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Introducing the Mountain Buggy swift – Great Value Under $600 and You Can Win Your Own!

When it comes to choosing a pram, the options can be overwhelming. And expensive.

That’s why we’re super excited to introduce the Mountain Buggy swift. Perfect for any mum and here’s why we think it’s the perfect combination of practicality, style and affordability!

1.  THE PRICE: It’s bang on budget

It’s no surprise that most mums are looking for an affordable price point that won’t break the bank.  The Mountain Buggy swift answers the call at just $599 it’s a whole lot of pram for your money.


2.  THE NAME: It’s a cool, reputable brand without the giant price tag

We’ve already established the Mountain Buggy swift is affordable. But what we love about this choice is that it’s actually a well-known and well-loved brand. You’re getting a name-brand stroller for your money. It’s actually won a stack of awards including New Zealand’s favourite buggy in 2016.

mountain-buggy-swift-year of the rooster

3:  THE PUSH: It drives like a dream

Mountain Buggy describe the swift as having ‘superior manoeuvrability’ which means in mum talk it’s a pleasure to push. The wheel design means you can glide effortlessly over mixed terrain, with the 10” air filled tires and a lock back or swivel front wheel. Whether you’re a mum who wants to run through a forest or walk along the beach front the swift is the perfect choice. Even better, for crowded environments, tight spaces or parking the pram at a restaurant table its tight turning circle and ease of steering make all these tasks a breeze!

mountain-buggy-swift-drives like a dream

4.  THE FEATURES: It’s jam-filled with details mums love

Let’s start with the one hand standing fold – it’s perfect for if you’re also wrangling a toddler or multi-tasking (#mumlife much?). Then it’s got adaptors so you can use you baby capsule for a seamless car to pram experience. There’s a carrycot for those who want to use the pram from newborn and of course, it meets all the Australian safety standards and has a handlebar brake.


5.  THE PACKAGE:  It’s designed for both practicality & aesthetics

Sure, a pram can look great but how practical is it to actually use? Mountain Buggy know that mums need both good looks and functionality and the swift is the fusion of both demands. It’s compact design means the swift is small on fold and light to lift weighing only 9.1kg. Ensuring the Mountain Buggy is the only pram you’ll ever need its suitable from 0-4 years and has a max child weight of 20kg. If you really want to ‘pimp your pram’ there’s limited edition fabrics, a reversible liner and a range of colours to choose from, and accessories such as lambswool liner, storm and mesh covers, additional storage and much more.


If you’re thinking the Mountain Buggy swift is the stroller for you, we couldn’t agree more! For further information check out the website. You can also see all it’s good looks and true functionality demonstrated in the video below. 

mum centralHere’s your chance to win your very own Mountain Buggy swift, valued at $599

Thanks to the team at Mountain Buggy, we’ve got our hands on a swift, and it could be yours! To enter, simply complete the entry form below, comment and tell us what you love the most about the Mountain Buggy swift and this little baby could be coming on home to you!


Win a Mountain Buggy swift Pram Valued at $599

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  1. Avatar of Julia Ma

    The Mountain Buggy Swift is such an awesome buggy with it being positioned at such a great price point. It is a great quality buggy with all the added features of being a sturdy witg wheels that can adapt to all terrains as well as ease of setting up and packing away and not to mention it’s attractive and modern look. I would really love to upgrade our current 3 wheel stroller to the Mountain Buggy Swift.

  2. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I love how there are different fabrics and colours to choose from it makes choosing a buggy much more exciting, i also love how light it is as i have a bad back so anything that makes life easier is a winner to me!

  3. Avatar of Leah Amy Taylor
    Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    I love the fact that you have options, facing forward, back. It caters from birth to 4yo
    Lightweight, sturdy and most of all comfy for our babies.
    And we get to pimp it up with different accessories.

  4. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    The wheels. So it can also go off road (especially over kerbs) without any drama

  5. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    I love the practicality of being light weight and having multiple positioning, as well as being from 0-4 years so it is the only pram you need. The steering ability is a bonus and also being able to buy other accessories to adapt to our needs.

  6. Avatar of ElianE

    I’d love something so easy to manuver and light to load into and out of the car since hubby isn’t around all the time to do the lifting

  7. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    Love that it will keep working for me up until my baby hits 20kg

  8. Avatar of michelle

    love the look of it and the colors are amazing would love this for my grandson who will be born in October <3

  9. Avatar of Joanne Masa
    Joanne Masa Reply

    Already loving my 1st generation swift an upgrade would be fabulous with the second bub on the way. Great for taking the swift grocery shopping or a long walk around the suburbs. Fits nicely in the boot of the car and folds up conveniently. Very sleek and stylish!

  10. Avatar of Jade o

    “We won’t stop cruisin’,
    Walking and a groovin’,
    Easy to maneuver, its oh so light,
    Walking with bub will be just alright”

  11. Avatar of Carmen

    I love it’s superior manoeuvrability with it’s 10′ air filled tires meaning I can use this on different terrains like:
    – overseas (China has lots of bumpy roads and tight spaces),
    – the beach (oh how lovely would it be for strolls on the sand),
    – the park (great if I need to chase after my toddler whose done a runner on me and running with my newborn in a carrier is pretty hard),
    – the shops (I can fit through aisles with ease),
    – and go fruit picking on farms (something I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t with my current stroller which has come to the end of its lifespan and it was only suitable for smooth, paved floors).
    I love everything about it. I can go on so many adventures with it and would love it even more if it were mine.

  12. Avatar of Robyn coultis
    Robyn coultis Reply

    The compact design and the wheels would make getting around easy

  13. Avatar of Samuel

    The air-filled wheels for all terrain driving. I can’t stand it when you get bogged in mud, or gravel.

  14. Avatar of Krystal Garner
    Krystal Garner Reply

    What I love the most about the Mountain Buggy swift is it’s affordable! Being on a tight budget with only one income coming in and 6 mouths to feed, this is definitely my kind of pram. I love the fact that it’s perfect for multi-tasking mum’s cause that is what I do best. It’s compact and easy to push and very practical. Bonus!!! It is super good looking and I can “pimp my pram” with the amazing colours, fabric and accessories as there a many to choose from. This true functionality, well-known and well-loved brand will become a great addition to our ever growing family and will be truly loved with years and years to come.

  15. Avatar of joburkey

    it is seriously so compact, will definitely fit in my small car

  16. Avatar of Sarah A

    I love the fact that it doesn’t have a foot bar. My son is quite tall and is always hitting his ankles on the bar of most prams we have tried. The price is a huge plus too!

