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Life Insurance – Because Life Is Full Of Surprises

Let’s talk about Life Insurance. Don’t turn away! It’s an important conversation to have and it’s never too early.

Why do you need life insurance?

You may not have even thought about life insurance yet. You’re young and fit and healthy. You may not even be the breadwinner in the family. Why would you bother? Because life is full of surprises and it’s impossible to know what the future holds. Sure, you may be young and healthy now but no one is immune to injury or illness and no matter how hard we try – we can’t stop the ageing process!

If you were to be diagnosed with a terminal illness, having life insurance could help you spend quality time with your loved ones without additional financial stress and get you the immediate treatment you need.

With rent or a mortgage, school fees and other family expenses, you wouldn’t want your family to be left short financially at an already difficult time. Even if you are not an income earner, often the costs of replacing the duties of a homemaker can be higher than you think. You may need to fund day care, child services out of school hours, cleaning and even transport.

What’s the right policy for you?

Just like any insurance policy, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all life insurance policy.

When researching, you may like to consider the following checklist.

Does the life insurance policy:

  • Let you choose the benefit amount you need?
  • Pay you 100% of the benefit if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness – from day 1?
  • Cover you from day 1 of your policy [except suicide in the first 13 months]
  • Provide an advance payment to your family for immediate expenses and funeral costs?
  • Let you renew your cover for life?
  • Allow you to pay premiums fortnightly or monthly, without charging you extra?
  • Let you tailor your cover by adding options that suit your family’s needs, such as trauma cover or cover for your children?
  • Allow you to add another person to your policy?
  • Charge you premiums you can afford?

No amount of money can replace you. What life insurance can do is provide financial support for your loved ones at a really terrible time


Life Insurance eBook


This really cool eBook from Real Insurance demystifies the whole process in a fun and interactive way.  Just click through here to follow the easy step by step guide and who knows? You might be surprised at how easy it is and how little it costs to protect your family!


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  1. Avatar of Chris Arthur
    Chris Arthur Reply

    My biggest surprise so far was winning Cash Cow on ch7 🙂

  2. Avatar of Tina Clausen
    Tina Clausen Reply

    My biggest surprise ever was coming home from school one day at 15 yeats of age and dad announcing that we would be moving to Australia, lol. I’m from Denmark originally

  3. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    My biggest surprise was getting a call from my local radio station to tell me I’d won $500. Couldn’t believe it!

  4. Avatar of Angela Hogan
    Angela Hogan Reply

    when i walked into a room and saw a towel monkey hanging down from the ceiling

  5. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    Being told I was going to have a boy and I ended up having a girl!

  6. Avatar of Sann

    “You can look but you better not touch”… No Way… I got to touch Bruce Springsteen!!

  7. Avatar of Fiona

    A marriage proposal written in the skies, by a plane flying high!

  8. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    My 3 years old boy made a big mess in the lounge room and he cleaned it up by himself. Although it’s not I was surprised and very delighted.

  9. Avatar of Sam

    The first pregnancy was certainly the biggest surprise I’ve ever had- but also the best

  10. Avatar of Jo Anderson
    Jo Anderson Reply

    the best surprise i had was being approved for our own little house for our little family

  11. Avatar of Kirsten Maria Breeden
    Kirsten Maria Breeden Reply

    Parenthood. How difficult it can be one minute, to heart burstingly wonderful the next!

  12. Avatar of Amy Barbour
    Amy Barbour Reply

    Winning a all expenses payed holiday to daydream island 2 days after my wedding when we couldn’t afford a honeymoon☺️

  13. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Getting married and falling pregnant only 2 weeks after awesome

  14. Avatar of Kimberley Mañago
    Kimberley Mañago Reply

    Seeing those two lines appear on the test and finding out I was pregnant. It’s like winning the lotto 🙂

  15. Avatar of Rebecca Graham
    Rebecca Graham Reply

    Opening one box at Christmas time to find another box wrapped inside
    Open that and find another
    This kept going for about 10 boxes
    Inside was a gorgeous engagement ring. Best surprise ever!

  16. Avatar of Edmund Lee
    Edmund Lee Reply

    I won the first prize lucky draw in the Mid Autumn Festival celebration when I was 8. How much surprise was it for a kid of eight years old?! First ever time I felt lucky and learnt of surprise!! The biggest and most memorable one!!

