9 Awesome Ways to Hack this Adorable Kmart Vanity Table

What do you get the kid who has everything for Christmas? A Kmart vanity table, of course!

And how can you take the already adorable popular item and make it even better? With these crazy cool hacks, that’s how!

Check out how mums are remaking the Kmart vanity table into a little piece of pure perfection for their little princesses (and princes).

Meet the Kmart Vanity Table. We, like many, are in love with it. It’s part of the new(ish) wooden toy collection Kmart introduced earlier this year. There’s also a BBQ set, a cute dollhouse and an amazing market stall if you are still searching for Christmas gift ideas.

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Anyhow… back to the vanity table. This little beauty retails for $39 and comes with the table, seat, mirror, pretend brush, nail polish, lipstick and more. On its own, it’s cute.

But add a little bling, a few fake flowers, some glittery contact paper and, well, you’ve just made your little girl’s dress-up dreams come true! Don’t believe us? Check out all these brilliant Kmart vanity table hacks for little girls and boys too!

Kmart Vanity Table Hack

Flowers and frills 

Facebook is the places to be for Kmart hacks and we had to share some of these clever ideas thanks to the clever mums over at Kmart Mums Australia and Kmart Mums.

Check out the LED lights and fake flowers combination that brightens up the vanity mirror.

Kmart Vanity Table Hack

Plush tush 

Add a bit of plush to the tush with a piece of faux fur. Kmart sells a faux fur rug which comes in blush pink or grey, or you can pick up your own piece at a craft store.

Kmart Vanity Table Hack

All that glitters

Another popular option to glam up the vanity table is with a bit of glitter contact paper. You’ll find this in the craft/stationary section and, for around $3 a roll, it’s a bargain!

It’s also deceptively easy to use, especially when doing it on a hard surface like a table top or bench seat. Much easier than attempting to contact school books!

Kmart Vanity Table Hack

Violet vibes 

If you’re looking for something a little brighter than pastel pink, how about a deep purple? A roll of purple glitter contact paper and some velvet fabric should do the trick!

kmart vanity table hacks

Doctor dress up 

But perhaps our favourite in the Kmart vanity table hacks stakes so far is this clever doctor’s dress up area. Some kids aren’t super keen on makeup but this pretend play zone is ideal for little ones who love to play doctor. The doctor’s kit is also from Kmart ($12).

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Little Barber’s Shop

Another out-of-the-flower-box idea? Transform the table into a teeny barber shop for your budding stylist, complete with striped lights and a moustache chair. How dapper is this??

Kmart vanity table hack barber shop


Another option for little ones who aren’t too keen on makeup? Or pink? A transformer table! How amazing is this funky set-up? All you need is a bit of paint and stickers or wall decals and you’re good to go! I can see my son asking for a superhero one…

kmart vanity table hack boys

The circle of boobs

But wait… we’ve saved the breast for last! What do you get when you combine cute little light-up lanterns with the vanity mirror and then switch the lights on…

kmart vanity table hack boobs

The breast hack we’ve seen in a while, that’s what!

Kmart vanity table hacks 

Okay, so you might want to opt for a different lighting scheme for your little one’s vanity table, but, you have to admit, these Kmart vanity table hacks are pretty awesome!

And you know what we especially love about them? How they really don’t take much to add a little shimmer to the vanity table. No power tools needed. Just a few basic craft items, a glue gun and a bit of creative energy.

Thanks to all the awesome mummas who shared these creations for us (non-clever) mums to borrow. For more amazing Kmart hacks, check out these cubby house hacks as well as these cheerful Christmas hacks.

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