10 Instagram Trends You Should ‘Unfollow’ When Setting Up a Nursery

Instagram is full of gorgeous, magazine-worthy nurseries that we love to coo over, but we’re warned that many of these nursery trends are unsafe.

While it’s clear that a LOT of thought has gone into setting up these meticulously styled nursery shoots, less thought has been given to safety.

We love the ‘gram and all the beauty that comes with it, but common sense must prevail if copycatting or seeking #nurseryinspo from some of the most stylish mamas around. When it comes to designing and styling your little one’s bedroom, nursery safety should be top of mind.

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Here are 10 nursery safety mistakes not to be Insta influenced by

1. Garlands and bunting

Whatever your garland style is, be it pompoms, felt balls, feathers or traditional bunting, don’t hang it within arm’s reach of your little one. And most definitely don’t hang it around the edge of your baby’s cot. Not only does it pose a strangulation or choking risk, but you can also bet a toddler will move mountains to climb and reach for it.

2. Throws in the cot

We get it, we all love the awesome and cuddly throw blankets that Kmart continues to put on its shelves. However, they do increase the risk of SIDS when placed in a cot or bassinet. Save them for snuggling upto in your nursery chair.

3. Old-school wicker bassinets

Ahhh that Byron-meets-boho vibe gets us right in the feels! However, there are currently no Australian safety standards for Moses baskets. Look for baskets with no rough, dust catching materials and surfaces, a wide stable base, snug-fitting mattress and plenty of ventilation.

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4. Soft toys in the cot

Just like throws and blankets, soft toys pose an increased suffocation risk. Babies move around a lot while they sleep and depending on their age, don’t have the ability to move away when something is blocking their face. For older babies and toddlers, soft toys in the cot can give them leverage to climb out of the cot!

5. Fairy lights

Yes, fairy lights. This Instagram nursery and photography trend leaves me scratching my head. Don’t do it. The risk of strangulation is high, but hot bulbs and a curious baby are equally dangerous. Totally not worth doing it for the ‘gram, guys.

6. Wall art

The perfect place for that shelf of trinkets is NOT above the cot. Nor is that fabulous art print. In fact, the rule is don’t hang ANYTHING that could potentially fall off a wall (so that’s everything), above the cot.

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7. Cot placement

You know the drill – don’t put the cot near windows. Blind cords and curtains are a strangulation hazard and then there’s the ol’ ‘toy thrown at window glass and next minute…’ story. Play it safe, peeps!

8. Sheepskins in the cot

Everything old is new again. While we all grew up with a sheepskin in our cot, it’s now linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Keep nursery safety top of mind and ditch the sheepskin.

9. Cot canopies

See points 1,2,6 and 8! Cot canopies are fabulously whimsy, but not at all practical. Babies can pull them into the cot, pull them down, munch on them, wrap the fabric around them and all of that business.

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10. Unsecured furnishings

Secure it all. Sure that just-plucked-from-Pinterest mini bookcase looks sweet in the nursery, as does the chest of drawers you lovingly revamped and added all the leather pulls to. But for the love of crikey, your kid will try to climb it at least once. Avoid a devastating accident by securing furniture to the wall.

Setting up a nursery is one of the most fun things to do when you’re in the thick of that nesting phase of pregnancy, where you must sort ALL THE THINGS. However, just make certain that your beautiful nursery is also a safe nursery. Now, go forth and decorate!

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