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Paddington Bear is back in our Big DVD Giveaway!

Everyone’s favourite Bear is back larger than life! Here’s your chance to own your own copy of Paddington Bear on DVD thanks to Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Mum Central.

is releasing Paddington – available to own on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital with UltraViolet™ from April 9, 2015.

Based on the best-selling and internationally adored series of children’s stories by British author Michael Bond comes the family favourite film Paddington.

Featuring an all-star cast including Nicole Kidman (Before I Go To Sleep, The Hours), Ben Whishaw (Perfume, Bright Star), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, The Monuments Men), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine, Happy Go Lucky) and Jim Broadbent (The Iron Lady, Moulin Rouge).

Paddington (Wishaw) is a young orphaned Peruvian bear that has grown up deep in the jungle with his Aunt Lucy (Imelda Staunton, Maleficent, Pride) who has raised her nephew to dream of an exciting life in London. When an earthquake destroys their home, Aunt Lucy decides to smuggle her young nephew on board a boat bound for England, in search of a better life.

Available to own on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital with UltraViolet™ from April 9, 2015.

Here’s your chance to win 1 of 10 copies of Paddington on DVDs. Simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running. Share with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

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  1. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    My 2 step sons, daughter and hubby would all love to join me in watching Paddington. Everyone loves him/ <3 <3 <3

  2. Avatar of Lndeang

    My 3 year old has his own paddington bear, so would love to see him “in real life” and you can be sure by 5 and 8 yr old will be glued to it too.

  3. Avatar of kylie

    My daughters, I am a teddybear collector and love all bears and love sharing this with my girls, and Paddington is my all time favourite so they will get sick of it before I do.. Payback for countless hours of Wiggles

  4. Avatar of Anna Erceg
    Anna Erceg Reply

    We love Paddington Bear both my hubby & daughter would love to watch this DVD together 😀

  5. Avatar of Mélissa Stanton
    Mélissa Stanton Reply

    the whole family (4 generations living together!!) <3

  6. Avatar of Erm

    Wife and kids, who else! Not like I’d ask one of the boys to watch it with me, that’d be plain wrong haha

  7. Avatar of Di

    My nephew, he’s such a smooch and loves to cuddle up while we watch movies together. Best I get as many movie hours out of him now before he grows up and wants his space.

  8. Avatar of Deb Green

    I would love to watch this with the 3 kiddies and the hubby on one of our movie nights 🙂

  9. Avatar of Melissa Ware
    Melissa Ware Reply

    My children for sure! As I have told them all about the Paddington books I use to read as a child and they are very intrigued by this Paddington character!

  10. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    My son loved Paddington at the cinema so he would enjoy experiencing the magic on DVD. This movie is visually beautiful and so heartwarming.

  11. Avatar of Akka08

    My Paddington Bear, collected at Paddington Station, London when I was 2 years old, loved and adored through my childhood, has now been given to my children. They cherish Paddington too. We’d love to watch the Paddington DVD together.

  12. Avatar of caroline

    I’d watch Paddington with my twins. I’ve loved Paddington since I was a kid.

  13. Avatar of sesbill

    I’d watch Paddington with my Grandchildren. All six would love Paddington.

  14. Avatar of Judith Whitehead
    Judith Whitehead Reply

    My 2 1/2 year old twin daughters and 7 year old daughter. perfect fun

  15. Avatar of Andrew McKeown
    Andrew McKeown Reply

    I’d watch it with the whole family. We all love Paddington

  16. Avatar of Emma Drew

    My son and husband (who grew up with Paddington) would love this movie. We’d have a family movie night together 🙂

  17. Avatar of Hilda

    I’d watch with my very own cuddly teddy bear, my hubby! Yes, he may have a wet nose, a big belly and be hairy all over but he’s still my honey!

  18. Avatar of Irene Thomson
    Irene Thomson Reply

    i would love to have my little grand children with me and my good mate we would all have a great time watching movie and eating popcorn and jaffers

  19. Avatar of Sabrina

    I would love to tak my kids, to be able to share with them the stories and adventures of Paddington !!

