23 Things I Learned as My Family Grew. Meet and WIN a Mountain Buggy +one Pram

Being a mum is a whole lot of learning. Basically, forget everything you thought you knew up until now.

It’s a tricky school. You will laugh, you will adapt, you will find strength and flexibility you never knew you possessed. You will build and lose confidence. You will have wonderful weeks and disastrous days. What you learn tomorrow will make todays’ little bit of knowledge obsolete.

Motherhood is the endlessly loving, perpetually moving goal posts of life.

There are however a few things you realise along the way that you can only share when you’ve been there, done that.

Here’s 24 things I learned as my family grew:

1. You think you love your partner and then you have a baby. Your heart explodes. You have never known love like this before.

2. The house / car / washing machine / pram that seems ‘plenty big enough’ is never near big enough. Remember this every time you buy anything. (If there’s something that can grow, change and evolve with you, that is the right choice. Every single time.)

3.  You believe your pre-children life is busy. Or that you’re tired. Every child you have will make this statement more hilarious to you. You will question exactly what you did with ALL THAT TIME pre-children. You will wish you slept more!

mum central

4. You will never regret buying the best quality item you can afford. 

5. It is wise to choose godparents who are single and childless. These people will bring bountiful, enthusiastic joy to your child’s life. And the possibility of babysitting to yours.

6. When you are in the dark, murky midst of a first baby you will wonder if you are actually coping. You will understand how sleep deprivation is torture. You may vow to never have a second child. You will take a walk outside and fresh air will wash upon you. You will feel marginally better. And decide to walk again tomorrow.

7. When you are pregnant with your second child you will have a moment of panic and question why you have done this. You may contemplate that you have ruined child number one’s life and feel sick with worry and guilt.

8. You will give birth, hold child number two and your heart will explode all over again.

9. As you are desperately trying to get out of the house, the toddler will probably need to sit on the toilet. And the baby will be screaming. You will question how you ever thought having just one child was hard.

10. The parenting book you rigidly adhered to with child number one is now totally inapplicable. Somehow however both children appear to be doing ‘just fine’ despite the fact that one slept for exactly 90 mins at 11:05am and the other spends 85% of its life in the pram. Either way an awesome pram is a good investment. (The Mountain Buggy +one is ideal!)


11. You will realise that the more children in your arms, the more love you have to give.

12. Somewhere when the second baby fog lifts you’ll realise how you’ve changed and motherhood is easier. You’re enjoying being a mum, not just being a mum. You are not who you were pre-kids. You like this.

13. The best products you can buy will grow with you. They will change and evolve just like you have.

14. The worst products you buy will need 12 batteries, are made of plastic and larger than the home of a small Thai family. Said toy will also, at least once, sound off for totally unexplained reasons in the middle of the night provoking thoughts of burglars / ghost babies or burglar ghost babies. That toy will be relocated to the guest bedroom.

15. One day you will look in the rear vision mirror and your children will be holding hands across the car seats. You will immediately know having another child was the best decision you ever made.

16. The above moment may make your ovaries explode and you’ll cuddle up to your partner and dare to whisper you think you’d like one more …


17. Your partner will enthusiastically agree because you’re looking at him with those loving feelings. Or freak out and immediately have important man jobs to do in the garage.

18. You will juggle life like an all-star performer in the Moscow Circus. In the climactic moments where you have 115 plates spinning you will always appreciate the choices that made your life easier. This could be the fact you wagged swimming lessons. Or how the pram collapses with just one hand.

19. When you are wondering if your 115 plates are all about to crash to the ground, your child will invariably find a stick they want you to carry. If you don’t agree they’ll hit their sibling with it. Carry the stick. Much lighter than the sibling.

20. Your expectations on yourself will never decrease yet your level of care will drop significantly. Whilst your first child always wore a matching hat, your third child may still be in their pyjamas at school pick up. The same theory also applies to filling in Baby Books, taking photos and bathing.

21. Any products you have bought on recommendation from other mums are generally awesome. Mums speak the truth. There’s a reason some brand names last forever. Bonds. Huggies. Mountain Buggy. These brands are your failsafe. Always buy the brands.

22. You may or may not have the third child. Either way you will continue to change as a person and delight in your growing family. Sometimes two is enough. Sometimes five is enough. Only you will know.

23. One day, probably at the height of family chaos, you will step back from the loving, crazy, chaos and breathe in deeply. You’ll look at the mess, the laughter and the hustle and bustle and think, I did all that and it’s the best thing I ever did.

