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Mum Gives Birth to 6.6 Kg Baby Naturally and With No Tearing

Hold on to your lady bits because our vajayjays are hurting just thinking about this story! 

A mum in Florida has proven that women can do BIG things by giving birth to an adorable big baby boy, who happened to tip the scales at 6.6 kg.

The average newborn is around 3.3 kg so this squishy sweetheart is DOUBLE this.

To give you a fair idea of how big this is, 6.6 kg is what my daughter weighed at five months. And giving birth to a five-month-old baby doesn’t sound like something I EVER want to do!

The mum, however, absolutely rocked it! In fact, she managed to have a natural birth, with no drugs whatsoever, and didn’t even tear! And isn’t he just a squishy bundle of big baby cuteness?!

big baby natural birth at home

But wait, it gets even crazier! Because she also did it at HOME!

Home Birth Hero

Motherboard Birth shared the story on their Facebook page, announcing the details of this very amazing natural birth!

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful HOME BIRTH of this BIG man.

His mama saw a licensed midwife throughout her pregnancy and prepared physically and emotionally for the birth of her second baby.

During her four-hour long labor she rocked, walked and danced her baby down, she instinctively pushed in the standing position for 15 mins and delivered all….. are you ready for it…. 14 lbs 7oz of him! She was also able to deliver this chunky baby with no tears.”

All Hail This Mum’s Vagina

With a baby born this big, there’s bound to be a bit of excitement. And Facebook commenters didn’t disappoint!

“Her vagina is a rock star. This girl has a vagina that we all want!,” one said

“I’m legit amazed and I’m jealous as hell. I need that vagina,” another wrote.

“Her vagina needs a medal! What absolute f*cking legends this mumma and her vagina are!”  

According to Motherboard Birth, both mum and bub are doing great. Although we’re not sure of the exact measurements of baby boy’s head or body, one thing is certain – this not-so-little guy’s mum has quite an impressive birth story to tell! A good one for his 21st we reckon!

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