  17. Avatar of Sharyn Crystalwitch Parsell
    Sharyn Crystalwitch Parsell Reply

    This would be so great to win for my daughter as she is a mum of 2 under three and pregnant with twins on the way.
    This great pram is so light and so easy to use even with 2 kids in tow.
    It is a pram of all prams that fits in everywhere you go.

  18. Avatar of Liz

    The affordability!! Being a 1 income family while i stay home and raise our toddler, the cost of items comes into play frequently. A quality product for a realistic price is what we look for

  19. Avatar of Nicole Jessop
    Nicole Jessop Reply

    I love how light it is! Makes folding and putting into the car boot much easier.

  20. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I love that it folds up compact and is much lighter than other prams.

  21. Avatar of Rebecca Oliver
    Rebecca Oliver Reply

    I love that its compact and won’t take up so much room in the car boot, also one-handed folding and ease of maneuverability sounds awesome – love, love, love!!!

  22. Avatar of Kiani rose
    Kiani rose Reply

    I love that it is great for ise on all terrain whilst still being compact and great to look at.

  23. Avatar of Kate Reynolds
    Kate Reynolds Reply

    The look it looks very stylish and it’s affordability for an all terrain stroller.

  24. Avatar of Kylie Servante
    Kylie Servante Reply

    I love the practicality combined with gorgeous design !

  25. Avatar of Sophia

    I love that it is compact and lightweight, two things that are super important to me in a good pram!

  26. Avatar of Josie Stanford
    Josie Stanford Reply

    I love how the Mountain Buggy has a reversable seat and the range of colours is great. Also the way the Mountain Buggy folds down nice and compact is good for saving boot space.

  27. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    I love that it is all terrain, has a tight turning circle, is lightweight but most of all the one hand folding!

  28. Avatar of Nicola Childs
    Nicola Childs Reply

    So versatile, lightweight & the reversible seat will make life with bubs so much easier!

  29. Avatar of Laura

    How versatile it is, transitioning from city to country! Plus it looks amazing 🙂

  30. Avatar of aletheia wanrooy
    aletheia wanrooy Reply

    The great functionality! A multi-tasking pram to match a multi-tasking mom? Yes please!!

  31. Avatar of ChriS

    I love that it’s small and handles well! Most 3 wheelers take up your whole boot & small prams can’t go off road. This is the best of both words 🙂

  32. Avatar of Ebony Woolcock
    Ebony Woolcock Reply

    I love everything about it! It’s all terrain durability, the range of colours, easy maneuverability – especially when running on rough terrain with 2 dogs. I haven’t met a surface I couldn’t conquer with my MB pram. We are reluctantly ready to move from my beloved Duet & the Swift is my dream pram. Love love love it!

  33. Avatar of Catrina

    Love that it looks so quick and easy to fold up and doesn’t take up much room. Also love that it can be used for the bassinet etc also.

  34. Avatar of Rose

    I love the practicality!! I can go for a stroll down the street or on a little bush walk out in the open air all with the one pram. Will make life and storage in the house so much easier.

  35. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Living near the beach. I love the fact we can go for walks and not have to carry bub.

  36. Avatar of Jodi O'Connor
    Jodi O'Connor Reply

    The handle brake and ability to toddler-wrangle! This would make chasing after miss 22mo much easier with master 4mo in the pram!

  37. Avatar of pogi_boi84
    pogi_boi84 Reply

    I love the jam packed features. From the one hand standing fold to the adapters wh
    ich provide ease of moving from car to the pram, every parents dream.

  38. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman Reply

    I love the ability to personalise it to my taste! Also like the compact fold and light weight.

  39. Avatar of Stephanie

    A pram that is both beautiful and practical, to bump and grind my way through the city is this!

  40. Avatar of Chelsea Ellen
    Chelsea Ellen Reply

    I love the easy compact fold and the option to personalise it to match your own style

  41. Avatar of Therese

    Its the most amazing pram, it is the complete package, sturdy and easy to use when we are all so busy.

  42. Avatar of Jody Dzwonkowski
    Jody Dzwonkowski Reply

    I love the idea of a pram I can easily take out and about. Especially for my weekly Parkrun sessions!

  43. Avatar of Jess

    After a difficult IVF process my best friend deserves a good, sturdy, versatile pram to live the next part of life to the fullest.

  44. Avatar of Melanie Trott
    Melanie Trott Reply

    I’ve got 3.5year old twins and definitely need to upgrade from my 2nd hand double pram to a single pram. Having twins and one on the way doesn’t leave much room in the budget

  45. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Super light, super compact and super Dad friendly too!!!!

  46. Avatar of Amy Parthenopoulos
    Amy Parthenopoulos Reply

    I like the convenience, being able to fold it up quickly so you can be on your way without the fuss.

  47. Avatar of Robin Tay

    I’ve had the nano which is great for city life but with the swift we be able to four wheel driving.

  48. Avatar of Laeten Fouschen
    Laeten Fouschen Reply

    This is what dreams are made of, the precipice of pram making.

  49. Avatar of Rebecca Stretton
    Rebecca Stretton Reply

    One hand standing fold?!?! My dream pram right there!

  50. Avatar of En

    One handed fold! How convenient is that. Looks like a dream to push as well

  51. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    Love that it is so light, stylish & compact. Plus it can be pimped!! Oh my god – I love that idea!!!

  52. Avatar of Melissa Beer
    Melissa Beer Reply

    Stylish, compact and budget friendly. This looks like the pram for me!

  53. Avatar of Hannah Webster
    Hannah Webster Reply

    Wow this looks like the pram that really ticks all the boxes! I like it!

  54. Avatar of Lol

    This is an absolutely fantastic pram and would be perfect for 4WD’ing through our local reserve!

  55. Avatar of Sara Lewis
    Sara Lewis Reply

    So many well thought out aspects to this pram- easy to steer, handlebar brake, one handed fold, and would suit both my newborn and 3 year old! This sounds like a great pram that I could test all its features!

  56. Avatar of Sarah Pellicaan
    Sarah Pellicaan Reply

    I go walking a lot so I love that Mountain Buggy prams can go where I like to go, without giving me an extra workout.

  57. Avatar of Leanne Cattell
    Leanne Cattell Reply

    I love how easy it is to fold and unfold and no having to remove a seat or anything first.

  58. Avatar of Liz Hanlon
    Liz Hanlon Reply

    It looks like a great size (not too bulky) and easy to fold.

