What’s better than not having to deal with head lice? How about not having to deal with head lice AND having an extra $1000 to spend? 

Free your family from head lice and take home some cash on the side to celebrate your new nit-free status.

It’s possible, thanks to our friends over at Wild Child.

Have kids: expect nits

Quitnits giveaway

There are several guarantees when it comes to raising tots. You can expect to lose at least a little sleep, especially in the first year. And get spewed on (and probably peed on) several times. And, you can also pretty much bet on coming into contact with head lice (at least once).

While Quitnits may not be able to promise your baby will sleep through the night or stop bub from spewing on you, it does deliver on its promise to help get rid of (and even prevent) nits. In fact, Quitnits has been a staple in households across Australia for 20 years now!

The Aussie owned and manufactured range of head lice treatments deliver on their promise to help keep your family nit free. Because head lice are annoying, especially when the bugs keep coming back over and over again. Stop breeding, dammit!

Quitnits provides a complete management solution to not only control lice and their eggs, but also help prevent an outbreak from occurring.  And, best of all, the treatment options only involve one, two or three steps. And no combing! 

Go nit-free the simple way

Wild ChildOne of the things we especially love about the Quitnits range is the versatility. From spray applications to leave in shampoos, you can choose a treatment that works best with your kids. Even the hair-brush hating, can’t-stop-squirming, over-dramatic-divas won’t be able to whinge about these sprays and shampoos.

You can choose from Quitnits Complete Kit, which includes a spray and egg removal shampoo, Quitnits One, which controls nits in just one application (and no combing), and Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray, which helps prevent head lice outbreaks and detangles hair at the same time.

Their products are free from nut oils, permethrin, malathion, propylene glycol and all genetically modified ingredients.  They are gentle on the environment AND everyone in your household, from babies 6 months and toddlers to kids, teens, adults and even breastfeeding and pregnant mums.

Plus, Wild Child also have a range of beautiful baby products including organic creams, soothing balsam and cradle cap oil, perfect for your wild wee one, all included in the prize package.

Sounds pretty good, right?


Control nits AND bask in the glory that is an extra grand in your pocket (just in time for summer when the Christmas toys and the head lice come out in droves).

Simply fill out the form below and tell us in the comments below which Quitnits product is your must-have and why we should pick you to win. Then you’re in the running for one of three Wild Child prize packages (containing both Quitnits and baby products). Each prize is valued at $100 and ONE lucky winner will also receive an extra $1000. 

Win 1 of 3 Wild Child Prize Packs valued at over $100, plus the chance to win $1,000 cash!

Good luck to all our entrants in their quests to quit the nits! If you’re already scratching your head just reading this and can’t wait for the competition to close, be sure to check out Wild Child’s range of nit prevention products, all designed to work RIGHT AWAY. You can pick them up online from Wild Child or at most major supermarkets and pharmacies.




Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Kill Lice and Eggs Fast, having three girls with long hair, to moove quuickly and effectively this would be a dream especially when at primary school it’s always going round

    • Amanda-Jane Reply

      Everything would be amazing especially having three little men all 5 years and under

    • Treat Once to Kill Lice and Eggs would be great. I have a 2year old daughter who will be starting daycare next year .. so I need to get me some of this STAT
      I would love to be chosen as the winner as the $1000 would be a fantastic Christmas gift for a mummy who hasn’t had a full nights sleep in 2years and is in desperate need of a makeover!.
      Happy wife.. Happy Life.

    • Angela Marie Reply

      I always meep the One treatment inthe medicine cabinet. If theres ever a scratch its there to stop them before they spread.

    • Barbara Fehmel Reply

      “Kill Lice aqnd eggs fast” I have a Grand child with blonde curls, she has had LICE twice, it is so hard seeing the eggs i her hair, we use a scurf comb and she cries all the time.
      You should pick me as I would be so popular telling them to buy this easy to clear Lice product.

    • Kill Lice & Eggs Fast, help my grandkids need HELP, as lice keep bugging them & my daughter is getting pretty fed up these pesky creatures.

      • Kill Lice & Eggs Fast, help my grandkids need HELP, as lice keep bugging them & my daughter is getting pretty fed up with these pesky creatures.

    • Melissa Foster Reply

      Can’t go past the Quit nits complete lice kit to ensure those pesky critters are gone. It’s thorough, easy to use and doesn’t have a foul odor like many other brands. It’s ease of use also means it’s super time efficient. Definitely a saviour for mums out there.

    • Fiona McLennan Reply

      Defends Against Lice Daily is our absolute go to for prevention of the dreaded Lice attack!!

  2. Kate Slack Reply

    The Everyday Preventative Spray is a must for me i spray my kids hair before school and it gives me peace of mind that we can avoid the dreaded infestation!! Please pick me so that i have everything i need to keep nits away!

  3. Miss 5 has waist long blonde hair .
    Touch wood we haven’t had the nasty nits yet ..I would def use the preventive spray everyday currently we use water with a few drops of tea tree oil and somehow it’s kept them away .. I do put her hair in plaits everyday as a preventive measure as recommended by her teacher

  4. Jessica kerr Reply

    Daily preventer 2 kids both will be in primary school next year and we will have a new bub in january

  5. Kill lice and eggs fast. This is our first year at school and luckily haven’t had nits yet. I just know that when I do I will have no clue how to handle it and would love to be prepared.

  6. I have 2 girls, 6 & 4. I use the defence spray EVERYDAY! everyday before school, any time we have a kiddy function. I swear by it, I love it. It’s served me 3 years so far. I know all kids get nits but if I can prevent it- why not. (been using it for 3 years now)

  7. I have two beautiful daughters aged 4yo and 6.5yo. I am petrified of Nits, so I like the preventative every day spray when doing their hair in the morning – it has definitely kept Nits at bay so far, and actually makes the hair easier to maintain and healthier. A great product, I,d love to try some more from the range.

  8. I love the quit nits one product. My daughter has sensitive skin and cannot use any other product without her scalp becoming red, inflamed and peeling. I’ve been using it for 4 years now. Love the smell too!

  9. Quitnits Complete Kit, pick me so I can put a stop to these pestering knits

  10. Mandy Graham Reply

    Kill Lice and Eggs Fast – My son kept getting nits all last term.

  11. Nits! Yuck. Can’t avoid them in Primary school! This stuff would be amazing to survive the next term!!

  12. After a full year of battling Nits with my daughter, and FINALLY getting rid of them once and for all, I’m all for the preventative everyday spray. Anything not to have to go through all that again, especially now my little one who is nearly two, is growing her hair. I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to ‘de-nit’ a toddler.

