic the song ‘the wheels on a bus go round and round’ .

  366. My check would love some board games, because they love family night and games night.

  367. Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    the Bus we have 3 Bus drivers in the family (Brother, Sister and Sister in law) so my son would love to have his own bus to “drive” around

  368. Definelty the play doh is a winner in our home, although getting dressed up is also fun!!! And we couldn’t pass up the yellow bus either

  369. Our Lily would of experimented with all the toys as a Kmart Toy tester, she such a smart little girl for her age
    as a baby I use to find her in her room setting her toys up along the floor then she would pretend to be a teacher, a doctor, a shop keeper she uses her imagination so much!
    I even caught her changing her own nappy at the age of 2!
    please Pick Lily

  370. my boys would love the wooden school bus and other wooden cars etc they would set up shop using the cash register and pretend to own their own toy shop!

  371. Jan O'Bree Reply

    The girls love arts and crafts. That would be their favourite thing to try. They love to be creative and make lots of mess doing it

  372. Christy van Heerden Reply

    The School Bus and the kitchen. My daughter loves anything that gives her an excuse to make car sounds, and my son is definitely a future chef as he loves anything to do with cooking!

  373. My daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this!! Luckily she’d be sooo engrossed she won’t notice me also enjoying all the toys; losing myself in my own little world of imagination & play. #childhoodagain #reliveanytime #justakidatheart #nevergrowup

  374. Katina Moulds Reply

    my almost 2yo loves to cook like mummy so definitely the kitchen items … shame mummy doesn’t love to cook

  375. My daughter would love the wooden kitchen set -it’s even better than the real thing! Hours of fun for both daughter and mummy!

  376. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Levi would head straight to the wooden toys and that is great because he can’t break them!

  377. jenelle newton Reply

    The puppets would be my girls choice. they love setting up a stage and putting on a “show” for anybody around. And keeps them creatively occupied for ages!

  378. My girls would be engrossed in the arts and crafts! They love anything crafty! But they wouldn’t have left without having a play with everything else too

  379. My son would love the playdoh. It keeps him occupied for ages. My 14 month old daughter would like anything that moves or has buttons, the school bus would be driven everywhere in our house. She’d also try and eat the playdoh, not really what its intended for!!

  380. I… I mean the kids, would love the wooden BBQ set… so cute!

  381. aleisha sullivan Reply

    The wooden kitchen would be her first stop,
    She would grab the till and set up a shop.
    She would ‘cook’ and sell cakes, casserole and toast,
    Pretend play is what she loves most!

  382. My son loves playing with play dough! He loves making things and has a wicked imagination! He loves crafts and can already write his name (he’s 3) and loves numbers! My daughter is a total tomboy and love she cars, trucks and making up her own songs

  383. All the arts and craft supplies..
    My daughter would happily draw and “create all” day

  384. shenae Fortanier Reply

    My kids would’ve loved the wooden school bus! so cute!

  385. Anne Edyvane Reply

    My 3 yo daughter would of loved to play with the wooden kitchen. We are hoping to get her one for Christmas. She keeps putting stuff in the plates cupboard and saying ” now it’s going to cook for 20 minutes” then apparently she burns it!! She makes me laugh!

  386. Darren Wallace-Smith Reply

    My son being nine months would love any of the boxes the toys came in.

  387. Joanne sampson Reply

    My kids would love the wooden toy kitchen it looks fabulous

  388. Jessica stacey Reply

    My daughter would play with:
    K- itchen set making lots of different food
    M-arbles game to keep her busy for hours
    A-rmy construction set to save the world from baddies
    R- egister to put her $$ from playing shop
    T- otem tennis when outdoors

  389. The school bus – at the moment he is in a vehicle mad craze and buses and firetrucks top the list, lol!

  390. Kodie McMullen Reply

    My daughter would love to have tested all the play dough, she loves being creating and making crafty things

  391. My sister and I have spent many months with our mum in the Ronald McDonald House over the years and now that I’m an adult I always look for ways to give back, so I’d love to be able to drop off some toys for kids and parents in the House now. Each year however, we buy a few gifts for women, men and kids for the Kmart Wishing Tree, so either way this is a fantastic store and I’m grateful for this chance 🙂 🙂

