Must Watch Video: Even with a Blindfold, These Kids Find Their Mum!

As a small experiment of women’s uniqueness and the special bond between a mother and child, Pandora met up with 6 wonderful women, and asked them to undertake a special experiment to prove the connection between mother and child.

According to Pandora, the children were guided towards the group of women, and using their senses and intuition asked to try to find the one they believed to be their mother.

Anxiety, love and a bit of heartfelt tears filled the room as children from the age of 3-9 tried and succeed in finding the one and only they could call mum!

All women are unique in shape, personality and heart, and so is the beautiful connection and precious love we saw this day.

The results are truly heartwarming.   Grab a tissue and see for yourself.

YouTube video

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