Why Natural Health Courses are the Next Big Thing for Mums


There’s a lot you can do in 20 hours.

  • Fold and put away 60 loads of washing (approx)
  • Sweat through 26 x F45 sessions
  • Prepare around 40 meals
  • Pick up/drop off your kids to/from school around 22 times
  • Watch the entire series of You (not including Season Four which isn’t out yet)
  • Give birth to a baby

You can also complete an entire natural health short course. Or a short course in nutrition. Or even a business short course. It’s all thanks to Endeavour College of Natural Health’s Short Courses – the experts in health and wellness education with over 45 years of experience under their belts.

These unique short natural health courses offer an exciting way to study at home, online, and in your own time. Best of all, Endeavour short courses cost less than $300 each ($240 for a limited time using code MUMCENTRAL) and they only take between 20 to 25 hours to complete!

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That’s right – you could complete a course in nutrition, natural health, business, or mental health in just three full working days! Of course, you don’t have to do it this quickly – you can do an hour a day, an hour a week, a few hours on the weekends, whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

What are Endeavour Short Courses anyway?

Endeavour Short Courses are aimed to give you a taste of online study. They let you see if you enjoy the content, if you’re able to fit it in, if it is something you want to further pursue, or simply something to keep for use at home.

Think of them as a taste tester … a sample meal to digest to improve your own health and your family’s health. You can start them anytime, completely online, and have up to 12 months to finish them. However, each course takes just 20-25 hours to complete.

What courses are available? 

Bite-sized natural health courses, including courses in women’s health and nutrition, plus short courses in business and mental health and wellness too.

Natural Health Courses:

  • Eco Living: natural choices for a green lifestyle
  • Natural Health for Women: sustaining balance and energy
  • Holistic Health: natural medicines from around the world
  • Natural Remedies: herbs and health
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Health & Nutrition Courses

  • Nutrition Essentials: eating well to live well
  • Gut Health: the microbiome and wellbeing
  • Food Psychology: improving relationships with food
  • Food and the Environment: from farm to fork
  • Eating Disorders: understanding, support and action
  • Nutrition for Weight Loss: the science and solutions that work
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Mental Health and Wellness Courses: 

  • Wellness Coaching: leading positive change
  • Wellness Practices: tools for balanced living
  • Communication Skills: cultivating collaboration and inclusion
  • Mental Health: building awareness and resilience
  • Critical Thinking: enhancing skills for wellness
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Business Essentials Courses:

  • Business Essentials: Starting your Own Business
  • Business Essentials: Marketing your Business
  • Business Essentials: Enhancing Business Operations
  • Business Essentials: Wellness in the Workplace
  • Business Essentials: Optimising your Business for Success
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Endeavour Short Courses are just the beginning for many – the taste tester before enrolling in the Endeavour College of Natural Health. There are several different full Bachelor and Undergraduate Certificate programs available through Endeavour College including:

  • Bachelor of Health Science degrees in Naturopathy, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Therapies
  • Diploma of Health Science
  • Diploma of Health Science (Chinese Remedial Massage)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT52015)
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy (HLT42015)

Who are short courses best for?

They are ideal for people in a number of different situations. For example:

You could be looking to upskill in your current field.

For example, you could already be working in natural health but would like to become more informed, on, say women’s health to assist clients going through challenges in this specific field. Endeavour Short Courses offer specific areas of study as well as more general topics too.

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You could be looking for a way to test the waters of a new career before diving head-first into a degree.

Which is a pretty big commitment. Many people who undertake a short course haven’t studied in a while and may not be too sure if they want to or if they actually like the content.

Finding out midway through a four-year degree that you actually hate what you’re studying is a terrible feeling. Short courses eliminate this risk.

Of course, if you do decide to go for the degree, some short courses may count towards course credit. 

You could be looking to start a new business

Endeavour Short courses are fantastic for this, especially their business courses (Marketing your Business, Starting your own Business and Optimising your Business for Success).  Plus, there are also insightful courses for those looking into wellness coaching and nutritional health.

You could be looking for ways to gain insight and knowledge into things that matter to you.

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Endeavour short courses are so popular. They offer an affordable way to gain insight into incredibly important topics in our own personal lives.

Like nutrition, mental health, weight loss, gut health and natural remedies. Things that matter in our own homes.

Having this insider knowledge can give you the confidence that your kids are getting the nutrients they need or that you know the signs that your tween may be struggling with mental health. There are even courses on which herbs heal certain ailments your child may bring home from daycare.

You could be a mixture of all of the above 

You may want to advance your current skills, further your own insight on a personal level and potentially start your own business with this knowledge. It’s all possible. In fact, that’s exactly why these short courses exist – to give you knowledge and options.

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Invest in a women’s health short course for yourself. Source: Bigstock

Take one of the newest short courses, Women’s Health, for example. It is already proving to be incredibly popular for those already in the health industry or looking to branch out into their own business of helping women. Plus it’s also just as popular for regular mums who want insight into things like puberty for their teens to perimenopause for their own personal journey.

This natural health course focuses on female health and how to create and sustain balance and energy as well as how to help common health conditions women face. This kind of knowledge is so powerful for ourselves but can also assist other women too.

If you are interested in natural health, wellness, and nutrition, then taking a Short Course is such a valuable way to discover more, improve your own health and wellbeing and potentially turn this passion into a rewarding career. 

An investment in yourself and your future

Set yourself a challenge and a goal. Something that doesn’t involve how many loads of washing you can fold in 20 hours. Something that’s just for you. For your own feeling of achievement, and something for the long term.

If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing or that sounds like it’s up your alley, then take advantage of our current Mum Central offer. SAVE 20% OFF all short courses with code MUMCENTRAL at checkout, saving you $60 per course!

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While the decision to return to study is a big one, it doesn’t have to be incredibly time-consuming or expensive. Endeavour Short Courses are proof of this.

These short natural health courses give you the knowledge and the confidence to make a difference, to turn an interest into a rewarding career and give you something to be passionate about (other than your kids, of course).

And for $240 and just 20 hours of time, trust us, it’s more than worth it!

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