PEEjamas: The Answer To Your Bedwetting Prayers

You know what’s fun AF? Bedwetting.

You’ve just fallen into the blessed cocoon of sleep. A place where nobody requires their bottom wiped or demands that their cheese sandwich be made WITHOUT cheese.

Then the cry rings out. “Mummmmmmmy, ‘I’ve wet the bed.’ You’re wrenched from sleep as you mentally run through the process that’s about to unfold. Clean sheets, PJs, maybe a new doona cover. Are we having fun yet?

PEEjamas for the bedwetting win

Night time toilet training can be a nightmare, especially when it drags on into the school years. But all that pain might be about to change thanks to a nifty new invention gaining traction on Kickstarter.

PEEjamas, which the inventors are touting as the ‘cleaner, more convenient way to potty train,’ were invented by a group of parents who wanted to create a more eco-friendly, cost effective substitute for your standard night nappy or pull up.

These clever mums and dads decided that a pair of comfy, fashionable PJs with built-in absorbency was the way forward. No extra layers or disposable materials and completely kid friendly, especially for older children who are conscious of struggling with bedwetting. Being that my last ‘genius’ idea was attempting to pressure wash the bathroom floor, these people are heroes to me.


How do they work?

Magic. Nah, it’s actually pretty simple. PEEjamas are made from specially designed, super absorbent fabric that absorbs, captures, and contains fluid. The Peejamas bottoms can actually hold over 10x their own weight in liquid. That is a HELLUVA lot of wee.


The genius product popped up on Kickstarter in February and since then has raised over $124,000 in pledges. Many of whom we reckon are parents thinking; ‘why didn’t WE think of that?’

The PJs promise a more affordable, convenient and sustainable option for night time toilet training. The ongoing cost of night time nappies, not to mention the environmental impact, is something most parent are conscious of.

Then there’s the emotional side of bedwetting, especially in older children who may not want to wear absorbent underwear but who struggle to stay dry. School camp and sleep-overs are all on the radar for the 7+ crowd and having an option that can discreetly keep them dry, without the need for anything extra that may mark them out amongst their peers, is genius.


Added bonus? When your kid finally master the whole staying dry at night thing, they can keep wearing their PEEjamas. Because they’re just that; comfy, stylin’ PJs that promise a great night sleep. Say sayonara to wet sheets, night nappies and stained (and lets be real, slightly stinky) mattresses for ever.

To find out more about PEEjamas or grab a pair for youself, visit the Kickstarter campaign. Demand has been so huge that the anti bedwetting pyjamas are now available all the way up to size 7.

Need some more advice on curbing bed-wetting? Check out our bedwetting 101 post for helpful hints, tips and tricks.

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