  17. Avatar of Jessica Ervin
    Jessica Ervin Reply

    Seeing them two lines on the stick and then finding out we were pregnant best surprise ever 🙂

  18. Avatar of Alex Ho

    I passed the driving test. I thought I couldn’t get it but I did it!

  19. Avatar of E G M

    My husband proposing on our 5th wedding anniversary and us renewing our vows in front of all my family and friends. I was 8 months pregnant and almost went into labour!

  20. Avatar of Jaimi

    The biggest surprise of my life would have to be my youngest little one. Delivered 10 and a half months after my eldest daughter (Irish twins born the same year Feb & Dec 2010)….and until I hit 36 weeks, I was blissfully unaware she was on her way. A very big, but amazing surprise 🙂

  21. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    The biggest surprise I’ve had so far is winning a trip to Hamilton Island for myself & 19 friends .

  22. Avatar of Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson Reply

    One evening I realised I had not fed my cockatoo and was out of seed for him. In the near-dark I entered the aviary of our small parrots to get some of their seed to give him. I lifted the lid of the seed container and saw a dark patch in the corner – sunflower seeds – great. When I reached in to grab them, it ran up my arm – a mouse!!!!!!!

  23. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Birthday surprise party with all family coming down from interstate and friends I haven’t seen for ages. Biggest surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.

  24. Avatar of Rebecca O'Hearn
    Rebecca O'Hearn Reply

    The biggest surprise I’ve had was when my now husband proposed to me in a hot air balloon over the Gold Coast 🙂

  25. Avatar of Melissa Ware
    Melissa Ware Reply

    My biggest surprise would have to have been when my fiance flew my closet friends up for my 30th birthday, as we were living far away from any family or friends and i had no one except him and my children to talk to everyday. and i nearly fainted with shock and had the best 72hrs i could remember in a long time.

  26. Avatar of Melissa o

    When I found out I was pregnant! It was a lovely, scary and shocking piece of news

  27. Avatar of Gee

    When I found out I had type 1 diabetes – I was so surprised I didn’t even think that I probably should NOT finish the piece of cake I was eating…

  28. Avatar of carolyn king
    carolyn king Reply

    Getting a phone call to tell me that I had won a prize in a competition. I said thanks, that’s great and asked what I had won. She told me I had won $30 000 cash. I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

  29. Avatar of leanne

    I surprise myself everyday my biggest surprise is that I can be successful if I put my mind to it

  30. Avatar of Aimee Tatham
    Aimee Tatham Reply

    Being 5 years old and finally getting that Polly pocket house for Christmas, when life was simple and the smallest things were the biggest surprises!!!

  31. Avatar of Rachel K

    I was the most surprised on a family road trip when Dad needed to perform “number 2’s!” The situation became so “urgent” he stopped the car and went on a median strip thinking he was hidden, forgetting that cars coming the other way could see his bare butt! Cars were flying pass, beeping! Dad returned to the car saying, “I don’t know what the bloody hell they’re all beeping for!” We were all in hysterics in the car. Dad couldn’t figure out what we were laughing at and it was even funnier when we explained it to him!!!

  32. Avatar of Sharon Fawcett
    Sharon Fawcett Reply

    When my husband and I were younger we owned a farm and one of the biggest surprises I ever got was walking in the back day one afternoon to spot a 5 foot brown snake slithering across the kitchen floor!

  33. Avatar of isabelle tremblay-hershman
    isabelle tremblay-hershman Reply

    When my parents turned out at my doorstep (in Australia). They are from Quebec and are petrified of flying- this would have been a big deal flying 30 plus hours to come see me.

  34. Avatar of Lauren Geier
    Lauren Geier Reply

    I found out I was pregnant on my birthday. Best birthday EVER!

  35. Avatar of Lndeang

    When my parents (this time last year) rang the doorbell, they live in Spain!!!

  36. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda Belinda Reply

    When I received a phone call to tell me that I won a holiday – for literally a day!

