Monster Truck fans it’s time to unleash the grunt and power of Monster Jam World Finals – a fabulous mix of racing, showmanship and the ultimate fan experience into one incredible, action-packed DVD set!

Coming to Australia in October with over 140,000 fans expected at shows across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, we’re giving you the chance to win 1 of 10 DVD prize packs.  See your favourite demolition heroes amaze fans with their technical racing and freestyle action with Monster Jam® 2014 World Finals XV and Monster Jam® Crash Madness 8!

Monster Jam® 2014 World Finals XV

The thrilling climax of a huge Monster Jam season

History was made at the Monster Jam World Finals XV in Las Vegas. A record 32 of the biggest Monster Jam superstars took to the track vying for one of two world championships on the line. Sam Boyd Stadium welcomed a packed crowd with an all-new format, dedicating three unique days to the Double Down, racing and freestyle competitions. Monster Jam trucks and drivers were greeted by two custom built tracks as the racing performance area on Friday night transformed into a thrilling freestyle arena on the Saturday.

This two-disc DVD set opens your world to the most historic Monster Jam World Finals ever. Monster Jam veterans had their eye on the prize but only two would emerge as champions. Experience the second consecutive racing championship of one of Monster Jam’s top trucks and the first world title for one of the gutsiest up-and-coming trucks in the freestyle competition. Plus, rising stars go head-to-head in the Young Guns Shootout to crown a champion.

Monster Jam® Crash Madness 8

Intense carnage is unavoidable

The world of Monster Jam is about to get flipped, twisted and crushed in the all-new DVD compilation, Crash Madness 8. Pulled from the best Monster Jam events during the 2012 and 2013 seasons, Crash Madness 8 features never-before-seen highlights of the biggest Monster Jam superstars including Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Zombie, Son-Uva Digger and Monster Mutt, pushed to their limits like never before.

Here’s your chance to win 1 of 10 DVD prize packs, includes Monster Jam World Finals XV & Monster Jam® Crash Madness 8.

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Win 1 of 10 Monster Jam World Finals XV & Monster Jam® Crash Madness 8 DVDs


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  1. Jenny Woods Reply

    I would love to win the Monster Jam package for my son & grandson.

  2. Michelle Green Reply

    My husband and 2 step sons, 15 & 12, are obsessed with Monster Trucks and would love these!

  3. Anita Black Reply

    My kids love monster trucks, they only seen them through the fencing from far away when they came here as we couldn’t afford to go in.

  4. My son loves the carnage and the roar of the engines that comes with the monster trucks

  5. My 6 kids love watching these monster trucks on Tv. Heaps of action & fun for both the girls & boys

  6. My two younger brothers are sure to get a good kick out of this! They certainly enjoyed a live performance last year, so this’d be a great follow-up.

  7. Brooke Parker Reply

    My little cousin loves cars and especially Monster Trucks. This would light up his world.

  8. Bec Taylor Reply

    My son loves the monster trucks, he squeals with delight when he sees them on the telly!

  9. Tanya Berglund Reply

    My 5 Year old son loves watching Monster tucks on both YouTube and TV… so incredible.

  10. My brother in law loves watching the Monster Trucks, I’d love to win this for him.

  11. My 5 year old loves Monster Trucks Grunt and Roar and the Monster wheels are awesome.

  12. My boys love Monster Jam & we all sit together as a family to watch it 🙂

  13. My dad and I watch it with my son, 3 generations! My Bub is on,y 6mos but loves the colours and noise!!

  14. This extraordinarily adventurous prize collection will bring ‘monster’ cinematic viewing and inspirationally action-packed character into our lives; thanks and good luck to everyone!.

  15. Nicole Williams Reply

    My son loved the Monster trucks when they came to Townsville last year. I have to say I really enjoyed them also. My son would love this DVD.

  16. My kids built a monster truck rally out of a big fan box a heap of toilet rolls and weetbix boxes. They had their fleet lined up every time it came on t.v. and we got re-enactments. It was an awesome job.

  17. Kristie Box Reply

    My son is obsessed with Monster trucks and would love this prize

  18. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    Our son loves to watch monster trucks something he, brother and father enjoy watching! If he’s not watching he’s colouring them in. Lol

  19. My girls have only discovered Monster Trucks recently and they were enthralled. Would be exciting for them to watch whenever they wanted.