Happiness in motherhood is about flexibility.

Growing. Changing.  Learning.

oh baby silver award

The best products in your mummy life will understand this and progress with you.

The Mountain Buggy +one grows with your family – from a single (with loads of storage) to a double.+one is essentially the all-terrain, award winning urban jungle buggy…plus one.

Mountain Buggy has come out on top as New Zealand’s favourite buggy brand in the 2016 OHbaby Awards. We are proud that +one won silver for best double buggy.


Conveniently bundled with a second seat and newborn mattress, +one allows you to take your adventure from the city to off the beaten track –  with one newborn baby up to childhood years, one newborn newborn baby and a toddler, or two toddlers!

It’s jam packed with all the features  parents love.

The Mountain Buggy +one has cleverly designed stadium seating comfortably seating two kids behind each other in separate seats yet looking pretty damn cosy together!


Mum Central is excited to be giving away a Mountain Buggy +one to a lucky reader. There’s no pram on the market that gets your growing family more…

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and tell us in the comments at the very bottom of the page what you love best about the Mountain Buggy +one and why you’d love to get your hands on one of these shiny new prams!


Win a mountain buggy +one pram valued at $899

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  1. Avatar of JoyArundell

    This pram would be a dream! The mountain buggy is awesome, and having the room to grow is great for first time mums hoping to only buy one pram!

  2. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I love that both kids sit as equals, rather than pram seats stacked above another. Means one less fight I have to break up and one less headache.

  3. Avatar of Rebecca Appo
    Rebecca AppoReply

    Dream pram right here! We are a very active family and haven’t found a pram that can live up to us. I have heard rave reviews of the Mountain Buggy brand, and would be so thrilled to win.

  4. Avatar of Mindo Koerber
    Mindo KoerberReply

    We like to go on adventure, camping, going to waterhole, etc With 2 little on tow. This dream pram will help us to do lots of things

  5. Avatar of Lauryn Glassey
    Lauryn GlasseyReply

    What I love best about the mountain buggy +one is its versatility to go from being a single pram, to a pram with heaps of storage, to a double pram that can accommodate a newborn and a toddler or 2 toddlers that are both sitting at pretty much the same level and can both see the beautiful world around them!

  6. Avatar of Sharon Hampson
    Sharon HampsonReply

    This would be an absolute dream to win as I have a 12wk old bub & a very active 3yr old that loves to run and I don’t have a double pram to keep them both safe. We had a very scary moment where my eldest nearly got hit by a car from running off while bub was in the pram. I’m currently having eldest in pram and baby wearing a very heavy bub.
    I might even be able to get fit again.

  7. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    With its compact frame, easy maneuverability and painless collapsibility my Husband will have no excuses not to be able to use it too! And that my friends, is what I love about it and why I’d love to be the chosen one 🙂

  8. Avatar of Lana

    This pram would be a great motivator to get fit and in shape after I have Bub!
    Heard a lot of great things about this pram!!

  9. Avatar of Shannan Cox
    Shannan CoxReply

    I don’t drive, I walk EVERYWHERE.
    I love the space the most!
    The flexibility as well with another bub so soon I’ll need more space

  10. Avatar of Jaimi

    The Mountain Buggy Double + One grows with my family and can take us of urban adventures which is double to fun! One, plus two, plus three you see…this stylish innovation is made for my little buggies!

  11. Avatar of Nicole Bryant
    Nicole BryantReply

    I love the adaptability and ability to use anywhere. So I can have single if I just have bub or double if I have the toddler as well. As a single parent having the ability to keep both kids safe and mobile would be awesome.

  12. Avatar of Dee Margot

    I love that it looks so expensive but is functional and grows with your family

  13. Avatar of Natalie Boncales
    Natalie BoncalesReply

    I love that its all terrain! We could go on some great adventures! I have a toddler and a 4 month old and need a pram I can take on long walks when we all start getting cabin fever!

  14. Avatar of renee

    It’s simple practicality and ability to go everywhere… town, farm, bushwalks… and with more than just one child!!

  15. Avatar of Catrina

    I love the big storage space and so versatile, I really need a new pram for when bub number two comes along and this would be perfect.

  16. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d look great cruising down the high street and better yet it’d be super easy to maneuver with one hand while sipping on my latte.

  17. Avatar of Cat Whyte

    I’d love to have a pram where the littlies aren’t side by side or on top of each other, it’d be far easier to maneuver! As a mum with a chronic pain condition anything to make things easier is essential!