  13. With 2 boys and both in primary school i always use quitnits head lice spray treatment and have not had 1 touch there little heads even thought there have been 2 outbreaks at school this year. Winning yeah =)

  14. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    My daughter desperately needs the Defense Detangling Spray, It has been a whole year of nightmare trying to combat these nasty creatures that I might have to chop off her hair soon!

  15. Quitnits rapid for fast affective results getting the job done quickly .

  16. I think I need Defense Detangling Spray myself because I have a long hair that keeps tangling, so that’s my favorite product. The Wild Child Baby care range is also good for my children. Thanks

  17. Leicia Mathers Reply

    The preventative spray for my grandson as he has very curly hair and it’s hard to find those nasty crawlies in his hair so would rather prevent them getting in there, would like to buy him his uniforms and the quitnits range before he starts kindy next year

  18. Nurse Mummy + 4 Reply

    The day started like any other until my eldest son I caught scratching! Whatever I though nah his a boy it could be! I checked his head regularly! Low and behold much to my despair his head was riddle in them NITS live ones as far as I could see! I nearly died! Mother of the year I was so disappointed in myself what had I done wrong! Weeks went by I was still finding eggs combing them out of both my boys head! Paranoia I kept itching for fear what if I got them too oh dear! Touch wood they haven’t returned but with four kids my odds are against me prepare me for this inevitable and some spending money for Mummy!

  19. Amanda Giffard Reply

    My must have product would have to be the quitnits defence and detangling spray. I have two daughters who love growing their hair long and are always so frustrated that they are forced to wear their hair slicked back in a bun or plait for fear of the horrid nits! My eldest daughter is forever bringing home the dreaded “head lice letter” from school and has unfortunately just had her first bout of head lice. The amount of combing we had to do was so time consuming and not a very pleasant experience for my daughter (or myself) as her hair was quite tangled and naturally thick. The defence and detangling spray would have been a lifesaver as we could have definitely used some help to let the comb glide through her hair a bit more easily! Plus it deters the lice from returning! Bonus! I will definitely be looking it up to have on hand and protect my girl’s hair at kinder and school on a daily basis. Thanks!

  20. My must have product in the quitnits range would have to be the completekit… so we can completely eradicate them horrible bloodsucking creatures, from our hair. As im so over anything that loves blood eating me and my family. I dont plan on going to transylvania anytime soon lol

  21. tara butler Reply

    The preventative spray, Keep the nasty little things away and save multiple days trying to get rid !

  22. Bee Bowdlert Reply

    The Defence Detangle Spray, may as well combat the tangle of long hair and the creepy crawlies at the same time, anything to make life easier. I need this bundle because my big family seems to attract creatures!

  23. The preventative spray, we haven’t had nits yet but I always spray my child’s hair with preventative spray on day care days or if we are going out.

  24. The daily defence spray would be awesome. We haven’t had to deal with nits…yet! But Lil Miss is starting school soon so I am expecting a nit crisis in the house once she starts school!

    • Lara Daebritz Reply

      They drive me bonkers, they drive me nuts;
      I’ve resorted to the shortest haircuts;
      Poor Miss Eight, many infestations she’s had!
      One time I got them too (that was SO bad!)
      We’ve tried every product, used a fine comb;
      Even had the Nit Buster lady visit our home!
      So the PREVENTATIVE SPRAY is what we both need
      To stop those nits in their tracks….before they can breed!


    Nothing beats the daily defence spray with my toddler starting Kindy in Feb this will keep his hair clean and knit free

  26. Christina Gooden Reply

    The Everyday Preventative Spray is my favourite one for when the daycare sends out a lice warning. Gives me peace of mind that I got nothing to worry about!

  27. ross powell Reply

    my wife a school teacher with long hair needs the daily defence spray as a must for her daily routine during term

  28. Kim Campbell Reply

    The wild child cradle cap oil, my child really suffers with cradle cap and the wild child cradle cap oil appears to be the only one that works.

  29. Kim Campbell Reply

    Like all mums winning $1,000 would certainly make life a little easier, maybe some money left over for some self indulgence.

  30. The preventative spray as prevention is best id love to win as my kids seem to always be infested prior to Christmas break which is fast approaching

  31. Treat once, because you want them gone for good, not having to fart arse around, kids getting stroppy, wife stressing off her brain with worry that the kids will be deemed filthy by all we know!!!

  32. Wild Child Quit Nits Complete Lice Kit – to get rid of them and make sure they don’t return. For this Mum, prevention is better than cure.

  33. The Kill Lice and Eggs Fast as my kids seem to go from 0 to 100 on the lice radar in minutes so I need to get fast acting treatment on them asap as it spreads to the other three kids we have.

  34. The preventative spray for my boys and all their friends that they have over to play. It seems that only one of them has it and all of a sudden they’re all itching so this spray would be very useful to use.

  35. Kills Eggs and Lice Fast plus the daily prevention spray. We have used this brand recently. My child is new to primary school this year and i have had to treat him 4 times in the past term. Never ever had issues like this before and using these products like i have, and keeping ontop of treatment regularly has helped alot. I cant imagine how the children that aren’t getting treated correctly feel, but i know im doing my best. With the outbreaks we keep experiencing at our school the cost adds up buying professional treatments. And not just having to do one childs hair, its the whole family that gets done everytime. Winning this would save my wallet and my sanity knowing my child and family are fully covered…

  36. Bianca Wiltshire Reply

    Kill lice and Eggs fast. Because I am a teacher and you don’t want to know further detail!

  37. Sonia Chang Reply

    Nothing worse than watching my kids scratching their heads consistently and sharing their lices . It was not easy to kill lice and eggs because my two autistic children have sensitive skin conditions, Asking medical professional and cleaning all soft furnitures , toys, and reporting heir teachers are my tips to remove these tiny nasty pets. Quit Nits Complete Lice Kit is my favorite defense tools . They don’t have harsh chemical ingredients and prevention of head lice and nit nits. Developed in Australia by leading child care campany. I will use it again as the positive results. This new package has fast shampoo treatment and ten minutes solution which it is a great choice for my busy household. .

  38. Alison O'Gorman Reply

    The Defense Detangler makes me feel like Super Mum. Gets rid of knots and secretly gaurds against those little critters. I know they are going off to school shielded and safe.