  20. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    With winter sneaking up
    A family snuggle and tea cup
    Marmalade toast for all
    Paddington Bear dvd i hear your call

  21. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    Little miss 5 to watch with me
    Paddington movie she’d love to see
    A movie night with popcorn and treats
    Some girlie time would be so sweet!

  22. Avatar of Alison

    My husband, my Mum, my 5 children and 5 grandchildren would love watching paddington with me <3

  23. Avatar of tanya clarke
    tanya clarke Reply

    My 3 year old son and I both loved this movie at the cinemas. We’d both love to watch it again and again in the comfort of our home.

  24. Avatar of Lizzy Bee

    My little man Max! He’s nuts about bears at the moment so would just adore Paddington!

  25. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie West Reply

    My mum 🙂 Growing up in Brittain she loved Paddington bear and passed that love on to me!

  26. Avatar of hellen

    my disabled son and I would cuddle up and enjoy the adventures of padding,

  27. Avatar of Marj Cook

    My two kids would love to watch with while eating popcorn in the comfort of our lounge!

  28. Avatar of Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson Reply

    I’d love it if my kids and our dogs would join me but would love it even more if they were content to share the lounge room with me rather than all wanting to share my beanbag.

  29. Avatar of Jess Claes
    Jess Claes Reply

    I’d love to cuddle up with my son and husband to watch the DVD. Paddington books (and a toy bear) was a part of my childhood and I’d like to share that with them.

  30. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d take it to my brother’s so we could all sit down as a family and watch it together.

  31. Avatar of apwed

    my daughter show her the bear i loved as a child the friendly shows we watched not the scary things they watch now

  32. Avatar of Katie Oliver
    Katie Oliver Reply

    My daughter definitely would love to watch Paddington with me, but my 1 year old son would probably give it a go too 🙂

  33. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    My friends two kids, little boy and girl who ARE as good as GOLD! They LOVE Paddington!

  34. Avatar of Berrenson Thai
    Berrenson Thai Reply

    my 5 yo would love to see this and im sure my 2 other girls would too

  35. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    My 2 year old son LOVES teddy bears (not just any stuffed toys: actual old style teddy’s!). He loves watching Charlie Bear (he doesn’t sit still for long but will watch the whole episode of Charlie!). I know that he would love watching Paddington Bear, and I’d love to cuddle up with him on a rainy day and just spend time with him ❤️

  36. Avatar of carly

    my kids. i would love to introduce them to this guy as he meant so much to me while growing up

  37. Avatar of Glenda

    My little grandson who would delight in sharing this with his baby sister.

  38. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen Hamilton Reply

    I would love to watch this with my daughter, we missed seeing this at the cinema and we both wanted to see.

  39. Avatar of lovelyloves
    lovelyloves Reply

    My little one loves Padddington so we will definitely enjoy this movie

  40. Avatar of Melissa walters
    Melissa walters Reply

    My son loves this movie we watched it at the cinema and he was laughing all the way through

  41. Avatar of Kell

    My Kids all love the Paddington books that i had as a child; I’m sure they would love the movie.

  42. Avatar of Narelle Rock
    Narelle Rock Reply

    My father-in-law actually, this is the only movie that I have ever heard him talk about, he is so interested in seeing it!

  43. Avatar of surething

    My kids loved Paddington growing up and they can’t wait to see the movie.

  44. Avatar of Marcia

    I’d love to introduce my grandson to Paddington (I still have my Paddington Bear given to me by a friend more than 30 years ago!)

  45. Avatar of Kylie N

    I’d watch it with my kids! They love the Paddington books so think they will love the movie too!

  46. Avatar of Stephanie H Beauchamp
    Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    My girls, missed out on seeing this classic with them on the big screen!

  47. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    I’d sit down with my son’s Jethro, Jacob and Zachariah for a family movie night!

  48. Avatar of Paula Flower
    Paula Flower Reply

    The whole family would love to watch Paddington Bear together!

