12 Brilliant Money-Saving Apps to Make Your Money Go Further

Let’s face it, we’re all keen to make our money go that little bit further, or hang on to it that little bit longer, right!? But what can REALLY help, are money-saving apps – and they’re right there in your pocket!

Money-saving apps are a really smart way to save money – you just have to remember to use them! Once you get into the habit of checking your apps before you buy (and start reaping the rewards that come with it) you soon won’t spend money any other way (unless you really have to).

Here are some of our favourite money-saving apps you can download today!

12 Money-saving apps to help make your money go further and keep on track

1. Buddy

COST: $4.99 a month
USE IT FOR: Setting up your budget, have to start somewhere!

money-saving apps
Start from the ground up. Be honest about your budget! Source: App store / Buddy

First things first, you need to know how much money you have coming in and going out. The Buddy app helps you set up a budget and keep track of your expenses, either by yourself or with your partner. Set up your budget, connect the app with your bank to import all transaction information and Buddy will give you a beautiful and detailed overview of your income, savings and spending. You can see at a glance where you’re financially sitting or if you need to cut back!

2. Book me

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Discounted entertainment and things to do

money-saving apps
Choose your discounted adventure with Book me app. Source: App store / Book me

Book me is awesome for travel deals in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Simply enter into the app where you are and you can find loads of discounted activities and dining experiences at your fingertips! Perfect for when you’re on holiday – or just looking for discounts on local fun things to do.

3. ShopBack

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Finding the best prices and getting money back on purchases.

money-saving apps
One of my favourite money-saving apps, ShopBack. Source: App store / ShopBack

If you frequently shop online you most definitely should be using ShopBack! Featuring over 2000 brands and retailers, shopping via ShopBack will earn up to 30% cash back on every transaction, making sure you get the BEST price. Once you’ve earned over $10 Cashback, you can transfer it back to your bank account. Retailers include The Iconic, Target, Woolworths Mobile, Hello Fresh and more!

4. Cashrewards

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Getting cash back on your everyday shopping!

money-saving apps
Money back in your pocket with Cashrewards. Source: App store / Cashrewards

The Cashrewards app unlocks smart shopping deals and offers – all saving you money! Save on your purchases and earn cash back when you shop online or in-store at thousands of participating locations. Giving you cash back on everything you love to shop for at all of your favourite stores, including Myer, David Jones, Groupon and Catch of The Day. There are also loads of exclusive coupons, promo codes and discounts to keep your eye out for.

5. Honey

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Finding promo and discount codes to help save at checkout.

money-saving apps
Honey is your shopping bargain hunter. Source: App store / Honey

A shopping assistant, plus a time AND money saver! If there’s a discount code to be found for your retailer, Honey will find it, making saving money easier than ever – and not having to hunt around Google to find a discount or promo code. Honey does the leg work for you!

TIP: I have a Honey plug-in on my computer and it automatically checks my cart on my behalf, throwing up a pop-up if there’s a code to try!

6. Catch

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Shopping discounted groceries, clothes and more!

money-saving apps
Shop all your gifts and snacks at Catch and SAVE. Source: App store / Catch

The Catch app is Australia’s number one online marketplace for brand-new discounted things that you love. Offering more than one million amazing deals you’ll save on clothing, furniture, beauty products, groceries and more – whatever it is you need, Catch probably have it. Catch Daily Deals will see you score HUGE savings, so it pays to check what they are daily, just in case! If you have loads of birthday gifts to buy for friends and family every year, buy them on Catch and SAVE!

7. Wise List

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Find out which supermarket is cheaper for your shopping list.

money-saving apps
Wise List finds the best price for you! Source: App store / Wise List

If your shopping trolley is like a big black hole for money, Wise List is a brilliant money-saving app for helping you save money at the supermarket. Create a grocery list within the app to compare supermarket prices between Coles and Woolworths so you know where it’s cheaper to do your shopping. You can even have other people add to your grocery list and add products to your watch list so you receive an alert when they’re on special.

8. Flybuys

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Earning rewards if you’re a Coles supermarket shopper.

money-saving apps
Flybuys – a money-saving app with rewards! Source: App store / Flybuys

A supermarket loyalty program for Coles and the Coles Myer group – you can earn rewards on your everyday grocery shopping, just by swiping your Flybuys card at the checkout. Don’t forget to activate your offers to get the most rewards back. You’ll also be sent opportunities to maximise your points, and it’s up to you if you want to do that or not, but it’s a great points builder.

You can use the reward points to get a discount off your shopping, shop the Flybuys rewards store or cash them in as Flybuys dollars and pay for your shopping at participating stores. It’s like FREE MONEY!

9. Everyday Rewards

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Earning rewards if you’re a Woolworths shopper.

money-saving apps
A must-have money-saving app for Woolies shoppers! Source: App store / Everyday Rewards

The Everyday Rewards program is a supermarket loyalty program for Woolworths shoppers. Use the app to boost your offers and reap the reward points when you do your grocery shopping! Rewards points can be chosen to take money off your Woolworths, Big W or BWS shop or you can purchase gift cards from The Gifting Store. The Everyday Rewards app also stores your Woolworths e-receipts which is very handy for tracking spending.

10. Fuel Map Australia

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Filling up at the best price near you.

money-saving apps
Always check Fuel Map Australia before filling up. Source: App store / Fuel Map Australia

If you drive a vehicle, the Fuel Map Australia app is as wise to have as your seatbelt! Locations of petrol stations are located on the map as a pin, along with the last-known fuel price displayed above. It’s a great app for making sure you’re not filling up for more than what you have to at the pump! Everyone who drives a vehicle will love this money-saving app!

11. Half Price

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Finding half-price specials and stocking up.

money-saving apps
Half-price product alerts with this money-saving app! Source: App store / Half Price

If you love yourself a good supermarket special, you’re going to want to keep the Half Price app very handy. The Half Price app monitors heavily discounted products at both Coles and Woolworths so you can keep your finger on the money-saving pulse and take full advantage of those savings and stock up to beat any future price rises!


12. GetReminded

COST: Free
USE IT FOR: Keeping on top of bills – no late fees ever again!

money-saving apps
No more late payment fees! Source: App store / Get Reminded

If you’ve ever been stung by a late fee when you forgot to pay a bill, this is the money-saving app for you! GetReminded sends you alerts before your bill due date to remind you to pay it  – and stops you from being slugged with that late payment fee. From insurance fees to electricity bills, vehicle rego and all the Netflix subscriptions in between, you can enter them all in here and never waste money forgetting a bill again!

Do you have any money-saving apps that you use – and love – to help you stay within your budget and save some money? We’d love to hear what they are, let us know what they are in the comments below to share with others!

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