This One Easy Tip Will Assist Weight Loss & Reduce Sugar Cravings

Fight the urge to binge on sugar throughout the day and especially at breakfast with this one clever tip.

Eat protein at breakfast and you will be more likely to feel full and energised throughout the day. This means less ‘grab and go’ food with hidden sugars and will help to reduce sugar cravings.

Research from the International Journal of Obesity found that overweight women who ate protein for breakfast five times per week for eight weeks lost 65% more weight then those who ate a bread based breakfast!

Protein satiates our brains and leaves us feeling full and satisfied. Plus protein balances hormones, such as

  • Ghrelin
  • Insulin
  • Glucagon- like peptides.

So the old adage is true…Breakfast is really the most valuable meal of the day.

A ‘clean, low sugar’ breakfast will provide:

  1. Macro and micronutrients, which feed hundreds of bio chemical processes in the body.
  2. Improved performance at school or work
  3. Less risk of insulin resistance, extra weight, or mood swings
  4. Less risk of cholesterol issues

But don’t think about protein just for breakfast, include it at each of your meals. Aim for 30g of protein at each of your meals.

Keep in mind too that a study from Missouri University found that when young women ate protein rich snacks, they ate less at dinner.



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Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritionist, mum, Jamie Oliver Ambassador and founder of A Healthy View.




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Michele Chevalley Hedge is a qualified nutritionist and a real life mum who understands ‘busy parents”. She created a Low Sugar Lifestyle program for people who want to improve their health without an extreme approach. Michele is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver & is Mum Central's health and low sugar ambassador, and the powerhouse behind our Low Sugar Kids program.

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