  49. Avatar of Rachel Kriss-Newell
    Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    The whole family – something in there for everyone to enjoy. Best movie

  50. Avatar of It's a wonderful world
    It's a wonderful world Reply

    My gorgeous little niece would love to see this movie.

  51. Avatar of Rachael Rowberry
    Rachael Rowberry Reply

    My boy aged 7 I think this movie would be fantastic for his age.

  52. Avatar of Sharyn W

    my children for sure, as this would make us happy galore 🙂

  53. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    My three girls would love to watch this fantastic movie with me in our theatre room eating popcorn!

  54. Avatar of Holly-anne
    Holly-anne Reply

    The whole family!! Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, cousins, my husband and two beautiful girls.

  55. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    My husband and our two daughters, whilst cuddling their guinea pigs. 🙂

  56. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    My family, we love Paddington and took mine when we went to see it at the movies.

  57. Avatar of Christy Parker
    Christy Parker Reply

    Id love to watch it With my partner and his two children, I love watching kids movies and enjoying it more than them (in secret of course)

  58. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    I’d love to watch it with my 3 children and their cousins…the more the merrier!

  59. Avatar of Cate

    We loved Paddington at the movies-lots of laughs for adults and kids alike! I’d love to watch this with my son and his grandparents, as my son keeps telling them about the movie.

  60. Avatar of Shannon Lucas
    Shannon Lucas Reply

    I would love to watch this with my 3 year old son who has been nagging me to get him ‘the bear movie’

  61. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    I’d take my 4yo son. Theres a Paddington Bear at his kindy.

  62. Avatar of Amyb

    Would love to snuggle up with my two princess and watch Paddington bear.Mummy time.

  63. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    My little Georgia who has just turned three. She was VERY upset that she didn’t get to see Paddington at the cinema with her two older brothers. I’d tell her that Paddington sent his DVD especially for her.

  64. Avatar of Tina k

    my 3 year old daughter, i would love her to watch this with me and see where i spent my Twenties

  65. Avatar of Jess

    My 14momth old daughter, I would love to watch paddington bear with her.

  66. Avatar of Helen F

    My daughter (5) has always loved Paddington Bear and we have many of his books.

  67. Avatar of Denny

    My daughter who is 7, we didn’t get to see it at the movies and she would love it!

  68. Avatar of sallybollywood
    sallybollywood Reply

    claudia burrin, was mine and her dads favorite show, would love to watch it with her

  69. Avatar of Angela Tennent
    Angela Tennent Reply

    my 2 girls I couldn’t afford to take them to the movies to see it so love to surprise them with a movie night

  70. Avatar of Nerys Lewis
    Nerys Lewis Reply

    I’d watch with my whole family 🙂
    My son is a runner and with 3 littlies is a little hard to get out and about, so the holidays have been the same dvd’s over and over – time for a change I think 🙂

  71. Avatar of Scott Gelven
    Scott Gelven Reply

    My little blue teddy from when I was a kid..he would have loved this

  72. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    My daughter and my partner, so we could compare the old and the new paddington

  73. Avatar of carolineavard
    carolineavard Reply

    Master 3 grandson loves Paddington, so i guess i could share the…

  74. Avatar of Sharon M

    My little boy Preston who loves bears and movies!!!!! He would love this for his upcoming birthday 🙂

  75. Avatar of Deb Lee

    My daughter would love to follow Paddington on his adventures!!!

  76. Avatar of Renee Powell
    Renee Powell Reply

    My daughter Morgan, she loves Paddington Bear and wants him to live with us

  77. Avatar of jowill

    My friend’s son – he’s currently obsessed with Paddington!

  78. Avatar of Jennifer Dunbar
    Jennifer Dunbar Reply

    I have 14 grandchildren ,8 under 10yrs anyone of them would Love to sit with me and watchPaddington it would be so special

  79. Avatar of Jenny Nordström
    Jenny Nordström Reply

    I’d watch it with my hubby, we both love Paddington and travelling!