  39. tabatha voss Reply

    Quitnits Complete Kit,for sure. I work with kids.As my job is casual ,it means I come into contact with literally hundreds of kids each week so I need to know I have all defenses and armour on call in case the lice decide to come marching many by many

  40. Would love to try the preventive spray as prevention is better than cure!

  41. Fionna Davies Reply

    Definitely the preventative spray, better to prevent than treat!

  42. I’d say Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray is an absolute must as it’s a detangling spray and it provides daily defence against lice!

  43. The everyday preventative spray is a must as there is nothing worse than head lice.

  44. Louise Hopper Reply

    OMGosh no nits? Is there such a thing? In my dreams, we fight the good fight lol

  45. You have to be proactive with lice, no matter what there will always be kids who have it – can’t stop kids being kids – so instead of waiting for the invasion I like to use Quitnits Defence Spray – smash them before they can set up home – it’s save me time and means the kids aren’t scratching their heads … Now my head is starting to itch – time for ME to use Quitnits Defence Spray

  46. Louise Hopper Reply

    OMGosh no more nits? Is there such a thing? This is a constant battle in my house. What a dream xx

  47. Rebecca Appo Reply

    I’d love to win this prize to share with my sister! She has 3 primary aged girls with lovely long hair, so it would be Fantastic for her! I’d love to try the baby range, I’d never heard of Wild Child until now ☺️

  48. Mark Agapiou Reply

    This would be great to use for both kids so they are protected.

  49. Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    I need the defence spray.
    We have never had nits in this house, and I’d like to keep
    It that way!!

  50. I’d particularly love the Egg Removal Shampoo because you need to get rid of those eggs before they grown into something worse! Please pick me because unfortunately at my children’s school there are repeat lice infestations because some negligent parents never check their kids’ hair so my kids keep catching their nits!

  51. Quitnits defence detangling spray is a must for our household need to keep those nits away. Love these products.

  52. Everyday preventive spray, when there is no cure always take preventive action!

  53. Megan Stagg Reply

    Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray AND the cradle cap oil! Keep my big kids hair nice and tangle free while repelling the lice and keep my little kids hair nice and soft and free from cradle cap!

  54. I love the product that prevents headlice my girls had headlice all the time but once i started using spray that prevents it it worked.
    No more nits thanks so much

  55. The preventative. I am so lucky that with a 5 and 7 year old that we are yet to have lice. Prevention is key!

  56. kerrie orth Reply

    Who wants to be known as a Nitpicker? The preventative spray works, and allows my daughter to take some action against the crawlies all by herself.

  57. Kristy Winters Reply

    With one child in childcare and two in primary school and the eldest with really long hair the preventer spray is a must for our house. I use it to tame messy bed hair as well as protect their hair.

  58. I need an everyday preventer for my 3 toddlers and one on the way . I love your products

  59. Nikki Rodgers Reply

    I would love to have the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray in our house as both of my girls have long hair (one with curly hair) and they both HATE having their hair brushed…it always results in tear and threats that I’ll shave their heads!

  60. Michelle Ward Reply

    My 5 year old daughter has very fine, long, curly hair that tangles in an instant so I already have to use a detangler daily. Additionally, as a prep student, she likes nothing more than getting into a little girly huddle, head to head, where they tell each other lovely fairy stories and giggle! It is soooo cute but when I see this, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of having to deal with nits AGAIN … and of course when it happens, it gets passed to her two brothers as well! So for these reasons, I love the sound of the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray which will keep her hair nit free and tangle free so she can just enjoy being a kid!

  61. Jaime Garland Reply

    Just found headlice in my youngest sons hair this morning. So sick of the horrible little buggers. I would love the daily spray from this range. Then hopefully there will be less of a chance of them being brought home.

  62. Quicknits One – my kids hate having to sit still for ages while you comb through other products – this just takes the ‘drama’ out of a treatment

  63. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Defend against lice daily would be a godsend we all dread a school infestation and I want my daughter to be protected. I’d love to win I’d have defence and treatment for my daughter and nieces and nephews

  64. juli e morton Reply

    the every day preventative as this will help keep them at bay while my daughter is at preschool and stop them from sticking to her hair.A stress free and easy to manage product for ‘mum” to

  65. I’d love the value pack as I have two school aged children and I’m a junior primary teacher so unfortunately we’ve had numerous infestations and I’m always on the look out for products for sensitive skin as my son has eczema.

  66. Neha Gupta Reply

    Defend against lice daily is what I prefer as prevention is as important as cure. Would love to win this for my li’l one who has gorgeous hair and I would hate to see her in pain

  67. Nell Hamilton Reply

    I need the QuitNits defence spray! I have managed, by sheer blessing of the gods, to avoid having any child with nits so far. I have one child in year two and one in pre-school, starting big school next year. Also one starting preschool next year. I need this because I am in class every day with kids who generously love to share their the little blighters. I bend over to help with a task and shudder to see one crawling along my student’s hair. It is just a matter of time (and we can no longer send a child home because of nits!) Help!

  68. Yes please they are disgusting to have and when other children find out that yours have them, they are sent to pergatory so un fair. Yes yes yes please

  69. i wish we didn’t need this product but once nits visits our house it means days of removing the annoying critters. My older child gets allergies around her neck from the scratching.

  70. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    Because with three daughters, with long, thick hair (that they often take out of their braids at school!) nits are my worst fear. At any sign of an itch it makes my blood run cold (and get’s me scratching too).

  71. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    Kills nits and eggs fast is great it eliminates them with in a few days and the smell is a pleasant smell not like the other nit products that smell horrible

  72. Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray means no more tears when treating their hair. What a great 2 in 1 product, perfect for children with long hair!

  73. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    I think the entire range is best, as I’ve had a hard term with constant nits in my youngest hair. To the point where she had half of her long blonde locks cut off, to make but maintenance that much easier.

  74. Anna Amoroso Reply

    As a hairdreeser it would be nice to recomend a reliable product that works. So i would love to test this out.

  75. With three kiddies under 5 who all attend daycare or school, nits are never far away in our household! I would love to try the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray… I trust using this reputable brand on my kids and the fact that this product has the added bonus of detangling knotty hair is a bonus. Quitnits – please help me keep those nits and (fingers crossed) those ‘Ouch! Mum!” comments at bay!

