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Review: Bring Bedtime Stories to Life with the Moonlite Storybook Projector

Imagine bringing your kids’ favourite books to life and setting their imaginations alight.

You can do this (and more!) with an incredible product that magically transforms your mobile phone into a storybook projector for a truly special storytime.

It’s called Moonlite and it takes storytime to a whole new level of wonder for the entire family. In fact, remember the old viewfinders we used to play with as kids? Well, Moonlite is kind of like that – but 1,000 times cooler!

Inspired by a daughter’s love of making shadows on her wall before bedtime, the Moonlite Storybook Projector is a nifty little gadget that attaches to almost any mobile phone. Then, using the phone’s flashlight, it projects beautiful story images onto the wall or ceiling – making storytelling even more fun and memorable.

Of course, on hearing about Moonlite we wanted to see if it really is as awesome as it sounds. So, we invited four of our favourite influencers to trial and review it. Find out if it created bedtime story bliss for our reviewers.

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The Moonlite Storybook Projector sounds cool, right? We thought so! But we wanted to see for ourselves – and who better to trial and review Moonlite than a panel of parenting influencers? Meet our influencers and discover what they thought of Moonlite.

Flick from The Baby Vine

Flick (@flickatbabyvine) had heaps of fun putting the Moonlite Storybook Projector through its paces with her three daughters. Click on her Facebook video below to discover for yourself.

Moonlite is so much fun and such a great way to engage kids in reading. It is a permanent part of our bedtime routine now, which we all enjoy.” – Felicity, mum to Cassie, Vivi and Elliot

Moonlite Review

I’ve been lucky enough to trial the Moonlite Projector this week and want to share our thoughts! #moonlite #mumcentral

Posted by The Baby Vine on Friday, September 6, 2019

Bianca from Mumma and Her Babes

For mum-of-three Bianca (@mumma_and_her_babes), Moonlite brought much excitement to storytime in her home.

We’ve all loved using it. It’s such a simple yet effective device that brought back the magic of reading. It’s definitely a device that all families should add to their storytime/bedtime routine, It has made bedtime fun again.” – Bianca, mum to Hudson, Willem and Martina

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Martina & Hudson are always always always pushing the boundaries when it comes to bedtime.. I can’t tell you all how many times they are in & out of bed and making excuses about needing another drink, bathroom trip or my favourite excuse “my body just told me it can’t sleep” lol so we’re introducing the kids to the #moonlight storytime projector in the hope that it’s going to bring a little more excitement about going to bed while also providing a little more time for us to spend as a family.. it’s a pretty awesome device that attaches to your iPhone, and reminds me of the red view masters we had as kids, check out my stories if you’re not sure what I’m talking about lol and #staytuned for our video review✌️🏼 . #mumcentral #sp #review . . . #myhonestmotherhood #aussiemums #motherlylove #motherlylovetribe #mytinymoments #motherhood #cameramamas #honestreviews #letthekids #bedtimestories #bedtime #raisingmytribe #momswithcameras #sydneymums #90skids #90kidsonly #childrensbooks #kids #kidstyle #kidsbooks #kidsbookstagram #familytime #reading

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Lauren Behind the Camera

Lauren (@laurenbehindthecamera) loved the vintage viewfinder, vivid imagery and classic tales.

We’ve really enjoyed it! The reels feature beautiful artwork, true to the original texts, and the projections are fun and interesting to the kids.” – Lauren, mum to Anna and Alexander

Kid Magazine

Clearly, Sara (@kidmagazineau) loved the Moonlite Storybook Projector because it made her kids’ bedtime easy – and argument free! That’s got to be a good thing, right?