  59. Avatar of Monique Cawcutt
    Monique Cawcutt Reply

    I love that it’s designed for mixed terrain as where I live it’s a must with limited footpaths.

  60. Avatar of tracywed

    i love that its easy to fold for old ladies like me when i have the grand kids

  61. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    My favourite feature of Mountain Buggy Swift is the value for money! Having a baby is expensive, as we all know. And to able to purchase the Mountain Buggy Swift is an investment from newborn to 4yrs!
    It has everything I need and want!!

  62. Avatar of Alisha

    I love the 3 wheels. So much easier for practicality. And one handed fold – who doesn’t love that! No more removing pieces to fold then playing tetris to get in that car. Sounds pretty good to me!

  63. Avatar of Paige Le Pierres
    Paige Le Pierres Reply

    I like how light weight it looks and the ability to go on all sorts of surfaces with ease

  64. Avatar of maz_f

    I love how light and easy to fold up the Mountain Buggy Swift is. When you are out & about with your little one, especially on your own, and taking your pram in and out of the car all day, it makes a huge different for your pram to be easy to lift and set/pack up.

  65. Avatar of Jocy

    It’s easy to fold and is able to handle off-road (oops I mean off footpath)

  66. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    It’s great for taking anywhere, be it near or far, local or overseas! It’s so light and easy to use!

  67. Avatar of Carlin Lee
    Carlin Lee Reply

    Manoeuvrability, ease of folding, good quality brand and yet such a reasonable price tag!

  68. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love how one light contraption can be everything a baby to toddler needs…it has so many safety parts and I love how it can be personalised with trendy additions….who doesn’t want to pimp up their baby’s pram….?

  69. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    the fact it caters for baby to toddler and multitasking ability is perfect for mum or in my case inexperienced aunt

  70. Avatar of elise

    I love that it can have the seat face either way, the easy fold down system and the fact it can go off terrain.

  71. Avatar of Dee

    Stylish, light & easy to pack in and out of the car plus you can use the same pram til they grow out of it

  72. Avatar of Yaz Cy

    Fantastic price and love that it’s light and compact and not bulky.

  73. Avatar of Brooke

    Light weight but sturdy, loving the new design totally inline with all the new look prams

  74. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca Evans Reply

    It looks so compact! My current pram is so big and bulky and really difficult to fold. Half the time it doesn’t and I look like an idiot.

  75. Avatar of Lisa

    The first thing that grabs my attention is the bright colours – LOVE IT!

  76. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the one hand standing fold. There’s nothing better then a easy to fold pram

  77. Avatar of Sally Purvis
    Sally Purvis Reply

    Having a seat which can alternate between faceing inwards and outwards. It’s probably very standard in most prams but it is something my pram can not do and I never thought about it whilst pram shopping and that is something I really regret.

  78. Avatar of Kellie Edwards
    Kellie Edwards Reply

    I love that is a smaller pram with the ability to still take my kids for a run and exploring with me .

  79. Avatar of Rachel

    I do a lot of walking around the streets and dirt roads. I love how the Mountain Buggy is a compact pram that can go around the shops or off-road smoothly, providing my baby with a comfortable ride. Then I can simply pack the Mountain Buggy up and place in my boot with ease

  80. Avatar of phil

    it would allow me to take my grandson with me on my brisk morning walks no matter the terrain

  81. Avatar of Shasha

    It is a very versatile and compact pram, it will fit perfectly in the boot and easy for roaming around and shopping with bub in the mountain buggy. Love the bright colours as well.

  82. Avatar of Laura Da Silva
    Laura Da Silva Reply

    I love how easy it is to use and pack away even my mum would find this easy! Everything is so easy to detach and reattach as well as plenty of options to use with a capsule, bassinet or regular seat.

  83. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Highly compact and easy to fold are the most important features I find especially having to juggle bub and all the shopping bags into the car.

  84. Avatar of gooseberry
    gooseberry Reply

    It looks good, is compact and can take on all sorts of terrain.

  85. Avatar of Gail


    This is the beautiful track I take my baby for a walk on every day. Unfortunately when it rains it gets muddy and slippery and when it pours, the rain sometimes forms channels in the gravel which makes for a bumpy ride using a conventional pram. I would love to try out the Mountain Buggy Swift’s locking wheel feature and air filled tyres because I think it will give my baby a more stable, smooth ride which translates to a more enjoyable stress free walk for me!

  86. Avatar of M okimoto

    I love that it is easy to fold and lightweight making putting it in and out the car a breeze

  87. Avatar of Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore Reply

    Wow! The Swift looks so light & compact, will definitely make it easier for me to tackle those bumpy dirt tracks whilst keeping my little one comfortable but more importantly safe!

  88. Avatar of Judy Kim

    Can’t wait when Bub comes to push Bub around in this pram!!!

  89. Avatar of Hellen Wieten
    Hellen Wieten Reply

    Wow what a great opportunity Mum Central to win this AMAZING pram. I love this pram because it’s screams ADVENTURES here I come. I finally will be able to add small jogs to my current boring concrete bound walks. The Mountain Buggy Swift Pram’s manoeuvrability, its ease to get into smaller space, the compact side to quickly throw it in the boot and drag hubby on a walk into the National Park (he needs to lose weight and has no more excuses): that’s what I love about this pram. I see myself transitions from suburban life to off road terrain with ease. I love the fact that it “glide effortlessly over mixed terrain”. No more dragging, huffing and puffing on beaches but one hand steering with a latte in the other hand in my active wear, you got the picture. This pram has all the features to replace my 8 year oldsecond hand pram.

  90. Avatar of Bernie R

    I love the lightness and easy folding so you can quickly pop it in the boot or for storage at home, so convenient! And the trendy look of course!

  91. Avatar of Rickie

    So hope I win I’m a mother of 5 small children ages 7 and down it would really help

  92. Avatar of Taryn Green
    Taryn Green Reply

    It’s well priced and lightweight, im only very short and some of the big prams are just too awkward and heavy for me.

  93. Avatar of Bonnie Sheehan
    Bonnie Sheehan Reply

    I love that is so compact and lightweight yet is suitable up to 4 years old. Plus it’s a gorgeous looking 3 wheel pram. Most 3 wheelers are quite long and bulky. This looks so good!

  94. Avatar of Fran

    The mountain buggy swift is perfect for all mums. Wether you are into fitness or just like to stroll, the mountain buggy will do it all.

  95. Avatar of Lisa Abejja
    Lisa Abejja Reply

    The one hand standing fold is my favourite feature! juggling little kids in carparks and folding prams is a nightmare with other prams.

