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SPOTMYUV: The Genius Way to Tell If You’ve Put Enough Sunscreen on Your Kids

Summer is coming. Or, if you happen to live in Queensland like I do, then summer is already here! And it’s gonna be a seriously hot one! 

With the arrival of summer comes the scorching hot days. There’s daily trips to the park, creek or pool, weekend treks to the beach and constant worry that your little ones are going to get sunburned.

Because, let’s face it, even if you lather on heaps of sunscreen, it’s hard to tell if it’s enough. Or if it’s come off in the water or from the excessive sweat.

We all know how dangerous the sun can be, especially for our kiddies’ delicate skin. Did you know that recent research reveals that 2 out of 3 Australians will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? But we can greatly reduce this risk by properly applying sunscreen when our kids are little.

But how much should you apply? And how can you be certain they are protected? 

Well, mums, I’ve recently discovered a product that takes the guesswork out of sunscreen application.

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World’s first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker

It’s a sun patch known as SPOTMYUV which tells you if your kids are protected from the sun. Yep that’s right. This colour-changing sticker can alert you when it’s time to reapply the sunscreen AND whether or not you’ve put on enough.

I recently tried it out with my six-year-old daughter and was blown away by how easy they are to apply and use. We live in Far North Queensland where it’s a constant battle against the sun. Not that I’m complaining – I love the warm sunny days!

But with SPOTMYUV, it’s a lot easier to actually enjoy them fully, without constantly chasing my daughter around trying to squirt her with extra sunscreen.

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No more sunburn angst

For Aussie parents, SPOTMYUV is a serious game changer. It doesn’t eliminate the need to be sun safe but it does provide you with the assurance that your child won’t get a painful sunburn.

Take the stress out of reapplying

Many parents, myself included, are not aware how much sunscreen it takes to ensure your child’s skin is fully protected. You really gotta lather them up, much to their disgust.

After using SPOTMYUV, I realised I haven’t been using enough. I also noticed the spot changing with just an hour in the sun. But, this will depend on where you are and what you’re doing.

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Make sunscreen application fun

Another awesome thing about SPOTMYUV is that it makes the painful process of reapplying sunscreen so much easier. My daughter loves watching the sticker and when it changes to purple, she eagerly runs to show me and let me reapply. No need to bribe her or chase her around the backyard to get her to cooperate.

UV detection all day, even in water 

Each sticker lasts the entire day and is completely waterproof and sweatproof. They are great for days at the beach, mornings at the sports oval, weekends on the reef, trips to the park or even just afternoons spent outside in the backyard.  You can use them with any sun creams and they are suitable for kiddies 3+.

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The 5 Simple Steps to How SPOTMYUV Works:

  1. Stick it on the skin (I used the arm)
  2. Apply sunscreen to the sticker.
  3. Head out into the sun and see what colour the sticker is. If it’s purple, then you didn’t use enough sunscreen. If it’s clear, then your child is UV protected.  
  4. Once you know how much to apply, use that same amount on the rest of your child’s body to ensure they have protection everywhere.
  5. Watch the sticker. When it starts to turn purple, it means the UV protection is wearing off the sticker (and the rest of your child’s skin) and it’s time to reapply.

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Why we all need to be extra sun safe

Using sunscreen and a UV detection sticker can greatly reduce the risk of a sunburn and skin complications down the road.

Here are a few more ways to stay sun protected: 

  • Always dress sun smart – hat, rashies, you know the drill.
  • Aim for creams – sun creams offer much better coverage and protection than sprays.
  • Be aware between 10am and 4pm – This is when the sun is extra strong.
  • Know how much to applySPOTMYUV can help you with this.

This is the main reason why I loved using these stickers and highly recommend them to any parent – they take away the worry that comes from being in the sun. You can enjoy being outdoors with the kids knowing that you have applied enough sunscreen to keep them protected. No guesswork needed.

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Try SPOTMYUV for 30% off

For families who spend a lot of time outdoors, then these UV detection stickers are a must this summer. They come in a handy 4-pack ($8), 16-pack ($16) and a 64-pack ($58).


However, for a limited time you can grab yours and SAVE 30%!  There’s no limit on how many you buy, simply enter the coupon code MUMCENTRAL at the checkout.

This special offer for Mum Central readers ends 26 November 2018 though so hurry!

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This is a sponsored article for SPOTMYUV.
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