  76. lina riboc Reply

    Quitnits Defence Detangling spray is a must for my 10 year old with very long and knotting hair

  77. Samantha brown Reply

    I work in a barber shop. Would be great for keeping on the shelf as recommendations when children come in riddled with headlice

  78. Richard Harrison Reply

    I’d love the peace of mind of Everyday Preventative spray

  79. Mary Preston Reply

    Loving the idea of prevention. I would like to try the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray.

  80. Love the anti-nit everyday sprays!
    Pick me to win and I’ll spoil my little nit-incubators rotten!

  81. Tamara Juliet Reply

    The whole range is amazing although the defence and detangling treatment would be a saviour in this house with our kids have very thick curly hair! How generous and good luck everyone!

  82. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    I really want the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray as the word NITS makes me very uncomfortable and I want to ensure that they don’t enter my daughter’s beautiful long hair

  83. Marinella Richichi Reply

    I also would choose the Quitnits defense detangling spray for sure. I have three daughters with long hair and don’t think braids and buns cut it!!! A defense force is still needed to keep them critters well away. I’d love to try all products though as they all have their purpose. I used the metal combs once of my girls hair and it snapped a lot of their beautiful long hair and now finally after two years the damage has been restored so I really love the fact of no combing involved with the Quitnit solution but I’d probably still use the plastic combs for peace of mind.

  84. Nat hollis Reply

    Weve only had nits here once and by far the worst part about the whole ordeal was actually removing the eggs!
    The egg removal shampoo sounds awesome! Anything that helps get those little buggers out is my friend!

  85. Pulling my hair out finding good, effective nit treatment! I’ll stop scratching my head in worry with Quit Nits Detangling Spray. The solution for headlice. Set this subject straight!

  86. Detanging spray, take my word it’s the only thing that keeps nits away. I deserve to win cause I’ve never had a $1 for everyone I’ve told.

  87. Quit nits shampoo that kills eggs and lice with ease. Easy to apply to kids hair without fuss

  88. The natural preventative Spray is A+ for my daughter’s very long hair! You should pick me – because I pick Wild Child’s Quitnits every time 😀

  89. Kathleen Usher Reply

    The preventative and detangling spray is what I love. My daughter is well loved by her school age cousins and I try and do everything to prevent them. I would also love to have the products to help with cradle cap for my newborn.

  90. Beck shepherd Reply

    I need the preventative spray so if my boy brings live home from school, his little sisters will be safe

  91. Justine Drake Reply

    We need the defence against lice daily, because I have already cut my hair off due to an outbreak from school… its only just starting to grow back!

  92. the daily preventative spray is a must have its hard to keep nits away with school children i need all the help i can get Quitnits is amazing

  93. I would choose kills nits and eggs fast there is nothing worse then finding your child has nits and trying everything to get rid of them. With 4 girls it would come in handy.

  94. Alison Hunble Reply

    Preventative would be fab. My girl has long hair and getting nits is such a drama

  95. The Everyday Prevenative would be great, to keep nits at bay, to keep our home free and hopefully out of bounds to those nits that seem to go around.

  96. Louisa Frail Reply

    Kills nits fast and quick
    Great preventer
    Love making sure my boys hair is clean and free from nits. This would be a bonus to have on hand for when we need to use it.

  97. Something i can use as an everyday preventative eould be fantastic! With 3 girls its so hard to control once one has it!

  98. Michelle fay Reply

    Quitnits everyday preventive spray as my kids are always popular with other kids at school when it comes to outdoor play where everyone is touching heads and sharing hats during playtime

  99. Felicity Massey Reply

    I’d just love the daily preventative spray… anything to keep them at bay 🙂

  100. Daniela Barbaro Reply

    Unfortanly last year we got hit hard with both kids getting life, I ran to quitnits and got the kit that got rid of nits and eggs then used the detangling prevention spray it saved our lives as mum and me caught them too from the girls. Quitnits is the only ingredients needed

  101. Lisa Grund Reply

    Definately the daily preventative spray. WIth 4 kids in primary school this would be a blessing.

  102. Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    ‘Kill eggs and nits fast’ will rid my child’s hair of nasties at last
    No more scratching, no more stares
    These little bugs catching kids unawares
    Back in the schoolyard with the other kids to play
    Quinits to the rescue, hip hip hooray!

  103. Id love to try the defence detangleing spray, be hopefully awesome on miss 7 long hair

  104. The everyday preventive spray because you know what they say……prevention is better than cure!

  105. We love the Everyday Preventative Spray. Both my girls have long hair.

  106. My 8yo daughter wants to grow her hair like her favourite Disney princess. Had to be Rapunzel didn’t it. Sadly my daughter doesn’t have magic golden hair but Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray sounds magical to me.

  107. christine morris Reply

    I have 3 Grandkids, who i look after, unfortunately not every parent checks their childs hair for Nits, i do and so does the parents of my Grandkids, however there are always slip ups and it costs me heaps of money, this prize would definitely help out cost wise.

  108. The dreaded nits is doing the rounds in my daughter’s year level at the moment – it is only a matter of time! I hear the horror stories of combs and chemicals. The preventative spray is what we need! Please save us!

  109. Amy Shelton Reply

    My 8 year old daughter has long hair and is very hard to get rid iff all the nits but unfortunately some parents do not treat there children which doesn’t help my daughter. I have tryed lots of products and believe me they are not that good.. Nit be gone sounds like i would be a very reliable products and nits will finally be GONE..

  110. I would love to try the Quitnits defence spray to stop the little suckers coming home with my kids in the first place!

  111. margie sincoe Reply

    The everyday preventive spray sounds fantastic and would be a boon on my granddaughters long hair. I’d love it along with my adult children because if the adorable grandchild gets nits, so do we.

  112. Bonnie Tyler Reply

    The prevention spray! Honestly I didn’t even know this existed and it sounds like the smartest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  113. The Everyday Prevention Spray because it’s fast and easy.

    Why should you pick me? To be honestly I have no reason. All I know is I would be so happy and grateful to win, it would be a real blessing. Thank you.

  114. Start with Kill everything FAST, then the everyday prevention spray to keep the pesky critters at bay!
    Believe me my “critter” patrols seem never ending! To win would save my sanity!!!

  115. I desperately require some Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray, especially with a 10 year old who actively avoids combing or brushing her hair apart from when it is washed. Nits are a common problem at schools and childcare centres. Having children with sensitive skin I definitely need a product with no unnecessary substances in it. It seems Nits like clean hair as much as they like other hair. Theyare definitely not fussy pests.