  392. My girls both said playdough. They love to mould it and use their imaginations to create many wonderful items, from people to food to letters. It is a great sensory experience too.
    7 year old said “Because it’s fun to play with and you can squish it in the machine to make icecream and things.”
    5 year old said “Because I can make all the colours into rainbow icecream and I can pretend to lick the icecream”

  393. Leicia Mathers Reply

    The puppets, my grandson loves making up his own stories and to have characters would be more exciting for him and us as his audience

  394. My girl would love the colouring in pens and pencils as she loves to draw.

  395. Karen Hodge Reply

    The Playdough! The stuffed toys! The toy kitchen! So many toys would be a hit with my girls!

  396. Jessica Gorman Reply

    My son would have commandeered the kitchen and set up a cafe. He loves role playing different customers or being the barista!

  397. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    My daughter lives for arts and crafts so she would have been into that playdough straight away

  398. My girls would have loved to test out the playdough/modelling clay. They love to mould all sorts of creations and pretend they are like Mum making fondant creations for my cakes.

  399. My son loves anything with wheels, so those would have been a big hit with him!!!

  400. I spend my life picking up Lego, stepping on Lego and vacuuming up Lego so I know it would have been anything that could be constructed!

  401. hayley shaw Reply

    My little one loves to perform so I think she would love the puppets to help with her performance

  402. Courtney reeves Reply

    My daughter would have loved the wool haired dolls. Living with all boy siblings, we are a house full of cars and train and while she lives them, I think it’s time to introduce some girly toys!

  403. The wooden toy kitchenette because the creativity and interactive play and role modelling is great for little minds

  404. My son loves all things transport so the school bus or anything with wheels!

  405. My daughter would have played with the cute kids kitchen as she loves cooking at the moment and will help out in the kitchen any chance she can get.

  406. My 9 year old son loves playing with Playdough. Actually his 12 year old sister still plays it with him too, probably one of the only things they play together, so a winner in my eyes!

  407. My Twin boys go nuts over the puppets!
    It’s so much fun to make them laugh with them!

  408. The kitchenette! My little one is too young to be playing in mum’s real kitchen, so she can feel like a real chef in her very own, mini kitchenette, with all the accessories to make it feel like hers!

  409. Miss 3 would definitely love the playdoh it is her favourite toy she plays with it everyday followed closely by her baby doll

  410. I’m sure my son would love to play with the bus because he loves all vehicles and I’m sure both him and my 16 year old daughter would love playing with the play doh

  411. Mirelle Freeman Reply

    My daughter (10) would of loved everything from Barbies to Lego to matchbox cars. She’s girly girl and a tomboy plus she likes playing with her little brothers.
    My son (4) would love anything Paw Patrol and also anything Thomas and anything that has wheels, he is a car head lol.
    My youngest son (11 months) would love playskool toys and Playgro toys etc but he also loves whatever his old brother and sister are playing with and likes to join in playing with them. Plus he lives anything noisy with flashing lights lol 🙂

  412. Puppets for sure. Their cousin has one and when Dad or Granddad put it in their hand and make it come to life, they’re in absolute awe of this tiny little puppet ever so lifelike and real to them. It’s great to watch them interact with it, kissing it, looking directly into it’s eyes, for it’s really real you know.

  413. My littlies would love the wooden cash register and kitchen appliances. They are uber cute and look like they would evoke hours and hours of imaginary play!

  414. Cassie koglin Reply

    My kids would have loved anything to do with craft ponies dinosaurs and cars. Well really pretty much anything they can get there hands on

  415. Natalie marchang Reply

    My kids love to play with anything they appreciate what they are given. Weather its 50cent bubbles or a 5 dollar doll. My kids aren’t scared to explore any toy weather my daughter plays with cars or my son that plays with dolls.

  416. Natalie marchant Reply

    My kids love to play with anything they appreciate what they are given. Weather its 50cent bubbles or a 5 dollar doll. My kids aren’t scared to explore any toy weather my daughter plays with cars or my son that plays with dolls.