  18. Avatar of Greent

    It’s lightweight and will fit my 3.5yr old and my 5mth old comfortably. My current pram is big and bulky, doesn’t always fold down on the first try and i hate how one child has to sit on the bottom.

  19. Avatar of Karina Lee

    It can cater for two kids while looking compact and super sturdy! Just what I need in the inner west and city where we have our daily adventures with the kids!

  20. Avatar of Dana Bailly
    Dana BaillyReply

    I love that it has storage but then expands with your family!

  21. Avatar of Lesleigh Cole
    Lesleigh ColeReply

    I love that it can easily convert from a single to a double without changing the way that it pushes. My 3yr old often decides that he cant possibly walk anymore half way through a shopping trip so it would be great to easily be able to fit him and the baby in the pram together

  22. Avatar of Danielle Vella
    Danielle VellaReply

    A stylish and functional yet lightweight pram that easily converts to a double.
    Its every parents wish come true

  23. Avatar of Chelsea Ellen
    Chelsea EllenReply

    I like that it’s lightweight as I have a two door car and slipped discs in my back so this would be ideal putting it in and out of the boot

  24. Avatar of Ashleigh Ftynogiannis
    Ashleigh FtynogiannisReply

    I love the fact that you don’t have to struggle with it over grass when you are at one of many sporting events your other children attend.
    It is so light, and easy to convert from one seat to two when one of the tribe decides walking is too hard halfway to your destination.

  25. Avatar of Kevin

    I love how compact and stylish the Mountain Buggy +one pram is. With our first bub due soon, it will allow her to settle into the pram and as our family expands, they can be close and grow together like two peas in a pod.

  26. Avatar of Roz @ MWR

    I love that it grows with my family, yet doesn’t compromise on style, safety or storage.

  27. Avatar of Erin Lindsay
    Erin LindsayReply

    Love the look and compactness of this pusher for 2, got a different design to other 2 seat pushers and definitely looks less clunky! Would come in handy for my newborn and 3 year old!

  28. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia ThomanReply

    My bestie & I love reviewing baby items! We have 6 kids between us ranging in age from 6 months to 8 years. I love that it’s the size of a single pram but can easily change to a double when one of the kids decides their little legs have run out of puff!

  29. Avatar of Hannah Webster
    Hannah WebsterReply

    Mountain Buggy is a trusted name and leader in design. This pram has all the features I am looking for and much more! Would come in handy so much for me.

  30. Avatar of Kylie Blythe
    Kylie BlytheReply

    I would love this shiny new Mountain Buggy + one to help me get out of the house with my baby and toddler! I need longer walks for my sanity, but my little boy gets too tired to walk all the way. This would be perfect for a happy healthy family!

  31. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy GrahamReply

    I’d love to win this for my bestie. Great room for storage too. Love it!

  32. Avatar of Samuel

    I’d love my wife to have this, she loves to go and long walks so those wheels are perfect for all surfaces.

  33. Avatar of Sahra A

    I love the fact that it chages to suit your needs. We are planning to grow our family, and hardly any prams within our price range will comfortably fit a toddler and a newborn. I would love to see if this pram is as amazing as it claims.

  34. Avatar of joburkey

    I love that this grows with your family, it’s awesome

  35. Avatar of Maree Schmidt
    Maree SchmidtReply

    This is a great pram! So much storage, easy to put down so less stress packing everyone in the car. If someone’s legs stop working then change things around, Chick them in the pram too and keep going!

  36. Avatar of ElkeH

    My old pram is a dinosaur! I had to buy a 4WD to fit the thing in! This would be an amazing change!

  37. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda BelindaReply

    I love the quality and versatility of this pram – would be a nice upgrade from one that is 30 years old! (No offence grandma!)

  38. Avatar of Margaret O'Shea
    Margaret O'SheaReply

    It is a great pram that grows with the family. Would suit my grandson and be amazing

  39. Avatar of tracywed

    I love that is easy to use and fold and has a basket for all my stuff too Id love to win for when I take the grand kids for a stroll

  40. Avatar of Shell Somer
    Shell SomerReply

    I have a Goliath of a pram at the moment and a Mountain Buggy would allow me to get out and about more easily! No more getting stuck at the supermarket checkout because my pram is too wide or having to ask 23 people to move so I can pass through! It has great storage and would be easy to pop in the boot when we are out and about.