  116. caroline A'vard Reply

    The egg removal shampoo sounds like having on hand for whenever those little nasties make their way into my grandsons hair..Its always best to be prepared., I say…

  117. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    As although I am a 58 year old man I can get exposed to nits by my two grandchildren.

  118. rachel sinclair Reply

    The defense spray, i have girls with thick hair, so I need military defense against the pesky little critters!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  119. Susanna Martin Reply

    The detangling spray.. My girl’s hair is really fine and knots easily.

  120. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Quitnits Egg Removal Shampoo is the perfect product to keep on hand to rid ourselves of this nasty little critter. Please pick me!

  121. Katrina Lambert Reply

    Treat Once to Kill Lice and Eggs, the perfect solution with a moody tween and teen who whinge and whine every time when they have to be treated for lice and scream blue murder if you touch their hair, a once over treatment is a lifeline for this Mother.

  122. The Quitnits Head Lice Spray would make my life a lot easier. So far it is the only product I have found that actually works! The oil doesn’t drip all over the kids faces or into their eyes. Two treatments, and the head-lice were gone for months. Sadly the head-lice are back again, and I can’t find anywhere close by that stocks it. I really need to win this to get rid of the nits my toddler now has, thanks to his older sister.

  123. Nits, Nits, I hate them to bits,
    The kids got them once, left us in fits!
    Thankfully Quitnits Complete Head Lice Treatment kits,
    performed a miraculous de-lousing blitz!
    And ever since, we’ve managed to keep our wits,
    with must-have Quitnits Defence Spray hits!
    This battle’s controlled, but others can still have us in splits,
    in life, we try to rise above, try to never say quits;
    but my family doesn’t really experience much ritz,
    so if you pick me for the thousand I’d give them well deserved glitz!

  124. claire evans Reply

    lice begone, dissapear- better go to lice heaven. I love the defence spray its like the great wall of china

  125. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    The detangling spray would be perfect for my miss 4 who has the curliest hair ever.

  126. The Lice Defence Daily so that I can prevent lice from my kids heads when they are at school, both my kids have super curly hair so this would be perfect for prevention.

  127. Patricia Comer Reply

    QUITNITS ONE would be my choice,
    because my 7 year old daughter thinks brushing
    adds insult after infestation ….
    So no brushing
    would be a blessing
    No More NIts
    and no more stressing!

  128. The Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray will keep our hair detangled and also prevent us from catching them and I should win so we can fight those nits full on when they arrive.

  129. Adele Smith Reply

    With a 2 year old grandson already coming home from day-care with nits I’m certain this wonderful pack of goodies would be truly appreciated by my daughter. With Quitnits products to defend & protect against nits and other glorious products to nurture and soothe this pack is wonderfully put together.

  130. kodie McMullen Reply

    Being a busy mum and also working full time i couldn’t live without the kill lice and eggs fast product. I love that the product actually works and works fast for this time poor mum.

  131. Michelle Budge Reply

    Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray,
    Not only does it prevent reinfestation be it also helps to detangle the hair as well. A must have for long hair.

  132. I need to be nit ready when my little one starts primary school next yr. The last thing I need is to shave my DD’s beautiful hair.

  133. We love the daily spray. My daughter is a preppy and has had a new friends in her class(including her bestie!) get headlice. We have not had them at all, and I believe it’s from the quitnits spray! We would love you to pick our family to win this prize to make this the best Christmas for kids and take them on a holiday!

  134. Renee Meier Reply

    I need desperately need the Defends Against Lice Daily as my 4yo keeps getting reinfected through kindy. That pack would save my sanity!

  135. I have 2 daughters. 1 with very very thick long hair. I spend about 4 hours every week doing their hair with the comb and conditioner. We spray the nitwits spray everyday or tea tree oil. i desperately needs this prize as we have had nits in our class room the whole year and it would save me running back and forward to woolies and maybe stop scratching my head.

  136. Melita Malone Reply

    Spray Treatment… easy to use.
    I am so over treatment every 14 days, we have tried everything, it makes my daughter feel down because she is doing the right thing but not everybody in the school community cares if they have them.

  137. The Everyday Preventative Spray would be an important product to have in the cupboard

  138. need to be nit ready as my little 2yr old is about to start kindy plus the detangling spray would be great for my daughters very curly hair and its constantly notty

  139. I’m a teacher, so just talking about lice is enough to make my head itch. The Defence Against Lice Daily. Is definitely my essential. Nothing left me prevention when you’re at risk of head lice ona day basis.

  140. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    Would love the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray, Prevention is better than cure…or so they say. Nits freak me out and my daughter is starting school next year. This pack would be perfect!!

  141. Defense Detangling for sure! Nothing better than keeping nits away and making quick work of knots!

  142. Would love the complete kit so i have everything handy, but if i had to choose just one, it would have to be the preventative spray. Spending so much time trying to get rid of an investion only to have it come back within days. Omg the horror.

  143. cheerie murnane Reply

    The Morning spray before school is essential, the kids don’t mind it and like up to have hair sprayed and brushed, brushed only doesn’t happen, they hate their hair brushed, but bug spray, they know we mean business.

  144. The treat once product pack as well as the defence spay are my favourites. I love these products not just for my kids but myself. Being a teacher aide I definitely need these products. ( the prize money would help too)

  145. I haven’t gone through the nit stage yet but would love to have a stock of some good products for my babe when it hits ( and the rest of the fam)

  146. Kellie heaton Reply

    With 3 little boys and 2 teens , we wouldn’t be without the Daily defence spray and the once use no combing bit and egg killer . It’s not something any of us like to use but your products make life a whole lot easier !

  147. Janet Martin Reply

    Defend against lice daily spray…. great prevention success!

  148. The multiple options mean that there is a solution for every situation, including prevention! How can anyone not love that?

  149. All of it. Having neices and nephews at school and constantly getting them atleast 2 or 3 times a months can really add up with the pennies so having or using all the products will hopefully prevent them.

  150. Quitnits One. I have been fighting ‘the nit battle’ for the last two months on my three daughter’s heads and losing miserably. I have spent a small fortune on so many different treatments and I’m at my wits end. When, oh when will the nits end?!

