A Must-Read Letter to all New Dads: ‘Dear Daddy, I See You Too’

There is nothing quite as lifechanging as welcoming a baby. For new mums, this major change begins as soon as they fall pregnant. The sore breasts, the changes to diet, the growing belly – all telltale signs that motherhood is here.

For new dads, however, it may not happen straight away. There is no pregnancy glow and often it can take time to actually feel like a father.

Even the newborn stage can be a completely different experience for new dads and many men admit they feel like they can’t do much to help during the fourth trimester … that time when newborns rely so much on their mum (and her milk).

We see you, new dads! And we love you for all that you do! 

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To my daddy, 

I may be little but I know you’re there. I can hear you, smell you, feel you. 

One day I will be able to show you just how much you mean to me, but today I am still too little. I am still too new and clinging to the thing that is most familiar to me – mummy.

But, even though it seems like I only have eyes for her, this isn’t the case.

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Daddy, I see you too. 

I see your face when you snuggle me close, your hands when you give me a bath at night, your feet when you hold me in the football move to try and make my tummy feel better.

I see you studying my little fingers and toes. Kissing my tummy and tickling my legs. Looking at me as if I am the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.

I see you giving mummy a cuddle when she’s crying and overwhelmed. I see your tears too, even though you don’t want anyone to see them.

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Even when I don’t see you, I know you’re there too. 

Mummy may be the one breastfeeding me. But I know you’re behind her, cooking us a meal.

She may be the one holding me while I drift off to sleep. But I know you’re beside her, cutting up her dinner so she can eat it one-handed.

Mum may be the one up with me at night. But I know you’re next door, tossing and turning. Wishing you didn’t have to get up and go to work in the morning. Wishing that you could do more to help.

Mummy may be the one taking care of me during the day. But I know you’re at work. Checking your phone every two minutes to see if she has texted you any new pictures of me. Counting down the hours until you can come home and just be with us.

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Daddy, Mummy may be the centre of my world right now, but please know you’re in it too.

One day I’ll be big enough to show you just how much it means that you were there.

One day I will call out Dadda louder than any other word. I will race to the door when I hear your car pull in. I will squeal with delight as you twirl me around.

One day I will follow you everywhere, I will put on your big work boots and trample around the yard. I will cry when you go to work. I will exhaust you with questions about the world and requests to play ball.

One day you will see how much you mean – and always have meant to me, even if, today, I’m still too little to properly show it. 

Love, your newborn babe

Happy first Father’s day and cheers to many more to come! They only get better from here. 

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