  37. Avatar of Kimmy Lee-ana
    Kimmy Lee-ana Reply

    My biggest surprise is the sheer amount of joy my wee granddaughter brings into our lives. Miss 4 is stubborn, independent, bossy, funny, loving, cheeky lil one, who came into our lives when we needed it the most! We adore her, & couldn’t imagine life without her 🙂

  38. Avatar of Tyson Miles
    Tyson Miles Reply

    My biggest surprise was when we found out baby number 6 was on the way!

    • Avatar of Sheridan Miles
      Sheridan Miles Reply

      For some reason it was logged in with my sons profile instead of mine!!! Sorry!

  39. Avatar of Sheridan Miles
    Sheridan Miles Reply

    My biggest surprise..?! When we found out baby number 6 was on its way!!!

  40. Avatar of sars_angelchik
    sars_angelchik Reply

    After 3 negative pregnancy tests- 2 at home (separated by a week) and then another at the doctors (1-2 weeks after that), I found out that I was indeed pregnant- it showed up on the blood test! We had just bought a new car because we thought that I wasn’t pregnant and we were going to stop trying for a little while.

  41. Avatar of Nicole

    My biggest surprise is realising how much my husband and i have grown over the years and how much we’ve accomplished together! It’s incredible <3

  42. Avatar of JBMarigold
    JBMarigold Reply

    “SURPRISE! We eloped!”
    Didn’t see that coming with my daughter at all…
    And not too happy about it either!

  43. Avatar of Sonya N.

    My biggest surprise happened on Halloween – we were driving and my hubby had taped a big black plastic spider to my sun visor so when I put it down a big spider dropped in my lap!

  44. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly Reply

    A taxi pulling up outside of my home one evening to find my young nephew and bags packed. His mother joined later (perhaps, having used her son as a, “sweetener,” to secure their stay) at my home. They had an argument with their landlady and were asked to leave. After agreeing to pay for their expenses, my biggest surprise was the less than $35 that was contributed during their multi-week stay, their lies, larceny and the missing items after they departed,

    Clearly, no good turn goes unpunished as I received years of intermittent harassing telephone calls at various times of the day and night despite my sister being aware that a member of my household has a medical condition.

  45. Avatar of Beksmum

    My partner learning to play my favourite song on guitar and changing the words into a proposal, I was stunned!

  46. Avatar of Shannan Sullivan
    Shannan Sullivan Reply

    The best surprise I got was a 21st surprise party from my family. At the time I was suffering severe depression & had not wanted to acknowledge life at all let alone my 21st. I was completely overwhelmed & reminded of how many people love & care about me.I honestly didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

  47. Avatar of amy

    My most recent surprise was a surprise baby shower with my three best friends coming each from over 10 hours away. I just started crying, poor hormones

  48. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    The biggest surprise for me was the day I turned 18 my partner also proposed so it was two events all rolled into one!

  49. Avatar of Ariani

    After 3 years blogging, I was contacted by Japanese TV station (NHK World) to participate in their TV program about Bento – the global lunchbox project. What a pleasant surprise!

  50. Avatar of Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk
    Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    Nothing beats the surprise of cleaning the house and finding five dollars under the sofa!

  51. Avatar of Lisa Shulman
    Lisa Shulman Reply

    Falling in love with my best friend of 10 years – I never imagined it would happen!

  52. Avatar of Rob

    The biggest surprise for me was when I asked out my now wife and she actually said yes! I was stoked.

  53. Avatar of Nicola

    Seeing the heartbeat of my daughter in utero after 4 miscarriages!

  54. Avatar of Monika

    Finding out I was pregnant after being told by experts I was clinically infertile

  55. Avatar of Stacey May
    Stacey May Reply

    A limo turning up to take me out for the night on my 16th birthday

  56. Avatar of Erica Ross
    Erica Ross Reply

    After being told at 15 I would only be able to conceive with medical help, five years later I found out I was 17 weeks pregnant which was very natural.

  57. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Passing exams and essays..after returning to study after 20+ years..and with kids!

  58. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    Getting pregnant….on our honeymoon. That was totally unexpected!

  59. Avatar of Rachel Kirstenfeldt
    Rachel Kirstenfeldt Reply

    Definitely when my partner of 5 years and 2 children later asked me to marry him <3

  60. Avatar of Hayley Brennan
    Hayley Brennan Reply

    That after months of trying we were finally having a baby ♥️

  61. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    My Bf and I went for a night walk along a moonlight beach and my bf proposed.

