Dad Treats Daughter to Disney Photoshoot and it’s All Sorts of Wonderful


The first day of school can be tough, especially when you’re starting at a new school.

This is exactly why Josh Rossi decided to surprise his daughter, six-year-old Nellee, with a special gift.

Not only has the father-of-two worked his photography magic by photoshopping Nellee into various scenes from her fave movie, Aladdin, but he also shares some truly beautiful words of wisdom as she heads off on her first day at a new school. All of which has earned him the title ‘Photoshop Dad‘!

A Whole New School 

As Josh explains,

After moving to a new town, my daughter, Nellee, spent the whole summer singing “Speechless” and “A Whole New World” from the new action movie Disney’s Aladdin. As school was approaching, Nellee was feeling a bit anxious thinking she wouldn’t know anyone.

I decided to give her the biggest confidence boost to remind her of who she is. I wanted to make her first day of school an experience that she could remember forever.”

Josh surprised his little girl with a Princess Jasmine photoshoot, complete with amazing costumes by designer, Ella Dynae. He then took the images, edited them and photoshopped them into her favourite film. He even added three messages to each image.

I wanted each image to convey a message to Nellee that she could understand. So, just like Aladdin was granted three wishes, I wanted to share my three wishes for Nellee as she begins this new stage in her life.” 

And, boy, did he deliver! Here are his final images with the messages for his daughter:

#1 “Be Brave and Fearless”

Photoshop Dad's Aladdin series for daughter
Source: joshrossiphoto/Instagram

#2 “Be a Good Friend”

Dad photoshops daughter into Aladdin scenes
Source: joshrossiphoto/Instagram

#3 “You Can Make Anything Happen”

Photoshop dad aladdin inspired photoshoot
Source: joshrossiphoto/Instagram

Josh surprised Nellee by showing her the final images of her photoshoot right before she entered her classroom. How adorable is that? Check out the moment he surprises her below:

More Photoshopping Family Fun

This isn’t the first time Josh has made his daughter’s dreams come true through photoshop. In fact, he’s made a few epic photo series in his day, earning him the name Photoshop Dad.

Josh has transformed Nellee into all sorts of characters from various superhero and princess films. She’s been Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Belle, and he’s made the entire family into Star Wars characters.

Here are a few of our favourite pics from Photoshop Dad:

Wonder Woman photoshoot Wonder Woman photoshoot

mum central Captain Marvel photoshoot from Photoshop DadBeauty and the Beast photoshootPhotoshop Dad daughter

mum central

mum central

Photoshop dad baby superheroes images
Source (all images above): joshrossiphoto/Instagram

The REAL Justice League

Josh is also the man behind the camera of these superhero photos of children battling bullying, disease, and disability. As Josh explains, “the idea was to showcase their inner strength in a way that would bring a smile to their faces as well as others struggling with similar issues.”

mum central

mum central
Source: joshrossiphoto/Instagram

Amazing work, Photoshop Dad! Nellee is one lucky little girl to have such a talented and loving man in her life.

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