Lifelike Baby Dolls Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Lifelike dolls – Some find them cute and creative. Others find them creepy AF.

Whether you fall into the former or latter category, you’ve got to see these amazing lifelike dolls, crafted with love by a very talented Toowoomba artist.

Newborns are the epitome of perfection – so small, soft and sweet. Too bad they don’t stay this way!

Shelleys Reborns lifelike baby dolls Lainey Picton doll maker

Artist Lainey Picton has discovered a way to stop time and keep a newborn little forever. No, she doesn’t have a magic newborn potion. And, no she doesn’t stuff real babies.

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She designs ‘reborns’, realistic life-sized dolls that resemble newborn babies to a tee. From the wrinkles on their feet to the precious poses, her reborns are the same size and weight as a typical newborn. And, unlike real babies, they don’t cry, poo, cluster feed or grow up. Ever.

Hello Dolly!

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Lainey had a whole heap of reborns in her collection; however, most have since been adopted out. Her reborns cost from $230 up to $350 and customers will often use them for therapeutic purposes. Some people use these lifelike dolls to help with stress and anxiety, to give them a purpose or to help in the recovery process of losing a child.

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reborn baby dolls made in Toowoomba Australia“People play with them, cuddle them; you can also buy pacifiers and bottles for them,” Lainey said“But for others, they just like the look of them and buy them for display purposes only.”

Children of the Corn

Lainey isn’t all about the adorable newborns. Oh no. She is also an expert in “alternative” babies, such as ones inspired by vampires, ones modelled after creepy clowns and ones that look like they just crawled out of the ground.  

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You know, basically your children’s worst nightmares.  With beady eyes, fangs, horns and half-melted facial features, these dolls are definitely not suitable for children. Unless, of course, you want to scar your child for life.

Some of her other “alternative” babies are not so terrifying, like her latest Avatar reborn and Baby Grinch, both of which have found their forever homes with happy customers.

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A modern day Pinocchio story

We have to admit, these dolls are INCREDIBLY detailed to say the least. Each doll takes up to three weeks to create as they are all painted by hand. Some have up to 20 layers of paint on them, and they need to be baked between each coat.

reborn lifelike baby dolls Lainey Picton

Lainey says the alternative babies are a lot easier to make than her reborn collection because she can let her artistic flare take over. But she loves making them all, no matter whether “real” or kooky.

“Some people find them creepy but I find them creative and fun,” she says.

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You can check out the entire hand crafted collection over at Shelley’s Reborns on Facebook. And afterwards, why not take a stroll through these horrifying playgrounds that are sure to steal your soul.   

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    Yvonne Pratt Reply

    Hi, I am looking for a life sized baby or toddler sized doll for a Childrens’ Charity- Variety.
    My husband is in the process of putting a car together for the next Northern Territory bash in August.
    His theme is Surfing Safari so has the car all painted as a beach with sand castles etc. He has surfboards mounted on the top & we would like a baby or toddler to be sitting or crouching on the board so our slogan can be “baby on board”. Would your babies be suitable for that? Are they flexible? What are they made from? Could they be attached to the surfboard somehow?
    I hope you can help.
    Kind regards,

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