  62. Avatar of St Krishelyn Smith
    St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    Jen Smith

    Miss 4 told me (Nanny) I was so old, I probably only had 10 weeks left until I died !!! I guess I better make the most of it.

  63. Avatar of Antonietta Farrugia
    Antonietta Farrugia Reply

    Biggest and best surprise? Knowing that my Mum and sister are cancer free and living life to the fullest!

  64. Avatar of Kara

    Being pregnant for the third time. (It was a lovely surprise though) My 2 children born before made me extremely ill and the doctors told me no more kids. No matter what lengths I went to my 3rd was determined to be conceived it appears!

  65. Avatar of Pauline

    My most recent power bill!!! Not a good surprise so close to Christmas 🙁

  66. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    had a scan and told deinately having a boy but had a girl…not once but twice!

  67. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess Howard Reply

    Having my now husband drop to his knees and propose…..was so shocked almost couldn’t talk..had him worried! 🙂 That was 17 years ago, so it was a good surprise!

  68. Avatar of staceyw

    Our biggest surprise was finding out we are pregnant with twins! We had just purchased a new small car and weren’t planning on trying for another baby until the middle of 2015!

  69. Avatar of Christine

    The amount of trips to hospital this year. Thinking I need that life insurance! 😉

  70. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    A lovely surprise engagement for me,
    Gee, I was happy!
    With the man I adore,
    I couldn’t have wanted anything more.

  71. Avatar of Kerryanne Bourke
    Kerryanne Bourke Reply

    To discover 2 lines on a long awaited test! after 12 months of trying we got a long awaited = 😀

  72. Avatar of Indika Wijayasekera
    Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    Winning free expensive tickets to various kids concerts in Melbourne each week for the last 4 weeks.I’m thrilled because alot of people are not going because these concerts are expensive.I’m over the moon that I won them.I’m so grateful!

  73. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L Brown Reply

    When my son received the “Athlete of the fortnight” award. Was a boost to his confidence, that day I seen my son come out of his shell 🙂

  74. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne Lillington Reply

    That I could never work again, it was not a nice surprise .

  75. Avatar of Annie

    My biggest surprise was finding out I was five months pregnant with my second child!

  76. Avatar of Karen L

    Having my last bub, the first 2 took 36 and 18hours respectively….little miss literally flew out in 20 mins! Quite a shock! 🙂

  77. Avatar of Louise

    Finding out I was pregnant when the doctors told me I will never have kids..that was 16 years ago and now have 2 gorgeous boys

  78. Avatar of Natasha Andrews
    Natasha Andrews Reply

    My biggest surprise was my mum dying when I was 25 leaving me to care for my 9 year old sister – life insurance is essential especially if you have kids!!

  79. Avatar of Linda Hynson
    Linda Hynson Reply

    2 days ago i received a phone call saying i had won an $800 gift card because i had voted for a friend in a competition!!

  80. Avatar of nicole larsen
    nicole larsen Reply

    Finding out my 8 year old daughter had juvenile arthritis and still has it 9 years later

  81. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Nearly fell over backwards (off my pedestal) when my husband organised a dinner out for us for our anniversary. Shock of shocks!

  82. Avatar of Charisse

    My biggest surprise came when my son decided to come into the world at only 25 weeks!! We didn’t even have our baby room set up! Best surprise ever though!!

  83. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    My husband proposing after constantly telling me after we met “He would never get married and he would never have kids” ~ This year was our 8th wedding anniversary and we have 3 beautiful sons!

  84. Avatar of Tabatha Marie Robinson
    Tabatha Marie Robinson Reply

    My doctor told me I had ovarian cancer, it was very upsetting but when we had an ultrasound to see how bad it was there was a 20 week baby in there.

  85. Avatar of Elisha Kenyon
    Elisha Kenyon Reply

    my sister whom is currently living in afracia showed up on my front door gave the kids and ipad flew back out again

  86. Avatar of mavrick5

    My husband surprised me with a cruise for my 50th Birthday. The best surprise ever and best holiday I have ever had. He’s so wonderful and knows me so well!

  87. Avatar of Melissa

    My mum once surprised me with the best cake for my 21st; a strawberry gateau! I’ll never forget how delicious it tasted or how amazing it looked!

