15 Toys From Kmart That You Need to Get For The Kids Right Now

Cute homewares. Cheap furniture. Clever storage systems. And, of course, captivating toys that can keep the kiddies entertained for hours at a time.

Is there anything Kmart can’t provide?

No, no there is not.

Okay, so by now you may have noticed that we at Mum Central have a bit of a mum crush on Kmart.  We’ve already shared the best Kmart hacks for your kids’ stuff, but let’s leave the hacking table for a moment and take the time to appreciate the selection of toys that Kmart currently has on their shelves.

Because, if you have kids, you’re going to have toys. By the bucket load. And these entertaining, educational, unique and – best of all – affordable ideas are sure to keep the kiddies happy.

Whether shopping for your own tribe, looking for a birthday gift or (gulp) getting started on the Christmas shopping, here’s a few hot Kmart toys we are loving right now.

Time to toy shop!

Garden of Delight

Kmart pretend felt veggie set

Sure, you’ve got the toy tea set complete with cupcakes, doughnuts and other tasty treats. But you know what’s more fun than playing with sweets? Playing with veggies!

And, hey, maybe their very own pretend play veggie patch ($15) will convince the kids to try the real things at dinner?

Bubble Balls

Kmart bubble balls

You know those oversized blow up bubbles that kids like to roll around in at fetes, festivals and fairs (and cost like $8 for five minutes)? Kmart sells them! And for just $39!

Next time the kids get bored, you can put them in their very own bubble. Safe and super entertaining! I am pretty much a bubble of happiness right now, just thinking about it!

They See Me Rollin’ Shoes

Kmart gold skate shoes

It’s hard to miss them with these funky metallic skate shoes ($45) that happen to have wheels on the bottom. Walk, run, roll… these shoes make it happen.

Get Bus-y! 

Kmart toy wooden busRemember those original Fisher Price toys from our childhood? The figurines were colourful, simple and limbless? Well Kmart’s collection of wooden figurine sets are kind of like those (but without the classic 70s vibe to them). The school bus set ($15) is our top pick for a toddler toy but there are plenty of different sets to choose from.


Mayko Lego compatible tape

If you haven’t discovered the joy that is LEGO tape yet, then here’s your chance. You can get a 1 meter roll of Mayka toy block tape (which transforms any surface into a LEGO compatible board) for $9.

The Pooping Kitty

FurReal pooping cat

One of the best things about having a toy pet is that you don’t have to clean up after it. Not anymore! Turns out, even stuffed animals can poop. And cleaning up toy cat poop is a litter box full of fun! This adorable little kitty is named Kami ($35) and she’s left a surprise behind.

There’s also a pooping dog, for the little ones who prefer dog crap over cat faeces.

Money Matters

Kmart wooden cash register

Give the gift that keeps on giving – cash. Or, a cash register ($19) at least. We like how this one is pretty and practical. And no tacky plastic!

Dolly Does More Than Just Get Dressed

mum central

Sure, dressing dolls is fun. But you know what’s more fun? Teaching them stuff! These maths and science sets ($9 each) for your daughter’s dolls are imaginative play brilliance.

Part of the Our Generation doll accessory collection, they fit any 18-inch doll including popular Gotz and American Girl varieties, and you can choose different kits to test out. In addition to the regular curriculum, your kidlets’ doll can get an education in woodwork, sport and cooking.

Target Practice

mum central

Toy guns are fun. But archery ($20) is better. Great for outdoor play and gross motor development. But, more importantly, the bows are big enough that you can actually FIND them scattered around your house (unlike those Nerf bullets that disappear as soon as they are shot, and somehow manage to ALWAYS end up behind your TV or under the couch).

Wood Words

mum central

Wooden toys are winners in our house. If you’re also a fan of the wooden toy market, then you may want to add a wooden alphabet puzzle ($8) to the toy shelf. You can also use the wooden letters to design a DIY name sign for your kids’ rooms, if you are crafty like that.

Stuffed Sloth

mum central

Some live pets, including ferrets, rabbits and sloths, are off limits in parts of Australia. But you can add a sloth to their stuffed animals collection. And for just $5.00!

Robot Wars

mum centralStop the kids from punching each other with these remote controlled robots ($29). No tears or bloody noses to deal with. And no need to play referee. You will need to pick up a pack of batteries though.

Animal Encounters

mum central

For the younger crowd, these stackable animals ($20) are sure to make a splash! Pull them apart, stack them up, put each animal in their nest. It’s like a day out at the zoo. But without the costs. Or the crowds. Or the cages of unhappy animals wondering why these weird humans keep looking at them.

Hot Dog and Donut Dress-Up

mum central

Kids love to dress up, usually as Princesses or Superheros, but if your little ones have ever wanted to be a baked good, then here’s their chance. Release their inner sweetness with this donut costume ($12).

There’s also a hot dog costume. Because #foodislife

Magic 8 Ball

Kmart magic 8 ball

Ask a question. Get an answer. For $5, you can’t go wrong with a Ball of Reason (especially when they retail at other outlets for around the $20 mark).

Thanks Kmart, for supplying our kids with hours of toy entertainment. And best of all, these toys are so cheap that you won’t even feel bad about culling (or donating if you actually manage to get the box of old toys from the car to the centre) once the kids grow bored of them.

If you haven’t jumped on the Kmart bandwagon just yet, then perhaps these 7 Kmart Hacks All Mums Need To Know may help convince you. Or, if IKEA is more your style, then have a squizz of these Brilliant IKEA Hacks for your Kiddies’ Bedrooms.

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    non too happy about it.

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