Peppa Pig Baking Fails (PLUS Peppa Cake Tutorial)

Pinterest has no business telling us that Peppa Pig is a CINCH to replicate in the kitchen. Spoiler alert: She’s definitely not. That’s why there’s so many epic Peppa Pig baking fails. 

For every successful Peppa Pig cake or biscuit there are many hilarious, messy and borderline p*rno Peppa creations. It seems, poor little Peppa in cake format can appear very, very peen like.

Kids however, bless their icing covered faces, are too young to understand the stifled snorts of laughter and looks of panic exchanged between adults. Thankfully, little ones are blissfully blind-sighted by the anticipation of epic sugar consumption. With their innocent eyes and enthusiastic tummies they think the presented Peppa cake is piggy perfection.

Unfortunately however, perfect they are not. We’ve scoured the internet for your cake-meets-pig based entertainment. So without further an oink, let us share with you several delicious and disturbing Peppa Pig baking fail examples. (And by delicious we mean very, very suss looking.)

1. Peen Peppa Pig Cookies

From a Yorkshire bakery comes these questionable Peppa Pig sweet treats. We can sort of see the Peppa resemblance, but it’s blinded by a whole lot of AWKWARD. Even Peppa herself looks a little uncomfortable. It’s a certified Peppa Pig baking fail.

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Image source: Metro

2. Abstract Meets Massacre Cupcake Peppa Pig

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. Peppa is that you with four eyes? Full kudos for this baker for trying their best to deliver the Peppa goods though, after all you always win with cupcakes! A great cake reminder that nothing is ever as simple as you think.

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Image source: Imgur

3. Flaming Nips Peppa Pig

Celebrities aren’t immune to Peppa disasters either. Emma Hawkins delivered BIG with her placenta-like Peppa cake, complete with flaming candle tatas for her daughter’s second birthday. All hail party trick Peppa!

And sure this was absolutely a Peppa Pig baking fail but kudos to Emma Hawkins for sharing it with us. It’s satisfying to see a famous mum make her own cake disaster-  just like us mere mortals!

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Image source: Practical Parenting

4. Peen Peppa Pig Cookies Version 2.0

The Peppa Pig cookie fails come thick and fast folks. Oh my, what big bulbous ears you have Peppa! There’s nothing enticing about these flaccid snouted bickies.

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Image source: Facebook

5. Listen, Peppa’s Nose Must Be Done Right

I think we can all agree, it all comes undone SO QUICKLY with Peppa’s tricky-to-master snout. *Cough*. Proportion is everything when it comes to a successful Peppa cake.

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Image source: Buzzfeed

6. Nearly Spot On Peppa Pig Cookies

So close. You have to be SO VERY CAREFUL guys. Have a crack at making your own Peppa Pig cookies, but heed my warning, shape is everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY.

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Image source: Manus Menu

A Peppa Cake Tutorial For The Brave

Feeling confident? (Or catering for a hens party?!) Here’s a video tutorial to make your very own Pecker Peppa Pig cake! As you’ve just witnessed a Peppa cake won’t be easy, but your little one will hopefully adore it none-the-less! We wish you god speed mummy, may your snout forever dangle in the right direction.

YouTube video

With all this said and done, when your little one requests a Peppa Pig cake, don’t reel back in horror. The takeaway from Peppa-gate is simple. Keep the snout short and ears small. Size and scale DOES matter here folks. And just this time, bigger is definitely not always better.

Happy baking! May your Peppa Pig be more child-friendly and less X-rated than what we see here!

Want to steer clear of any cake disasters? See our awesome AND SUPER EASY cake hacks guide or 11 super easy pull apart cupcakes anyone can make! (You’ll find the below Peppa cake idea half way down the page!)

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