  151. Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    Quit Nits Rapid only have to wait 10 minutes to kill them. i would give this to my sister she needs it more tham me my boy is only 10 months. she spent 4 hours straight on Mothers day picking them and the eggs out of her step daughters hair her (Mother didnt nitice her head was crawling in them) Step daughter only complained once so anything that makes it easier/quicker for both of them is worth using

  152. I have spent every weekend almost picking out the nasties from both my older girls hair, the problem is my girls hair is so thick it’s hard to see if I’ve completely gotten them all and I’m breastfeeding a 4 month old as well don’t wanna hurt her at all…

  153. Kirby Mulhern Reply

    The detangle and prevent sounds great…as a mum of a little 9month old boy with lots of hair this hair sounds perfect to allow me to help prevent him from getting head lice and help his beautiful blonde curls stay untangled from..you know.. being a boy haha. plus the $1000 would really help out this household in a big way.

  154. Quitnits Defence Spray is every mum’s dream, smells so nice and helps so much when I brush miss 4’s mass of blonde curls. The more tropical, the more curls, the harder to brush and the defence spray helps so very much. She rarely gets nits like biggest brother. She has very sensitive skin but with not even a minor reaction to be seen quitnits for her has been a dream.

  155. Quitnits rapid for sure! Kids on the move means the less amount of time stationary in our house, the easier it is!

  156. Megan Higgs Reply

    The Quitnits Defence Spray, after finally getting rid of nits it’s great to know the defence spray will keep them at bay!

  157. lucy dwyer Reply

    We need the spray quick! My kids won’t let shampoo near them without a wrestling match so this sounds genius!

  158. I love the cradle cap treatment, it even helps my scalp dermatitis! My son is about to start school and I am worried about nit treatments and all the chemicals, this looks like an awesome option!

  159. Oh my goodness this range of products are my saving grace! Thank you for creating not just practical and affordable products but they actually do what they say!!
    Years of trying different products, the preventative detanglung spray wins hands down and the one time we suffered the “hair beasts”, it was a God send not to have to comb and saved a lot of tears, heartache and shaving heads!! Yes, a weekly one hour routine of washing and detangling my daughters and sons Afro hair is hard enough but throw lice in the mix and it’s a recipe to want to run!!
    Thank you QuitNits!!

  160. To get straight to the nitty gritty,
    Nits have arrived. So not pretty.
    Only QuickNits Defence Spray
    will detangle while keeping infestation at bay.

  161. Oops! Forgot to include my plea to be chosen for your generous gift of $1000:
    While I count my blessings everyday and focus on what we have rather than lack, this year has been very difficult financially and upcoming Christmas build up is causing great fret and anxiety as a sole parent struggling to obtain any substantial income and preparing for secondary school expenses and unable to get any top ups on loans to see us through this period. But I am grateful for my two precious angels who keep me going on strong and positive. Thank you! And a big WELL DONE to all the sole parents out there, also to every other parent!

  162. Gotta be the Head Lice Spray treatment. It protects against head lice as well as being a detangler!!! A GOD SEND!!!

  163. Can I just have anything and everything to get rid of the little buggers? We haven’t yet experienced nits in our house *touches wood* but I’d like to be armed and ready for when it does happen!!

  164. I spray the quitnits “daily defence detangling spray” on my girls hair every morning when doing their hair before school.

  165. Luigi costantino Reply

    With primary school kids, these products are a must have!

  166. felicity Turner Reply

    My 5 year old granddaughter has hair that she can sit on. I think her mummy is going to need a really good product once she starts school next year.

  167. Catherine C Reply

    I think the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray would be great for my little girl, doing two jobs in one product is always a bonus for busy families and fussy children. Mum said I had lice often as I was a very social little girl who loved giving hugs and I can see my little girl being exactly the same so these products would come in handy.

  168. Treat once to kill lice and eggs! Is a product I love. I still have 2 girls with beautiful long hair still at school. They wear it tied up everyday. We have had more than our fair share of the dreaded nit treatment time! I would love to win the $1000 as I have spent so much money over the years on treatments for my kids to do the right thing when the notes get handed to the parents to treat your child as a precaution as someone in the class has been infected, however there were obviously those parents who didn’t, as the notes tended to get handed out every couple of months!!!! The preventative detangling spray is also a must in my house!

  169. Jessica stacey Reply

    Quitnit Defence Detangling Spray will be like liquid gold in our house hold.
    Once the notification gets sent home from school to warn of nit outbreaks, anything that can prevent the little buggers is apart of our night time routine for my daughter.

  170. Paige Yang Reply

    Definitely Defence Spray which gives daily protection, very essential and easy way to keep kids away from head lice.

  171. Sarah Blockley Reply

    The Defense Spray- I have a little girl who has just started school. It’s so easy for her to pick up nits and then pass it on to the whole family. This spray eliminates that risk for all of us, including her little brother who is a real misery if he gets nits as he hates having anything done to his hair.

  172. sharyn williams Reply

    Quitnits Rapid as when my children get nits it takes me weeks of constant combing and pulling them out to get rid of them – i deserve to win as my kids always seem to get nits from others in their class so would love an easy way to get rid of them plus if i won the $1000, i would love to give my children a holiday somewhere over christmas where they have a pool as it is always so hot on christmas day and my kids dream is a pool 🙂

  173. Sheree Pallis Reply

    Completely love Quitnits Defence Spray,
    Because it absolutely keeps nits at bay,
    When lice infestation come and pray,
    On my kids hair every single day,
    While at school or when at play,
    It keeps them so very far away,
    And for such a small outlay,
    Quitnits is the best product – I have to say!

  174. Kristina S Reply

    The Complete Kit because it deals with the problem and prevents the return. While I have 2 daughters in school with a lot of hair, thick and long and have been at my wits end many times I would donate this to the school I work (primary) because unfortunately sometimes these problems arent dealt with at home and or parents sometimes can’t afford treatments so it would be much appreciated.

  175. Jess Fairess Reply

    I use Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray whenever I style my daughters hair
    It’s great as unfortunatly in her class nits run rampant in there!

  176. Paul McCallum Reply

    The everyday preventative spray – great idea and with a little girl with long hair a potential life saver!

  177. The detanlging spray would be great for our daughter as she has long slightly curly hair.

  178. Alicia Thoman Reply

    We love the Defends Against Lice Daily spray! Just the thought of having nits in our home makes me shudder. I prefer to try & prevent them from the get go!

  179. Valerie Wee Reply

    Head lice Spray is great product. It is easy and convenient to use on my children.

  180. Complete Head Lice Kit.
    I got one of those letters, you know those ones from the school saying … “your child has head lice”. Oh the head lice stigma … it’s still doing the rounds! …. I don’t know what’s worse the lice or the stigma?
    I wonder if Prince William and Kate will get one of those letters …. mmmmm ….. these critters don’t care who you are …. they just love hair!

