Mum Fired After Boss Complains He Can Hear Her Kids on Background Calls

Working from home. In theory, it sounds glorious – no commuting, no need to put on office clothing, no daycare drop offs. But, as countless parents around the world have now discovered, it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds, especially if you have the kids at home with you.

With the kids back at school and many offices in Australia opening their doors, our work worlds are starting to return to normal. But this isn’t the case in America. The country remains on strict lockdown as they try to get on top of the pandemic.

Another big difference between working parents in America is that most daycares are also closed. Working parents with small children are thus working from home without being able to do the daycare drop off.

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Dris and daughter. Source: Instagram

Mum speaks out after ‘discrimination’

One mum who is trying to balance work and mumming is Dris, aka Modern Cali Mum. She lives in California and has two young children. She also recently lost her job. Why?

As Dris puts it, “for not being able to keep my one-year-old quiet for a business call and for not being able to turn something around in 5 minutes when my baby wants a snack.

Dris shared her story on Instagram and has received an outpouring of support ever since.

Mum fired while working from home

28 days ago I finally had enough of the discrimination that my boss was giving me for him not being okay with hearing my kids in the background on calls.

He wanted me to figure out a way to keep the kids quiet.

I went to Human Resources with proof of what was going for the last 3 months and 7 days later AFTER that I got fired. [Before this] I was told I had a bright future. That I was doing very well in my position! 

Worked around the clock

Mum fired working from home with kids
Dris with her two young children. Source: Instagram

Dris continues, explaining just how hard it is to entertain small children 24/7 and meet deadlines and WE HEAR YA DRIS! It’s bloody impossible!!!

The last 3 months I have worked around the clock from home while watching my two toddlers. I have met all the deadlines they have asked me for, even the unrealistic ones.

The situation that I had endured the last 3 months is beyond stressful. How does a company that says that they understand and will work around the schedule of parents do the complete opposite with their actions? 

I’m devastated. I have poured hours, tears, sweats, delayed giving my child a snack when he wanted one because my boss needed me to do something right away. And what did I get in return? FIRED!

No working mother should be discriminated against

 No working mother should be discriminated against especially during these times. We are in tough times right now. This situation would have been temporary.

IT’S NOT OKAY to have to feel that your boss is making you pick your work over your kids during these times!”

Since posting her situation on Instagram, the support for Dris has poured in. Many parents have admitted that their workplace isn’t exactly being supportive during the COVID crisis while others are asking her to name and shame the company (which she hasn’t done).

Her message is definitely making waves across social media, but will it have any impact on how employers treat their employees who are also parents?

We shall wait and see.

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