  88. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    Some years ago, receiving a call to tell me that I had won a 3 week luxury safari in Kenya- wonderful shock and the most amazing holiday of my life!

  89. Avatar of Rebecca Carson
    Rebecca Carson Reply

    When I had what I thought was butter on my sandwich and then found out it wasn’t!

  90. Avatar of Russ

    When our puppy decided to rip her bed apart and we woke up to a bedroom floor covered in fluff >.<

  91. Avatar of Talya Goding
    Talya Goding Reply

    In 2012, when I was 21 I had a surgery to investigate really bad pelvic pain and woke up after the surgery to be told I had stage 4 endometriosis and was now in a medically induced menopause for 6 months while everything healed. It was quite an emotional time and man menopause sucks! I am no so empathetic to any women complaining about the ‘change of life’. Not looking forward to going through it a second time when it is time!

  92. Avatar of Robyn Palmer-Canak
    Robyn Palmer-Canak Reply

    Hi its Robyn Palmer & my wonderful daughter-in-law organised a wonderful surprise 50th Birthday for me.

  93. Avatar of Kerrie Smith
    Kerrie Smith Reply

    When my little sister stole the chocolates and ate them in my bed I woke up the next morning with melted chocolate over me.

  94. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards Reply

    Family trip to Noosa and my husband surprised me with a vowel renewal ceremony – I had no idea, still can’t believe he managed keep it a secret from everyone and organised the whole thing himself! One of life’s many good surprises

  95. Avatar of Stepho

    Once I entered a competition to meet Brad Pitt… and I received an email saying I’d won! What a huge and amazing surprise! My hands were shaking so much, I could hardly hit “reply” to send my details back to the promoter. Then meeting him was the MOST amazing moment of my life!

  96. Avatar of Judith Senese
    Judith Senese Reply

    Finding out i was pregnant with each of my 3 sons, especially since I was not able to have children. Each a surprise and each I love so much.

  97. Avatar of Sandy Horsfall
    Sandy Horsfall Reply


    Surprised? Definitely! Happy? NOT!!

  98. Avatar of Cassidy Logue
    Cassidy Logue Reply

    When I went for the scan for my second baby and found out I was having twins. Twice as nice or double the trouble depending on the day. My beautiful boys are now 8.

  99. Avatar of Natalie Stoute
    Natalie Stoute Reply

    Receiving a phone call saying I’d won a family holiday to LA!

  100. Avatar of billy

    Being told from several doctors we were unable to conceive 9 years later and 3 kids “SURPRISE”

  101. Avatar of Jo Sellers
    Jo Sellers Reply

    A spider on the INSIDE of the car window yikes!!! Lucky I wasn’t driving.

  102. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    Finding my lost wedding ring at the end of a carrot. Obviously lost it gardening when sowing the seeds!

  103. Avatar of Lauren Anastasiou
    Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    My daughter arrived six weeks early after a 20 minute labour.

  104. Avatar of Katie Young
    Katie Young Reply

    My husband after a few attempts over our years of marriage actually pulled off a surprise for me, a limo ride around the gold coast for my 30th.

  105. Avatar of Santhia Keiller
    Santhia Keiller Reply

    My best friend’s husband walking naked out of the bathrooom.

  106. Avatar of Emma Puszkar
    Emma Puszkar Reply

    The day I won a national recognition award for teaching. Such an unexpected honour.

  107. Avatar of lauralai

    Going for an ultrasound and discovering two babies in there! It certainly explained why my stomach had got so big so quickly!

  108. Avatar of Aleisha

    Being treated for depression after attempting suicide… and one day realising that I DID actually want to live.

  109. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Winning a trampoline for my four kiddies just in time for Christmas last year.

  110. Avatar of Justine Liane
    Justine Liane Reply

    Winning an amazing trip to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2008!

  111. Avatar of Katharine Wernhard
    Katharine Wernhard Reply

    A month after splitting up with my husband and losing my car
    my name was drawn out for a brand new mazda!!

  112. Avatar of Leanne White
    Leanne White Reply

    Becoming pregnant at the age of 43. Already having a 17 year old its the last thing i was expecting!

  113. Avatar of Katrina Corbett
    Katrina Corbett Reply

    Finding out that my Mum, Aunty and uncle were all adopted! I still have so many unanswered questions.