  96. Avatar of Kristin Schulz
    Kristin Schulz Reply

    As a mum of 3 active boys, and another on the way, this pram would be a dream come true! Taking the children on walks and adventures would be made easier with this prams wheel design.

  97. Avatar of Chloie Lovelock
    Chloie Lovelock Reply

    Baby no.3 due i n Nov with 2 school aged children the one hand fold and just hoe compact it is will make life easier

  98. Avatar of Hannah Doolan
    Hannah Doolan Reply

    The mountain buggy swift is by far the most practical pram on the market. I love how it can change setting positions and folds with one hand. Its also stylish in the way you can personalise it. Its the best way to get out and about with my little princess

  99. Avatar of Alex

    I love how affordable the mountain buggy swift is and how easy it sounds to use

  100. Avatar of Charmaine

    Very unique and great quality for my 16month old baby and its good for mum who loves to have a walk everyday as a form of exercise very stylish and comfortable this is the beSt among the rest

  101. Avatar of Hanni

    As a first time Mum, I need a user-friendly, compact pram – the Mountain Buggy Swift ticks all the right boxes, and just happens to be stylish too!

  102. Avatar of Amanda

    The manoeuvrability is important for me. I like to move quickly!

  103. Avatar of Dani

    Three boys a six year gap and now a little girl. Prams sure have come along way in that short time! Love everything about the Mountain Buggy!

  104. Avatar of Alexandra

    I love how the buggy can go on all different surfaces meaning more adventures! How awesome

  105. Avatar of Pàmelà Biññie
    Pàmelà Biññie Reply

    I love how you can close it with one hand and how compact it is and how easy it is the train from one state to another

  106. Avatar of Nicantg

    With my bad back the mountain buggy looks like it will serve as a great benefit rather than hindrance..

  107. Avatar of Kerri Young
    Kerri Young Reply

    Light,compact and easy to fold-just what this first time Nana

  108. Avatar of Jen

    Loving the price. As a second pram for out and about that’s more practice nobody wants to spend a fortune again on a pram.

  109. Avatar of sam

    Finally, a practical and feature packed pram at a great price! Best feature: THE PRICE!

  110. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    So many great features!! I love how compact the Mountain Buggy swift Pram is.

  111. Avatar of Bonita Sommerauer
    Bonita Sommerauer Reply

    I love the bright colour and the compact size that you do not find in many of the off road prams.

  112. Avatar of Amber

    I love hiking and wasn’t sure how I would be able to continue that with a baby but this looks like it will make life a lot easier!

  113. Avatar of Sam Yuskan
    Sam Yuskan Reply

    I love that it has superior manoeuvrability and one hand fold! Having a baby and juggling a pram are always a nightmare, this makes it sooo easy

  114. Avatar of melfox

    For a sturdy stroller, I love how it folds up so compactly. This is very important when looking for a stroller.

  115. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I love how easily foldable it is and how smooth it is to manoeuvre. Such a great pram!

  116. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    What’s not to love, suitable for newborn to 4 years old, lightweight, stupendous accessorie, easy to manage turning circle, handlebar brakes (that’s really handy) has extra storage, and of course meets all Australian safety standards.

  117. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Love how compact it is, getting it in and out of the car should be a breeze!

  118. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that the Mountain Buggy Swift is light and compact making it easy to fit into the boot of my small car but robust enough to deal with any terrain.

  119. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    I love that the Mount Buggy Swift is so compactly designed making it easy to lift and fold.

  120. Avatar of Kelly N Phil Dixon
    Kelly N Phil Dixon Reply

    I love how the seat is reversable and how compact it is once folded down. Easy to get in and out of the car.

  121. Avatar of Ruth Crompton
    Ruth Crompton Reply

    I’m totally looking for a good walking pram to use whilst hubby & I bush walk on weekends, our little man is getting a bit big for the carrier!

  122. Avatar of Joanne Ravensdale
    Joanne Ravensdale Reply

    Great fashionable and sturdy pram without the ridiculous price tag

  123. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    The mountain bugger just swivels and glides along the rocky terrain, Gently going up and down the hills with me & the toddler aboard in a graceful and gentle rhythm like no other pram before us!

  124. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love everything about it, particularly the compact and lightweight design.

  125. Avatar of Rainata

    One pram from newborn to 4 years at an affordable price. #whatmorecouldyouwant #winning

  126. Avatar of Fiona and Shalimar

    I love that you can take it off-road (well, off-footpath). We don’t have a car, so I will be taking my baby everywhere using my own two legs and baby’s wheels. While staying on the footpath is all well and good, that means I can’t go across the park or on the nearby bush track,which means some really beautiful and calming walks are out of bounds. I love that it’s also versatile and easy to use on public transport (my wheels are those on buses and trains!), lightweight and compact. And when we do finally get a car, love that it can be adapted to be car-friendly. It’s my dream pram 🙂

  127. Avatar of E.

    That it’s going to make my wife very happy, looking great while being practical too.

  128. Avatar of Melanie Colovic
    Melanie Colovic Reply

    Easy to handle & push with minimal effort Looks great as well

  129. Avatar of Sue Perry

    The adaptability to use a capsule or a carry cot makes life so much easier

  130. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    Awesome accessories such as a lambswool liner and it carries kids up to 20kgs. Beauty!

  131. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel Barnett Reply

    ‘superior manoeuvrability’ is the only detail I need. The bonus is its easy fold and lightweight. Love everything about the Mountain Buggy Swift

  132. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Its so stylish and unique I just love it. The colours are great.

  133. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzie Reply

    Everything!! This pram looks amazing and so nifty! I suffer from sciatica as a result of carrying my beautiful bubbas, so a lightweight pram which looks super easy to fold and put away is a big, big wish for me!! Wow this pram just looks so amazing!! The winner will be one very lucky (and stylish) mumma!!

  134. Avatar of BJ Lee

    I love how it means that walking the pram can become adventure time for both me and my bub

  135. Avatar of Vicki Hemmings
    Vicki Hemmings Reply

    Great value, stylish, colourful, lightweight, folds away easily, go anywhere Mountain Buggy Swift !

  136. Avatar of Kimberly

    The pram is great in colour which makes it a stand out from other prams, so stylish, I love how if later you want to change the look of the pram theirs different fabrics and colours available . Love how the pram is also light weight which is fantastic and it easily folds away !, I also love how you can use it on mixed terrain since I walk everywhere this pram will make it alot easier and less stressful. I know I used love a lot but there’s a lot of features in this beautiful pram that’s makes it hard not to love this product.
    Best part the price of this pram is great !