  417. krystal howell Reply

    My kids would have loved to test the play dough and wooden kitchen sets, they love making things and do kitchen cook offs with the play dough creations

  418. My son would have enjoyed the magnetic wooden fishing game. He has loved any fishing game he’s tried so far, probably following in the footsteps of 4 generations of hobby fishermen!

  419. Both our kids love arts and craft and playdoh. Even our son who is 7 still loves having a go with playdoh (which is great for his fine motor skills) and he is really quite creative with his crafts. Our daughter loves making biscuits and cakes to put in her oven for us for morning tea.

  420. Sharon Johnson Reply

    The cash register looks like a great way to teach maths to the preppies. So many year 7s reach highschool and need this skill about money and somehow they have missed the foundations.

  421. claire h simmons Reply

    lets play puppets, so much fun and giggles from the puppets

  422. Tamara Lamb Reply

    The wooden cash register would have been a hit with my shop mad 7 year old son! He loves using his imagination! Off to see what I can find in Kmart this week!

  423. Jemma Hansen Reply

    My son would put on a dress up costume and then get stuck into the craft kits

  424. Kitchen, they’re so into putting on tea parties for their teddies and us oldies too.

  425. Tracey crotty Reply

    My kids would love ve the playdoh they live creating their own things

  426. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Playdough is always a winner with my kids. Anything that they can make “food” with and make me pretend to eat it!

  427. My son is a car fanatic, so the wooden bus & wooden cars would definitely have been his pick to test!

  428. It’s engaging, Fosters social interaction, Develops fine motor skills, problem solving and most of all fun and creative and brings the family together it has to be fun crafting with dough!

  429. My little one would love the cars and trucks! There’s one benefit to living on a busy road so now he can bring it inside!

  430. Renae Murcia Reply

    My boy loves anything that has wheels, especially if it is red!

  431. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    My kids love role playing with their dolls. Those puppets were so expressive that they would bring their role plays to life.

  432. All the coloured pencils and markers on the table. They both LOVE drawing, even more so now their Aunt has been teaching them the basics and they’re catching on and producing spectacular results (well at least I think so).

  433. My three children would love to review all the fantastic Kmart toys on the video especially the Art and Craft Set because they are very creative and all of them can share and play together. Thank you.

  434. Definately the dress ups at the moment. All 3 are enjoying dressing up together

  435. Coops loves his Lego and would certainly have enjoyed giving these building miracles a test run

    • but the Cash Register would really have his interest piqued

      ** Posted comment before finishing sentence** oops

  436. Sara Johnston Reply

    My sons would have loved the fishing game as they get so excited about achieving the outcome, and also the wooden stove for role play!

  437. Jennifer Cutler Reply

    My children would have loved the puppets…,as they live recreating their favourite scenes from movies for mummy and daddy.

  438. Kylie Embury Reply

    My son would have loved to have tested the magnetic set! We’ve made similar at home with paper ‘fish’, paperclips and magnets and it’s lots of fun and so good for hand/eye co-ordination.

  439. Jennifer B. Reply

    Nothing would have outranked the pencils and paints… They can keep mine occupied for hours! I’m sure there’s a graphic designer or artist of some sort in the making!
    If the school bus was outlined ready to paint, it would have been their idea of heaven!!!

  440. My daughter would enjoy trying out all the art and craft products.

  441. Ashley Beech Reply

    My youngest has been pestering me for more playdoh lately so I think all of them would love to give the new sets a test!

  442. I am a big kid myself and have lots of cousins, so getting them all involved in a christmas themed puppet show would be so fun for me, all the parents and the kids (ages 4mth-18years).

  443. Miss nearly 2 would love the doll house or anything with wheels.

  444. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    My son would have tested and loved the wooden school bus and the cash register. We love Kmart because it has a great variety of toys.

  445. My son would love the kitchen set. He wants to be a chef when he grows up. This would teach him how to use utensils his size.