  41. Avatar of Nic

    I just love the look and idea that it can go any where with practical wheels.

  42. Avatar of Tracy

    Love that you can comfortably carry two kids in it. With a toddler and a baby it would help me get out of the house for some much needed fresh air and to save my sanity. I love that it is designed for all terrains and plus it looks great. Hope to be able to test it out.

  43. Avatar of Dee Susan

    I love the Mountain Buggy + One because it is easy to use, easy to fold, lightweight and suitable for newborns as well as toddlers. I also love its amazing colour and design, its durability and worldwide well-known brand’s reputation. Thank you.

  44. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    Love that the pram grows with you

    Perfect to add to my growing crew

    Great for my toddler on those hectic days

    Safe and sound so he cant run away!

  45. Avatar of Bek Browning
    Bek BrowningReply

    Love this pram. I walk minimum 40km a week. I this this pram could keep up with me.

  46. Avatar of Jade

    To have a pram that grows and adapt with you would be amazing. Just what every mum wants and needs.

  47. Avatar of Jasmin

    So happy to see such a simple yet versatile and practical pram. The ability to quickly reconfigure to pop the toddler in with bubs is so clever! Oh and love the all terrain wheels. Looks like the Mountain Buggy + One can take me anywhere I need to go!

  48. Avatar of Genevieve dahlenburg
    Genevieve dahlenburgReply

    Such a great pram for me and my two busy boys. Versatile, full of features and yet not clunky. So stylish love it

  49. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah DarraghReply

    I love the storage and versatility of this pram. My current pram is over 7.5years old and has very limited storage.

  50. Avatar of Alicia g

    All other prams break my back when lifted, and my sanity when trying to fold them. Love the Mountain Buggy! Two little kids would love a new seat… pick me?!

  51. Avatar of Ryan

    The second seat is what i like about this pram most as it means we can accommodate our two year old as well as our two month old. Having also two elder children, we’ve gone through our fair stint of prams so know what works and what doesn’t so would be great to see the benefits of this pram.

  52. Avatar of Phebe Fraser
    Phebe FraserReply

    This pram ticks so many boxes for 2 little ones! Storage looks amazing, all terrain wheels are a massive win, it’s practical and so versatile – perfect! We would love this as we have a hand me down adiva pram that we used for our first. Our 2nd child was born a week ago and we haven’t yet sorted a pram to fit both squidlets so this would be incredible!

  53. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana SumnerReply

    I love that the pram is not just stylish but all terrain so you can take it from the shops to the mountains and fit both kids in.

  54. Avatar of Jessica Hughes
    Jessica HughesReply

    I would love a mountain buggy as they steer like a dream, are lightweight but practical for all terrains!

  55. Avatar of Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca JohnsonReply

    I’d love to try an inline pram with my two. Looks like we could have some fun adventures with all terrain wheels.

  56. Avatar of Ern

    I love that it evolves as my child grows, so it’s not outgrown, therefore needing to be replaced. And great that it can go everywhere we want to too.
    You should pick me, for my wife and I are breeding like rabbits, it’ll get a lot of use that’s for sure lol

  57. Avatar of Charlotte

    I love that its described as gliding effortlessly over all terrain, with improved rear wheel suspension and a lock back or swivel front wheel. This means we can take it anywhere: town, beach, out bush, to the lake etc without fear of getting bogged in. We have 4 kids, two are 2 months and 2 years so need to go in a pram. A double buggy is too big for our car so this would be ideal. We’ve gone through many prams with our four kids so the best judges of what works and is useful to have as a feature.

  58. Avatar of Brenda Williams
    Brenda WilliamsReply

    i just love its desigh and i would love it for my new little grandaughter

  59. Avatar of Liz

    Love that this pram seems like it won’t be outgrown, & that it can grow with my family. Would love to own one of these stylish, practical prams, so my kids can travel in comfort and style

  60. Avatar of vicdisqusses

    The word “double” stands out for me. With 14 months between our baby and the one that is currently baking, we are seriously looking for the perfect pram…and here it is.

  61. Avatar of Tammy Jackson
    Tammy JacksonReply

    Love the design and storage space. Ease of use and colours

  62. Avatar of AnnetteK

    Love it’s superior manoeuvrability. As someone who loves getting outdoors, this would be fantastic for me and bubs!! (Due in under 4 weeks!)

  63. Avatar of Rachael Petersen
    Rachael PetersenReply

    Going to have two under two soon but cant afford a new pram at the moment. We would be promoting the benefits every second.