  137. Avatar of Andy

    Like how it’s easy to steer with the single wheel in front, plenty of storage space making it a sought after pram.

  138. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d look great cruising down the high street and better yet it’d be super easy to maneuver with one hand while sipping on my latte.

  139. Avatar of Christy d

    Going off road with a pram like this would be a lot easier for us as we are a family my that liked to get out and enjoy the outdoors a lot. The tyres look precedent for this.

  140. Avatar of Penne

    An off road buggy, you can’t get better than that. Comfort and reliability.
    An all terrain buggy that goes anywhere with REAL wheels that aren’t flimsy…that’s what I love.

  141. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda Belinda Reply

    It’s value for money and stylish! Would love to have it!

  142. Avatar of EhVee

    I’m a big fan of how compact it is, especially when folded. It makes it a lot easier for transport and storage.

  143. Avatar of Andrea Blease
    Andrea Blease Reply

    This looks great and easy to use as well as being safe for bub

  144. Avatar of Ryan

    The fact it is light to lift weighing only 9.1kg means it will be easy to get into the car boot for my wife.

  145. Avatar of Jud Peters
    Jud Peters Reply

    This ‘Buggy’ is fantastically versatile, looks great and very affordable! Love it!

  146. Avatar of Katharine Wilks
    Katharine Wilks Reply

    Whats not to like, it has an easy to adjust handle, so its great for me are my hubby to use, no more kicking at the wheels a hundred times to try to apply the stupid breaks the leaver at the handle is fantastic, the straps on the harness are actually adjustable, no engineering degree required and the clip means no more pinched skin! On top of all of the excellent features it is super easy to fold AND it folds up small enough to fit in my car with the baby! This is a well designed pram with parent and child in mind i absolutely love it.

  147. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    With its compact frame, easy
    maneuverability and painless collapsibility my Husband will have no excuses not
    to be able to use it too!

  148. Avatar of Abigail Black
    Abigail Black Reply

    Love the fact it has got adaptors so you can use you baby capsule for a seamless car to pram transition.

  149. Avatar of stacey coppin
    stacey coppin Reply

    I love the style of the Mountain buggy swift and how easy it is to fold. The colours are gorgeous too!

  150. Avatar of kelly Baldock
    kelly Baldock Reply

    I love the look of the mountain buggy swift and how practicable it is from how light and easy to steer to the age and weight limit. It is just an all round awesome pram

  151. Avatar of Alexandra Riley
    Alexandra Riley Reply

    Love the new buggy! I love how light it is carry and the new vibrant colours it comes in!

  152. Avatar of Natasha McRae
    Natasha McRae Reply

    So in love with this! Its both light and easy to use, looks fabulous, and the colour vibrancy is gorgeous! It has everything a new mum wants and more!

  153. Avatar of Andrea Dinan
    Andrea Dinan Reply

    A perfect pram for any Occassion! I love how the pram can glide along the beach, and on tougher terrain than other prams, is lightweight, and so cute also!!

  154. Avatar of Tambo

    I love that it’s light, durable and will be able to come on any adventure with us

  155. Avatar of Tina c

    Woww. Perfect timing as we are currently looking for a pram for my MIL who will be looking after our now 4mth old when i return to work in a couple of weeks. She has a stroller already however after suffering a heart attack and stroke earlier this year, she is now unable to unbuckle tbe safety harness and the footbrake is awkward for her to reach, meaning we are now on the hunt for a new pram or stroller that is suitable for an elderly person to utilise. It is NOT easy!! The combination of the safety harness buckle feature, the handbrake and the one handed fold and unfold design features of the Mountain Buggy Swift Pram would make her life remarkably easier. We have investigated care options for our little one but my MIL insists on caring for her saying it is the only reason she has to look forward and is her inspiration to keep getting better each day. I would be forever grateful if we wete gifted one of these amazing prams beacuse i know just how much of a difference this would make to both their lives.

  156. Avatar of Annie Tidey
    Annie Tidey Reply

    Easy to push and air filled tyres for going over all types of surfaces is wonderful for someone like me with rheumatoid arthritis.

  157. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    l love that this is light weight, as so many prams are seriously not well designed and are so heavy to . this really would be an incredible prize

  158. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    being lightweight is fantastic , and also being easy to push

  159. Avatar of Erin Jane Le Good
    Erin Jane Le Good Reply

    I love everything about this pram! I especially love how light weight and compact it is and the one handed fold would be so so handy for me right now when trying to juggle bags, a baby and a 4yo all on a time schedule! I need this pram in my life!!

  160. Avatar of Rebecca Benson
    Rebecca Benson Reply

    Expecting my first bub and have heard great recommendations about this pram. I love that it is easy to maneuver, is lightweight and looks great too.

  161. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell Reply

    The Mountain Buggy Swift would be ideal for tackling my local footpaths, we have had several near topples which is so frightening.

  162. Avatar of silver101

    I love that it is a very lightweight buggy as we carry around so much these days when taking care of children that we forget about the damage it can do to our bodies.

  163. Avatar of Stacey Wilson
    Stacey Wilson Reply

    Everyone I have spoken to has recommended this pram!! I love all of its features and look comfy!! Baby is going to be very lucky!!

  164. Avatar of Lynette Wicks
    Lynette Wicks Reply

    Air filled tyres, lightweight and easy to manouvre. Very stylish.

  165. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    love that its light weight and manouves with ease perfect as i have a really bad back and hate anything heavy and awkward

  166. Avatar of Kylie T

    The Mountain Buggy’s superior manoeuvrability is one of a kind
    Beautiful aesthetics and diverse practicality; intrinsically entwined
    Every day mum & bub will be happy/ready to explore
    A wondrous world of fun-filled adventures galore
    Compact, bang on budget and driving like a dream
    It is the ultimate, urban & sleek family travel machine!

  167. Avatar of Anna Elle

    The all terrain wheels of the Mountain Buggy Swift mean that it’ll never get bogged down where other strollers fear to roam!

  168. Avatar of David B

    one hand fast fold, so you keep your latte in your other hand 🙂

  169. Avatar of Rachael Brown
    Rachael Brown Reply

    I have a permanent back injury so the lightweight and easy fold are essential for me. It would also be great not to have the entire boot space of our giant commodore taken up by one pram!

  170. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire Thrower Reply

    Love that it is lightweight and easy to fold, my current pram is so heavy and awkward would be lovely to have a new sleek and stylish one and no back pain.

  171. Avatar of cassie_barker
    cassie_barker Reply

    So easy to manoeuvre and light weight for getting in and out of the car.

