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Maxi Cosi Unveils Pria LX: the Feature-Packed Compact Car Seat for Newborn to 4 Years!

Buckle up mamas! Maxi-Cosi has recently launched their latest convertible and compact car seat which will take your baby from newborn to approximately 4 years of age. Boasting some incredible safety features in the world’s first SMART Guide®, the Pria LX is also designed for extra comfort year-round and an ultra-smooth transition at any age.

Maxi-Cosi is the leader in car seat safety and innovation and with the Pria LX, they have gone above and beyond to ensure peace of mind and ease of travel every time you pull out of the garage.

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To celebrate the launch of the Pria LX, Maxi-Cosi is giving one lucky Mum Central reader their very own Pria LX. Valued at $849, this is one of the best car seats on the market and is sure to make your daily outings smoother and safer.

To be in the running to win, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. But first, let’s take a closer look at the supercharged safety and comfort features exclusive to the Pria LX.

Pria LX most compact car seat with Air
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Number 1 for safety

Hands down, the most important thing when it comes to a baby car seat is that it’s safe. And not just ‘safe’ for everyday driving but, in the off chance of an accident, you want to be sure that your car seat is going to protect your baby. 

Air Protect®

No one wants to think about ever being in an accident, but it does happen and Pria LX ensures your precious cargo is protected from the front, side and rear thanks to Air Protect® Superior Side Impact Protection. 

The cushion design of the Air Protect® Superior Side Impact Protection absorbs the energy away from your child’s head in the event of an accident. Side-impact car accidents are especially dangerous for children and cause a third of all child crash fatalities, so having this feature is a no-brainer.

Pria LX Compact car seat - Pria LX Compact car seat young boy
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World’s first SMART Guide® top tether routing system

Pria LX also features the world’s first SMART Guide® top tether routing system, a completely new feature that transforms the way we place newborns into the car seat, ensuring ultimate safety but also without disturbing bub. The tether routing system creates a clear area for barriers to place your baby into the seat

Pria LX Smart Guide
Safe and smart thanks to the new SMART Guide. Source: Supplied

Safer for longer

It’s been proven that the safest position for babies is rearward facing and with Pria LX you can keep them facing this way for longer – up to 30 months approximately. The compact car seat also comes with a newborn insert for extra protection and support and features the most lay flat angle in a rearward-facing car seat, creating a safer journey for your baby.


Pria LX compact car seat reverse facing
Reverse facing for up to 30 months, because it matters. Source: Supplied

Designed by parents 

Safety aside, what we love about the Pria LX is that it’s been designed to combat some of the biggest car seat dilemmas we all know too well. The team behind Maxi-Cosi are parents, after all, and they have been there, done it and know the dramas and concerns that come along for the ride.

Such as: “Is my car seat installed correctly?” 

This is a nightmare-inducing concern and one that can easily be avoided thanks to Maxi-Cosi’s patented SMART Lock® system which ensures a secure fitment every time. 

Specifically designed to make installation simpler and effortless, the SMART Lock® installation system is a child seat lock featuring a clamp-style mechanism that secures your car seat in place. It guarantees a tighter, safer and more secure fitting, making the installation process easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Adjusting the compact car seat to suit your growing bub is also just as easy too. The 11-position headrest is fully adjustable without removing the car seat from the car. The V-harness system also automatically expands as you adjust the headrest which means less confusion on whether you’ve adjusted it safely and comfortably.

Pria LX Compact car seat
Take away the guesswork with SMART Lock®. Source: Supplied

How about: “How do I get my newborn in with that strap in the way?”

Another big dilemma every new parent will soon face! In normal car seats, you will notice is a strap in the way, meaning you need to do an awkward baby drop or remove the strap every time. Annoying and not great for smooth transitions.

This is where the SMART Guide® top tether routing system is so handy. You never have to do that uncomfortable baby drop as the tether routing system creates a clear area for barriers to place your baby into the seatIt’s such an ingenious tool that couldn’t have come soon enough!

Smart Guide on Pria LX compact car seat
Easy transitions with SMART Guide®. Source: Supplied

As they grow: “How do I get this tantruming toddler out of his seat?” 

The arched-back tantrum … it’s a car seat classic! When your little one is kicking and screaming, you’ll fully appreciate the intuitive crotch buckle and magnetic harness holders which makes it much easier to unbuckle your bub or tot, even if they are carrying on like a pork chop.

These features are also super handy for sleeping infants as you can get them in and out without disturbing them.

Pria LX convertible compact car seat
Baby and toddler-(tantrum)-friendly too! Source: Supplied

And, let’s not forget: “I’m pregnant … again.” 

Another parenting dilemma many of us face is trying to get three car seats across the back seat. If you’re adding a third baby to the bunch, and your older kids are 8 and under, you’ll need to find a solution for this but sadly many car seats are simply too big or many backseats are simply too small.

Even if you don’t have three in your tribe, there may be a time when you need to transport three car-seat kiddies at once (if you’re watching your niece or nephew, for example).

Pria LX is the most compact car seat on the market* ensuring a comfortable and easy 3-across fitment in most cars. And this includes both the rear-facing and forward-facing positions. If this is your first bub this handy feature may not seem like much right now, but trust us, a compact car seat is a saviour down the track and also provides your little one with more leg space when they are a bit older.

Moving on to another classic: “I spilt my juice.” 

No worries. The Pria LX features 2-piece removable and machine washable seat covers so you can easily wash the juice, chocolate, ice cream, cookie crumbs and poonamis out, without getting your hands dirty.

And finally, “I’m bored. Are we there yet?” 

Okay, so Pria LX can’t actually fix this common road trip dilemma BUT it does offer a super comfy ride for your little ones to keep them comfortable no matter how long the journey is ahead.

It’s all thanks to the bamboo-wicking premium fabrics, 3D mesh and over 200 strategically placed air vents to promote ventilation and breathability.

Now available in-store and online

With these incredible features in mind, we predict the all-new Pria LX will be paving the way for compact cat seat greatness. it also comes with a lifetime warranty and, if you ever need support, the Maxi-Cosi customer support team is absolutely brilliant.

If you do find yourself in a car accident, Maxi-Cosi also offers accident exchange so you will receive a new car seat free of charge. Because after all, all car seats need to be disposed of once they have been in a car accident.

Head to Maxi-Cosi online or in-store and check out the new Pria LX convertible car seat for yourself.

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Be sure to also put your name down to WIN one below:

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We are giving away 1 x Pria LX convertible car seat, the most compact car seat on the market and valued at $849.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you could be our winner! GOOD LUCK!

This is a sponsored post for Maxi-Cosi

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