  64. Avatar of AmyMcC

    LOVE how the +one is do adaptable! Having one child plus all the storage behind or a newborn and toddler or two toddlers in separate seats! Amazing!

  65. Avatar of Rianan Turner
    Rianan TurnerReply

    I love how compact this pram is for carrying 2 children 2 and under! Love that I can take it in rough terrain, and it’s amazing looking! You should pick me I would appreciate it so much am already a massive mountain buggy fan

  66. Avatar of LINDSAY P

    Definitely love the different configurations of the Mountain Buggy + one. I am stuck with a terrible Phil and Teds Dash that has awkward configurations for a toddler and baby and NO recline over 9kg. So much for a baby napping on the run. The Mountain Buggy +one solves all that and more!

  67. Avatar of Smiles

    The process of buying a pram has been so confusing and overwhelming. This pram looks awesome and would be exactly what we need. The reviews I’ve read on this brand are excellent and make me excited about potentially winning one 🙂

  68. Avatar of Kate Powell
    Kate PowellReply

    I love how close to each other my two children would be able to sit. It makes it so much easier as an exercise pram when the weight is close together so it’s perfectly designed to accommodate that.

  69. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara LambReply

    My friend is having her second miracle in a few weeks after being told she would never have children. I would love to gift her something as special as this prize for her to enjoy!

  70. Avatar of Donna Schafer
    Donna SchaferReply

    Wow this buggy looks amazing! We currently have a mountain buggy urban jungle, and we now have a 6 week old as well as a 2 1/2 year old. My partner won’t let me spend any money on buying another pram, so it leaves my toddler sitting on the step at the front when going to shops and walks etc. Poor Emma is devasted she can’t sit in it anymore and has been bumped off to the step! This buggy would make our lives so so much easier! Best of luck everyone!

  71. Avatar of Sue Bou

    Superior manoeuvrability….I love that the Mountain Buggy +one is smooth & light enough to be handled with one hand so I can shop, grab essentials (dummy, blankets, toys), open the car & fish things from my hand bag all without having to try to steer with my hips. I’d love this gorgeous Mountain Buggy so when I have babysitting duties 4 days a week my daughter doesn’t have to wrestle her pram into her tiny car to bring with her (or leave it at home as she often does which means bubs & I go nowhere).

  72. Avatar of helen c

    Living on a remote outback cattle station, definitely the Mountain Buggy’s ability to navigate over any surface. The Mountain buggy’s wheel system and it’s ability to navigate sand, gravel – any surface with safety and ease. Pram bliss and satisfying newly found pram envy!

  73. Avatar of Jennifer Denney
    Jennifer DenneyReply

    This amazing with everything we have been through with IVf just to get our first and trying again f or our 2nd .this would make life so much easier and comfortable for my little man and hopefully a new born. With the expenses of the IVF we have had a lot of second hand baby goods. This would be the first brand new.

  74. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    I love that it grows with my family .. Nothing is too big or too small .. It’s all there in 1 compactable pram & If it makes my life easier as a mum then I’m all for it..

  75. Avatar of Marnie Lynch
    Marnie LynchReply

    I am very excited by this new product by Mountain Buggy. I have a 5 month old and 3 year old and I love the toddler and toddler set up in particular with the +one and how it folds up. Great brand and looking to buy one for our overseas holiday next year for performance, compact nature, weight and comfort for both children.

  76. Avatar of amelia

    I love that it looks comfortable for both my child and for me to walk with.

  77. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    I love that it goes from a single to a double pram. This would be ideal for when I am looking after my darling niece and her new brother/sister. Even better if I can pass it on to their Mum 🙂

  78. Avatar of Rianan Turner
    Rianan TurnerReply

    I seriously can’t stop thinking about this pram! It is so cool how it is a double pram to fit both my children without it being too bulky or heavy to take shopping, or going walking, anything I desire in any terrain! I need this in my life would be so proud pushing in around!

  79. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    Great that it grows with the family and being a double (not by width) is so handy

  80. Avatar of Megan

    I love that it is suitable for for every stage! We would love a chance to try this pram out as we do a lot of walking for school pick-up (2.5km one way 4x a day) and can definitely put it through it’s paces!

  81. Avatar of Becca Woods
    Becca WoodsReply

    I love that it’s convenient for multiple stages and multiple kids! It grows as your family grows. Loads of storage space because lets me honest as a parent there is never enough storage space anywhere! All terrain means you can just about go anywhere and not have to decide between a carrier or pram for the newborn, plus when the older one gets sick of walking they can fit too. It would be fantastic for those overseas adventures.

