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REVIEW: Got Two Kids? Meet the Mountain Buggy nano duo Double Pram

Double the adventure, double the pushing power and double your confidence in handling two kids at the same time.

You can do all this (and oh so much more) thanks to the all-new double pram from Mountain Buggy.

For mums who spend a lot of time in transit, on busy streets and out and about with the wee ones, this pram is beyond brilliant!

Check out what our Mum Central reviewer, Lisa  (below) thought about the compact, lightweight and user-friendly Mountain Buggy nano duo when she put it to the test around town with her two adorable tots, 2-year-old Isabella and 12-week-old Angelica.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo review 2018

The latest pram to join the award-winning Mountain Buggy fleet 

You have probably heard of Mountain Buggy before. The company is known for its Red Dot award-winning Mountain Buggy nano. So the double version, nano duo, has big shoes to fill… and it does!

This double pram is ultra comfortable. It’s ridiculously compact. And it’s completely possible to sling the thing over your shoulders when the kids decide they want to “walk – aka you carry them” instead.

Mountain buggy nano duo cocoon

Whether you have twins, a toddler and an infant or just one tot with another on the way, let us take you for a spin in the Mountain Buggy nano duo to see if it’s also the right fit for your family.

Buckle up. Because the nano duo packs some serious pram punch!

mum central

The must-have pram for mums with more than one

Where do we begin? How about at the basics. The Mountain Buggy nano duo is designed for two kiddies. You can set it up so it is a side-by-side buggy for siblings or twins. Or, you can use the cocoon accessory, which easily clips to one of the seats, to make a cosy bed for a newborn or infant. To add the cocoon you simply put the seat into the lie flat position and pop the cocoon into place. Easy peasy.

Mountain Buggy nano duo pram with toddler and newborn cocoon

With a toddler and a newborn, Lisa went for the cocoon option, allowing both girls to cruise around town as a team.

“I absolutely loved the fact that Isabella can see her sister when in the pram. She kept peeking over and making sure her sister was okay. I think this is really important when you bring another child into the new family – for them to be together.

Snug as a bug in a cocoon

For Lisa, the cocoon was also a massive benefit for her second born, Angelica. And it seems little Angelica loved it too!

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo cocoon accessory for newborn

“Angelica is not a child who settles that easily,” Lisa admits. “But I have never seen her sleep for such a long period of time! I swear she has slept in that pram for hours! She looked snug and obviously felt quite secure in it.”

Pram folding super powers

Having a pram that carries your kids is a necessity, especially if you do a lot of strolling. But having a pram that you can carry? That’s just genius.

Sometimes you need to fold your stroller up nice and neat while on the go. If you’re riding a tram or your kids decide they don’t want to sit in it anymore (which, let’s face it, happens at times with toddlers and babies).

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo review

As Lisa discovered, you can easily sling the pram over your shoulder like a satchel AND carry a newborn at the same time. No special super powers or Hulk-like strength required. The Mountain Buggy nano duo weighs just 9kg – around the average weight of a one-year-old.

Plus, it is compact enough to fit in the Mountain Buggy travel bag, a must-have accessory to keep the buggy protected whilst in transit.”

“There was nothing difficult about it which was really surprising. Double prams are often so complicated but I could do it on my own with two kids.”

Mountain Buggy nano duo folded

When at home, Lisa also discovered how compact the Mountain Buggy nano duo really is. Lisa and her hubby have a Mazda 2 which, she admits, is teeny tiny.

“We struggle to put two prams in the car, but now we’ve got this, we’ve got so much room to put the nappy bag in as well as the pram. When we aren’t using it, we fold it right down and it’s out of the way on our porch.”

Kerb appeal

Pushing the lightweight Mountain Buggy nano duo is also a walk in the park. The trio took the pram on cement, cobblestones and grass and Lisa discovered how easy it is to navigate, even through tight spaces, over tram tracks and up kerbs. There’s no terrain these mountaineering wheels can’t handle!

mountain buggy nano duo wheels

The pram is also perfectly suited to all sorts of unpredictable weather. The dual hoods both come right down so the kiddies are protected from all elements. When your little ones want to watch the world around them, the extra hood section folds neatly out of the way, as shown below.

Plus the pram includes a roomy storage area to hold your nappy bag, stuffed animals, sippy cups and anything else you need to bring on your adventure.


mum centralConfidence booster for new mums 

But perhaps what Lisa loved most about the pram was the added level of confidence it provides. With a toddler and a newborn at home Lisa admits it gets pretty hectic.

“[Before Mountain Buggy], it wasn’t particularly easy to get out of the house with both kids, especially on my own,” Lisa explains. WE HEAR YA!

“But having the pram really helped me get out the house. It has given me the confidence to take them both out without that element of fear.”

mum central

“We’ve been on public transport, to the shops, out walking with the dogs.

The pram has helped get us back to normality, back to a regular family routine. On an emotional level, this togetherness of being out as a family is really nice.”

Mountain Buggy nano duo Double Pram

9.8 Mountain Buggy nano duo Double Pram


  • Light weight
  • Easy for fold
  • Ideal for two
  • Roomy storage area
  • Cocoon accessory
Ease of Use 
Value for Money

The final verdict? 

Choosing a double pram isn’t an easy thing to do. But, for Lisa, the Mountain Buggy nano duo was a clear winner. She gladly gives the Mountain Buggy nano duo five pretty purple stars.


Lisa adds: “I’ve always had my doubts about double prams – too heavy, trouble getting through double doors, that kind of thing. But the nano duo completely changed my mind. It’s sleek, lightweight and so easy to move.”

I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about it, to be honest. No bullshit. I think it’s really great.”

We hope you and your family loves it as much as she does!

You can check the Mountain Buggy nano duo out for yourself through the link below or at Baby Kingdom for $589 (cocoon extra). 

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This is a sponsored article for Mountain Buggy. All opinions are those of the reviewer.
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