  172. Avatar of Sonia Tully
    Sonia Tully Reply

    Mountain Buggy Swift is light weight and easy to push and lift, adjustable from baby’s first day into their early years and compact for storing Love it all boxes ticked

  173. Avatar of Emma Robinson
    Emma Robinson Reply

    It’s got personality – it’s swift, light and gorgeous. People are going to stop me in the street – not to check out the baby, but the pram! Did someone say showstopper?

  174. Avatar of Zoe Marshall
    Zoe Marshall Reply

    I’m not incredibly strong so I love the lightweight design!

  175. Avatar of Trudy M

    It drives like a dream, that is awesome as current pram in like a tank and super frustrating trying to push and move it about.

  176. Avatar of Lisa Singh
    Lisa Singh Reply

    It drives like a dream?
    On that function alone- I’m sold! I’m keen!
    I need a pram that manoeuvres without fuss-
    There’s nothing worse than pushing a pram that drives like a bus!
    The horror you feel as it slowly veers to the right-
    Aiming (always!) for the most breakable and expensive display in sight!
    The Mountain Buggy Swift could cure my shopping nightmares-
    Its stearing prowess deserving of others’ envious stares!

  177. Avatar of Lorraine Reid
    Lorraine Reid Reply

    I Love the style of the Mountain Buggy swift Pram and how light it is! No wonder it’s called ‘swift’, I will be able to move swiftly from place to place!

  178. Avatar of austhome

    So eassy that even a mere male like me can fold it up and put it in the boot.

  179. Avatar of Iain Durham
    Iain Durham Reply

    Looks great and the 3 blowup wheels looks perfect for getting off road

  180. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    I love that it’s a one hand fold so that it makes life that much easier.

  181. Avatar of Maria

    Love the Mountain Bugg but most importantly my bub will love it. The smooth ride, the gorgeous colour, the nice fabric and soft padding.

  182. Avatar of Kym Finnigan
    Kym Finnigan Reply

    I love the convenience of being able to take it anywhere, as i want to be out and about, active as possible with my little bundle of joy. And what better way then with a lightweight, mountain buggy swift that i can fold away one handed and store in the boot with ease.

  183. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon Johnson Reply

    How compact it is and how easily it is popped together. Fits neatly in the boot with plenty of space for other essentials.

  184. Avatar of Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell Reply

    I love the swift because its practical and simple to use but still keeps a stylish look. i think bub will be very cosy in this pram.

  185. Avatar of Cassie Quinnell
    Cassie Quinnell Reply

    Divine looking pram that is also practical and at a decent price point what’s not to love!

  186. Avatar of Kylie McSorley
    Kylie McSorley Reply

    Looks super stylish with great functionality! It’s a must try!

  187. Avatar of Danielle Darragh
    Danielle Darragh Reply

    I love the versatility. The ability to change all the different parts to adapt to the different ages.

  188. Avatar of Katelles

    Love that it is super compact to fit in my small boot and lightweight.

  189. Avatar of Sara Debono
    Sara Debono Reply

    Easy to move around and go everywhere! Great for weekend outings, and looks good too!

  190. Avatar of Nicolemit

    I love the compact frame but my fav feature is that the wheels would handle the gravel paths surrounding our regional home easily!

  191. Avatar of Makayla Chau
    Makayla Chau Reply

    I love the fact that it’s stylish and compact! And I also love that it’s easy to push

  192. Avatar of Sarah Jimenez
    Sarah Jimenez Reply

    I love the modern look and range of colours along with how compact it is, being only 9.1kg is much lighter then my current pram.
    Also the fact it is easy to push and take off road is fantastic.

  193. Avatar of Natalie Lee
    Natalie Lee Reply

    I love that it is compact but without losing all the great features mountain buggy is known for

  194. Avatar of harriet capes
    harriet capes Reply

    Best buggy ever, this one. So eeeasy to fold and pop in the car.

  195. Avatar of Stacy Hudson
    Stacy Hudson Reply

    Never used, but it looks great and the features look as though it’ll be a delight.

  196. Avatar of Selina Hoyer
    Selina Hoyer Reply

    One hand folding… since I only ever have 1 hand free is perfect!

  197. Avatar of Anna Kirby
    Anna Kirby Reply

    Beyond the amazing yellow colour, I love the idea of one-handed folding… much easier to wrangle my toddler with a hand free!

  198. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison Humble Reply

    I love its style, so funky. I also love how it is compact once folded.

  199. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    I love how it’s light weight & grows with your baby, plus the funky colours are fantastic & one hand fold is perfect when juggling little ones.

  200. Avatar of Dee Margot
    Dee Margot Reply

    I love the funky yellow colour! So bright and cheery and great for a unisex pram!

  201. Avatar of Lizzy Archer
    Lizzy Archer Reply

    When visting Cafés for a bite
    I bump into EVERY table in sight
    So I love that the Mountain Buggy Swift’s turning circle is tight!!!

  202. Avatar of Jessica Louise
    Jessica Louise Reply

    I love the colour choice, the fact that mountain buggy are known for strong, reliable prams (my urban elite has been going since 2010), and that new harness is amazing!

  203. Avatar of Rebecca McKenzie
    Rebecca McKenzie Reply

    I love the look and comfort. Compact is a definite selling point for me. ☺

  204. Avatar of Michelle Somerville
    Michelle Somerville Reply

    I love that they are so durable, I have friends with them and they have been used so much and you’d just never know. They are compact but sturdy!

  205. Avatar of Donna 'Scanlan' Seymour
    Donna 'Scanlan' Seymour Reply

    I have recommended Mountain Buggy Swift to my friend who is having her first baby.

  206. Avatar of MrsGreen

    Love that it’s reversible when they are newborns, the size of it up as well as folded so it will fit into most cars (and leave space for shopping☺️), great looking and if it manoeuvres as they say it does it an all round dream really.

  207. Avatar of Ashleigh Wieland
    Ashleigh Wieland Reply

    Wow this looks so nice and compact and easy to move around when travelling on the train and in the city. My little boy would love zooming around in it!!

  208. Avatar of Dana

    It looks so sleek and sexy, not to mention practical and light weight. What’s not to love?

  209. Avatar of cart BOX

    I just love the slewk design and it’s so easily transported!

  210. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    The thing I love most is the yellow colour – it’s so bright and cheerful, even in cold weather.

  211. Avatar of Monique C

    It’s a different that’s what I love the most not just any regular pram

  212. Avatar of Claire A

    Everything-looks a dream to handle, looks great and stylish, without being pretentious, and doesn’t fold to be massive like some others!