  82. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love how the Mountain Buggy + One easily converts for two or allows room for extra storage without being big and bulky. This would suit me greatly for when I my next one comes along. In the mean time it’ll be handy for extra storage as I usually get more than I’m wanting when I slip into the shops for just a ‘few’ items.

  83. Avatar of Jenna Lewis
    Jenna LewisReply

    I would love to win the Mountain Buggy + One, it is so versatile and would be amazing for our lifestyle in the city one day and on the trail the next and able to grow with our family.

  84. Avatar of Mei

    The Mountain Buggy + One is everything I need as a new Mum. It even has features I didn’t even know I needed! My favourite is that is adaptable to my needs – I can use it indoors and outdoors, and at all stages of my baby’s development.

  85. Avatar of Miranda Mcilwraith
    Miranda McilwraithReply

    I love the Mountain Buggy + One because baby number 4 is 3 weeks old and I’m already dreaming about adding number 5! And it will be sooner rather than later, so I’ll definitely be needing a pram that fits two!

  86. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary WhittaReply

    What is there not to like it is a compact buggy and I am looking forward to breaking it in very soon!

  87. Avatar of Catherine Burns
    Catherine BurnsReply

    Second child on the way,
    Mountain Buggy,
    best features on display.
    Designed stadium seating
    My family, no competing!
    Please choose me
    a smile on my face
    full of glee 😀

  88. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-PunchReply

    Love that it’s so versatile! Pick me because my children weigh at least as much as a mountain to push around.

  89. Avatar of Lauren Thornton
    Lauren ThorntonReply

    I’ve heard from my friends that a good pram is one of the most important things not to scrimp on! I’d love to win this to have this super important detail all sorted and ready for my baby!

  90. Avatar of Trudy M

    I love how you can go off track and not bogged in sand (worse nightmare)and how awesome room for my toddler who walks no where and newborn on the way.

  91. Avatar of Angela O

    It looks amazing, either for my soon to come baby or for my toddler that is not a big fan of walking

  92. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann BryantReply

    I Love that the Mountain Buggy is so flexible with many options to choose from to suit our needs for the day.Easy to set up, light and more ‘User-Friendly’ than other’s.

  93. Avatar of Alyce-Maree McOrsum
    Alyce-Maree McOrsumReply

    I love that this grows with your family. We are pregnant with number 1 currently after a long wait, so we will be aiming for number 2 to closely follow and that would make this the perfect pram for us!

  94. Avatar of liz stewart
    liz stewartReply

    i love the mountain buggy its so stylish and both the kids can sit side by side not stacked one on top of the other

  95. Avatar of Kell

    I am a new Nana, and I am struggling with the big pram that my Daughter In law has. It is hard to fold and unfold, and lifting it in and out of the car is torturous. I really like the Mountain Buggies One hand Fold, and the ergonomically, adjustable handlebar. And it is only 13 kg thank goodness …..this is a Buggie that will last for All of my future Grandchildren

  96. Avatar of Jessica Webster
    Jessica WebsterReply

    This pram would be perfect for us. We are about to have #5 (as per point #22, 5 is definitely enough ha) and our current youngest is still due to be in a pram for a while yet. Unfortunately, I still have 5 babies worth of flubber and this pram would help me get back out and walking, even before this next one makes an entrance. How could I not want to show it off?

  97. Avatar of Candice Milner
    Candice MilnerReply

    I love that it grows with you. When you have another baby, there are occasions when you want to fit both kids in the pram, but it’s not worth buying another pram that is more bulky and won’t get used a lot. I definitely think this one would be amazing. My current pram is difficult to even steer straight, and I’m hoping the wheel won’t fall off.. Definitely need an upgrade.

  98. Avatar of Cherie L Davis
    Cherie L DavisReply

    I would love to win this for my sister. Little bub is due in December. The pram looks amazing and has so many options. Going to keep my fingers and toes crossed because I know she would absolutely love and appreciate this.

  99. Avatar of MADISON

    The perfect pram to keep my baby safe at all times especially when I’m running outdoors. I think this pram is great as it supports a healthy and active lifestyle and is financially practical as its transitions as bub and family grows.

