Would You Microchip Your Kids? One in 10 Parents Say YES!

We already microchip our dogs. Now Aussie parents want to microchip their children. 

The prospect of tagging children may sound a little strange, but many mums are insisting it’s the best way to keep kids safe, even when they are not by our sides.

Nothing makes your heart sink faster than realising your child is missing or in danger. The loss of control, the fear that your baby is not okay, the ‘what ifs’ that echo through your mind…

It’s a terrible feeling, one that we wouldn’t wish on any parent. But it is something that countless mums and dads go through each and every day.

And one that could be stopped through a microchip for children.

Chips for children, peace of mind for parents 

This is the argument put forward by many parents who are desperate to keep their kids safe. According to a recent study, one in ten parents would consider a medically approved tech implant (a fancy name for a microchip for children) to track a child’s location and vital signs.

Although no such device is available yet, Shanti Korporaal from Sydney-based microchip company Chip My Life claims there is certainly a demand for it.

“I get calls and emails from parents who are worried their child might be at risk of kidnap and ransom or want to keep track of them and make sure they’re safe,” Shanti tells The Daily Telegraph.

“We also hear from parents whose kids have an intellectual disability. I’ve have mothers going, this [technology] is my last resort.”

Parents want to feel like they are in control of their children, no matter what. A microchip for children would certainly give parents control and peace of mind.

But is this really necessary? What happened to letting kids be kids?

Do we really need to spy on our children 24/7?

Children are not pets

Child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg doesn’t think so. In fact, he warns parents that such an idea could lead our children into an over dependance on parents and a “continual wussification of a whole generation”.

“They have to understand the greatest protection is in fact what’s between the ears of their children,” Dr Carr-Gregg says.

He adds that monitoring kids with microchips is “tantamount to tagging a dog”.

Sure, it does sound a little animalistic. But it could also put an end to the 20,000 missing children cases Australia sees every year.

Is this something you would consider for your children? Or does the idea of inserting a microchip into your child creep into the too far zone? 

If you’re looking for a less drastic way to keep an eye on your kids, check out the Spacetalk Smart Watch. 


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