  213. Avatar of Jean

    I love the Year of the Rooster design, my son will be born int he Year of the Rooster so I think this would suit him perfectly!

  214. Avatar of Joanna Clare
    Joanna Clare Reply

    I love the slim design with easy all-terrain handling – would be perfect for chasing after Miss 5 and Mr 3 while little Mr 1 rides in the pram!!

  215. Avatar of Laura McFace
    Laura McFace Reply

    I love how light it is and how well it would do on the bumpy dirt roads around our house!

  216. Avatar of Amy Desmond
    Amy Desmond Reply

    The light grey is so stylish! These prams are amazing to push and air filled tyres are a dream on rough terrain! ❤

  217. Avatar of Carly Wilder
    Carly Wilder Reply

    I love the one handed assembly. My Bub hates the car once it stops so the faster I can get the pram out the better!

  218. Avatar of Nicole W

    The Mountain Buggy Swift looks like a great pram. It looks compact and stylish and easy to fold down but is still practical with a large storage basket, 20kg weight limit and option to have the front wheel swivel or stay straight. I would love to win one to replace my big bulky, heavy pram.

  219. Avatar of Crystal Leung Cole
    Crystal Leung Cole Reply

    It’s so beautifully designed! Lightweight and compact 🙂

  220. Avatar of Karlew

    I love the ease of use and the various terrains it will effortlessly handle.

  221. Avatar of Tram Anh Thai
    Tram Anh Thai Reply

    Love the handlebar brake, beautiful design and that you can personalise the pram with different colours/designs

  222. Avatar of Danielle Adam
    Danielle Adam Reply

    I love the push, but mostly the large basket!! It’s not easy finding a pram with a big basket to store all the baby needs and also is a low price. It ticks so many must have boxes for me!

  223. Avatar of NikkiBikkie
    NikkiBikkie Reply

    Strong and sturdy but still affordable with on trend fabrics and sporty looks, I love 3 wheelers and this one looks like it’s made it to the top of my favourites list!

  224. Avatar of Loretta Rosati
    Loretta Rosati Reply

    I love that you can use it on mixed terrain, which means you can take it everywhere!!

  225. Avatar of Kate

    Omg I am obsessed with the year of the rooster fabric! Plus I love how versatile it is

  226. Avatar of Aliesha Stroombergen
    Aliesha Stroombergen Reply

    Lightweight, compact fold, large basket and i just looks so comfy!

  227. Avatar of Anita O'Meara
    Anita O'Meara Reply

    I like that this pram meets Australian Standards as well as being light and compact. It has a nice fun and bright design.

  228. Avatar of Cecile Anne
    Cecile Anne Reply

    I like that its stylish & lightweight. Looks like itll be easy to get in & out of the car!

  229. Avatar of Sarra

    I like the one hand standing fold. I’m always trying to hold my son in one arm and argue with the pram with the other.

  230. Avatar of Kay Dillon
    Kay Dillon Reply

    The all-terrain wheels would mean we could get out and about on our property and enjoy walks with the dog checking crops and stock without getting bogged or caught up!

  231. Avatar of Whitney Ellem
    Whitney Ellem Reply

    The one handed standing fold is such a great feature! Compared to my big double pram that I have to pull apart to fit in the car, this sounds like a dream!

  232. Avatar of Lauren Barry
    Lauren Barry Reply

    First time Mum seeking easy to use pram – this checks all the boxes! Seems like it is completely user friendly for a novice, no instructions required, allowing precious time to simply focus on the onboard cargo!!!

  233. Avatar of Jo Ackerley
    Jo Ackerley Reply

    I have a 8,7 and 1 yr old and have only had mountain buggy peaks. Woul love a brand new one!

  234. Avatar of Brooke Jones
    Brooke Jones Reply

    What isn’t to like! As an expecting first time Mum and so many options these days, the Mountain Buggy Swift sounds to good to be true.

  235. Avatar of Sarah James
    Sarah James Reply

    Easy to use. Great for first timers and experienced parents

  236. Avatar of Darcie

    Love that it’s lightweight, easy to steer and the one handed fold – something I’m really noticing with our current pram

  237. Avatar of sarah

    I have had a few different prams over the years- the Mountain Buggy Swift looks to be by far the best. Lightweight,easy to maneuver, single fold and most importantly comfortable for Bub you cant go wrong!

  238. Avatar of Michelle Gray
    Michelle Gray Reply

    I love “the push” on the Mountain Buggy Swift, our current pram is more like “a drag”, which doesn’t allow us to spend much time exploring the beautiful Murray River we have here in Mildura.

  239. Avatar of Aaron L

    I’m very active and Swift is great for active lifestyle. I can jog around with it.

  240. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I only have 1 good hand due to deformities from rheaumatoid arthritis and therefore 1 handed fold is a lifesaver

  241. Avatar of Kylie Marie
    Kylie Marie Reply

    The handlebar brake!! For when my toddler makes a dash and the bub is in the pram. Oh and that it goes up to 20kg- for when all else fails and the toddler needs to be contained!

  242. Avatar of Alison

    Wow What an Amazing pram. it looks stylish, is compact, easy to use and great for all terrains. it has it all I would love to own the Mountain Buggy Swift!!

  243. Avatar of Johannah Mars
    Johannah Mars Reply

    My favourite part is the one hand standing fold! With a 2 year old toddler, nothing could be worse than fiddling with lots of clips to assemble the pusher!

  244. Avatar of Deb R

    Not only is the Mountain Buggy Swift, incredibly convenient but also a gorgeous accessory to any mother or father out and about.

  245. Avatar of Georgie L

    Everything about it is perfect for our Aussie adventure. Lightweight, easy to use, all terrain tyres!

  246. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    Love the manoeuvrability and its compact size. But am extremely impressed with its lightness and the ease of removing wheels so i can easily get in my cars tiny boot.

  247. Avatar of Amy Whitelaw
    Amy Whitelaw Reply

    Love everything Mountain Buggy. Would love the Swift because its all terrain to take my baby walking but also compact to fit in our small boot and looks great out and about at the shops or in a restaurant.

  248. Avatar of Danielle

    It encourages more activity while looking stylish and is clearly of high quality

  249. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love how light it is. At 9.1kg you could carry it under one arm unlike those heavier prams/strollers. I also love that it’s the only pram needed since its suitable from birth to 4 and up to 20kg. It’s fantastic

  250. Avatar of klo

    I love the Mountain Buggys superior manoeuvrability, especially as we live down a dirt track it would tackle this easily.