  100. Avatar of JENNIFER VELLA

    The Mountain Buggy +One would be the perfect pram for me! This is my first (human) baby, but I want to make sure we bring her up as an active baby, from day one. We are adventurous people, always finding new walking tracks, outdoor waterfalls, and new activities with our puppy Xena. This would be a dream come true to win!

  101. Avatar of Bry Ger

    I love the hidden extra seat! Basically a bat cave for my toddler.

  102. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally LouiseReply

    Single to a twin and back again! Such a versatile pram – be a great addition to our expanding family!

  103. Avatar of Chris Sheppard
    Chris SheppardReply

    I love that it goes off road & that I can shift my 1yo to make room for my 3yo to hop in when he declares that his legs are going to fall off!

  104. Avatar of Emily

    My soon to be husband and I have a old pram which doesnt even compare to the mountain buggy. We do a lot of bush walks and camping trips and this would be perfect for our growing family. It is even perfect for my fiance to go out on an afternoon run with his daughter. What more could you want in a pram. Outdoor family time is the most important thing to our family

  105. Avatar of Jessica Blanchard
    Jessica BlanchardReply

    The mountain night + one would be lovely to have with our toddler. We like to honor many walks as a family, and it would be awesome to have a pram that grows with us.
    I have heard great reviews from the mountain night and it would be nice to have one.

  106. Avatar of Jane

    Such a family friendly , great looking , easy to use stroller , anyone would love this

  107. Avatar of Tracey

    As a mother of four sons and grandmother of two granddaughters, I think I have road tested nearly every pram/stroller combination. The mountain buggy is a super combination of features that make it versatile and easy to use. I would love to win one as a fabulous gift for my son and daughter in law who will be blessed with a baby boy in October. I couldn’t think of a better gift that will make their lives easier.

  108. Avatar of Kayleen

    I love the look and feel of the mountain buggy, I’m going to be a Grandmother for the first time in October and can’t wait ,would just love this for our first time parents as it’s the most important buy they would make for their baby’s safety and comfort for the years ahead .

  109. Avatar of Tamara

    It grows with our family, plus it’s great for our getaways or just normal everyday life.

  110. Avatar of Lisa C

    I’ve had a mountain buggy for 10.5 years and there’s just nothing that pushes quite like it. My baby is 4 months old and my tired MB is in need of an upgrade

  111. Avatar of Robina Reordan

    I would love this Mountain Buggy, so I could take both my kids on adventures together. The brake on my old pram just broke so this pram would be a great win.

  112. Avatar of Monika M

    It’s compact and so easy to manoeuvre on different terrains. My double is on it’s last legs and is so bulky and heavy.

  113. Avatar of Jemma Bird

    Love the adaptability from a single to double pram. With baby #1 on the way this would be the perfect pram to last my growing family.

  114. Avatar of Karen M

    Everyone I know that owns a Mountain Buggy highly recommends them, would love to join in the love <3

  115. Avatar of Thy Chan

    What I love about the Mountain Buggy +one,
    It will fit my newborn and toddler in a pram that doesn’t weigh a ton;
    This pram is perfect for me, as I can fold it with ease,
    And the three of us can have lots of adventures under the sun.

  116. Avatar of Tanya C

    I love that it is an all terrain buggy for our all terrain family!

  117. Avatar of phil

    it would be a dream to win this buggy so i can take my grandson with me on my morning walks

  118. Avatar of Anne

    I’m a super busy mum with little 3 boys at home to juggle – 4yrs, 2yrs and 8 wks. They are active and we are always on the go. The function and simplicity of use of the mountain buggy +one is something I can really appreciate. Every day is a happy juggle for me – I would love to own this stroller!

  119. Avatar of kat barber

    Amazing that it grows with my family, nothing like a mountain buggy for the afternoon walk to get little miss off to sleep, and have the dog nice and tired! Perfection

  120. Avatar of Julia Burford
    Julia BurfordReply

    I love that it’s so great for transporting 1 kid, 1 kid and shopping, 2 kids etc. Seamlessly transitioning through life with the quality that we’ve come to expect from Mountain Buggy

  121. Avatar of Monica

    I love the fact I can use it as a single pram for my bub or easily convert it to a double pram to have my toddler sit in it too. With three kids, sometimes it would be so much easier to have a pram that fits two kids in it! I would absolutely love to win this buggy, it would change my life!!

  122. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth KaminskiReply

    Such a beautiful piece and what a great way for a 1st time mumma to show off the new bubba! Fingers crossed!

