“I’m not having noodles for lunch!” That was the first thing that came out of my husband’s mouth when I told him that we were reviewing Mamee’s Gourmet Noodle range and that I would need him to take some to work and trial.

“Noodles are for kids, and besides, I don’t have time to cook”. Clearly no idea!


I had already tried all three flavours myself and loved the flavours. Curry Laksa with Dry Tofu and Vegetables; Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables; Spicy Chicken Shiitake with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables.

I argued explained that these aren’t just ordinary noodles! They are restaurant quality with authentic flavours from Asia and the paste is made from real ingredients, not made in a lab. I guaranteed that he would think the noodles would be restaurant quality. Further, he just needed boiling water and three minutes to prepare. In fact, I actually found they cooked quicker than most normal noodles as the lid sits on top of the cup, containing the steam until you are ready to eat them.


Hubby reluctantly took them to work although he made it very clear he couldn’t guarantee he would choose them over a dirty street pie. I ‘joked’ with him that dinner might not be on the table that night when he got home if that were the case! 😉

Well what do you know?! Come lunchtime, who rings me but my darling husband.

“These noodles are great Jo, the laksa actually tastes like laksa and it has coconut flakes!”

Well, yeah, I tried telling you. Plus, you should know by now your wife is always right. He has taken them for lunch every day since, no joke!


I personally loved the Mamee noodles. I can 100%  taste that they are great quality and packed with flavour. All three flavours offered a great hit of spice, super filling and a great on-the-go lunch. I also liked that the outside of the cup didn’t heat up to burn your hands but the noodles stay hot for quite a while.

In my opinion Mamee noodles are definitely restaurant quality on-the-go so if you’re looking for a super tasty, filling and easy lunch then give them a go.

They’re available for just $2.29 at Woolworths and in anyone’s language, that’s a bargain lunch!

Would I purchase them again? Absolutely!

Jo xx


Mamee Noodles sent us these noodles to try and share our opinion. All photos and opinions are our own.



Thanks to Mamee Noodles, one lucky reader will be taking home a bundle of 24 x Mamee Chef Noodle Cups (8 x units of each flavour).  Simply comment below and tell us why you’d like to win.

Entries close Sunday 27th July at 8pm.  One winner will be chosen from the comments below.

Good luck!


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  1. Debra Rowe Reply

    I would love to try these, I am always looking for fast tasty lunch ideas to suit mine and my families busy lifestyles. I think these would appeal to us as they are easily transportable and fast to prepare and by the sounds of it very tasty – they ✔️ all the boxes.

  2. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Would love to see if these noodles can live up to Asia’s instant noodles that I usually get. The variety of flavor is certainly attractive!

  3. My daughters partner needs to appreciate that Mamee Gourmet Noodles are so much better than those cheap and nasty ones that he buys for $1.00. Somebody needs to convince him !!!

  4. Tracey Ralph Reply

    I haven’t had noodles in years but, after reading your review, I’m ready to try again!

  5. My son works nightshift, has dinner before he goes to work, but needs something nourishing at the break halfway through his shift, as it’s physical work. Your Mamee Noodles sound ideal and he loves asian food, and they are quick easy to prepare! thanks

  6. Janet Martin Reply

    4 noodle bossed boys in my house would think all their christmas’s have come at once

  7. Denny Murtagh Reply

    Boiling water and three minutes to prepare. That’s my kind of meal!

  8. This would be perfect for work, as I am always running late! I can just grab a cup of these and leave, fast, easy and delicious!

  9. Lauren Anastasiou Reply

    My two teenagers would live on noodles if given half a chance, and this prize would save me from 24 complaints of “There’s nothing to eat!”

  10. I’m a big Curry Laksa fan and I’ve tried just about all brands that offer this flavour. Most of them don’t do it well, very curious to see how Mamee stacks up. The soup in the picture certainly looks like it’s headed in the right place!

  11. i have been eating Maggi since I was a child, my only brand for instant noodles. My favourite is the Curry flavour from Asia, the ones in Australia taste different, but the Laksa cup noodles taste pretty good and I would love to try the new range

  12. Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    Ha ha. Nothing can beat instant noodles for their flexibility. You can eat them at anytime, with anything you throw at them. I would like to win this pack because it reminds me of my student time when instant noodles were the only thing I ate for meals.

  13. I find it more fun and tasty cooking instant noodles with a variety of extra ingredients added than making a meal from scratch. Being a poor student who has poor time management skills definitely does not have anything to do with it..

  14. Sarahmary92 Reply

    Noodles have always been a staple in our household. Great for am easy snack or added to meals. I’ve never tried Mamee noodles, so I am interested to see how they taste.

  15. Mamee is one of my favorite brands! I grew up eating the monster noodles and they continued to fill my cupboards even through uni. I am very excited to try more Mamee noddles… I’m hungry just looking at these pictures 🙂 I would love to win!

  16. Tanya Berglund Reply

    It’s a quick and easy meal for our family that even Hubby can master for the nights when I have to work.

  17. Edward Dekkers Reply

    My daughter is Coeliac so all I normally get here are Rice Noodles. Be amazing to actually have some full taste noodles again!

  18. I’ve got little time to cook and I love nothing more than instant noodles 🙂

  19. Robert Mclachlan Reply

    I LOVE THESE, We are soon (NEXT SUNDAY) to travel southern Austraila and these would be the perfect lunch for our travels that actually taste great!

  20. My son absolutely loves instant noodles – when he was 5 (15 years ago), we went to a restaurant together and had a really expensive seafood meal, but after we came back home, he asked if he could have a noodle cup! These Mamee Chef Noodle Cups would be a great gift for him in the month until he leaves to work in America… kids grow up so fast, and I would love to see his face light up like the little boy he used to be 🙂

  21. I love these instant noodles. I am going on a holiday and these will help and be a perfect lunch.

  22. Cup noodles have always disappointed the family, but I tried Mamee noodles after this review and found them very genuine to its stated flavour! Family and friends are still hesitant, despite my recommendation, but a few trial cups ought to “educate” them, just like your husband 🙂

  23. Michelle Kneipp Reply

    I’d like to win because these noodles look delicious. They also look like an easy meal to make as well as a base for some exciting recipes! I can’t wait to try!

  24. These noodles look so aromatic, fresh and delicious.Once they are plate up, everyone will want to tuck in

  25. I’d like to win because these would make for delicious and easy work lunches

  26. Lauren Barnes Reply

    This would make for the perfect work lunch, noodles warm my body from winter’s chill

  27. I have been taking Mamee’s Tom Yam and Curry Laksa flavour to work for lunch since I started my new job in May and I find them an easy and very delicious lunch to have. I tried them once and now they are the only noodles I will eat. They have just the right measure of spice and I look forward to lunch when I know I will be having these noodles.

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