  251. Avatar of Lauren Rofe
    Lauren Rofe Reply

    Oh how I need the one-hand standing fold! My current pram is bulky and heavy and everything the Mountain Buggy swift is not!

  252. Avatar of chrisbabe1971
    chrisbabe1971 Reply

    You sometime need an engineering degree to work a pram. This looks perfect

  253. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    Light weight and easy to use, plus being strong to withstand any walking paths, I real must have.

  254. Avatar of Helen shi

    I love that this does parent facing!! I think that’s a huge benefit over the main competitor for this Pram which I think is the Baby Jogger city mini gt.

  255. Avatar of Smilie2601
    Smilie2601 Reply

    Hygienically designed.
    VROOMING! MUNCHING! STROLLING all intertwined!
    “Outdoor Adventures” the buggy inspires,
    Limited effort opening/closing buggy requires.
    20kg child weight!
    Eliminating back pain my fate!

  256. Avatar of justinedrake
    justinedrake Reply

    The compact design wins me over,
    Because in my car I can barely fit rover!!

  257. Avatar of lexi

    Would love a pram that looks stylish while still being easy to manoeuvre. The Mountain buggy swift is a great size and I love that its perfect to buzz around the shops or for taking a leisurely walk to the park.

  258. Avatar of Renee Kruizinga-Hewlitt
    Renee Kruizinga-Hewlitt Reply

    This pram would be absolutely amazing, I love the design and it is so stylish. Other mums would have pram envy <3

  259. Avatar of Me Rrr

    I need a pram that can pop gutters easy and go the distance in the inner city. I love to walk and jog and with this pram there’s no reason for me to give that up.

  260. Avatar of Stacey

    It’s a pram that ticks all the boxes. And the one hand standing fold – Genius!

  261. Avatar of Alice Sati
    Alice Sati Reply

    This looks fantastic, I would be forever grateful If I was to win this.

  262. Avatar of Chrissy07

    I like the idea of it being easy to manoeuvre (hope I spelled it right) and it folds up small. Thankyou!

  263. Avatar of Gail Davies
    Gail Davies Reply

    Love the design and colours ,,, perfect for my new grandchild due today !!!

  264. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally Jones Reply

    It’s pram perfection! Having had a son 10 months ago and making the choice to buy a big heavy pram…I’m absolutely in love with this lightweight, easy to collapse and easy to use Mountain Buggy Swift. I know first hand how a nimble pram can make life easier, especially when you have a hungry baby, it’s pouring with rain or blistering hot & you didn’t jag the pram park at the shops. Something that’s this functional would make everyday trips so much lighter and more free! Would love and value this swift!

  265. Avatar of Janelle Dowton
    Janelle Dowton Reply

    The Mountain Buggy Swift;
    Would be the ultimate gift,
    Easy on the eye and designed for practicality,
    And better yet delivers super manoeuvrability!

  266. Avatar of Laura Nathan
    Laura Nathan Reply

    I love the added bonus of the handle bar break! I can safely stop my little one quickly and still manage to kick back the ball to my quick paced 3 year old. Just another one of the multi tasking wonders of motherhood made easier with Mountain Buggy Swift!

  267. Avatar of Lisa

    This Pram makes me look forward to getting back to running (rather than just the toddling around that I am doing at the moment). I love the fact that it can cope with different terrain and has a handle bar break. Plus it can connect with a carrycot so it’s practical plus stylish ❤️

  268. Avatar of Runlate

    Daughter in law is 13 weeks pregnant. She is a cross country junkie and walks for km’s. She needs a versatile, light weight, safe buggie to enjoy her activities which help with mental health. I would love to present her with this. She is a beautiful girl and cherishes my son.

  269. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I love the practicality of being able to go off road, and I love the vibrant colours it comes in

  270. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary Whitta Reply

    Great pram just the thing for Grannies and Mums wanting to keep fit whilst enjoying our little ones!

  271. Avatar of Bella Ri

    Easy to use so my little one can ride in style with incredible comfort! So many compartments, lightweight, easy to put away and the first I’ve seen that doesn’t need to be used on footpaths alone, which is awesome! We have a lot of parks and grass areas around my suburb and this would be the most amazing pram to use!

  272. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    The Mountain Buggy Swift looks great;
    And the tight turning circle is something I rate!
    Superior manoeuvrability to simplify mum life,
    A dream to push; no more stuck-wheel-on-door-track-strife!
    But my absolute favourite thing about the Mountain Buggy Swift:
    Is how compact and light into the car it is to lift!

  273. Avatar of Amy

    Versatile and ease of use is the number one feature that is seeked for in a pram and Mountain Buggy Swift fits all catagories as well as been super stylish!

  274. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    This is a slimline pram that is all terrain so you can take it hiking, beach trips or to the shopping center. I love the kerb pop feature too and look and durability of the fabrics

  275. Avatar of Kristina

    It’s the swiss army knife of prams. Go anywhere do anything. Love it!

  276. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne Lillington Reply

    A lightweight pram that does need a degree to fold down and up, with wheels that make it easy to push.

  277. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I love the the pram is like a “mountain bike” version of bikes.
    Now I have no excuse not to explore more.

  278. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    I love explore different places with my baby. This pram is what I want for him.

  279. Avatar of Kelly

    I like that it has all wheels attached, unlike my current pram, the wheels on the bus (pram) do not go round and round (anymore)

  280. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    The incredible Mountain Buggy swift Pram will have me doing a “Sound of Music” ie climbing every mountain

  281. Avatar of Jay T

    Super compact (to fit in my tiny run down car) and ridiculously stylish. Plus my little one would look so cool riding around in it 🙂

  282. Avatar of Span

    I love how it folds up to be so compact and easy to use. Only having 1 hand to do anything makes a much better reason to utilise such a handy buggy!

  283. Avatar of Laura Wade
    Laura Wade Reply

    I love the idea of it being so lightweight and not having to be pulled apart to fold down. It would be so much easier to fit into my car than my current monstrosity.

  284. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    The versatility! Being able to walk the aisles of all my favourite shops and then head outside to enjoy the best nature has to offer without missing a beat, perfect!

  285. Avatar of Lesleigh

    The one hand standing fold is a marvelous idea and will take so much frustration out of errands with bub

  286. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia Jane Reply

    “A pleasure to push”. I love that something symbolising the end of pregnancy can be described this way! How perfect for my bumpy street with breaks in the pavement, and our local park full of muddy puddles.

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