Save on Home Heating Costs: 15 Tips for Keeping You Warmer for Less This Winter

Energy costs are rising quicker than our room temperatures for Australian families and there’s sure to be some bill shock in store for some of us as a result of home heating. Here are some really good tips on how to keep warmer for longer this winter without having to crank the heat up more!

What’s the optimum temperature for inside during winter?

When heating your space, keep your home heating set to between 18°C and 20°C. Every degree above that, can add up to 10% to your power bill. Which can be one heck of a bill by the time winter is over.

Heat yourself first, then heat your home

The first rule of thumb should be to heat YOURSELF first and then heat your space. More often than not, if your body is warm and cosy, you can hold off a little longer to start heating your house. That extra hour or two of not pressing the power button on your heater is better for your budget AND the environment!

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Here are some ideas for raising your body temperature and keeping warm!

1. Layer up!

The first port of call should always be adding more clothing layers. Pop on an extra jumper, a pair of thick socks, a jacket or even a dressing gown for keeping snug and don’t forget flannelette pyjamas and cosy baby sleeping bags. The kids constantly cocooned in their Oodies? They know they’re on to a good thing!

2. Personalised heat

Try a heat pack you can heat up in the microwave, hot water bottle, heated seat pad for your office chair or even heated throw rug for beating the chill. Even powered personal heating devices cost less than heating a whole room (or house!).

3. Cover your feet!

If your feet are cold, your whole body will feel it. Invest in a pair of Ugg boots or slippers to keep your toes toasty. If you don’t have these are you even doing winter right?

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If you don’t have a pair of slippers are you even doing winter right? Source: Bigstock

Home heating tips for keeping your house warmer for longer this winter

4. Be smart about when to heat

Remember to warm your house only when you need it. When you’re not home, turn it off and instead of leaving it running overnight, add another blanket to your bed and wear some warm pyjamas!

5. Push it down!

Check your ceiling fans for a ‘reverse’ switch. Warm air rises to the roof, so by reversing the way your ceiling fan rotates, you can push the warm air back down into the room. Genius.

6. Add a layer to the floor

If you have hardwood or tiled floors, you know how cold they can get underfoot! Add a rug or two to your floors to keep the coolness underfoot at bay.

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7. Add a snake or two

Internal doors often have a small gap underneath which allows for drafts. Cool air coming in and warm air escaping out! Invest in a few door snakes to keep that warm air in. If you don’t want to spend money on door snakes, rolled-up towels will do!

8. Window coverings are important

You’ll be amazed by how much heat you can lose through uncovered windows – as much as 40%! Investing in window coverings such as floor-to-ceiling traditional, heavier curtains and pelmets will make a world of toasty-warm difference – and one you’ll notice on your power bill.

9. Clean your filters

If your heater source blows hot air, chances are it will have a filter somewhere within it, no doubt collecting dust from the air. Even gas heaters have a mesh filter! Be sure to take it out and give it a clean to ensure your heater runs more effectively.

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Check your heater manual for where to find its filter. Locate it and CLEAN it. Source: Bigstock

10. Seal cracks and gaps

Look for cracks and gaps in your window seals, walls or floors – they’re all outlets for warm air to escape. You can buy foam tape from hardware stores to help fill gaps or you can cover them up with a rolled towel.

11. Move your furniture

Anyone who sits on a couch underneath or in front of a window will tell you it’s significantly cooler with drafts from the cold glass. Move the couch away from the window to feel instantly warmer!

12. Let the sunlight in!

Once the morning sun appears, fling open those curtains and let that warm sunlight shine in! Of course, once the sun starts to fade and the temperature starts to plummet in the afternoon, draw the curtains closed to trap in the day’s heat. The exposed glass will zap the warmth out of the room in no time!


13. Open up your oven

An unconventional heating tip, but a tip all the same! If you’ve been using your oven to cook or bake, instead of closing the oven door once you’re done, leave it open for the hot air to escape into your kitchen. Of course, keep children and the elderly out of harm’s way, but otherwise, enjoy the smell of freshly baked cake AND a warm kitchen.

14. Close your ceiling vents

If you have ceiling vents for your air conditioning throughout your home, make sure they’re closed so the heat can’t escape and cold air from the roof space can’t sneak in.

15. Pick a room and heat it

If you are really trying to cut down your home heating power bill costs this winter, only heat the space you’re in and close off doors to unused rooms and areas to trap the heat. The beauty of a toasty warm living room is that everyone will want to congregate there in the evening instead of scurrying off to their cooler temperature bedrooms. It’s a family-time win!

We hope some of these home heating tips help you avoid some power bill shock this year. No one is going to judge you for wearing your puffer jacket inside or sitting on the couch with your hot water bottle tucked under your arm, promise! You can stay warm and snug without bidding farewell to a whole lot of money to do it. The countdown to summer is ON. Brrrrrrrr.

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