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Twins with Different Fathers? Yep It Can Happen!

A 19-year-old has baffled the medical world after uncovering her twins actually have two different dads. The young woman had sex with two men on the same day which, surprise, means two different dads!

Twins with different fathers

Although this is incredibly rare, having twins with different fathers does happen and it’s known as heteropaternal superfecundation. There are only around 20 known cases in the world and it occurs when two eggs are fertilised by sperm from different men.

In most instances, if you sleep with two people on the same day it’s not going to result in twins. It’s more common in animals than it is in humans.

However, it can happen.

twins with different fathers
Source: Reproduction/Redes Sociais

There are a few ways this can happen. It generally occurs when a woman has sex with two different men prior to ovulation and the sperm is present in the fallopian tubes when the two eggs are released.

In fact, it can happen even if you wait a few days between switching partners and still have twins with different fathers.  In very rare cases, the super sperm from partner #1 can survive for a few days in the female reproductive tract and the woman produces two eggs at once.

‘Didn’t know this could happen’

In the case of this unnamed woman, who hails from Portugal, she thought the same man fathered both her babies.

However, when her twins were eight months she started to have doubts of the babies’ paternity. She asked one of the men to do a test and found out that only one of the babies was his.

I remembered that I had had sex with another man and called him to take the test, which was positive”, says the mother. “I was surprised by the results. I didn’t know this could happen.”

Mystery solved!

Doctor Túlio Franco, who had been treating the woman, said her pregnancy had ‘been smooth’, G1 News reported.

The boys were born healthy and never had health problems. It is possible to happen when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different men. The babies share the mother’s genetic material, but they grow in different placentas.

It happens one in a million. I never imagined that I would see a case like this in my life”.

Naturally, the mum was shocked by the results but admits her sons are very similar. The boys are now 16 months and continue to be supported by just one dad.

He takes care of both of them, helps me a lot to create and gives them all the necessary support they need,” she said. wait.. triplets

We’ve shared another story where a woman has fallen pregnant while already being pregnant. The mum was expecting twins, but at a later ultrasound discovered a third bubba, approximately three weeks smaller than the twins.

She gave birth to all three babies at the same time and her triplets are now cheeky toddlers.

superfetation triplets tiktok

No strings attached, just triplets

In another interesting triplet tale, this mum from the UK and her ex-boyfriend ended up conceiving triplets after one cheeky night. The pair had broken up with no intentions of getting back together when they ended up in the bedroom.

The ex-couple – Charliann and Ryan – already had three children together and had a co-parenting plan in action when they discovered they were expecting three more. The pair were back together at the time of the triplet’s birth, back in 2019.

Nightclub surprise

Here’s another fun surprise birth story – this young woman from Mexico recently gave birth to a little boy she named Matias. However, she had NO idea she was even pregnant until she went into labour, which happened at a friend’s birthday party at a nightclub.

Vivian birth story - no idea pregnant and in labour while out with friends

Vivian said she had no clue she was pregnant and was living life as she normally does – socialising, drinking (occasionally) and exercising regularly. It wasn’t until she started to get really bad pains at the party that she decided to go to the hospital and was told she was in labour. Hours later, she was a mum! Surprise!


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