  446. Sacha Pech Reply

    Absolutely the toy cash register. There’s nothing more they love doing than pretend playing that they are adults doing what they think is ‘exciting’ (grocery shopping etc) – lucky their ‘babies’ (dolls) don’t squark and carry on as much as they do when I’m grocery shopping!

  447. Matt Harrison Reply

    my kids just love toys, they’d take anything new and play with it! pick me so I can be super dad!

  448. My 2 kids would play with any of them. They would love to be able to test toys.

  449. The kitchen set as my kids love pretending that they are on Masterchef!

  450. Gurpreet Kaur Reply

    I kids love crafts, play dough , lego , dressing up so literally they will play with everything . They will love all the toys

  451. Shaylee marshall Reply

    This would definitely be a blessing to help get us through 3 birthdays and Christmas in December

  452. Melissa Zammit Reply

    My son absolutely love playdough as he can create any thing his imagination desires

  453. My 4 year old twins would have loved to test the doll house and the play doh set!

  454. My boys would have fun with the fishing puzzle and the play dough. they both like puzzles, and being creative with play dough keeps them entertained for ages.

  455. Debora Birbeck Reply

    My LO would have loved the toy kitchen. He’s always sneaking off into the real kitchen to open drawers and touch stuff he shouldn’t be!!

  456. Kim Phelan Reply

    My little miss would just love to get her hands on all that playdoh stuff!!!

  457. Cars, trucks buses…anything with wheels would have my boys doing backflips, they just love these.

  458. my daughter would have absolutely loved playing with the bus and trucks. She already has the dump truck and its by far her favourite toy!

  459. My son would play with any toy that has wheels and my daughter loves play kitchen items.

  460. That amazing red bus – it’s just so cool and he loves the song the wheels on the bus.

  461. Maree Wood Reply

    my girls love getting their creative on! so they would love testing those out

  462. My oldest daughter would have wanted to test out all art and craft supplies. Younger daughter would have gone straight for anything involving ponies and horses. And my son would have been playing with all cars, trucks or other moving vehicles – or on ride on toddler sized toys.

  463. The cash register! Saxon is obsessed with being a checkout attendant (he has no idea!! haha)!

  464. Nicole Rodriquez Reply

    The cash register for sure, my daughter is a little shopaholic already….

  465. The beautiful wooden kitchen and cash register. We could have so many afternoon tea parties

  466. Jessica Ross Reply

    My daughter would love the puppet and anything that was interactive, makes noise and colourful. She’s a very curious 6 month old ☺

  467. Vivian Di Biasi Reply

    The wooden school bus as it will great preparations for years to come.

  468. What isn’t to love at Kmart – I am there every week because of it. A $100 voucher would certainly ease the Christmas pinch (& my husband when looking at the bank a/c :-))

    • Oh and my son would love the bus. He loves ANYTHING that moves.

  469. My grandkids would love the Toy Cash Register as they are fascinated with them at the shops and would love to role play with their pocket money

  470. My daughter would love the wooden kitchen and our son the craft kits. I go to kmart once a week so a $100 voucher would be very handy

  471. My kids love to play shopping so they will choose cash registers and wooden food.

  472. My kids also love the imaginative play. There’s not much they wouldn’t love but the kitchen would have to be a favourite.

  473. Definately craft kits and anything they can make a mess with and create something

  474. Megan Harrington Reply

    My son loves playing with the hanging sloth and monkey. I saw those hanging up at the back in the video. He sleeps with the sloth and role plays with the sloth and monkey, LOL I think the puppets would get a good workout too, His imagination is limitless. Life is never dull at our house…

  475. My son would love the cash register too, he loves playing shops!

  476. faye hannam Reply

    So many great toys. I imagine the kitchen would be a great success at this address!

  477. Jodie Huxley Reply

    My 1.5 year old would have loved the school bus. He is absolutely obsessed with anything that has wheels and can be pushed around

  478. My son would love playing with the yellow school bus., singing “The wheels on the bus….”

  479. My son would have played with the puppets for sure! He has a great imagination and loves to put on a good show!

  480. rebecca carter Reply

    My youngest is all about creating! SHe would have loved to test the play doh,

  481. The little magnetic fishing pond would have had a great test with my daughter, who not only is a keen fisherman but also someone who will most definitely tell you the truth!

