This 15-Month-Old Baby was Bitten 25 Times in Daycare

Arizona mum in disbelief after discovering a mass of red bite marks on her daughter’s back after returning home from daycare.

Imagine picking your child up from daycare only to later find she has sustained multiple bites? Alice Bryant first thought the marks must have been caused by something else. To her absolute horror, they turned out to be bite marks.

She’s reported as saying:

At first, I was like ‘are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kinda stopped thinking and I started crying,”

There are over 25 plus [bite marks], it’s hard to tell. Twenty-five would be the minimum that the police officer and I discussed.”

Alice also revealed that she was not alerted to the incidence. She did not receive a phone call from any staff at the daycare centre.

The fact that they didn’t notify me even when I picked her up is just, astounding.

You always want to protect your children and I feel like that didn’t happen. I feel like I left her with someone that didn’t look out for her at all.”

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According to reports, Alice has since filed a report against the daycare centre for negligence. She also contacted the Department of Health.

The Arizona Department of Health has advised that it is investigating the incident and working with police.

However, Alice has expressed concerns that if no action is taken against the daycare, there’s no guarantee the same thing won’t happen to another poor child.

She acknowledges that it would have taken quite some time to sustain so many bites and her daughter would have been very distressed.

As parents, we all know the guilt we feel when taking our kids to daycare, particularly on those days when they’re clingy or upset. Part of the process that allows us to leave our children is the knowledge that they are in a safe and caring environment.

Just imagine if your child endured this. How would you react?

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