  80. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly Reply

    My oldest soft toy, Peter Panda, whom I have had since I was seven years of age.

  81. Avatar of Cheryl Moulton
    Cheryl Moulton Reply

    I have 5 grandchildren, Ethan, Emily, Sakura, Jonah and Joel, I can just visualise all them sitting quietly and watching this together. well Joel, may have a little trouble sitting still, but he would get in to it.

  82. Avatar of Tania

    Ofcourse I would love to watch this with my children and a bowl of popcorn!!

  83. Avatar of Lisa W

    I loved Paddington bear as a child and would love to now share him with my two children.

  84. Avatar of blackwidow63
    blackwidow63 Reply

    would love to take my granddaughter as seeing Paddington on the big screen would be amazing

  85. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    It would be my husband, he is a giant kid and he loves Bears!!

  86. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    My youngest Miss would love us to snuggle up together and watch this delightful movie!

  87. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    Would love to snuggle up with my little grandsons to watch this, we would all love it.

  88. Avatar of Gail

    Love this funny Bear with his “Hard Stare” when people aren’t using their manners.

  89. Avatar of Smitzer

    I would watch this with Miss 12 and Mister 4, we would all get a have a laugh together.

  90. Avatar of Kelly-Anne Leddy
    Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    I would watch it with my parents as we used to always watch Paddington as a family when I was a kid

  91. Avatar of sharon

    my 3 girls would love to watch what I use to watch growing up with Paddington Bear

  92. Avatar of Nancy

    I love the story of Paddington bear, and how he came all the way from Peru, I’ve read the story to my girls and would really enjoy watching the movie!

  93. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    My husband and children as we all love these delightful stories.

  94. Avatar of Tania

    Miss 6 is dying to see again and I think I could rope the hubby and surly teen too

  95. Avatar of Catherine Winter
    Catherine Winter Reply

    My 8 year old would love this, I can’t even think what my 4 year old would say to see a talking bear

  96. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Love for me and my 2 girls to have a movie night watching Paddington

  97. Avatar of Wendy

    I would love to watch Paddington on DVD with my five granddaughters , their favourite teddy bears and their much loved granddad.

  98. Avatar of humptydumpedme
    humptydumpedme Reply

    I know my grandsons just loved this movie at the cinema with their mum but I want to see it with them so much

  99. Avatar of Emma van Looij
    Emma van Looij Reply

    Isabelle! My five year old daughter. She loves Paddington!!

  100. Avatar of Zoe Lyon

    My boys couldn’t stop laughing when we saw Paddington at the movies. They loved it.

  101. Avatar of Linda Brett
    Linda Brett Reply

    Would love to watch it with my big sister Lois and my best friend Leanne, a girly movie day

  102. Avatar of Faye Hannam
    Faye Hannam Reply

    Fayesie: I’ll be watching this with our Master 4..He loooooves Paddington Bear…

  103. Avatar of ChriS

    I would love to watch it curled up with my kids & husband (who is currently overseas).

  104. Avatar of Susan Banyard
    Susan Banyard Reply

    My gradaughters Taleisha, Zaliah, Payton and jorja would adore this.

  105. Avatar of Rachel K

    Definitely my Mum who introduced me to Paddington over 35 years ago! He was a favourite in our house and still is. My best friend recently even bought me a Paddington Bear that clips onto your clothes on her trip to the UK!

  106. Avatar of sprickel

    Girls day on the couch with mum watching this little bear. He was a favourite of mine as a kid and to have it now with the next generation is amazing.

  107. Avatar of cray-zcatlady
    cray-zcatlady Reply

    Would love to share this with my little man as a birthday treat in a couple of weeks time 🙂 his daddy has a Paddington Bear from when he was born so we’ll be sure to have him on the couch watching too 🙂

  108. Avatar of cray-zcatlady
    cray-zcatlady Reply

    Would love to share this with my little man HUNTER as a birthday treat in a couple of weeks time 🙂 his daddy has a Paddington Bear from when he was born so we’ll be sure to have him on the couch watching too 🙂

  109. Avatar of Alex

    I’d watch it with Master 4 again. We saw it at the cinema and he was fascinated by the ‘bad girl’!

