This month we hit the Mum Central Kitchen to trial and review some fabulous festive food from Jamie Oliver, just in time for your Christmas celebrations.

We downloaded four Jamie Oliver dishes we’d be happy to serve for Chrissy from the selection of Jamie Oliver recipes on the Woolworths website, printed off the very convenient shopping lists, filled our trolley and got to work.

Click on each image to take you to the step by step recipe and hear what we had to say!

Be sure to enter the competition at the bottom of each page to WIN a Jamie Oliver Gourmet Hamper or a $50 WISH Gift Card thanks to Woolworths! 

Crunchy Cajun Chicken with Barbecued Corn and Zingy Slaw

Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Pine Nuts

Sticky Barbecued Prawn Salad
Sticky Barbecued Prawn Salad

Down Under Berry Pav
Down Under Berry Pav

The Verdict?

This was a crazy amount of FUN! Two chicks in the kitchen trying cooking techniques we had never done before like making stuffing and gravy from scratch and tying up a leg of lamb. I surprised my two sons who are home on school holidays by cooking at the barbecue [yes kids, girls can cook a bbq too!] and I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying a store-bought pavlova!

Don’t be misled though. We have new found respect for those of you who work in a kitchen for a living! It is a lot of fun, but it’s exhausting too. We totally earned our delicious dinners that night and, yes, I did have two serves of dessert.

If you decide to give any of these a go, we’d love to hear what your verdict is and if there’s a recipe you’d like us to review for you – just let us know in the comments and we’ll give it a red hot go!

But wait there’s more!! In addition to our tips in the kitchen, we have 2 x $50 Wish Cards and 2 x Jamie Oliver Gourmet Hampers to GIVE AWAY. So what are you waiting for? Check out the recipes above, tell us what you think and get ready to be wowed!

Bon appetit!

Bel and Tan x


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