Mummy Smoothie Review by Optivance Receives Almost Perfect Score

Over the past three months, 16 pregnant and new mums have been busy behind the scenes for our Optivance Mummy Smoothie review, as they trial a delicious NEW range formulated specifically for women who are wanting to conceive, pregnant, navigating postpartum or breastfeeding.

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pregnancy/Preconception and the Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Breastfeeding have both been designed to help expecting and new mums get the daily dose of goodness their bodies need that tastes delicious. It’ll keep you going through the many highs and lows of both pregnancy and postpartum too.

mummy smoothie review sachets
Portable and convenient, Optivance’s breastfeeding smoothie is great at home or on the go. Source: Supplied

Easy to take, easy to make, and packed with loaded goodness for mum and bub, it’s no wonder they received a near-perfect score! Check out what our reviewers had to say about these pregnancy and breastfeeding smoothies.


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Simply add your favourite ingredients to the shake sachet and enjoy! Source: Supplied

We recently asked a group of mums to trial the Optivance Mummy Smoothie range. Our reviewers were based all over Australia and were all in different stages of their parenting journeys – both pregnancy and postpartum. One thing is clear – they all agreed that these smoothies were a gamechanger and an absolute godsend for busy mums. 

mummy smoothie reviewers
Mums from all around Australia helped us to trial and review the Mummy Smoothie. Source: Supplied

So what makes the Optivance Mummy Smoothie so different?

1. Firstly, they’re formulated specifically for pregnancy/preconception or breastfeeding.

Optivance’s Mummy Smoothie for pre-conception & pregnancy provides the nutrition required to support your own health and the safe development of your baby in an enjoyable daily smoothie which includes 100% of your recommended daily intake of Iodine, Calcium L-Methylfolate (activated folic acid)Vitamin C, D and is a good source of Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, protein, collagen, probiotics and DHA.  That’s a lot of goodness.

My vitamins and iron always seem to drop being pregnant, so I wanted to make sure that my body and baby got what it needed throughout this pregnancy.  Having the smoothie worked out so well, I incorporated it into my morning routine and it saved me from taking a tablet so large in size.Zoey

smoothie on the go
Just as easy to prepare on the run too! Source: Supplied

The Mummy Smoothie for breastfeeding is also formulated for breastfeeding mums and is designed to provide you with a daily dose of energy and nutrients and help with the healing process of birth. 

Each Mummy Smoothie for Breastfeeding Mums serving provides you with 21 vitamins and minerals (including 100% of your daily vitamin B, D and iron requirements), protein, collagen, DHA, probiotics and Galactagogues (i.e. fennel and fenugreek) to support milk supply.

Here’s what our mums had to say in our Mummy Smoothie review …

mum centralAs a working, breastfeeding mum, the Mummy Smoothie is a great way to start the day! I read through the ingredients before using and was very impressed with the number of beneficial nutrients specifically for women in this stage of life. – Rachel

mum central

I loved it. I was taking pure natural vitamins and it was making me really nauseous. So this was a great alternative and actually tasted so good at the same time!” – Alexandra

mum central

Optivance Mummy Smoothie is the perfect solution for mums looking to get their vitamin and mineral intake in a convenient and tasty drink rather than by taking supplements.” – Juliet

mummy smoothie ingredients
Simply add your favourite ingredients and enjoy! Source: Supplied

Several of our mums commented on the fact that the Mummy Smoothie for breastfeeding helped with their energy levels and milk supply, even with their postpartum hair loss.

As one reviewer tells Mum Central: 

Less sugar and junk food cravings, more stable blood sugar. Better mood. Constantly high milk supply. My postpartum hair loss had been so so bad. I’m sure my hair started looking healthier and thicker pretty soon after starting the smoothies!!