  110. Avatar of Anna Elle

    I couldn’t bear to watch Paddington without my son, and a big jar of Marmalade!

  111. Avatar of Christina

    Woulx love to watch Paddington snuggled up with my 6 babies..

  112. Avatar of stacey coppin
    stacey coppin Reply

    My daughter would just love to watch paddington bear and my partner and i would love a change from dora too! 😉

  113. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My daughter she is has grand children of her own and loves her own “Paddington Bear” given to her when young.

  114. Avatar of ElkeH

    My 5-year old son would love a night on the couch with me,the movie & some popcorn! 🙂

  115. Avatar of Donna

    Because I love this bear I want to introduce him to my grandsons.

  116. Avatar of Pam

    Would love to watch with all 4 generations of our family. I think cheeky Paddington will be great for all ages.

  117. Avatar of silver101

    I’m a big kid so I’m happy to watch it all by myself but would encourage whomever I can to watch it with me.

  118. Avatar of John Halls
    John Halls Reply

    This bear is great for all ages, so the whole family will join with Levayah and watch this repeatedly *smiles*

  119. Avatar of Belle McArdle
    Belle McArdle Reply

    I’ve loved Paddington since I was a kid & am now I’m delighted my daughters love this adorable bear

  120. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    Paddington is an adored classic that I want to share with my whole family

  121. Avatar of sars_angelchik
    sars_angelchik Reply

    My little girl, she would love the novelty of a talking bear!

  122. Avatar of Dana Challenger
    Dana Challenger Reply

    I would love my own 3 little boy bears to watch Paddington with me

  123. Avatar of Sonja Prince
    Sonja Prince Reply

    My nephew will love this movie. I secretly love our visits for an excuse to enjoy a second childhood.

  124. Avatar of Amanda

    My two kids, they just love this film, we went to the movies to see it together, such a great film. x

  125. Avatar of Christie Miller
    Christie Miller Reply

    My beautiful 5 year old, Chloe 🙂 She is hanging to see Paddington bear and to be honest – I never seen it as a child!

  126. Avatar of Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole Reply

    I love Paddington Bear. He has been my favourite bear ever since i was a little girl

  127. Avatar of JenN

    My little 3 year old daughter loves Paddington. She has the plush Paddington and the Paddington book, so we would definitely watch the movie together.

  128. Avatar of Cathy H

    Loved Paddington at the cinema, loved reading the book, and would love to watch the DVD with my 2 kids!

  129. Avatar of FoodieK

    I can’t wait to show my little Erin Paddington – she’s still a little scared of the big dark cinema.

  130. Avatar of oldfellow

    My Granddaughter, she doesn’t fidget during Videos and loves movies like Paddington

  131. Avatar of VeronicaD

    I would love to watch this movie with my grandson, could have lots of laughs together.

  132. Avatar of Sam Alexander Sargent
    Sam Alexander Sargent Reply

    I would watch this with my lovely girlfriend. 🙂

  133. Avatar of kylie o'malley
    kylie o'malley Reply

    Would love to have a pj day and watch it with my 4 yr old little man

  134. Avatar of Hannah Gleeson
    Hannah Gleeson Reply

    My three boys love Paddington, especially when he destroys the bathroom and flies down the stairs on a wave of water

  135. Avatar of Elena Ellul
    Elena Ellul Reply

    A DVD to watch together
    Warm and safe in winter weather
    A mum a dad a son and daughter
    Family ties with movie mortar

  136. Avatar of Sainterchic
    Sainterchic Reply

    I would watch it with my mum. Bring back memories of my childhood

  137. Avatar of Evelyn

    My beautiful kids, of course! My son Julian, who is 9, my daughter Cerese who turns 7 on Thursday, and my other daughter Elayna, who is 2.5. We are all Paddington fans, and I have been since I was my youngest’s age! <3

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