Your child’s name may say more about her than you thought. One author claims that bogan names could actually hurt your kid down the road.

That’s right. Picking a so-called “trashy” name may make your child’s life more difficult. At least, when it comes to getting a job.

So, you want the best for your child. Doesn’t every mum? It all starts when you’re expecting. You make healthy food choices (or maybe just ‘healthier’ food choices) and do everything the doctor says to do. After all, you’re growing someone very special inside of you.

Maybe you bought into the whole Mozart effect and played classical music for your soon-to-be-born baby. Or, maybe you spoke five different languages to her through your belly. Whatever you did, you did it to give your baby a better, brighter future. Who knew that should also include choosing a name?

Yep, apparently what you name your child has a real impact on her life later on. Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, the author of The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names, found that employers aren’t exactly thrilled about hiring people with what could be considered “bogan” names.

Rogers-Anderson told the This Glorious Mess podcast that employers have told her (off the record, of course!) that they’re less likely to hire someone with a bogan name. She also went on to add that bogan names are getting more creative. The once straight-forward names are now getting jazzier spellings and moving into pretty imaginative directions.

The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names author notes that parents are now creating their own bogan names. Some are, “completely made-up names” and others are mash-ups of two existing names. Rogers-Anderson gives the example of Kendrew. If that sounds kind of familiar, it’s because the name is a combo of Kenneth and Andrew.

Not only is there a new breed of bogan names, but the spellings are changing as well. William might be a Wyllium now, says Rogers-Anderson. She adds, “A child having to spell their name every day of their life that’s crippling. That’s really awful for them.”

Sure, it kind of sucks to have to spell the weirdo version of your name that mum and dad gave you. But, that’s not as bad as losing out on a job.

You may be wondering, “What’s with all of these bogan names?” Yes, they’re gaining in popularity. And, there are several factors at work here. The completely parent-created names are ‘different’. These ‘different’ names are often favoured by celebrities. As mums are following celeb fashion and beauty trends, they may also follow their baby trends too. Along with the trendiness of bogan names, some mums and dads are into giving their kids names that no one else has. These names set the child apart from the pack – unfortunately, it might not be in a positive way.

What does all of this mean? Well, maybe think twice before picking one of those creative-sounding bogan names. Yeah, your child won’t have the same name as everyone else in her class at school. But, she may lose out on the job of her dreams someday!


Erica Loop is a mum, parenting writer and educator with an MS in child development. Along with writing for websites such as PBS Parents,, Scary Mommy,, Modern Mom, and others, she also is the creator of a kids' activities and art blog.

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