  20. Lauren Barnes Reply

    This is the monster mash for rev heads like my two son’s and their father. grrrrr

  21. My boys are monster truck obsessed! If we were to win this prize, I might actually get the chance to either pee by myself, or clean the pee that the boys have managed to spray all over the floor in the toilet, courtesy of the monster truck/tv babysitter!! 😉

  22. All my kids love Monster trucks. We took them to Wayville (SA) in February this year to watch them. I have 3 girls (10, 7 & 4) and 1 boy (3) and they all loved watching them do their stunts. We watch them on tv every Saturday evening doing their stunts in Nevada. Now that’s somewhere I would love to take them to watch, the stunts there are so much bigger then the ones we saw at Wayville

  23. Laura Offerman Reply

    My son and hubby (and secretly me too) have just discovered and now love monster trucks! We would all love to be able to watch them whenever we can

  24. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Just think, put the father, and sons in front if the television and you know nobody will move until the DVDs are finished. Oh pure peace while I read a book.

  25. Linda Luczak Reply

    My son aged 8 and his uncle went to Monster Jam last October in Homebush. They had a ball! I’m sure my son would love the DVD to remember the experience by.

  26. Hayley Parker Reply

    Hayley Parker is my name Mother to two very disheartened children as I left ordering Monster Truck tickets to their father who did not put on the top of his “to do” list and we missed out 🙁

    Winning the Dvd’s we be awesome as would be a great all is not bad surprise.

  27. Matt Harrison Reply

    I’d definitely watch this with my daughter, we love our big trucks!

  28. What a fabulous Father’s Day present which my eldest boy and daughter would love to indulge in with their father

  29. Belle Warrant Reply

    omg , my son is Monster Jam mad!!!, I use the ear muffs just to watch on the tv!

  30. Alicia Cathrene Kimberley Reply

    My nephews eat, sleep and breathe monster jam!!!! This would be the perfect present for them as they are even flying to Melbourne to see them!!!! Obsessed is an understatement!!!!

  31. Adele Smith Reply

    Monster Jam equals action which in turn adds up to family satisfaction!

  32. rachel sinclair Reply

    this would be amazing for my boys. we are going to monster jam in melbourne for their birthdays this year! they love monster jam!

  33. My son is obsessed with anything with wheels, so would love to win this.

  34. Rachael Hundy Reply

    My two sons Jacob and Liam LOVE THEM! I have to record them on foxtel because they forever asking me to watch it!

  35. Kellie Stacy Reply

    My son Jaymes is Monster Truck crazy. He would love this prize.

  36. yes please, we missed out on tickets to the show so my kids would love this.

  37. Belinda Belinda Reply

    My little man adores watching the television – the big cars and loud noises would mesmerise him!

  38. Since Master Two discovered Monster Jam, he makes me watch this with him almost on a daily basis. I am now familiar with most of the trucks and their drivers. His favourite by far is Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) and my favourite is Metal Mulisha (Brian Deegan).

  39. Phillip Topping Reply

    Monster Jam is just pure automobile carnage and so much fun to watch

  40. I have seen some “Monster Truck” action at the Wayville Showgrounds & Entertainment Centre in Adelaide over the years with our adult children & two eldest grand kids. I would dearly love to win this prize for our youngest grandchild James’s 2nd birthday, as for medical reasons he can’t attend this type of live event due to ear problems since birth. So if we were lucky enough to win we have the “volume control” to make it bearable for him. Thank you.

  41. Leanne Formosa Reply

    My miss 7 loves monster jam we aren’t allowed to go out on Saturday night as we have to watch it , never missed an episode

  42. Trina Bowen Reply

    We are thinking bout getting tickets for Monster Jam 2015 for fathers day, these would be like icing on the cake (or tyres on the Monster Truck maybe)

  43. Jim Pembroke Reply

    We went last year and really enjoyed ourselves. The noise was only surpassed by the action. I’ve been trying to drive my car just like that in traffic but I’m not doing as well.

