Medibank Will Not Pay a Cent if Mother Dies in Childbirth

If you’re a member of Australia’s largest health fund, Medibank and you’re planning on having a baby, then you will want to read this.

Grieving partners could be left with an $8,500 medical bill when their partner dies during childbirth as the newly privatised insurer Medibank refuses to pay.

Medibank is asking private hospitals to sign a contract that stipulates the fund would not pay a cent when a mother dies in childbirth.

This is in addition to their plan to refuse payment for another 165 procedures which are believed to be preventable. Medibank says adverse events such as giving a patient the wrong blood transfusion, the wrong drug, hospital accidents that leave patients needing hip replacements or readmission to remove surgical instruments accidentally left inside the patient shouldn’t happen and the hospital should pay for them as they are currently costing its members tens of millions of dollars a year, pushing up premium rates.

Medibank revealed in January the average cost of having a baby in a private hospital had risen to $8,500. Calvary Health Care says if the mother is in intensive care before she dies the bill is $5,000 a day.

If signed the contract could leave desperate partners and family of the dead woman with a bill for over $8,500 they will have to pay with no refund from their health fund.

So tell us below how that makes you feel as a privately insured patient. Are you with Medibank? Would this make you consider changing funds?

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    Jenny Cowley Reply

    It’s not only that, my mum and dad are also medically insured with Medibank Private and took out a policy with them for travel insurance. A clerk at their local branch completed the policy for my mum and dad. Mum and dads holiday never took place as just before they boarded their cruise my dad broke his leg 90 minutes before they were to embark. The Medibank travel insurance assured my mum that they would pay for all accommodation, expenses & refund their holiday and rebook for them. Guess what ……. The original clerk had unticked a box in the policy and the whole claim has been rejected. My mum and dad left out of pocket over $10,000. I would never use Medibank and never recommend them. They are lowlife scum and they have a lot to answer to.

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