Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, my friends. Is love in the air? Is romance on the cards? Or are you laughing like a crazy lady just about now – ‘cause you have little kids in your house too?

Fancy pressies and lavish tokens of affection are all perfectly lovely (yes, Tiffany’s, we mean you.) But, hey listen, there’s heaps of other stuff that would be Just. Freaking. Awesome.

So if you need a few hints for your other half, we’ve got you. Read on, then print and leave in appropriate – read: utterly bloody obvious – place.

A massive lie-in

Oh sleep, how we love you. How we miss you. Yes, we’re dab hands with an under eye concealer and can rock it like a pro on 3.5 hours sleep a night. But give the gift of more shut-eye, Valentine,and we’ll be very happy mamas. Add an afternoon nap into that and we’ll be bloody ecstatic.(Wake us with wine and you’re frankly a demi-god).

A snot / dribble free outfit

For longer than the first half hour of the day.

The longest shower - ever

We’re talking really long. Alone. With no little people in the bathroom… watching, talking, and licking the shower glass. Time to wash AND condition hair. Time for (dare we?) a hair mask. We’re aiming for prune-like fingers and toes. Heaven.

A conversation

Which starts with ‘Honey, I’ve booked the babysitter.’ Then ends with ‘And here’s your glass of wine’.

Nappy duties

To be relieved of nappy duties for the day. Or at least the really messy ones.


A posh restaurant isn’t necessary. Any dinner where we don’t have to worry about the baby shot-putting her peas from the high chair, or the toddler attempting to stuff sausage up her nose is a treat enough. Even a take-away dinner is fine (no, not Macca’s.)And don’t forget the wine.


The ones that make the kids gag would do nicely, thanking you.

Peace and quiet for 10 minutes

Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Too much, eh? Well it was worth a try…

A handmade Valentine's card

Hey, who needs Hallmark? We want a wonky glitter-splatted card, co-created by tiny hands and one enthusiastic glue-covered Daddy. Then present us with wine.

A big fat reminder

We’re still the hot young sexy thing you fell for. Despite the stretch marks. And the inability to stay awake past 8pm. And the snot /dribble covered outfit.


Did we mention wine?

So lads, the hints are there. You know what they say about happy wives and happy lives right? So we know what’s on your list fellas (or we’d take a confident guess!) And if you’re smart you’ll know the principle of give and take. So let’s all scratch one another’s back this Valentines and it’ll be a happy holiday for all. Because, wine. We mentioned it right?


Sacha has been a writer and journalist for over a decade. A happy mama of two, wife to one, Sacha is a lover of books, wine and sleep - all of which she would generally like more of!

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