  44. My three boys (and the big 44 year old boy) LOVE their monster trucks. If we ever won Lotto I’m sure we’d end up with a Monster Truck in the driveway 🙂

  45. MelandPhil Carter Reply

    Hours of awesome entertainment for all the boys and girls,young and old 🙂 Unreal 🙂

  46. Charl Lowther Reply

    The kids would enjoy watching this with their Dad and Pop!

  47. Andrew Mitchell Reply

    My son Tyson loves monster jam his favourite is Grave Digger mine is El Toro Loco

  48. wow this would be a good vid for my fellas! 🙂 let them have some male bonding

  49. Felicity Turner Reply

    My son and his 3 year old daughter would love this. She has inherited his love of cars.

  50. Great prize, the kids are totally into monster trucks (along with their Dad, the biggest kid of them all!).

  51. Tess Howard Reply

    We love Monster Trucks! We are dying to go see some in real life….(yes, even I become a bit of fan when its on.)

  52. James Pizzey Reply

    my son loved his trucks now his son is into them so these dvds would add them to collection

  53. Lynne Lillington Reply

    My son was due to go see them in Brisbane then he got sick and missed the show.

  54. Emma Hough Reply

    My son says he’s going to drive a Monster Truck when he’s older cos he loves them so much!

  55. Buggeritliz Reply

    We love our Saturday evening watching Monster Jam! The whole family loves the show.

  56. B of the Mountain Reply

    Both kids love Monster trucks, they nearly froze to death watching them when they came to our town when it was freezing that night.

  57. Susan Banyard Reply

    My sons want to go see this so having it at home would be great

  58. Tamara Lamb Reply

    My testosterone run household would love this! I’ll just make the snacks!

  59. Wow, four boys, a hubby mechanic and a Monster Jam dvd in my hand, now what do I need!!!!!!!:)

  60. Rebecca Costa Reply

    My teenage son is monster truck mad!! Shh i am too, dont tell anyone. Hehe.

  61. Kerrie Smith Reply

    Took the kids last year to see this live and loved it, said they could get the video and watch it to their hearts content.

  62. we sit down and watch the master trucks as a fanily on TV, would be awesome to see them for real

  63. Claire H Simmons Reply

    monster truck madness is loved by the kids as its exciting and so much reeved up fun

  64. my son would love this. When I say son, what I mean is I would love this 😉

  65. What is it with boys loving trucks! I have two that go crazy for them!

  66. Great for a big big time at home with the family enjoying these amazing sights

  67. My family and I are Tragic Monster Truck Fans…Yay!…Hooray! 🙂

  68. Luke Harridge Reply

    This would be the best thing to see with my eyes in my life. Oh the joy, it would be immense.

  69. Nicole Woods Reply

    The only thing better than the real deal live show is a DVD showing all the action, and the only thing better than that is 2 DVDs!

  70. We said we would take our son to see Monster Trucks this year when they come out, as we couldn’t go last year and unfortunately this year they are by-passing Adelaide (so we can’t take him). Having DVDs of the Monster Trucks in action, would be the next best thing.

  71. Julie Ford Reply

    so much action packed fun in our living room love to watch these

  72. Aaron Richard Kaczmarczyk Reply

    We love Monster truck madness so much we’ve even gone to see a real life Truckosaurus Rex event (straight out of The Simpsons!)

  73. ashleigh murphy Reply

    We love Monster Jam. The family is going again this year its so awesome !!!!

  74. Katrina Phillips Reply

    Each and every Saturday night we record Monster Jam – and then for the next week, my boys will sit and watch it over and over and over again. We almost have the whole set of Monster Jam trucks in our toy room. Unfortunately, Monster Jam will not be coming to Adelaide this year, but a DVD could be the next best thing!

  75. My husband would be over the moon if he won this prize. With a household of girls and women, he never gets to do the “blokey” things and watching this would help him get in touch with his masculine side…as long as one of the girls doesn’t decide to do his hair while he’s sitting still!

  76. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    My nephew would love this for when I am babysitting him for 6 weeks 🙂

  77. It’ll keep our little monster jam fans thrilled and revving seeing
    their favourite Monster Trucks spin, flip, crash and do wheelies big time.

  78. Kylie Baker Reply

    My 4 sons would think this is amazing!! Mud, crashes and monster trucks what more could a boy want?

  79. shelbyward Reply

    I have three monsters of my own with big monster dreams. They’d love this!

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