NEW: Meet Mumma Owl, the Portable Breast Pump for Mums on the Go!

There’s a new breast pump bursting onto the scene and we’re pumped to show you what it can do!  Meet Mumma Owl – a hands-free, wearable and portable breast pump with impressive pumping action, an affordable price tag and cool features that have never been seen in Australia before. There is nothing else like it on the market, and it is sure to become every pumping mum’s breast friend.

The Mumma of Portable Breast Pumps

Mumma Owl is the newest member of The Night Owl family, and we predict it will be loved just as much as all the other The Night Owl breast pumps. This Melbourne company is known for its excellent customer service, fast and free shipping and impressive breast pumps that come with a five-star review rating.

While Mumma Owl may be the big boss, she’s certainly no heavyweight! Mumma Owl is lightweight, compact and incredibly discreet all the while serving up the best pumping action and gentle suction. She’s efficient, gentle and versatile – she’s a Mumma, after all!

Meet Mumma Owl, your new breast friend. Source: Supplied

Why go wearable? 

Gone are the days of mums being stuck by an outlet, holding onto their pump while also attempting to keep a baby occupied. There is so much to love about wearable breast pump technology! Wearable breast pumps are battery-operated, rechargeable, and compact.

Also gone are the days of having to listen to that annoying DOOF DOOF DOOF sucking sound every time you pump. The whole experience of pumping was a chore, and it’s one of the contributing factors to why many mums decided to end their breastfeeding journey.

Pump and pat Bub to sleep… your new multitasking level unlocked. Source: Supplied

We’re so happy to see that this isn’t the case anymore, and we love how the Mumma Owl portable breast pump has transformed the expression experience into something mums can do anytime, anywhere, and without even thinking about it.

Mumma Owl is hands-free, portable and designed for all breasts. Whether you’re an everyday expresser, a once-a-week pumper, a mega milk machine maker or a slow and steady stream, Mumma Owl will ensure a convenient way to express the liquid gold without stress or discomfort.

Let’s take a closer look at what this mighty machine can do.

Find your perfect pumping level.

One of the most important things to look for in a breast pump is the suction power. Every mum is different regarding how much pressure they need to maximise their milk production, and the team at The Night Owl knows this. That’s why Mumma Owl comes with an impressive 15 levels of suction and four modes to choose from.

FUN FACT: No other breast pump in Australia offers this level of suction versatility for breastfeeding mums!

Get your time back with flexible pumping from Mumma Owl. Source: Supplied

Expressing is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and I know many mums who have hated pumping because their pump didn’t seem to gel with their breasts. Mumma Owl boasts hospital-grade suction split across 15 suction levels, making it easier to adapt to and find what works for you.

mum centralA BIT ABOUT FLANGES: The breast pump flange again should not be a “one-size-fits-all” scenario either. An incorrectly sized flange can often be to blame for poor milk expression and (sometimes) pain. Mumma Owl comes with two standard flange sizes to choose from – 24mm and 27mm.

Take a look at this breast pump fitting guide to see how to measure and find the right flange size for you. Some women will require a flange insert, which can be ordered directly through The Night Owl.

Extra Gentle Mode

If you’ve ever experienced discomfort from a breast pump that just sucks far too hard,  you’ll love Mumma Owl! One of Mumma Owl’s modes is extra gentle and is far gentler than any other model without compromising on power or performance. You’ll be able to express milk without that feeling that your nipples are being suctioned halfway into the pump.

Wear your Mumma Owl anywhere.

Mumma Owl fits into any bra or shirt without issues. You don’t need a special bra or any fancy go-go gadget to keep it in place, and you don’t need a degree in engineering to figure out how to take it apart or put it together.

Mumma Owl is one of the simplest portable breast pumps we’ve found.

The breast pump has four parts that pull apart for easy cleaning. Simply clean each part with warm water and soap – that’s it! The Mumma Owl can even stand independently, thanks to the little legs attached to the bottom of the collector cup. No more spilled milk! Hooray!

Source: Supplied

Pump, pause, pump again.

Another brilliant feature of the Mumma Owl portable breast pump is that you can pause your session anytime. The pump comes with an LED display that’s easy to navigate and includes a pause button. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we need to reset, and sometimes our breasts need a bit of a break in between sessions, or sometimes we get interrupted. Best of all, you don’t have to remove the breast pump, just start it up again once you’re ready to go and you’re back in business!

Depending on modes and intensities, each charge will get you around 90 minutes of pumping time (4 to 6 pumps). Once your battery runs low, simply charge it via the included USB-C cable. Recharging is quick, too, taking only 90 minutes for a fast charge. But are you really surprised that Mumma Owl is speedy? She’s a mum, after all, and mums don’t have time to waste on charge!

Recharging is quick and easy. Source: Supplied

Keep track of your milk production.

Mumma Owl is also a multitasking ninja who helps ensure you keep track of your sessions so you know exactly how much you are expressing. The easy-read digital timer kicks off the minute you start pumping, so you’ll always know exactly where you’re at and how long you’ve been pumping for!

Get a single or double Night Owl portable breast pump today!

There is a lot to love about Mumma Owl, the newest Night Owl portable breast pump. We love that Mumma Owl is smart, gentle, powerful and customisable, plus we also love how affordable she is! Baby gear is expensive, and it’s nice to know mums can still get the awesome breast pump that they deserve without it costing the earth.

Grab a solo hands-free breast pump for just $219, or double your efficiency with two pumps for only $379. Every Night Owl breast pump also comes with FREE & FAST SHIPPING, buy now, pay later options and a 12-month warranty.

mum central

Every breastfeeding journey is a little different, and sometimes it can be difficult. A quality breast pump goes a long way to maximise milk production and ensure expressing is convenient, comfortable and a seamless part of your day.

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