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Hearts Race as Nursing Home Hires a Stripper to Entertain the Elderly

It was all heart racers, pacemakers and a very awkward apology after a nursing home hires a stripper to perform for their senior citizens to help celebrate an important cultural holiday. The nursing home threw its residents a party that’s hard for anyone to forget – no matter how old you are!

Let’s celebrate with dance

In what you could be excused for thinking it was some kind of heart-racing mix-up, a room of Taiwanese senior citizens has celebrated a Taiwan harvest festival party in a way they’re not likely to ever forget. But a mix-up it’s not. It appears a performer was perhaps part of the plan – this lady was just more risque than the party organisers had anticipated.

Say what now?

An unforgettable performance

Taoyuan Veterans Home is a state-run facility in Taoyuan City for retired army personnel, responsible for paying a woman dressed head to toe (or rather shoulder to crotch) in glittering red and black lingerie to entertain a dozen wheelchair-bound seniors with a performance. And a performance they got because despite not really reading the room, she NAILED IT.

Take a look for yourself below!

YouTube video

Veterans’ spirits weren’t the only thing being lifted

There’s no denying it’s been a tough time for the elderly throughout the past couple of years with COVID and the flu pandemic cancelling the previous two years of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. Spirits were low and need to be lifted according to the nursing home staff.

And with images emerging of the hired stripper lifting her transparent heels above her head, it’s questionable if the residents’ spirits (and blood pressure) were lifted just as high as those. And it doesn’t stop there, it was reported that the nursing home has been criticised online when footage came to light of the seductive interpretative dance moves turning into a more interactive and let’s say… hands-on experience.

Yes, it wasn’t enough to just nail the performing arts part of the brief, there was also audience involvement. Footage showed the performer spreading her legs and stroking her own body while guiding one wheelchair-bound grandfather’s hands to touch her breasts… and lady garden as part of her act, while others looked on. #AWKWARD

nursing home hires a stripper
A nursing home hires a stripper for entertainment- that’s one for the books! Source: YouTube

A party to end all parties

Since the footage of the racy party emerged, the nursing home bosses have had to be quick to issue a statement to apologise, saying they “deeply regret” the incident occurring. A spokesman for the home reportedly added that the stripper’s actions were “too enthusiastic and fiery”, and that staff will be more cautious when planning future events.

“The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused.”

It’s one for the books that’s for sure, there were mooncakes, bingo, karaoke and a risqué stripper to break the seal on celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival once again! Next year – let’s stick to mooncakes and a maypole.

nursing home hires a stripper
Do we look or not? Some onlookers perhaps enjoyed the show more than others. Source: YouTube

Wait, what is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

If you’re wondering what the actual Mid-Autumn Festival is all about (and no, it’s not a handy excuse to hire a stripper for the day), it’s one of the most important holidays in Asian culture, also called Mooncake Festival. In China, the celebration is traditionally marked with reunions, giving thanks for bountiful harvests and prayers for good fortune.

People in China celebrate with mooncakes, symbolising completeness and togetherness while asking for a rich harvest in the coming year – and not where to put the stripper’s tips!

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