  482. I have 3 boys each with their unique tastes. one son would love anything to do with cars, wheels and trucks, second son loves anything to do with fish, and third son anything to do with gaming or water sports. Mention toy testers to them and they would of been there in a heartbeat!

  483. Kristy Marama Dixon Reply

    We have not had a good year this year so I would love my daughter to win. She is almost 7 and she loves Kmart for everything! My daughter doesn’t want for much so we would use it to buy gifts to put under the Kmart Wishing Tree

    • Kristy Marama Dixon Reply

      We have not had a good year this year so my daughter would love playing with the other kids. She would mother the younger ones of course. She loves colouring and anything that has wheels or a doll she can pretend play with

  484. My little girls would love the cash register and anything art and craft.

  485. My little girl is wishing with all her heart for the kitchen.

  486. It would be the dough and craft supplies for the win with my daughter. She loves to ‘make’ things and get messy!

  487. Definitely the wooden toys – the school bus and the kitchen set would have been played with forever!!!!!!! We have so many wooden toys in our house and prefer them to plastic, they just seem to last and feel more authentic, looks like the kids had great fun!!! 🙂

  488. My grandson would love the toy cash register as he loves to play shops and wants to own his own toy store one day!

  489. Tay is such a whirlwind, she would have tried everything she could have in the time she had, she especially loves making things so would probably hang in the craft section the longest 🙂

  490. Kat Smitheram Reply

    My eldest son loves the wooden vehicles, especially the fire engine! My youngest is only 3 weeks old, so he is happy just chilling on a comfy blanket at the moment

  491. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    I would get lot’s of pretend cups of tea and baked goods out of that kitchen.

  492. Mary Iliadis Reply

    My daughter would have loved to test drive the toy cash register, she is always playing shops and I am always a customer, so much fun.

  493. My eldest would go straight for all the craft stuff, my middle child would go for the wooden truck and my youngest would just love the mini kitchen

  494. The wooden tomato sauce bottle, because after seeing a McDonald’s worker putting some on a burger, that is her apparent dream job!

  495. The play kitchen so they kids can play “Masterchef” to their hearts content!

  496. The puppets – they like anything that they can use their imagination for… they just use about anything and come up with stories and plays.. once even using old toilet rolls

  497. The cash register! It gives them a great opportunity to use their imagination and creativity.

    That’s what my kids said when we slow mo’d the video. Anything blue just catches their attention, Did I mention that it was hanging from the tree?? I think art imitates life, as they are a couple of monkeys themselves.

  499. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Looks like a fantastic time was had by all, mine would love the hand puppets, putting on his own show, telling stories (he loves talking) so this would be ideal

  500. My daughter loves to play shop and go shopping! She would love the cash register!

  501. My sons would love the wooden toys, especially the school bus. My 6yo is OBSESSED with wooden toys, and when he grows up he says he wants to be a bus driver!

  502. Skye Danaher Reply

    My kids would have played with the FurReal animals because they love cats and dogs.

  503. Cheryl Crumblin Reply

    My daughter would love to play with the toy cash register! She loves pretend play and loves shopping!

  504. Karen Edwards Reply

    Oh the kitchen looks like it would be hours of fun all four of my kiddies would get hours of fun with this

  505. Candice Milner Reply

    My kids would have loved playing with the kitchen. It would take their tea parties to another level.

  506. They would go straight for the playdoh. They know how much I hate the stuff.

  507. Lego girls! My daughter loves and always begs me to buy Lego girls sets for her, but I always hate to disappoint her by saying we can’t afford it 🙁

  508. Kitchen and creative play, they are soo colourful and attracting and would be an excellent present for an only child

  509. Jacqui lagaluga Reply

    Tea parties and cooking are currently in vogue at our house, so it is the stove and cooking accessories that would create excitement.

  510. Amy Petersen Reply

    The plush puppets would get a thumbs up from my crew, making up new scenarios and voices would bring hours of fun!

