See, Glow, Soothe. Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Range a Must for Every Nursery

Big news on the baby product front!  Maxi-Cosi, one of the leading manufacturers of baby safety products, has just launched a new nursery range. The Connected Home Range includes a baby monitor, night light and sound machine and under-cot night light to transform your Bub’s nursery into a haven of comfort and connection.

The Connected Home Range goes above and beyond any other monitoring system we’ve come across, acting like a second set of eyes, ears and even a voice for parents. It sees, it hears, it speaks (well, it actually plays music). It also connects via an easy-to-use app and is compatible with everyone’s favourite home helpers, Alexa and Google Assist. 

Best of all, it provides parents with instant peace of mind and Bub with a calming sleep space.

Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Range
See. Glow. Soothe. Source: Supplied

It makes a beautiful addition to any nursery but it’s also ideal for toddlers and older kids. Regardless of what age and stage you’re at, set the stage for sleep and keep a watchful eye no matter where you are with Connected Home.

Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Range
The Connected Home range includes the See Monitor, Soothe Light and Sound and Glow Cot Light. Source: Supplied

See, Glow and Soothe 

At Mum Central, we love discovering products that make parenting easier. And the Connected Home Range certainly fits the bill. It tackles three of the trickiest parenting problems and provides us with a solution for all three.

SEE BABY MONITOR: Provides peace of mind to new parents

 Gain reassurance and keep an eye on Bub no matter where you are with the See Baby Monitor. It connects to your phone without the need for a parent unit. This means you can have remote viewing access from wherever you are, even when outside of the house.

maxi-cosi-connected-home-see baby monitor
See baby monitor is the eyes in the back of your head. Source: Supplied

It comes with everything you want and expect from a baby monitor including night vision, tilt and zoom, and a crystal clear picture of your Bub, allowing you to focus on what you need to do without worry or rest easy, knowing Bub is safe and secure.

See Baby Monitor from Maxi-Cosi
All eyes are on Bub. Source: Supplied

Control the pan, tilt and zoom from your phone and talk to Bub via the 2-way talk function. It also includes wide-angle viewing, motion and sound detection, built-in white noises and soothing sounds, plus room humidity and temperature alerts. If motion or sound is detected, the app will send you a notification right away.

Maxi-Cosi Baby Monitor
The app alerts you straight away if it detects motion or sound. Source: Supplied

GLOW COT LIGHT: Light the way when you need it

When you do want to check on Bub, the Glow Cot Light literally shows you the way, providing a light glow when it detects you entering the room.

Watch Bub from afar and never trip over in the dark again. Source: Supplied

This ingenious light also automatically dims when you leave the room so there’s no need to fumble for lamps, risk waking Bub up or inevitably crash into the side of their cot as you attempt to walk through the dark. You can control Glow through the app with customisable settings, timers, remote controls and more.

Glow Cot Light - Maxi-Cosi
A dim light leads the way to your baby. Source: Supplied

It’s incredibly easy to install under the cot and is one of the smartest nursery products we’ve come across! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stubbed my toe while attempting to check on Bub. Night ninja mode activated!

Maxi-Cosi nursery range - Home Connected
Let Glow Cot Light guide the way without waking Bub. Source: Supplied

SOOTHE LIGHT AND SOUND: Set the stage for healthy sleep habits

Sleep is probably the biggest obstacle most parents tackle and Soothe Light and Sound is their own personal nighttime nanny, playing soothing sounds and light and sleep-inducing lullabies, all controlled through the app.

Set the colour and the sound for a soothing bedtime. Source: Supplied

With a bit of assistance from Soothe, you can personalise your baby’s sleep routine, teach them how to self-settle and give your voice a much-needed break from constantly shushing and singing them to sleep.

Soothe Light and Sound Maxi-Cosi Home Connected range
Soothe is the perfect companion of any bedside table. Source: Supplied

There are loads of different tunes and sounds, plus endless colour choices and brightness controls, and once again all are controlled through the app. Create a sensorial nursery scene to set the stage for sleep and, as your baby grows, take advantage of the time-to-rise settings which helps them understand when it’s bedtime and when it’s playtime.

The sleek modern design is also a huge plus as the machine can fit in nicely with any nursery decor.

See, Glow, Soothe, the Connected Home Range really does it all!
Soothe Light and Sound
Source: Supplied

mum central

Easy to connect and control

Maxi-Cosi is known for its high-quality products, especially its car seats and capsules. It’s so refreshing to see this same quality and attention to detail and care in their nursery range too.

The European-designed range connects via an easy-to-use app and fits seamlessly into your family’s day-to-day life, compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. The Connected Bundle allows for multiple children to be added to the one app too so you can customise each child’s sleep space and routine to suit.

Home Connected Range by Maxi-Cosi
Stay connected and in control through the app. Source: Supplied

Comfort and convenience with Connected Home

Once Connected Home is part of your home, you won’t know how you went without it. Trust us, this is a must for every nursery and we cannot wait for you to discover just how amazing this range really is.

After all, we could all use a helping hand when it comes to establishing healthy sleep habits in our little ones and also promoting healthy sleep for us parents. SEE, GLOW, SOOTHE is the perfect trifecta to reduce anxiety, allow yourself a chance to sleep, rest or do other things without worry, comfort your little one, and stay connected no matter where you are.

Connected Home Range
Source: Supplied

Check out this award-winning range, new to Australia, and see why it’s a must for every nursery. You can purchase the Connected Home Range for $499 through the Maxi-Cosi website. 

mum central

mum central

We have 2 x Connected Home bundles including the See Baby Monitor, Glow Cot Light and Soothe Light and Sound Machine, valued at $499 each. 

To enter, simply complete the entry form in full below and you’re in the running. Good luck!

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