  181. Nicola Busch Reply

    I really like the preventative spray, I’d rather prevent than deal with an actual nits episode!

  182. Catherine Hope Reply

    Defence preventative spray – my daughter used to constantly come home with critters on board and it used to drive me crazy. Would much rather be proactive than reactive when it comes to lice.

  183. Just recently had 3 weeks of constant nits in the house. Just about broke me. Picture this 5 in the bathroom together screaming 3 week old baby Nit product on 4 of us and trying to breast feed Newborn at same time then second daily conditioning and combing hair – a five hour process do do whole family and manage newborn with no sleep ….
    Still traumatised. I say yes to the defends against live daily spray as I never want to do that again

  184. Nichole McKee Reply

    Preventative Spray….Because Ain’t nobody got time for dem Devil Bugs!!!

  185. Zoe Marshall Reply

    The Quitnits complete lice kits is a must have as lets face it when someone has nits the only thing you want is to get rid of them as quickly and effectively as possible!

  186. Grant Summers Reply

    Quit nits complete lice kit to ensure those pesky critters are gone

  187. Every family needs the Quit Nits Kit so that fast action can be taken as soon as nits appear. You should pick me for the $1K for being a super awesome mum!

  188. Rae Bennetts Reply

    As a mum of a 7 year old with thick, curly hair below her waist, nits are my worst nightmare! With this Quitnits pack, I would have peace of mind those awful blighters will not be making an appearance. And the detangling defence spray would be a blessing 🙂

  189. Teatree spray is a good preventative! Especially when my little man has tight curly hair!!

  190. Daily defence spray I hate Nits & 3 kids all at the same time my oldest doesn’t get them any more now he has left school & has moved out of home I would love to win to make it easier

  191. Stacey Shailer Reply

    With 2 daughters that have super long, thick, glorious manes of hair, Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray would be my top pick!

  192. S H Beauchamp Reply

    Any quitnit product would be happily received and used for this household full of little women with long hair!!!

  193. Sidra Sajid Reply

    Quitnit One will best serve us with comb hating toddlers. I am happy to know that Quitnit products smell nice. Either $1000 prize or Quitnit prize pack will do us good. First one will make our long awaited holidays possible and second one will make our family free from head scratching.

  194. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    Kill Lice and eggs fast as perfect for my son who has thick hair.

  195. kathryn clayton Reply

    i work in a school and i have long hair, i work with atleast 150 students a day, this would be perfect to keep those nasty little buggers out of my hair

  196. The everyday spray. So easy to use of a morning and I feel good knowing that I’m sending my kids to childcare and will hopefully prevent us getting headlice.

  197. Having dealt with love & nits 3 times in my adult life (teacher) I will do anything to prevent them!!! so the defense spray for me and my girls is my pick! Please pick us as I have beautiful long hair and don’t want to cut it which I think I will do if I get lice/nits again!

  198. Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray keeps the nits away!! Plus, my daughters cries from knotty hair is a bonus.

  199. Jaimi layt Reply

    QuitNits Daily Defense is used 5 days a week at my house! It’s the perfect easy defense against lice for each day at school. I can put up the girls hair and with a quick spray I know their protected for the day 🙂 This handy spray has saved me so many times now

  200. My 2 daughters were born with thick African hair which is a nightmare when it comes to nits im dreading when they get it. I dont want to have to shave their heads so this would help us to no avail.

  201. I’d love to try the Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray – so far my two kids who are at school have avoided nits, but it would be great to have this as a reassurance to deter

  202. Quitnits Complete Kit sounds amazing. My poor son seems to always be attracting nits. I treated his hair with other products in past. and they come back. Even to the point now I attempt to cut his hair which turns out bad so in comes the buzz cut and shave his hair off to a number 2 and i can see them and pull them out. So it would be fantastic if we could try your product and my son will thank you from not receiving any more dodgy haircuts by me.

  203. The everyday spray would be a must have in our house! I have 2 daughters with very long, thick hair, they come home infested from school often, it’s driving me insane! We need to win & take control of these pesky nits!

  204. My Grand daughter has very thick, long hair and has had nits for all of her school life she has been with the same kids most years. I wish all parents would treat their childrens hair., so frustrating. I have even caught them when she has slept over. Quitnits complete kits sounds awesome but I would like to try Quitnits defense detangle as a precaution.

  205. The preventative spray! Althing that prevents lice in our home is a very good option!

  206. I’d absolutely LOVE Defends Against Head Lice Daily! Nothing worse than one person bringing it home and infecting 5! Also works as a fantastic detangler!

  207. I would love to keep a constant supply of the QuitNits defence spray for daily use………school, work & preschool unfortunately come with the possibility of catching Nits & I would love to use a preventative to cut the risk.
    I’d love my family to be picked!

  208. Megan Marot Reply

    Quitnits Defence Spray
    would make my day!
    Daily defence to prevent nits and lice
    Never having to think about it twice
    I hate the idea of creepy crawlies in hair
    With little ones starting kinder, we NEED to take care!

  209. The Quitnits Preventative Spray! It’s a must when your little ones go to school and sharing everything from hats to jackets, it will not only prevent nits from coming into contact with my child but it would also PREVENT mums like myself worrying!

  210. Jessie Chibber Reply

    Quitnits Defence Detangling – Would be fantastic for keeping those pesky nits away so that we know our kidlets are safe. Help me combat the nit.

  211. The preventive spray as this would try to help those nits away.,and Mum would feel much better.

  212. Quitnits complete kit so I can get rid of them and make sure they don’t come back.
    I’d love this as I’m itching to find something that finally works.

  213. Everyday Preventative Spray has been sanity saving for this worn out granny trying to keep 4 busy boys nit free! Prior to being recommended Quitnits it was a repeated screaming match trying to get my grandsons to sit still for their nit treatments. No sooner would I get them cleared up and one of them would get the nits again so I was repeatedly tearing my hair out trying to keep my grandsons nit free. Now I just give them all a daily preventative spray and we have not had a nit since! Lots more time for nit free FUN 🙂

  214. Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    My first choice is Quitnits One, one application and done!
    With a dramatic diva who can be very loud and cry lots of tears,
    this one is best for the whole family’s ears!

  215. Lisa Devlin Reply

    My child’s got lice and I can not lie,
    You other mothers can’t deny,
    That when your child walks in from school
    And they got nits it’s not so cool.

