From a very young age, girls are told what they should be. Sometimes passively and sometimes directly but the general message has been that girls should do girl things… whatever those may be!

Thankfully, we’ve seen a shift in recent years and the latest push for gender neutral toys has really accelerated change, but there’s a new toy on the block that’s fighting the good fight. And we’re very excited about it.

Roominate is a toy line created by two Stanford University Engineering graduates, Alice Brooks and Betina Chen to inspire more girls to embrace S.T.E.M. [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths]

And it’s not hard to see why!

The world’s first wired dollhouse-building toy range encourages children to design, build and wire a variety of structures using motors, light circuits and modular furniture building pieces. WAY better than JUST a dollhouse!

“Roominate allows for hours of endless creative possibilities and it’s sure to be a big hit this

Christmas among parents looking to educate through playtime.”

The top Christmas picks from the product line include the Roominate Chateau, Helicopter, Architect, Studio and the possibilities are endless! There are spinning propellors, motors, carousels and even elevators and all at a very affordable price point.Roominate-Styles

Roominate is available at Toys R Us, Myer, Kidstuff and all good toy stores and retail from $29.99 – $69.99 (RRP).

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