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The One Finger Selfie Challenge: Yet Another Reason to be Happy AF You’re Over 30!

Seriously, if there’s ever been a week that made being old seem appealing it’s this one! Now there’s the One Finger Selfie Challenge!

First we had the ‘Wearing Your Gaff Tape to the Night Club trend which was more than enough confirmation that being home on the couch was actually awesome.

But no. Just in case you haven’t already reached the glorious realisation that a truly good night out is actually being in (with kids asleep before 7:30pm, a glass of wine, Netflix and the remote), well here it is. Everything you need to know to realise old is actually good. Because if you’re old you don’t have to be cool anymore.

The one finger selfie! Send yours today #onefingerselfie

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Yep. The young ‘uns have worked out yet another way to “entertain” themselves with the hot new trend of the ‘One Finger Selfie Challenge’ (OFSC).

It sounds innocent enough but truth be told it looks tricky to do, and well, you’re very very naked. And online. The goal of this exercise is to strategically place a single finger across your boobs which will cleverly then reflect across your va-jajay covering all the ‘rudey’ parts of your naked torso with just your peter-pointer.

In short? Your mother might be impressed with your spacial awareness but less than thrilled that you’re putting semi-naked pics on the interwebs.


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Good for some…

The ‘One Finger Selfie Challenge’ might seem like a cute idea when you’re a 20-something and all your bits are where nature intended them. The OFSC could however be potentially more difficult for those with breasts where gravity has taken her defiant course south. Let’s also not forget those less into grooming their lady garden. Sometimes a single finger may not be enough.

Once again, to those embracing the one finger selfie, power to you! I’m envious of your body confidence, your mirror versus phone skillz and the fact you’ve got enough time to yourself without someone repeatedly asking “mummy why are you naked?” to perfect the art.


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For those who are less inclined to take a naked photo of themselves, let alone share it on Insta for strangers to validate you see, feel free to join me in giving the ‘one finger selfie challenge’ another kind of one fingered salute.

Here’s yet another cheers to being old and not caring what’s cool anymore. (OFSC or not – at least you’ll have something interesting to talk about at the school gates this week!)

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    Bjarney Svandís Grímsdóttir Reply

    Him va-jaja and ‘rudey’ parts way not use the right turmes for it?
    And what about “were nature intended” lat time I new gravity is part of nature and it is part of nature that it all goes south as be get older so it is still like nature intended but is you have boobs that are still were they wore when u were 16 and u are 40-50 or 60 it is a big liklihood thar u have gotten help so they are NOT Ver nature intended them to be as u gotten older.

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