    Now with Quitnits you can be nit-free,
    It defends against lice daily.
    Quitnits One is the product I’d choose,
    Only one application, it’s easy to use.
    There’s no combing for eggs involved,
    All our lice problems will be solved!

    Mum Central you should pick me
    So I can have a nit-free family!

  216. Quitnits Complete Kit. Having 3 school kids and trying to get rid of nits is very cumbersome. So please pick me.

  217. Cass Obrien Reply

    Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray, perfect for my daughters long and extrenly thick hair!!

  218. Quitnits Defend Daily Spray because there’s no short back and sides in this household of boys and there’s not a chance I’ll be giving any of them buzz cuts! (And no need to with Quitnits on the market!)

  219. Rhonda Lockery Reply

    Quitnits Defence detangling spray
    my grand daughter has very long beautiful hair
    but it’s not so beautiful when she comes home from school on a regular basis with head lice
    we need help to prevent this happening so often

  220. Karen Thompson Reply

    Any of the shampoo’s would be great so much easier when time poor to treat this way.

  221. Christie Majorek Reply

    Quit nits One would have to be my pick- no combing?? That’s brilliant as my three kids have thick curly hair, and getting a nit comb through their hair is traumatic and painful to say the least! We usually end up with clumps of hair everywhere from trying to get the comb through. So no combing is a big win for me! Plus the preventative spray is another bonus, as my kids are happy with just a couple of sprays so as to protect them against these tiny yet massive annoyances from coming back!!!

  222. Ashley Beech Reply

    The defence spray is perfect
    for the daily fight against lice.
    It works a treat,
    is quick and neat
    for a quicknit deflect.
    I’ve had enough
    of the yearly struggle
    with 3 kids it’s a pain.
    So please pick me
    to replenish my weapons
    and be in control again.

  223. Melissa Kagie Reply

    One application, no combing and it’s done,
    It has to be Quitnits One!

  224. Quitnits Defence Detangling Spray is my must-have. It truly works to help keep lice away to begin with!

  225. Mary Iliadis Reply

    Defence against lice daily, unfortunately there are parents that don’t treat their children when they have headlice, resulting in continuous spread, if I can prevent my daughter from getting lice, I will be very grateful.

  226. Everyday preventative spray,
    To keep those nasty nits away.
    Those critters can be stubborn little buggers to shift,
    So I’ll just use the preventative spray to keep them adrift!
    With my little one not yet in school,
    I’ll keep up our defences, and not be the fool.
    I may as well load up with the complete lice kit,
    I’m one for all, and all for one, with the help of Quit Nits!

  227. Erin Pamela Bond Reply

    The everyday preventive spray would be a treat, it would give the lice less kids to eat!
    quitnits spray would help keep my home from becoming a nightmare, stop live from hiding god knows where!

  228. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    The Every Day Preventative Spray, it works really well, as I check everyday regardless as they are primary school aged. The trouble only reoccurs on days where I haven’t been as diligent and used it. Have tried other brands as well and they haven’t worked anywhere near as well.

  229. amie m grech Reply

    kill lice, and nits fast this would be awesome i have 2 boys and one on the way who always come home from school with them this would save me time and i could treat them to something special

  230. Melly Legiman Reply

    Quitnits Defence Spray is the one!
    Honestly, kids with head lice isn’t fun.
    As a Mum with active school age kids,
    I keep a watch on their hygiene needs.
    Quitnits helps curb any lice infestation,
    Saving me from unwanted frustration.
    All that’s required is just a gentle spray,
    To keep the head lice and nasties at bay!
    My kids love the apple berry fragrance too,
    It keeps their hair fresh and as good as new.
    Spreading head lice to other kids isn’t cool,
    Being a responsible Mum is my number 1 rule.
    6 months pregnant, I need the least amount of worries,
    Quitnits’ timely defence gives me 24 hour peace!
    Mum Central provides me with great advice,
    On love and good parenting, always sound and wise!

    Thank you and have a lice free Halloween celebration!

  231. Tamara Pincott Reply

    I love the idea of the Defence de-tangling spray,
    Keep the knots at bay AND the nits away!

  232. Kate Sander Reply

    The Everyday Preventative Spray so I can relax instead of being anxious every afternoon that they’ll come home with nits.

  233. Kelly Ryan Reply

    The QuitNits Defender Spray is easy to incorporate into the morning regime and acts as a great preventative!

  234. Laura Scriven Reply

    The Defence de-tangling spray,
    I’d use it every day!
    Making our house lice free,
    So everyone is happy.

  235. SallyJones Reply

    Defend Against Lice Daily – Detangling Spray. Tangled matted hair is not just for girls…nope. My son rocks a matted mess each morning which is painful and slow to comb. Preventing tangles with the added bonus of preventing lice….yes please!

  236. Natasha McGrath Reply

    I can’t go past Kill Lice and Eggs Fast! It does just that, I’ve googled all sorts of remedies but I go back to Quitnits again and again…

  237. Tracey Hermann Reply

    3 girls with 3 very different types of hair, 1 at daycare, 2 at school, means that I seem to be fighting a never ending battle to keep their hair nit free! The daily treatment would stop these little blighters in their tracks and keep them out of our home for good!

  238. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    Defend Against Lice Detangling Spray must be vigilant in our environment.


    Quitnits… I am a primary school teacher (need I say more!!)

  240. Defend Against Lice Detangling Spray is included in our morning routine. Grab the brush, grab the white bottle and Mums happy!
    My girls have very beautiful heads that clearly attract lice and comfortable hair that makes them want to create their forever home in their hair. This prize pack would literally be valued more than a sleep in!!!! There’s no words to articulate how much grief those hitchhikers put me through!

  241. Aaaah the nurture of nature saving me from nasty nitpickin’ what’s not to love about the whole range but it’s the detangling spray thus avoiding comb rage!

  242. Elizabeth C Reply

    The preventative spray will be perfect, and will keep her hair tamed and give us a peace of mind! No need to worry about those school environments where they can breed in the playground.

  243. Alison Hillier Reply

    Quitnits One. With a very active toddler it can be hard to keep him still to treat nits and with a daughter who has curly hair it can be difficult to comb through her knotty hair!

    We would love to win because my daughter’s school is always issuing nit letters and I’m always restocking our supplies!

    I’ve probably spent $1,000 to remove these little suckers so I need to replenish my savings and take my kids away for a trip and give them a childhood memory and not just a memory full of nits!

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