Kinder Scolds Melbourne Mum For Sending Lamington in Child’s Lunch Box

 When is a lamington not JUST a lamington?

When it becomes an object of lunch box contention, as one Victorian mum recently found out.

7News Melbourne reports that a kindergarten kid was sent home with the lamington uneaten and a lunch-shaming note for mum. The note warned that the cake “does not comply with the school’s nutrition policy” and that it isn’t lunch box suitable.

school lamington note
Source: 7News Melbourne

“Please don’t send this item in your child’s lunch again,” the note stated.

The mother hit back at the kinder’s food police, informing them that the chocolate sponge only contains 40 calories (leading us to believe it must have been a ‘lamington finger’ as opposed to a full size, classic cake.)

The social media response was swift, with parents bemoaning the policing of lunch boxes by school staff. Lunch box treats and juice drinks are on many schools’ hit lists amid growing concerns about childhood obesity. But parents are angry about the “shaming” that happens if they send a little treat for their child to enjoy.

No cake for you!

This isn’t the first time school lunch boxes have hit the headlines. In February 2017, a South Australian mother received a note from her child’s pre-school reprimanding her for sending a chocolate slice.

chocolate slice note to parent

Of course, the promotion of healthy eating for kids should be a priority. But there’s also something to be said for a balanced approach to food. You can check out the current government guidelines for lunch boxes here.

And while a lamington might not be the healthiest lunch box addition, it’s not as big a lunch box fail as this mum, who accidentally sent a frozen vodka and raspberry pouch to school for her five-year-old’s lunch!

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