‘I Wasn’t Invited to my Baby Shower’

Once upon a time, a very excited auntie (soon-to-be great-auntie) hosted a baby shower. Her nephew was going to be a father. Hooray!

The aunt planned the food, the cake and made a guest list, which included a lot of male friends of the dad-to-be, plus the proud grandma-to-be and a female cousin.

However, missing from the list was the eighth-month-pregnant mother. You know – the one with the big belly, the swollen cankles and the infant kicking her from the inside. The one actually carrying the baby.



Sorry, you’re not invited to your baby’s baby shower

Our first thoughts were that the pregnant woman and her partner were no longer together. Perhaps they had a massive fight and thus, that’s why she wasn’t invited. Which is still super petty.

But, nope, not the case. They are still very much together.

The enraged pregnant mum headed over to Reddit where she shared her side of the story,

‘I was carrying the baby and I wasn’t allowed to be there’

As the mother explains, she was feeling quite hurt over the lack of an invite. The aunt claimed that the party was for ‘boys only” yet there were female guests there, including grandma and a cousin.

All my boyfriend said to me was that it was out of his control. I feel like he should’ve stood up for me and said that it didn’t sound fair, that it should be a baby shower for the both of us.’

Every baby shower I had been to always had both parents.”

What really upset the mum-to-be was that they not only “forget” to include her, but also her six-year-old son, who, let’s face it, will be a big part of the baby’s life and meets the “boys only” criteria of the party.

The whole thing seems incredibly one-sided and spiteful.

Maybe this would make sense if we weren’t together. He tells me that the baby shower wasn’t out of spite. 

I did say it made me feel like I was a surrogate, yet surrogates still get treated better than that. I do feel like the baby shower was for him and his mum. I do feel like I’m the baby mama that they all hate.”

The readers on Reddit felt for the poor pregnant mumma, admitting that it seemed like the baby shower was entirely out of spite and a way for the family to make her “know her place in that family”.

Others told her that this was an obvious red flag and to jump ship.



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