Moonlite is a great way to get the kids into the bedroom and settled into bed without too much complaining! It’s been a beautiful addition to our bedtime routine and storytime, complementing our love of books and storytelling. – Sara, mum to Olive and Josie


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I’m all for anything that will make bedtime easier… ANYTHING! I’ll be honest that it’s not my favourite time of the day. I love when my kids are sleeping, but the whole process to get them to the point when all of their excuses have run out, they’ve been to the toilet, tried to negotiate snacks, asked for all the drinks and wanted to talk about that thing that happened at school six months ago… that’s what I struggle with!⠀So, this week we’ve been trialling Moonlite for @mumcentral. It’s a nifty little storybook projector that uses your phone torch to project the images onto the ceiling while you read the story from your phone. I’ll be sharing our full review soon but these happy faces choosing their story for tonight might give you a hint! #ad #moonlite #mumcentral #motherhoodstory #mynameismama #ohheymama #motherhoodlens #magicofchildhood #childrenseemagic #dailyparenting #motherhoodjourney #lifewithkids #mymotherhood #thingsiwanttoremember #mamahoodinsquares #lifewithlittles #raisingtinyhumans #socialmethodsociety #simplymamahood #honestlymothering #candidmotherhood

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Indeed, most kids love stories and even if they don’t, they soon will when you introduce them to Moonlite! As you read the story to your child (or your child reads it to you), the pictures vividly display on the wall or ceiling, giving your bedtime book session a new level of excitement.

moonlite review

Have a look at the Moonlite review video to see and hear how Moonlite can transform your kids’ bedtime.

YouTube video

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Okay, so it’s clear parents love the Moonlite Storybook Projector, but what about the kids?

They were engaged in the whole process; setting it up, choosing the story, reading, watching – it was really fun for all,” – Sara

happy kids using Moonlite

My girls took to it straight away and it’s now part of our nightly routine. Because the room has to be dark, the kids settle so much better without any distractions.” – Felicity

They LOVED it! Bedtime became an exciting part of our routine, as they couldn’t wait to pick which story we were going to read each night.” – Bianca

[mc_block_title custom_title=”10 big bright stars for Moonlite”]

We surveyed each of our influencers after they’d put Moonlite through its paces, and all 4 gave it a 10/10 – that’s a BIG 10 stars all round plus 100% recommendations. I think then it’s safe to say that Moonlite was loved by all!

mum central

Moonlite Storybook Projector

10 moonlite projector, bedtime stories, storytime
Easy to use and set up
Enjoyable for adults
Engaging for kids
Great for bedtime

mum central[mc_block_title custom_title=”Easy, engaging & more: five things to love about Moonlite”]

1. Easy to set up and use 

I love how simple and easy it is to use as a whole. Downloading the app and setting up/ activating a story is really easy. It’s hassle-free to set up and begin engaging with the stories.” 

Moonlite storybook protector in use

2. Engaging and interactive

It’s a wonderful way to get kids excited about stories and reading. Moonlite is a great tool for early literacy development and I really enjoy that it’s still us reading the story (as opposed to an audiobook, which are so often in different accents).” 

3. Great for all ages

I love how open-ended it is and that it can be used with children of different ages. My toddler loves the sounds and images, while my school-aged child is supported to continue developing her reading skills.”

Moonlite storybook projector

4. Just the right amount  of technology 

It’s a really great way to add a small amount of technology to the children’s routine, without losing engagement between us and the kids. With Moonlite, they are still having a chance to interact and learn about technology while keeping in line with the fundamentals of storytime, learning and connection.”

5. No more bedtime battles

Moonlite has made such a difference to bedtime for our family. The kids are engaged and look forward to their Moonlite story each night. Plus, because it’s a treat, we only use it at bedtime; this helps get the kids into bed without the usual arguments and delays.”

moonlite storybook projector

[mc_block_title custom_title=”A modern spin on bedtime stories”]

You can pick up a Moonlite Starter Pack at Kmart for $29.99. It comes with 1 Moonlite projector, 2 story reels – The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider, 1 activation card and 1 quick start guide.

Moonlite Starter Pack

In fact, you can also buy additional stories for $8. Moreover, there are heaps of classic stories to choose from – The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Spot Loves Bedtime, Dinosaurs Roar and Little Miss Princess – to name a few.

Moonlight Storybook Projector stories

On the other hand, pick up the Fairy Tale Pack ($49) and watch five classic stories come to life – Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Ugly Duckling, and Sago Mini on Vacation.

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