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AMAZING OFFER: Get Free Glasses for Kids 12 and Under with National Pharmacies Optical


Nope, you don’t need your eyes checked. And yep, you read that right.

South Australian kids twelve and under can now get their glasses for free. Zip. Zilch. No dollars. FREE. 

If you’re lucky enough to be an SA mumma, National Pharmacies has really got you covered. They’ve launched a brand new membership benefit that means all children 12 and under qualify for free glasses.

Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing offer.

National Pharmacies Optical

National Pharmacies Optical – our new family heroes

If you live in South Australia you would already know the name National Pharmacies. They’re a membership-based pharmacy retailer.

For just $82 per year, families will receive a National Pharmacies family membership which qualifies you for a raft of discounts on beauty, fragrances, general pharmacy purchases, health services and more.

The big news that’s worth getting excited about is that National Pharmacies membership benefits have now expanded to include free glasses for children 12 and under. You won’t need a calculator to work out the maths on this one.  It means massive, family-budget-friendly savings for any mum (and great free eye health for your kids!)

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A bold vision for kids’ eye health

Just this week National Pharmacies Optical stores made a grand statement when it comes to South Australian kids and their ocular health.

They’ve made a commitment to help all children work towards having 20/20 vision by 2020 by giving away free glasses.

National Pharmacies actually have 21 optical stores across the state. Some are located within the pharmacy and others are stand-alone locations. These 21 stores are where you can have your child’s eyes tested and members can access completely free glasses for their little people 12 years of age and under.

You can easily search for your nearest location online.

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There’s never been a better time to book an eye exam for your child

Along with allergies and asthma, eye disorders are one of the most common long term health problems experienced by Australian children. Unlike a barking cough or itchy rash, eye problems can go undetected and manifest in many less obvious but more serious symptoms.

Children often will not generally complain of eye problems, as they naturally assume everyone sees just as they do. This is why it’s so important to get their eyes examined early and frequently. Early intervention for eye problems can avoid multiple serious disruptions and delays in your child’s learning, reading, classroom behaviour, socialisation and basic motor skills.

With the option for completely free glasses and so many important developmental reasons to ensure your child’s eyesight is ‘spot on’, an eye exam is imperative. Book your child’s Medicare-covered eye exam at National Pharmacies Optical this week. 

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5 quick tips for mums for their kid’s best eye health

  • Early detection is EVERYTHING: Nothing beats early detection and quality optical care when it comes to achieving the best eye health. Have your little one’s eyesight tested at least every two years and know the signs that could indicate eye problems. National Pharmacies Optical is where shop-savvy SA mums are heading for testing (and free glasses should their 12 year olds and under need them!)
  • Sun safe prevention: Ocular sun damage is a life-long eye concern so set your children up for good eye health by always encouraging them to wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Eat well for good eye health: Childhood myths about eating carrots and seeing in the dark may just have been old wives’ tales but science has confirmed that a nutritious diet is important for good eye health. Yellow veggies and dark leafy greens are proven to contribute to good eye health. Feed your kids the good stuff!
  • Screen smart: National Pharmacies Optical predict that childhood myopia (short-sightedness) will be on the increase, directly correlating with how much screen time today’s children have. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia supports this and suggests screens are also causing eye fatigue, dry eyes, loss of focus flexibility and more. Sure, tech devices are now a part of modern life, but be mindful of how closely kids are holding/watching them and the duration of unbroken viewing periods.
  • Sport smart: It’s awesome your little one is outside being active (and not watching a screen! Yay!) but don’t forget to protect their eyes with safety equipment as required and a hat where possible!

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It’s easy to have healthy eyes with National Pharmacies Optical

Nothing beats early detection when it comes to your child’s eye health. And nothing beats free glasses! Make sure your National Pharmacies membership is up-to-date and book an eye exam for your little one today. Hopefully, you’ll get the all clear until your next time. If you don’t the good news is that as a National Pharmacies member your glasses are free – you can’t do better than that!

What you need to know about free glasses with National Pharmacies

There’s no catch when we say National Pharmacies are giving free glasses to kids. Here’s the simple criteria:

  • Be a South Australian resident (that’s where the 21 National Pharmacies Optical stores are located!)
  • Be a National Pharmacies family member – if not already, it’s available for $82 a year
  • Have your child 12 years and under prescribed glasses

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It’s that easy! So, if you’re a SA mum, don’t delay. The whole of Australia is looking at you with envy right now.

Take advantage of National Pharmacies 2020 by 2020 vision and book your child an eye exam today.

(PS – While it’s only the South Australians who can access the optical services, any Aussie can be a National Pharmacies member and shop online saving on a stack of other family, health and beauty products. It’s definitely worth checking it out!)

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