  123. Avatar of Rhiannon

    I would love the Mountain Buggy! I live in a country area and find a lot of prams don’t work for what I want. I go on long distance walks with my baby. I have already gone through three prams. The first one we reversed over in the driveway the day we brought baby home. We haven’t had much luck. I would love the opportunity to own one of these beauties for my growing family.

  124. Avatar of Selina Hoyer
    Selina HoyerReply

    I love that this pram grows with my family.. its the pram that will see us through our years, time and time again

  125. Avatar of Kerri Pettigrew

    At last my two kids can travel together and I won’t have to continually hear ‘my legs are hurting’ from my 5 year old!

  126. Avatar of Jaimi

    We like to go on adventure, camping, going to waterhole, etc With 2 little on tow. This dream pram will help us to do lots of things

  127. Avatar of Samantha brown
    Samantha brownReply

    How fantastic are prams now.. it was clearly a woman who designed this pram its amazing.. I want one!!

  128. Avatar of yvonne ryan
    yvonne ryanReply

    my beautiful daughter in law and son are starting their family , they have been looking at prams and are saving to purchase one . This looks lovely , even though they are only expecting their first child this would be perfect for when they have their second child. l love that this pram is perfect for one child but is perfect when the second child arrives . this pram looks very stylish and very practical . I love that when nana gets to babysit I can push my grandchild around with a pram that isn’t heavy and very easy to manoeuvre and one hand fold up .

  129. Avatar of Mon

    Atm have one of the older MB double to use when new bub arrives. Which was handed down from sister in law who insists don’t need to spend $$ on a fancy pram. But would really love a pram that fits in my boot, easy to use and has all work safety features.

  130. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    I absolutely love that the Mountain Buggy +one is a high quality, double pram that would cater for both my 2 week old and my toddler: without being too bulky or heavy! I’d love to win because I desperately need to upgrade our pram and a double would make life with 3 young boys SO much easier for me! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  131. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie WingfieldReply

    With a new addition being added to our family, the +one would be perfect for our newborn and miss 3 to ride along together on all our outings as walking and pram are my only mode of transport to get our daily activities and school runs done.

  132. Avatar of rebekah ballingall
    rebekah ballingallReply

    The storage!! To many times have I hung the nappy bag and the prams started to tip.

  133. Avatar of Juanita Torr
    Juanita TorrReply

    I love that this pram is so easy to handle and is super-easy to collapse….I have a bad back and cannot stand the idea of fighting with my pram. I need a new, innovative pram…I want my Granddaughter to be safe and I know I can trust her in this Mountain Buggy.

  134. Avatar of Leann Yan

    I’m a very active person but since having my baby by caesarean 3 weeks ago I have been housebound 🙁 It would be great to take my child for walks beyond the streets, into parks and more natural surroundings.

  135. Avatar of Lisa

    My son is tall for his age and at nearly 2 has grown out of his current pram. I love that he’ll fit in this one much longer

  136. Avatar of adrienne harries
    adrienne harriesReply

    toddler and storage would be great,
    no more lugging things and toddler i’d celebrate

  137. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    To have the 2 kids together when heading off for a walk would save a lot of hassell, chasing 1 while pushing the other, plus they can keep each other company, a double bonus. Every little bit of help is very much appreciated to make outdoors a special time for all.

  138. Avatar of Sprickel

    It is ready for every weather condition that I’ll be bound to face and make sure that the precious cargo is safe and protected. As a new mum, I want something I know I can rely on for the future of our family.

  139. Avatar of Ammia Blythe
    Ammia BlytheReply

    I love how different this pram is from all the popular double prams out there! As a mum who preferes to walk most days with two very active boys this would be the perfect addition to our family.

  140. Avatar of Jessica & Scarlett
    Jessica & ScarlettReply

    It looks amazing to be honest! I would love this! I just had my first child a beautiful girl called Scarlett Delma Poppy 7 1/2 weeks ago. Right now I’m borrowing a pram from a lady we live with in my refuge so to recieve something like this would be out of this world. I have to return the pram to her when she has to do things with her young children so it makes it hard if I need to go somewhere. I’m still on newstart allowance from Centrelink as I’m waiting for the single mothers pension to be approved. So if given a pram like this I would cherish it! As being left with 350$ a fn doesn’t leace me many options in getting a good quality pram myself. xx

  141. Avatar of mel henderson
    mel hendersonReply

    id love to win this! having a single pram that can fit the 2 little ones would be great. having 3 under 3 creates a lot of fun when we go out & most twin prams are just so bulky!

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