  114. Avatar of Belinda Fletcher
    Belinda Fletcher Reply

    Probably the nicest surprise I’ve had was my grandparents flying from interstate for my 21st Birthday. I didn’t think they were going to make it and it meant so much to have them there.

  115. Avatar of Chris P

    Finding out the blind date was a guy I had my eyes on already. Now 27 years married.

  116. Avatar of Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan Reply

    Giving birth at home unexpectedly 4 weeks early on the day we moved into our new home was surprise enough!

  117. Avatar of tracywed

    my husband bought me an Eternity rins for Christmas many years ago it was so unexpected but it fit perfectly and suited my others rings to a T also

  118. Avatar of Charlotte

    Falling in love with my second dog… she was rescued from the pound and supposed to be staying with us for one night before journeying on to another state to be rehomed. After a few hours it became clear we were already in love with her and she was going nowhere, so to our surprise we suddenly had two dogs instead of one!!!!! 🙂

  119. Avatar of Amanda Casalanguida
    Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    Watching my son run in his Prep Cross Country event… first race in his life…. smashed it. Took my breath away when he won the race. He doesn’t get his speed from me!

  120. Avatar of Cynthia Joy
    Cynthia Joy Reply

    Two of my sisters came from the UK to visit me. I had no idea until they knocked on the front door, suitcases in tow.

  121. Avatar of Mandy Shaw
    Mandy Shaw Reply

    When my party-loving son and his partner told me they were expecting a baby.

  122. Avatar of Terri Todd
    Terri Todd Reply

    I’m not really a person who can be surprised, I can usually guess what people are up to, so no great surprises for me 🙁

  123. Avatar of Belinda Ban
    Belinda Ban Reply

    I went in for a routine cesarean and due to unforseen complications and I nearly lost my life! I ended up having blood transfusions and a lengthy stay! I budgeted for Private Hospital and planned on being out the next day as my other 4 births went smoothly. I didn’t have insurance so my surprise was a BIG bill more painful than the recovery! Now I expect the unexpected 🙂

  124. Avatar of Catrina Murray
    Catrina Murray Reply

    Being stranded at the airport interstate when my flight was cancelled due to bad weather, while the rest of my family took off on another flight home!

  125. Avatar of Heather Lowden
    Heather Lowden Reply

    Nearly forty and thinking and accepting that I would not have children, to find out completely by surprise that I was expecting. My baby arrived 3 weeks after I turned 40! I actually found a birthday card for my twin sister that actually had the words: “turning 40, things could be worse, you could be pregnant!” Not really, happy how it all turned out in the end.

  126. Avatar of Carolyn Wrigley
    Carolyn Wrigley Reply

    Getting engaged on my birthday. We have been together for 15 years and have two kids, so it was a bit of a surprise. A fantastic one.

  127. Avatar of Kate D

    Not a good surprise but my Husband suffering a massive heart attack last year at 30yrs old! He is well now though 🙂

  128. Avatar of Chez

    After having 3 sons, hubby had a vasectomy, then a vasectomy reversal, with tests showing it had only been 20% successful. Falling pregnant 6 weeks later, being told at 14 week scan I was carrying our 4th boy. 9 months later, giving birth to a beautiful healthy girl… completely shocking, completely priceless!

  129. Avatar of Mary

    Finding out I was 10 weeks pregnant, when I just thought I was tired!!

  130. Avatar of Michelle Tagg
    Michelle Tagg Reply

    Find out that my hair mousse was indeed hair removal mousse….goodbye fringe

  131. Avatar of James Sharpe
    James Sharpe Reply

    Having my daughter and not realizing we had a baby girl until she was 10 mins old

  132. Avatar of Amy McNeill
    Amy McNeill Reply

    definately my kids! After being told at 18 I’d never be able to have kids, reaching 30 and having 3 boys is a surprise and a joy!!!

  133. Avatar of Ashell

    Finding my Dad had been eating mustard on his toast for three months thinking it was peanut butter !

  134. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    Discovering my cat having kittens – I didn’t even realise she was pregnant!

  135. Avatar of Samantha W
    Samantha W Reply

    My daughter! The biggest and also the best surprise I’ve ever had. 🙂

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