The best bit is knowing that I’m consuming something every morning which is designed exactly for where my body is at right now. Thank you Optivance!! I recommend this to all new mamas!” – Carlie

mummy smoothie review with twins
Let’s face it, we all need extra energy with little people to chase after! Source: Supplied

2. The convenience without the sickness or the tablet

Many of our pregnant triallers admitted that they had trouble taking pregnancy supplements in a tablet form. Not only because they are hard to swallow but also because they can cause nausea.

mummy smoothie review in the car
Source: Supplied

With the Mummy Smoothies, this isn’t an issue at all. All you need to do is open a sachet, add milk, water, fruit – whatever you want, and drink.

They are so easy to take on the go with you too. Simply pop one in your bag to mix up when on the go.

mummy smoothie review on the go
Perfect for on the go, the sachets keep it mess-free and convenient. Source: Supplied

I love that each serving was individually packaged which saves a lot of time having to measure out the required amount. It had a delicious vanilla flavour and was super easy to make with a little water and fruit of my choice (banana all the way!) Easy to consume as well. I just poured it from the blender into a cup with some ice.”Annabel

3. The taste is mild and pleasant

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie range is designed by a nutritionist and a mum who knows ALL too well how fickle our tummies can be during pregnancy.

That’s why she made these smoothies with a very mild taste – a perfect base for whatever cravings you’re having on the day.

mum central

Loved the taste. Love that it’s convenient and I can take it anywhere knowing that I am supporting my pregnancy and growing baby without having to take bulky tablets.   I would absolutely recommend to pregnancy mums. I will be continuing to use the Optivance Mummy Smoothie throughout my pregnancy.” – Helen

I really looked forward to my delicious smoothie daily. It doesn’t have a strong flavour, so I created my own unique taste each day with different fruits and nut butter. It’s a very satisfying smoothie and has helped me feel more energetic!” – Jessie

When I started taking these smoothies, I took them for the prebiotics and daily vitamins and minerals I would need throughout my pregnancy. Once I got to week 30 of pregnancy, I began having problems with indigestion and am now only having 5 small meals a day. I am so grateful I have these smoothies. They’re a godsend!

mum centralI have been able to continue taking them and had no issues with indigestion with my morning smoothie. I find these smoothies such an important MUST HAVE meal of my day now.”  – Taiha

breastfeeding smoothies
Simply add with your fave ingredients to your blender and you’re set! Source: Supplied

4. Mummy Smoothies contain activated folic acid!

The Optivance Mummy Smoothies range includes easy, ready-to-consume Calcium L-Methylfolate which is the activated form of folic acid, ensuring the risk of fetal neural tube defects is minimised. That’s some brilliant peace of mind for women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant!

What else our mums had to say:

I honestly highly recommend this product for expecting and new mums. Such a great way to take extra vitamins and knowing you have enough because we lose so much especially during pregnancy.” – Joey

I loved having these smoothies and knowing that my baby and my body are getting the nutrients that is needed during pregnancy. Definitely worth getting, and I will be continuing onto the breastfeeding smoothies after my baby is born.Zoey

mum centralAs a busy mum of 4 (one newborn that thinks night time is party time) I have loved the Mummy Smoothie! I throw a sachet into the baby bag for a quick pick me up when on the run.” – Amy

mum central

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie receives TOP marks from our reviewers

Optivance Mummy Smoothies

9.4 Optivance Mummy Smoothies
Health Benefits
Value for Money

mum central

Easy to make, easy to take. Super easy to order and have delivered to your door! 

The Optivance range was made with mums in mind. It delivers all the nutrients new and growing mums need in a delicious daily smoothie. This peace of mind – that you are giving bub the best – is priceless.

If you’re trying to fall pregnant, are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, then give the Mummy Smoothie a try and see why ALL of our mums would recommend them to others.

breastfeeding smoothies
What’s your favourite flavour? Source: Supplied

You can find out more about the Optivance Mummy Smoothie range on the Optivance website. Remember to use the discount code MUMCENTRAL to receive 20% OFF each box in your first online order!

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This is a sponsored review for Optivance. All opinions are those of the reviewers. Reviewers were not paid for this campaign.

Note: This product is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. 

Please note: this article has been written for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for individualised dietary or medical advice.

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