  511. Mel Kirkwood Reply

    My kids love playing shops so they would of been playing with the cash register.☺️

  512. Dress ups! My kids are all
    About imaginative play at the moment and his would make their day!

  513. my daughter would of played with everything she could get her hands on, but probably the puppets she would of stopped awhile to play with

  514. Karen Field Reply

    My son would love playing with the yellow wooden school bus. He loves playing with buses and trucks

  515. From trucks to mansions and robots too, superhero and man from the moon. Imagination runs wild Lego is loved creating magical moments for my child

  516. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    she longs to be a big kid like her cousin is, riding on the school bus is where her imagination lives

  517. Mikaela Lambert Reply

    My daughter is only 9 months old so to be completely honest she probably would of been happier playing with the box the toys came in but I do love the wooden toys range! I must say they are my favourite!

  518. Lana Grayson Reply

    My daughter would love to play with the Lego, anything that requires construction or problem solving she loves

  519. Alysia sheehy Reply

    My daughter would love the wooden play kitchen! She loves cooking and pretending to be me lol

  520. Vicky Bower Reply

    Our 5yr old would play with the wooden cash register. When we get back from doing the groceries, he likes to unpack the bags. He uses a wipes container and tissue box as a scanner and till……..he absolutely loves playing supermarkets!

  521. My kids would have gone straight for the wooden toys, that cash register would have been the first thing my kids would have fought over

  522. My kids are loving board games at the moment. They would love to test them out.

  523. Nicole Tilbrook Reply

    The school bus would be the winner! He’s obsessed with buses at the moment!

  524. My son has just started school so he loves school buses and would love to play with the different crafts

  525. Alaina Atkin Reply

    My boys would have headed straight for the puppets! They love acting out little plays with their toys.

  526. Anna de Kleyn Reply

    My girls would love the kitchen play equipment and accessories. Would be perfect for their role playing and great for their imaginations to run wild.

  527. Sally Jones Reply

    Definitely the puppets. My kids live giving me puppet shows

  528. Playdoh all the way. My 6yr old has a wicked imagination and is super creative and adores playdoh so she would have made a beeline and had a ball with it

  529. Kate Marconi Reply

    My daughter would have loved to have tested any of the toys in the video! She would have had so much fun!!!

  530. Aleks Darwin Reply

    We love all things Kmart. My kids would have had a ball being toy testers!!! What an amazing experience!

  531. My little one would have loved the cash register or the puppets as she’s always making her big brother who’s 14 and sister who’s 12 play shops which they really hate doing.

  532. My kids love the kitchen and shopping toys. But would be over the moon for getting any toys.

  533. The cash register would have had a workout with my daughter, always trying to sell me something to make money….lol

  534. Lisa Summerell Reply

    With my little girl and growing boy we would have had a blast testing out the dolls, prams and accessories as we have just discovered our love for dollies, and even the trucks and cars. For the growing boy it would have been testing ALL the lego and block paraphenalia. Once he tested all the lego he would move on to using his imagination with ninja turtles, ben 10, paw patrol and go jetters. Then we would check out the board games- theres a few ads on tv i have seen him crack up laughing to such as the sleeping granny one.
    I would get the added bonus of hearing chuckles of delight, squeals of excitement and pure bliss of them both having the time of their life.

  535. My grandkids should love anything that cause and effect and would love the toy cash register,

  536. Amy Macdonald Reply

    Definitely the puppets! My 9 month old absolutely loses it when the puppets start talking to him in funny voices! Though the school bus would get a close second as he has just discovered cars and loves driving them back and forth on his mat:)

  537. My little one would be playing with the little-est toys because she can put them in her mouth. But mummy would really like for her to play with the toy kitchen set more so she can learn how things work.

  538. Miss almost 5 would be all over the gorgeous play kitchen which is just perfect for hours of imaginative play – happy kids = happy mum!

  539. My kids would love the play dough although at school still use it in so may new ways

  540. Jessie Rieth Reply

    My kids would have set up a cafe using the play food and sold their creations using the cash register